Fairytail's Juggernaut

The pairing is between Naruto and Mirajane.

Chapter 2

Its been a year since Naruto arrived in the new dimension, learning that he was currently in a place called Earthland in the kingdom of Fiore and the interesting part is that magic was real in this world and was used almost similarly like chakra but unlike chakra if your whole magic was drained you wouldn't die ,also this world had everything Konoha books had as mystery like dragons.

Again, the ones who could use magic would come together to form a guild which would be their workplace where one could get a quest (mission) where a mage would complete and get his or her reward the jewels which is the currency of the there were light guilds and dark guilds(missing nin like).
The world was easy to adapt in as it had some similarities to the Elemental nations currently naruto was living in the mountains close to Hakobe mountain .That's where he built his house with ease because he was one man army ,whilst sad and missing home kurama would cheer him up.

He also mastered his sharingan and also realized that he was able to deactivate the sharingan unlike his sensei kakashi that's why Polyusica was so calm,also due to his six path power and knowledge he was able to master all the five elements with an unparalleled versatility and large scale manipulation due to his huge chakra he was on his way to fairy tail to join like he promised.


Naruto was meditating in his house."Booooom"!, an explosion interrupted his wearing his coat, the blonde headed where the sound had come from.
"Fire dragons roar! Natsu spat a huge blast of flames towards the vulcans incinerating the vulcans and surroundings, while Lucy a female busty blond of Fairytail was using her celestial spirits to fight the lizards."They are still coming Natsu"!, yelled Happy, an exceed of vulcans were still bursting out of the ground as if they were infinite.

"Oh man not again",said Natsu,even as much as he liked to fight this was getting tiring and annoying. Lucy was exhausted ,but then she saw a blonde teen around her age wearing a red coat and was very handsome,spiky hair and beautiful blue eyes walking towards her with a bored look.

Naruto had finally arrived at the scene noticing a busty blond girl maybe a year or two younger than him looking so exhausted showing how those powerless vulcans were harassing her.
"Oi"! you guys need to stop harassing kids here said the ninja earning a sweat drop from Natsu who had also noticed the stranger walking towards Lucy.

What really intrigued the Fairytail members was that the vulcans were now in fear due to the spiky some ignored their instincts to run away and charged towards the blond who mumbled something to do with "hard way " ,then he began to do some strange handsigns and calmly said Katon: haisekisho no jutsu and exhaled a large dark cloud of chakra infused gunpowder engulfing all the vulcans,then clicked his teeth creating a spark causing a violent explosion that tossed all the Fairytail mages while in shock as all lizards were incinerated by one spell.

"What kind of magic is that"!, said Lucy in awe at the power displayed by the blonde."So blondy which guild are you from",asked Natsu as he was already standing next to the blonde.I'm an independent mage, and back to you which guild are you from."Fairytail, do you like to join you are quite strong after all and i would like to challenge you", this made Naruto smile as the pink head reminded him of his what i gather you the salamander of Fairytail right"?.Yaa are you a fan of mine asked Natsu with a beaming smile.

"Yes i am , so what were you doing here, were you doing your quest" , asked the male blonde."No", this time it was a female blonde's voice that who had been quiet since him and Natsu had started conversing."We came to save our guild member who had been taken over by the vulcans", continued the busty blonde, Uzumaki was dazed at how earthland female were so busty.
But he pushed the thoughts aside and focused at the matter at where is this member of yours, did you manage to save him?."Yes there he is" Natsu intervened pointing where there was a middle aged man with dark blue hair leaning on a tree trunk looking out of gas alongside him was a blue cat which was talking to the man, it could have surprised him but not anymore, this was a magic word after all besides he held a giant entity in his stomach which talked, so there is that.

"Boy you are quite strong and from what Natsu told me you are an independent mage don't you want to join Fairytail"? asked Macao as he had managed to walk towards the blubbering teens.
"I will think about it" shouted Naruto as he walked away and waved them disappearing into the forest. The truth was that Naruto wanted to join Fairytail from what he had heard about them and researched about them.

He knew quite a couple of their mages , the beauty s-class Erza Scarlet whom had hair almost similar to his own mother, the salamander Natsu,ice make mage Grey fullbuster,not to mention their humble master (from what he heard and found out) was a wizard were said to be strongest in whole of Fiore, then the beautiful Mirajane who was always in the magazine for her looks but what really fascinated him was that she was an S-class mage but was not doing quests for her personal reasons ,that's what he had gathered so far but it was enough for him to give it a try which he was going to do it now.

