A/N: Hey, so this is my first Pokémon fanfic, and it takes place in the Nedar Region, a place I have been creating for just over a year now. All of the characters with normal names are actual people, and the one with an… unusual name is an original character based on a person in real life. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this, and constructive criticism is encouraged and wanted!

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon (except for Fakemons I have created, but I will underline their names and write "FM" in parentheses when they make their debut in the story. Example: Name(FM)).

"...2nd down and 3 from the Beedrills' 40 yard line. The Houndooms trail by 5 with four seconds left in the game. The quarterback, Roper, is in the shotgun. The offense is in a three receiver, one running back, one tight end set. The star receiver for the Houndooms, Connor Prescott, is lined up on the far left. All eyes will be on him for this play, which will determine who wins the Nedar Region High School Unovan Football Championship. Roper takes the snap, waits in the pocket. The defense drops 8 defenders. Roper steps into the throw, downfield for Prescott. There are three defenders in the area. This will determine the season for these two great teams. One will go home, and the others will be crowned champions. A jump ball at the goal line and it is… CAUGHT! TOUCHDOOOWWWN, HOUNDOOOOOOOOMS! Prescott has done it again! Prescott has done it again! There is no doubt who the MVP for this game is."


After the game, at the Prescott household…

"The MVP is in the hoouuus-" shouts a 16-year-old boy, returning from the game. He stops abruptly when he sees two other people standing in the living room. "Tregg? Ashton? What are you two doing here?"

"Your parents didn't tell you?" said the teen named Tregg, an 18-year-old soccer star who stands about 6' 3" in height, with a slight beard.

"Tell me what?" questioned Connor, obviously confused as to why these two are in his house.

"We just moved into the house across the street." replied Ashton, a 16-year-old who is 6' 2" tall, with a Buneary on his shoulder. "The drive from Soullight City was a long one, and what do we get as a welcome? Not 'Hey, how are you guys?' or 'It's been awhile!' Nonononono, we get a 'What are you two doing here?' Seriously Connor?!"

"Ashton, quit fuckin' with me." Connor said flatly. "That was going to be my next question…"

"Yeah, you're right, I don't care! Come here buddy!" exclaimed a now happy Ashton, giving Connor their secret handshake.

"Hey, where's Brennan? And Braden? I thought they'd be here." wondered Connor, disappointed that his brother and other cousin wasn't in the room to greet him.

"Them? They're just over at our house, playing Super Smash Bros. or something." replied Tregg, also wondering why the two youngest members of the group weren't around.

"So, I'm guessing you guys saw the regional championship?" asked Connor, waiting to brag about his clutch game-winning play.

"Yeah, sorry we couldn't see it in person, but the live coverage on television wasn't too bad." answered Tregg.

"Pretty good for the 'worse football' eh?" commented Connor, with a smug smile on his face.

"We are not starting this argument today." groaned Tregg, too tired to deal with Connor today. Then, a knock was heard at the door.

"I'll get it." said Connor, already halfway across the room. When he opened it, he saw a girl with shoulder-length black hair and deep blue eyes. She was wearing a yellow and black shirt, with a Luxray design on the front. She stood at just under 6 feet in height, and was pretty damn fine in the eyes of Tregg and Ashton. She was holding a Shinx in her arms. Connor and the girl both smiled.

"Hey Connor!" said the girl, with a big smile on her face.

"Hey, Lexel!" replied Connor, with an equally big smile across his face. They pulled each other into a big hug, but not after Lexel let her Shinx down on the ground, who wandered about, familiar with the house. Tregg cleared his throat, catching the attention of the two teenagers, who then broke their hug. It seemed they had forgotten that there were other people in the room.

"Oooooh, so Connor, you're bringing girls into the house, huh?" teased Tregg. "I'm so proud of you, little man, finally getting the girl!"

Connor and Lexel both turned toward Tregg, with cheeks redder than a Charmeleon, and glared. If looks could kill, Tregg would have spontaneously combusted. "She's not my girlfriend! / I'm not his girlfriend!" shouted Connor and Lexel, simultaneously.

"Yeesh. Okay, okay." muttered Tregg, his hands up like he was surrendering. Ashton just rolled his eyes.

