Letting out a small grunt, Katarina slowly pulls herself up on the last branch, holding a basket full of sweets that she had snatched from the kitchen counter. After settling herself into a comfortable position, she let out a sigh of relief, feeling herself relax for the first time since the prince's visit.

For the past few days, Katarina had been forced to deal with the constant bombardment of well - wishes from the occupants of the household. While previously, Katarina would've felt overjoyed by gaining such attention, the only thing she felt now was a constant feeling of dejection.

Not wanting to spoil the joy that had surrounded the household with her gloomy mood, Katarina had resorted to hiding behind the suits of armor or rolling beneath a table in order to avoid everyone who came looking to congratulate her.

After almost getting caught a few times, she decided that she needed a permanent place to hide when she caught sight of the garden from the window...

Which was what had led her to hide in the tree.

Swinging her legs absent-mindedly, she looked around admiring the view from up high as she continued shoveling the sweets into her mouth, letting out a hum of delight at the sweet, creamy flavor that hit her tongue.

Then she spotted the arrival of a small crowd entering the garden, the prince among them. Scrambling away from her previous seated position, she pressed herself against the trunk of the tree as the crowd came nearer.

What should I do? Do I stay still? She panicked. Maybe I could try to sneak back inside the mansion?


She froze, slowly turning around to face the stunned crowd. Deciding that there was now no point in trying to smooth things over, she quickly climbed down from the tree and gave a hasty greeting towards the prince who suddenly bowed his head, his body shaking uncontrollably.

Oh no, Katarina stared apprehensively at the shaking boy. Did I make him so distraught to the point of having a seizure?!

Before she could ask him if he was alright, the prince managed to gain his shaking under control. Katarina inwardly sighed relief when the prince lifted his head and calmly gave her a sweet smile.

Walking towards her, Gerald slowly knelt on the ground, tentatively grasping one of Katarina's hands.

"Regarding the topic we last talked about, I would like to officially greet you" he kissed her hand "would you do me the honor of becoming my fiancee?"

Though her crush on him had disappeared, Katarina couldn't help but feel her face warm a little at the fairytale-like scene before her. But then Katarina noticed the amused glint in his eyes.

Now feeling slightly indignant, she opened her mouth to decline as she planned to say something along the lines of I'm sorry, but I do not think that I am suitable for such a position.

Instead, what she ended up blurting out was "eh… ah yes?"

Katarina inwardly cursed realizing that she now had no way to decline the engagement. As the cheers resounded, Katarina felt that her days of peace were coming to a close.