"Naruto remember no revealing your secrets, you are too powerful compared to all of the Earthland mages from what we have gathered so far, if you reveal your true power they will be afraid of you irregardless of you meaning no harm,so limit the abilities you will display brat.

"Come on Kurama we discussed these things, i already stated to you that I'm going to be an S-class mage for Fairytail incase if we would have to pull bigger guns it won't be much of a shocker to them, and also i won't be taking difficult quests".
"Ya brat it was just a reminder now let me sleep, there is no need for me to be up unless you want to talk which you won't be doing for quite sometime as you will have guild mates to talk to" grumbled Kurama as he drifted to sleep.
"Ok you over grown fox" mumbled Naruto as he was standing outside of Fairytail guild.

"Ok here i go" said the blonde as he opened the doors only to be greeted by havoc inside but all the noise in the guild subsided after noticing a spiky blonde stranger wearing a red long sleeved coat(sage mode one but with long sleeves) with a red coiled circle on its back(Uzumaki sign) , black ninja pants , black boots and fingerless what really caught their eyes was the large broad sword tall as the size of a man strapped, like a butcher blade itself has two cut outs, a circle close to the top and a semi-circular one nearer to the handle, the former of which is aptly fitting the sword's purpose of decapitation, and the golden haired boy was moving as if a feather was strapped in his back towards his destination the counter where the master of Fairytail was staring at him while calmly drinking his beer on his side was the famous titania who was holding a piece of cake and behind the counter was the white head beauty Mirajane.

When he made it to the master havoc started again as the Fairytail members were fighting against themselves."So young man what can i do for you today", Makarov asked and the titania was watching Naruto from head to toe whilst Mira was doing her bar job not minding him.

"I would like to join the Fairytail" answered Naruto doubtfully. "Ok young man welcome to Fairytail, now may you follow me to my office and fill in some papers to officially become one of ours" said Makarov standing up beckoning Naruto to follow him. Naruto followed Makarov still stunned by the easy acceptance into the guild by the master.

In the office as was Naruto signing the papers something was bothering him, of course from gathering information he heard that the Fairytail guild master was kind but this was too much how can someone just allow a stranger to become part of his team without thorough questioning.

"So old man i must say I'm surprised at how you just seeming to accept me into your guild without even knowing anything about me"."It's nothing Naruto from what I see you are a good person unless you are just pretending"."Of course not" answered Naruto still confused by the old man's remarks.
"One more thing i need to know your magic although you are emitting an aura quite different from ones i have experienced said the old man watching the boy intently.

Naruto was quite amused by the master's sensing ability as he had tried to suppress his decided to give half truth ,"its just that I'm able to absorb raw ethernano from the air through my technique called sage mode and im able to use all 5 elements and a few other different magic, as he finished explaining his magic he saw the short old man his jaw dropped, wide eyed at his power declaration Makarov managed to instruct the boy to get the guild sign from their bar maid while he was left in deep thought.

Naruto arrived at bar counter where Mira was serving Erza with another cake."I have joined Fairytail master said you are the one who could give me a guild mark"said the ninja."Oh of course welcome to Fairytail" Mira said nervously, because the boy looked kinda like a lethal assassin with that handsome face of his accompanied by his broad sword."I'm Mirajane by the way and this one eating the cake is Erza and you are"?."Naruto Uzumaki", he answered with a monotonous voice which got him a glare from the titania."So where do you want the guild mark and what colour?" asked the takeover mage."Orange ,on my wrist" answered Naruto and his wishes were granted."Listen here Uzumaki i don't care how dangerous you look with that huge sword of yours but here we each other like a family", hissed Erza.
"Ok i got it, no need to hiss and glare at me it's not even scary" mumbled the Uzumaki."What was that"!?the titania hissed again.

"Oh its nothing i was just singing a song" answered Naruto calmly, but the the red head wasn't letting it go until Makarov interrupted with a loud voice saying, "ok let's welcome our new member Naruto Uzumaki"! and the guild cheered while other members looked at him nodding as a sign of greeting while Naruto nodded back.

Next Chapter::: Naruto shows off his abilities against Natsu and Erza