"Who are these weirdos?" asked Lexel, looking at Connor with a confused look.

After they broke the hug, Connor introduced them. "Lexel, meet my cousins: Tregg and Ashton. Tregg and Ashton, meet my friend Lexel."

"Hey…" said Tregg, then immediately looked at Connor with a mischievous grin.

"'Sup." said Ashton, still confused as to who the girl is. "So, Connor, how long have you known her?"

"Oh, since I was…" Connor started to reply, then counted on his fingers. "umm, seven years old, I think."

"And not once did you think to tell us about her?" Tregg questioned, studying Connor's face. He still believed there was something more between the two friends.

"Well, it just… you know, um… never came up in conversation, that's all…" replied Connor, suddenly becoming interested in the carpet covering the family room floor. "So… I, um, never really thought about bringing her up…"

"Seriously Connor? You didn't talk about me, your best friend for 9 whole damn years, to your cousins?" snapped Lexel, somewhat pissed that Connor didn't talk about them with other people he was close with.

"Uhhhhhhh…" Connor began with a scared look on his face, not wanting to feel the wrath that is an angry Lexel. "Well, the party's about to start. Let's get in on the fun!" After narrowly dodging that conversation, he ran off and up the stairs, heading to his room.

"If you'll excuse me, boys, I have some… words to give to your cousin. Seeya!" Lexel explained, following Connor, who noticed and ran faster with a fearful expression.

Tregg and Ashton, however, did not notice the fear on Connor's face, so their minds went elsewhere, wondering what Lexel and Connor were going to do in his room. They then shrugged it off, believing that what they were gonna do was a… private matter.


Up in Connor's room…

"I cannot believe that you did not think to tell them about me!" yelled an angry Lexel. "And you never told me you had any cousins!"

Connor could tell she was fuming, and he didn't know if it was his eyes playing tricks on him, but he could've sworn that Lexel's eyes turned crimson red for a moment. "I, uhh, um…" blabbed Connor, then he sighed, collecting his thoughts. "I just didn't see any need to, I'm sorry Lexel. It's just, I knew Tregg would act the way he just did, and I didn't want for you or me to deal with that awkward situation…. Please, forgive me." He finished with his head hanging, waiting for Round Two of Lexel's wrath to unfold. But… it never came. The next thing he felt was a playful jab to his solar plexus.

"I forgive you. But it is fun to see your tremble in fear." Lexel seemed to have an evil grin on her face when Connor looked back up in surprise.

"*sigh* Well, now that that's settled, why don't we go downstairs to the party?" Connor felt relieved, glad he won't need to weather any more of Hurricane Lexel. He then opened the door and motioned for Lexel to walk out. "Ladies first."

"Oh, what a gentleman." giggled Lexel. She then took his offer and skipped down to hall and continued skipping down the stairs, miraculously not tripping on the way down.

Connor sighed and started to follow suit. "Hopefully Tregg and Ashton don't become a problem tonight." he thought while going down the stairs.

Tregg and Ashton became a problem that night. They kept teasing Connor about Lexel, and Connor knew it was going to be a looooong night. He decided to shorten it, and asked his cousins if they wanted to beat each other to a pulp. In Super Smash Brothers, of course. It was obvious that Connor was the best player there, as he was easily able to fend off Tregg, Ashton, and Lexel when they were all ganging up on him. It did help that he had Joker's Arsene activated, but it still took some skill.

Once the party came to a close and almost everyone had left, Connor, Lexel, Tregg, and Ashton were the only ones left awake, as Connor's parents had gone to sleep a few minutes earlier. It was now 11:30, and by some miracle of Arceus, Connor lost a match in Smash Bros. Everyone screamed for joy, except for Connor, who just stood up, shrugged, and gave everyone a handshake for the "good match" they had. (The three guests had all teamed up on Connor, preventing him from making it back to stage.)

It was at this point that Lexel spoke up for the first time in an hour and a half. "So, since my parents are out of town and nobody is home, they were fine with me sleeping over here."

Connor and Ashton were speechless, and Tregg grinned, mind whirring on what Lexel could be implying. Connor was the one to speak up next. "Are you sure that they're fine with this?" Connor seemed fidgety, and his left leg started bouncing up and down.

