Family Moments Bat-Clan Style

Barbara Gordon rolled her way into the computer room of the Clocktower, her home and headquarters for the Superhero's 411 Hotline. Sighing heavily as she pushed her glasses back up the bridge of her nose, as she thought about certain little Robin's staying out long past their curfew and how much trouble they're going to be in. She pulled up a list of files to begin the tedious, less-fun task in detective work of anaylizing documents. Before starting she picked up her coffee mug with the Bat emblem on it, took a sip and grimaced. Staring into her coffee sadly, she wished it would heat itself up as if by magic. Lois must have it easy living with Superman.

Brushing her long flaming red hair out of her face she got ready to get down to business when she heard a scraping sound at the door. Without turning around she started to type in a search word as she called over her shoulder, "Aren't you supposed to be in bed?".

The all knowing Oracle, lifeline of information to superhero's all over the globe, turned around to see a small 6 year old girl with short black hair, dressed in a red Gotham Knights tee-shirt, that had seen better days when it belonged to her father standing in the doorway holding a blanket and wearing a mournful look as she declared, "I can't sleep." Then, having made her announcement she ran over to where Barbara was sitting in her chair and scrambled into her lap paying no heed to the coffee cup in her hand.

Babs dutifully made room for her daughter, moving her arms out of the way and setting the cold (and therefore useless) coffee down before enveloping her with a warm hug. She gazed down at her daughter as she brushed a stray errant locke of hair out of her face. Just like her father's, that one curl never seemed to want to stay in place. Taking in the solemn green eyes that stared back at her and the pert, pixie like nose that could have come from either of them, she asked "And why can't you sleep?"

The young girl reached up and twirled a piece of red hair between her fingers just as she always had since she was a baby and stated simply, "I didn't talk to Daddy. I didnt' get to say goodnight to him. AND..." Her eyes light up and her words sped up as she remembered something that was obviously very important. "AND I didnt' get to say goodnight to Gran'pa!"

Barbara couldnt' help smiling at her daughters attachement to this little ritual she and Dick started a few months ago. "Well is that all? I'm sure we can fix that." She was rewarded by a huge grin that completely took after Dicks own charming smile, cute dimples and all. The two rows of baby teeth only added to the precious pixie image that was her daughter. She reached over and hit a few buttons on the keyboard and there was a click sound over the speakers. Talking towards the direction of the computer screen she said, "Hey there Hunk Wonder."

She could all but feel his smile as he replied, "Well hello there Beautiful. To what do I owe this honor, O great wise Oracle?"
Barbara could hear her daughter giggle in her arms at her parent's flitatious banter as she waited for her cue. "It seems we have another night-owl on our hands here who wants to say goodnight."
There was a rumble on the line as Nightwing chuckled as he answered, "Don't you mean night-BAT?"
Babs groaned as said night-owl/night-bat giggled and leaned towards the computer and called out, "Night Daddy! I love you!"

Dick Grayson costumed crimefighter Nightwing, protector of Bludhaven grinned widely as he heard his baby girl's voice over the channel. "Love you too Princess, give mommy a kiss for me." There was the sound of particuarly loud (and probably wet) kiss, most likely for his piece of mind before the childish voice returned once more, "Goodnight Gran'pa Bruce!". There was a slight shuffle of movement to his left as what could have been a shadow stiffened slightly with embarassment before relaxing and a low soft voice peirced the darkness, "Goodnight".

There was the sound of giggling and retreating footsteps before Oracle came back on the line. She wiped a wet --and sticky? How could it be sticky if the kid just had a bath?-- spot off her cheek as she asked, " you have any idea where our son IS?"

To Be Continued...

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