Fairytail's Juggernaut

WARNING:::: In this fic Naruto is going to be really OP:SHARINGAN,SM,BM,BSM,SPSM as well as all elements with so much raw power and versatility but won't be showing the modes more frequently unless when necessary.

*Also i don't own any character*

NB::It's my first fanfic,so please correct me where I'm wrong...


Chapter 1

Planet sized dimension shook due to the battle of 2 demigods ninjas Naruto and Sasuke and the primordial goddess Kaguya was finding it hard to keep up due to the exhaustion of her chakra earlier by teleporting from dimension to dimension to avoid being sealed again by the ninja to that Kaguya this time teleported to a gravity dimension that restricted the ninjas movement along side with their partners Kakashi whom is the sensei of team 7, Sakura also a student of Kakashi in team 7 and Obito whom had been their nemesis earlier.

With that kaguya began to attack Naruto and Sasuke using her all ash killing bones that could turn any matter into ash, Kakashi and Obito forced themselves up to move and shield the 2 demigods using their bodies because they were the last hope of led Obito taking the bone aimed for Naruto and teleported one that was meant for (Sasuke) Kakashi using his got Sasuke an opportunity and used his rinnegan jutsu the amenotejikara appearing instantly on top of kaguya his hand coated with lightning forcing Kaguya to change the dimension once again.

Obito's body was crumbling due to Kaguya's attack while Naruto was using his six path power to keep Obito from dying which proved futile."Its useless Naruto", said Obito while chuckling amused by the young man's persistence.

"Okay i have something for you , give me your hand" said the dying Uchiha. Naruto complied and took Obito's hand and felt chakra flowing into eyes began to itch , then with his last breath Obito said "become a hokage for me" as he crumbled into dust.

This left the blond Uzumaki devastated and without wasting time he looked up where the battle was taking place between a giant purple humanoid samurai inside it was sasuke with his different eyes ,sharingan in the right and rinnegan on the left and current nemesis(Kaguya) who had killed Obito.

"You are going to fall!" exclaimed Naruto getting an attention from kaguya and his own team which got them surprised noticing Naruto having a sharingan , without warning Naruto disappeared from his current location with an incredible burst of speed that could rival teleportation or even better, only to appear on top of Kaguya eyes whose widened as she felt her left hand detached from her falling on towards the ground.

The same hand was accommodating Black Zetsu, an ugly creation of kaguya that was the master mind of all the things that led to the catastrophe happening still stunned by the chakra claw attack , Naruto continued his assault crossing his fingers creating nine shadow clones that began to generate senpou bijuu rasenshurikan fueled by his own tail beast kurama and other portion of chakra from other tailed beasts "Senpou::: cho bijuu rasenshurikan"! yelled Naruto hitting Kaguya with the wind coated attack with shurikan like wind, creating a large explosion that could dwarf a country.

As the smoke cleared Kaguya was a little harmed outside but in her insides her chakra was messed up badly caused by the blonde's attacks,which made her lose control of the tail beasts inside her and transformed into a huge white monster with faces of the all tailed beasts contained inside her.

The monster stretched its giant hands that could suck huge amount of chakra with just a touch which Naruto and Sasuke were aware of and moved away from the monster and its tentacles.
But the rabbit goddess wasn't through as she began to create a huge black planetoid which was like the ones floating around Naruto which could destroy matter at subatomic level, its sheer size implied she was going to destroy her dimensions alongside her enemies.

"We need to act fast until she uses her truth seeking ball!" said used his signature jutsu the shadow clone jutsu to get close to Kaguya whilst Sasuke used his ameno appearing instantly infront of goddess to use his moon seal alongside Naruto sun seal to seal kaguya for good.

As they were about to touch her Zetsu used kaguya's hand and used all ash killing bone to hit the Uzumaki through a worm hole but was shocked as naruto sensed it and used kamui which made him faze through the finaly they touched Kaguya activating the six path: chibaku Kaguya was being sealed in the chibaku tensei she used her last ditch effort into launching her oversized truth seeking ball at her sworn enemies to obliterate both them and the dimension.

