She didn't know how much longer she could run like this.

It was killing her. She wasn't athletic and she was running fast, too fast. She'd never ran this fast before but then again, she had never been in this position before.

She had never ran for her life before.

Panting for breath, she couldn't stop. But her legs were killing her and not enough oxygen was being inhaled.

She was in the forbidden forest, stumbling on roots and stumps, trying to keep her speed.

Because if she stopped, she was dead.

Brains, she realised, weren't getting her anywhere. All those spells she knew were useless.

She was helpless. She had dropped her wand sometime back.

She continued running. She'd ran for so long.

Her heart was pounding and she could hear the footsteps behind her.

Right behind her.

Oh God, I'm caught.

Hermione Granger fell to her knees, exhausted. Looking up she saw the death eater approaching. He was wearing a dark robe which hooded his face but Hermione knew he was grinning dangerously. Triumph was flaring in his eyes.

He had won and Hermione had lost.

She fell onto her back and tried to push herself away from him. Her eyes were full of tears and she was making a terrified gasping sound.

There was no way she could escape. He was going to kill her.

I'm so scared, she thought, Oh God. I wish Harry was here. Harry would protect her or Ron. Or anybody.

For Merlin's sake she even wished Neville was here just so she wouldn't be alone.

But Harry wasn't there.

Because Harry wasn't a Mudblood.

Hermione looked up at the death eater angrily. After they had attacked Hogwarts, they had tried to capture every Muggleborn.

And they had. They'd killed a couple too. Hermione had watched Colin die, squirming on the ground.

She didn't want to go the same way.

The death eater was leaning over her now.

With one last burst of strength, Hermione kicked out, aiming from his jaw.

Her foot made contact and the death eater fell back. But he returned in a minute and let out a laugh.

Oh great, I've just pissed him off more.

"I know exactly what to do with you," The death eater said in a voice that sent chills down her back.

Her eyes widened with what he said after that. Whatever she had been expecting, it wasn't that.

His amusement at her fear was evident in his voice as he said, "You're going to the Malfoy Manor."