When Katarina had woken up from her fever, she came to the realization that she had been reincarnated into another world. Feeling somewhat disoriented from the rush of memories, she nodded along to what the prince was saying, too distracted to say anything.

"- be alright with you, Katarina?"

Ack, I wasn't listening. "Y- yes" she agreed.

Prince Gerald nodded. "Well then" he stood up "I shall visit you again to greet you formally once your condition improves," he said before he left out of the room.

Confused as to what he meant, Katarina decided to just go back to sleep before startling as her forearms were suddenly grabbed by Anne, whose face was beaming at her.

"Congratulations on your engagement!" she said excitedly. Katarina just stared at her, stunned. "Who- is whose... engaged?" she asked, hoping that she'd heard wrong.

"What are you talking about? "Anne said, "My lady, you're now engaged to Prince Gerald, of course!"

A beat of silence. Then….


She groaned into her pillow, feeling drained and frustrated over everything. "We're only 8 years old, isn't that a bit too young to be engaged?" she murmured "Really, aristocracy is such a pain."

Rolling over on the bed, she grabbed the handheld mirror lying on her nightstand and took a look at her reflection. Short brown hair paired with blue upward slanting eyes which looked a bit intimidating, she noted that she'd become more beautiful compared to her last life.

"Although, I look just like the villainess from an otome game" she mused.

Now that I think about it, this whole scenario seems rather familiar. she thought inwardly It sounds like the backstory of some of the otome games A – Chan and I used to talk about in class.

"Ah, whatever" she sighed, not wanting to think any further. "Might as well go back to sleep."

Yet, in the back of her mind, she felt a sort of unease as if she had forgotten something. I'm sure it wasn't anything important. she thought before she drifted off into a dreamless sleep.