Recognizing Kaguya move the team 7 was shocked."There's still a way to survive" Naruto said getting attention from his teammates and sensei who were wide eyed as the attack was being launched towards then shouted "kamui"! and the space distorted around them and they were warped to earth.

"Whew we made it" said kakashi sighing, but Kakashi was disturbed,"Sensei where is Naruto"!? asked sakura who was recovering from the sasuke and kakashi's eyes widened realising what Naruto had done. "Don't tell me!, that idiot it seems he only knew how to warp us only", why did he have to sacrifice himself" said Sasuke trying to hide the pain of losing his best couldn't hold her tears any more as she began a to cry her eyes out,how could she not Naruto was always there for her in good times and tough times."This world will never forget you Naruto and it will never be the same",whispered Kakashi.


"Aaaaaaar! screamed Naruto as he sat up in a large crater where he landed after appearing out of a vortex in the part of his body ached "It seems i made it" mumbled the blonde as he was gathering his strength to move out of the crater.


Right after teleporting his teammates and his sensei out of the dimension he charged and jumped towards the incoming huge ball and used kamui to faze through the ball and hovered in the air as the gudodama made contact with the dimension's surface which resulted in a large explosion that began to atomize everything that it came in contact with.

"Naruto i know you don't know how to teleport yourself, but listen very carefully i want you to feel the air clear your mind and let your chakra build up in your sharingan and do its job " said Kurama helping the blonde in activating Kamui .Naruto did as he was instructed while their conversation appeared long in their seal it was microseconds in real Naruto opened his eyes the explosion was one metre from touching him as he activated the sharingan's ability in panic leading him to open a random space time void as he was pushed by the shockwaves of the explosion losing consciousness.


"Are you alright Kurama?" asked Naruto already taking into account the strange energy in the air!? which implied they no longer were in the elemental nations another Kaguya's dimension perhaps!.
"Ya I'm fine just drained from the fight and also keeping your body in one piece when we entered the space rift that led us to this new dimension, i think you already sensed that it's a new dimension" replied Kurama."Ya i noticed that..." ,answered Naruto as he lost consciousness again


"Wake up you idiot! , i know your body is messed up but you mustn't always blacking out"! yelled Kurama.
With that Naruto's eyes snapped open only to meet a house ceiling!? "Who could have brought me here"? thought Naruto as he sat up on the bed but immediately noticed that his chest and ribs were covered with bandages.

Naruto sensed a person walking towards the house and immediately stood up facing the entrance while he removed all the bandages but his guard was up even though the person could be the one responsible for healing him but being a shinobi was always to be on that the door was flung open entering an older version of sakura with wrinkles and she seemed to be surprised seeing him up.

"Oh you are one hell of a human , you have already removed the bandages and the bruises have disappeared" said the pink haired woman "And why does it seem like you want to run away, at least you should show some gratitude to me for helping you ", continued the old woman.

Naruto considered that part because he knew if the woman wanted to kill him , she could have done so while he was he cleared his voice and introduced himself."I'm Naruto Uzumaki mam , i apologize for my on-guard action it's just that i don't trust anyone and also thank you for saving me"

"Ok human (Naruto sweat dropped) my name is Polyusica now if you are good to go you may get out of my home"!. Naruto winced at the woman's tone."Ok mam but if i may i ask where you put my jacket and my kunai pouch"? asked the shinobi as he was already searching for them with his eyes.

"So you are a ninja, you know ninjas aren't common in here..., so what got you hurt so badly that you lost consciousness. "I found you in a crater knocked out with some pretty bad wounds but now you are now completely healed.l must say once again you are one hell of a human,"So who defeated you and left you in a thing or person that defeated you must have possessing powerful magic.

Wait a minute magic "?! exclaimed magic lad don't tell me you suffered a concussion,asked Polyusica while watching the boy it was , the strange energy in the air had something to do with magic who could have known?.

"Of course magic" Naruto decided to play along because he couldn't just tell the old lady that he was from another just that when you asked me my mind was far away you know. "That crater you saw was just a result of a battle with a friend after some misunderstanding", Naruto lied.