I wrote this after the episode where Jarod found a medicine to help
Angelo/Timmy. But Raines is doing the same thing to another little boy and
Timmy's sacrifice to return to being Angelo. The image, and sound, of that
medicine vial breaking just stuck a coed in me. Please review and let me
know what you think.

A vial of medicine
crashes to the floor
and shatters,
within that sound
there is a darker echo.
A mind being broken,
it's sanity shattered.
They took him
from his family,
stole his family,
his future
and even his name.
Then there was hope,
a chance.
They took it as well.
Sacrificing his own
life and sanity
to save a child's
unwilling to condemn
another to the hell
he had lived in
returning himself
to it instead.