Tregg, noticing this, saw that as a clear sign of nerves. "Now what would he be nervous about? Ohhhhh…" he thought, and his grin became more of a smile as he realized that Lexel, Connor's childhood friend, would be sleeping in the same house as Connor, and that he was not necessarily comfortable with it.

"Don't worry bud, I'm sure her parents are fine with it." said Tregg, not a hint of teasing in his tone. That was because he did a damn good job hiding it. "Come on, lighten up! You have been friends with her for over half your life."

"Yeah! For once, I have to agree with Tregg." Lexel stated, unaware of Connor's anxiety. "My parents said that it would be fine, since you would be here and all."

That last statement made Ashton and Tregg both start snickering. Connor immediately gave them a death stare, and Lexel was oblivious as to what they were laughing about. "W-well, if your parents are s-sure about i-it, then why n-not…" Connor began, but then Lexel interrupted him.

"Great! So, I'm guessing I'll take the guest room?" asked the girl, still oblivious as to why Connor's cousins were laughing.

Tregg seized this opportunity to make one last joke. "Nah, you should sleep in Connor's room!" He immediately started laughing, and Ashton joined in. Lexel quickly gave them her own death stare, and it was far more effective than Connor's, as it shut them up immediately.

"Actually, I was thinking…" began Connor, before being cut off.

"Uh-oh, that's not a good sign." Ashton said with a chuckle.

"Aaanyway, so I was thinking. My cousins are down, so why don't we do what we normally do when they stay down for the night: set up tents in the backyard!" Connor finished, and he noticed that his cousins were in on it, and Lexel's eyes widened.

"Sure! That's a great idea! I'll go grab my tent now." As she said that, Lexel was already running out the door.

Once she was gone, Tregg and Ashton both immediately stared at Connor. Connor just stared back, a confused look spreading across his face. "What?"

"You know what…." said Tregg and Ashton, simultaneously. "How in the name of Arceus are you not dating her?! She is just like you. She's smart, funny, likes video games, loves Pokémon. Then again, who doesn't love Pokémon? Not only that, but you two have been close for years now. How have you not made a move yet?" Tregg finished with the long explanation.

Connor thought over his cousins' logic. "Well, I guess you're right about all that. And she does have a thing for astronomy, like me. But no, we're just really good friends. And before you ask, yes, of course I would be nervous with a girl my age sleeping in my house. It wouldn't matter if I didn't know her at all, I just don't like the feeling of having one in my house." Connor then walked away, got a glass of water, chugged it down and one go, then finished his thoughts. "And I won't make a move, because I'm kinda intimidated by her older brother…."

"She has an older brother?!" exclaimed Tregg and Ashton, once again in unison. "Holy fucking Arceus, Connor! How much shit do you omit from conversation, just because you don't think you 'need to bring it up'?!"

"A lot more than you think…" muttered Connor, barely audible to anyone but himself.


Everyone set up their tents and turned in for the night. Tregg had his own tent, so his many Pokemon could stretch their legs. Lexel had her own tent (for obvious reasons), and Ashton and Connor shared one. Ashton was laying down with his Buneary curled up between his legs, sound asleep. Connor was just getting into his own sleeping bag. These two were extremely close, even closer than Connor was to his own brother, maybe even closer than Connor and Lexel.

All of a sudden, Ashton blurted out a question that left Connor quite surprised. "So, when do you think you'll get your own Pokémon? Why don't you just go see Professor Pine and have him give you one or go run into tall grass and start chucking balls?"

Connor simply stared at Ashton, trying to formulate a response from that smart brain of his. Finally, he answered. "I don't know, I just… have this feeling that my partner will come to me, you know? And that I should just wait for that moment. Oddly enough, I, the logical one, am going with a gut feeling instead of your sound ideas of just going out and getting one."

"Hmmmm. And Lexel?" stated Ashton, not moving from his position, staring at the roof of the tent.

"W-what about her?" stammered Connor, hoping against hope that he doesn't have to have that talk with his cousin again.

"You know. I have Mienz(A/N: she is an actual person, this is just a nickname to keep her identity secret. Your welcome, cuz!), Tregg has his girlfriend. Heck, even Braden has his eyes on someone. But you… you have a real shot here, but you just won't take it. I don't know why, since you two seem to be practically made for each other, and it is obvious that she likes you, even if it isn't like like yet." Ashton crushed Connor's hopes. It seems like they are having that talk.

"I told you once, and I'll tell you again: even if I wanted to, there is still that older brother I told you about." Connor responded, growing more irritated by the second. "Let's just drop this topic…"

"Okay, fine. G'night." said Ashton, feeling sleep start to take him over.

"G'night." echoed Connor, as he closed his eyes.


Later (3:00 AM)…

Connor woke up to a blinding light coming through the mesh windows of the tent. Thinking it was just the morning, he went outside to find that it was still very much night time. He then looked toward the source of the light, and his eyes became impossibly wide. There stood a Pokémon. It looked like a deer, but with no antlers. It had eyes of red and green. For those of you who have never known of Pokémon at all, the next clue should point it out. There was a giant golden ring surrounding it's midsection. Connor immediately went on one knee and bowed his head.

"Lord Arceus" he stated, trying with all his might to not anger the God of Pokémon in any way.

The Pokémon just chuckled at the show of respect. "Rise, Connor Prescott. You have been chosen."

"Chosen? Chosen for what, my Lord?" Connor asked, slowly rising back to a standing position, still not making eye contact.

"You have been chosen to keep the peace here in Nedar." Arceus stated flatly.

"I'm sorry Lord Arceus, but I don't understand…" Connor became more intrigued by the second.

"You see, young one, there is a darkness fast approaching. Within the next five or six years, I presume. You have been chosen, since birth, to be the one tasked with defending the region from the coming darkness. But you will not be able to do it alone, and someone must teach you how to control your gifts that I have given you." The God explained, earning a curious glance from Connor.

"My… gifts? Someone to… teach me? Are you going to teach me how to control these gifts you have given me?" Connor had so many questions, but these were the ones that he deemed the most relevant for this conversation at the moment.

"Me, heheh, oh Heavens no. I could not teach you, as I have many other duties to attend to." Arceus chuckled at the thought.

Connor sighed, slightly disappointed. It would've been cool if he were to spend time learning from the One who made everything. "Oh, my apologies, Lord Arceus. But if you won't be teaching me… then who will?"

Arceus conjured up something in a ball of white and blue light. "I shall bestow upon you a being that is keen in the areas where your gifts reside. And to answer your previous question on what your gift is, you should be able to tell from what I will give you." Arceus then releases the being from within the ball of light, and reveals it to be a Pokémon. Not any Pokémon, it is a Riolu. "This Riolu is already gifted in the ways of Aura, and shall guide you on your way to becoming an Aura Guardian, the only type of person who can defend against the forces of darkness (World of Light music plays)."

"An Aura Guardian? I've heard about them, but I just assumed that they were just legends…" Connor trailed off, finishing his sentences in his head.

"No, my boy. They are very much real. This Riolu, in addition to one that is already living, coincidentally in this very region, will teach you in the ways of the Aura." Arceus trailed off, then stood at alert, as if he heard something. "Uh-huh, yeah. Oh come on! I gave you ONE job, ONE JOB! And you blew it! Ugh, I'll be right there." Arceus finished his rant, seemingly it was a conversation with someone or something.

"Um, what was that…?" Connor was confused, and he tilted his head to the side.

"Sorry young one, but I have matters to attend to." Arceus began to float up and fade away. "From now on, may the Aura be with you."

Connor stared up at the space that was just occupied by the God of Pokémon. He then felt a wave of sleep fall over him, and he passed out, Riolu in hand, just outside his tent.


Ashton and Connor's tent, 7:30 AM…

Connor woke up in his sleeping bag, in the tent he was sharing with his cousin. He looked to his right and saw that Ashton was also just waking up. Connor chuckled at their internal clocks being in perfect sync. He then got a bit of a headache, and clutched his head.

Ashton took notice of Connor, and saw that he was holding his head, seemingly in pain. "What's wrong buddy?" Ashton had a bit of worry in his tone, but most of it was drowned out by his yawn, which decided that the perfect time to come out was mid sentence.

"Huh? Oh, nothing. I just had this crazy dream…" replied Connor shaking off his headache.

"Really? What was it about?" Ashton asked, getting intrigued. It wasn't every day that Connor shared a dream out loud, and Ashton was hoping it was about Lexel, just so he can embarrass his cousin.

Connor proceeded to explain his dream, and much to Ashton's disappointment, it was not about Lexel. Ashton's ears did perk up when he heard that Connor dreamed of Arceus. Ashton immediately got lost in thought. If Arceus was in his dream, it may have been a vision instead.

"Damn, that was crazy. But hey, maybe it is telling you to go out and get a Riolu, eh?" Ashton nudged Connor with his elbow. Buneary was just waking up, and its yawn was the cutest little thing.

"Awww, looks like your Buneary is awake. I wonder if Tregg and Lexel are up yet." As Connor said that, something moved under his sleeping bag.

Ashton took the opportunity to annoy Connor. "Hey, I know you like Lexel and all, but can you not jerk off with me and Buneary still in the tent?"

Connor's cheeks immediately turned beet red. "W-what?! I'm not doing anything, see!" He pulled his hands out from the sleeping bag, and sure enough, the movement was still happening. Connor then looked in his bag to see what was causing the motion, hoping it wasn't a Rattata or anything. When he saw what it was, his jaw dropped to the floor.

"What? What is it?" prodded Ashton, also curious as to what was causing the commotion.

"No way, it can't be…" muttered Connor, jaw still wide open.

"What?! What can't it be? You're killing me with this suspense, dude!" Ashton yelled, getting impatient.

Connor grabbed what it was and revealed it to his cousin, which caused Ashton's jaw to also drop to the floor. Ashton was staring at a Riolu, which was juggling a tiny Aura Sphere in its paws.

"No. Fucking. WAY!" Ashton yelled the last part, and he was more surprised to see the Aura Sphere than the Riolu. "How is it using Aura Sphere? They only learn that move when they become a Lucario!"

Connor thought for a moment, then answered Ashton's question. "Well, in my dream, Arceus did say that the Riolu was keen at Aura, so maybe it is just able to control its Aura because Arceus made it that way…"

Ashton's eyes widened further than they already were. "You're telling me that the dream you had actually happened? You know what that means, right?"

"Yup" Connor replied, almost too calm for his own good.

"You are gonna be a fucking Aura Guardian!" exclaimed Ashton, still in utter shock.

The Riolu finally spoke up. "Master, can you tell this weirdo to stop fucking swearing?"

Connor just stared at the Riolu. "M-master? Why the hell did you call me 'Master'?"

"Waitwaitwaitwaitwait. Did you just understand that Riolu?" Ashton beat the odds and became more shocked than he already was.

"Uhhh… yeah. You didn't hear him?" Connor looked at Ashton with a confused look on his face.

Ashton didn't cease his gawking. "All I heard was 'riolu lu lu rio'."

It was at this point that they both gave up trying to understand what the hell was happening. They both forced their jaws shut and decided to get up for the day. They exited their tent to see Tregg outside, sitting on his camping chair and sipping coffee.

"Oh hey, you guys are up. Good mornin' Ashton, Buneary. Good mornin' Connor, Riolu." He then paused for a second, confused. "Wait. A RIOLU?! Where the hell did that come from?"

"Master, what the fuck is up with these people you hang around with?" Riolu asked, fully intrigued.

"Oh, them? They're just my cousins. Weirdness runs in the family." Connor responded.

Tregg then fully lost his shit. "DID YOU JUST UNDERSTAND THAT RIOLU?! WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?! WHY IS THERE COFFEE ON MY SHIRT?!" In Tregg's yelling, he spilled some of his coffee over him, earning a couple laughs from Connor and Ashton.

"Um, yeah. I did understand my Riolu. Let me explain what happened." Connor then began to retell the story he told Ashton.

Tregg seemed baffled by the tale. "An Aura Guardian, huh? Thought they were myths…. Welp, anyway, you guys want some coffee?" Tregg held out the pot of morning fuel he made.

"Master, could you tell this babbling buffoon that I, too, will want some coffee?" asked the Riolu, looking right in Connor's eyes.

"Yo Connor, what did he just say?" asked Tregg, still holding out the pot.

Connor echoed Riolu's request. "He asked me if I could tell you, the babbling buffoon, that he wants some coffee too."

Tregg started pouring the coffee for Connor, Ashton, and Riolu. "Sure thin- wait, did you say 'babbling buffoon'?"

Connor stopped sipping his coffee for a second to answer. "His words, not mine."

Tregg then glared at the Riolu, who didn't pay any attention, as he was too absorbed in his cup of coffee.

A few minutes of awkward silence ensued, only relieved by the occasional sip of coffee. Then, the three boys heard rustling coming from the final tent, to see Lexel emerge with her Shinx at her heels.

"Hey Connor!" She said excitedly, before her tone took a nosedive. "Hey, Connor's cousins…" What she saw next brought her tone right back up to happy. "Oooh, a Riolu! Connor, where did you get this little cutie?"

Connor then explained his "dream" for the third time within the hour, and Lexel didn't seem that fazed. "Eh, I knew you were special, not that big of a deal."

Riolu decided to voice his opinion on this member of the group as well. "I like this one."

Connor smiled, and thought, "Me too, me too."

"You do know that I can still hear you, right?" said the Riolu, this time in Connor's head.

Connor's eyes grew wide, and then stared at Riolu. "What the hell, man?! Can't a guy have some privacy in his thoughts?!"

Lexel then looked at Connor, utterly confused. "Umm, Connor? Why did you just yell like that?"

"Because Riolu here just hopped right into my mind and conversed with me, in my thoughts, which I wanted to keep private!" Connor intensified his glare at Riolu.

Riolu then countered with a statement that shook Connor to the core. "I learned of some of your other thoughts too, you know…"

Connor then yelled, so loudly in fact that all the Flying-type Pokémon in the trees flew away in fear. The boy hung his head and found no comfort in his reflection off the surface of his coffee.

Speaking of coffee, Connor decided to salvage himself enough to say one last sentence before banishing himself to the pits of his thoughts. "So, Lexel, want some coffee?"

She gladly accepted, and Connor made her coffee, just the way she likes it. One cream with three sugars. He then sank back into his camping chair and wandered through his thoughts, where he was joined by Riolu.

"Master, you can't hide from me. You also can't hide anything from me. So let's just make this easier on the both of us, and open up our minds and thoughts."

"Fine… but don't say or do anything that would compromise the privacy of my thoughts. Do NOT tell anyone else what goes on in my head, or I will tell them what goes on in yours."

"You don't mean…" gasped the Riolu.

"I know that you have a thing for my cousin's Buneary over there. Trust me, I can make your existence a living hell."

"And know that I can do the same for you."

Connor was jolted back to reality when Tregg spoke up. "So, Connor, since you have a Pokémon now, why don't you and Ashton go and travel the region? It also makes sense for your Aura Guardian thing, as I doubt the 'darkness' will happen right here in Elmsburgh."

"Where the hell did that come from?" questioned a now confused Connor.

"Actually, it would be cool if Connor and I traveled across Nedar. We could even take on the gyms, and maybe beat the Champion!" Ashton seemed totally on board with Tregg's idea.

Lexel and Connor both choked on their coffee at the mention of the Champion. Tregg and Ashton both looked at them, wondering what was wrong. They shrugged it off, And then Lexel hopped into the conversation.

"Ooh, can I go with?" She started looking at Connor. "Pleaaase?" (Lexel used Baby-Doll Eyes. It's super effective!)

Connor caved in. "Sure, why not? It oughta help having someone who can keep Ashton and me in check."

Connor and Lexel did not notice Ashton and Tregg looking at each other with knowing expressions, and winking. "So, if we play this right, you guys can be starting your journey by early this afternoon!" said Tregg, a certain gleam in his eyes.

Connor was shocked at this news. "Th-this afternoon! Why so soon?"

"Oh, it'll be fine. I'm sure all of our parents will be fine with it." said Ashton, waving his hand like the whole thing is no big deal.

Tregg confirmed Ashton's guess. "I just asked our parents, Connor, and they said that Ashton is good to go!"

Lexel followed up with news of her own. "My parents gave me the go-ahead too!"

All three of them looked at Connor expectantly. "Well…?" they all said in unison.

"*sigh* Let me get dressed, then I'll ask them." Connor said, defeated.

Tregg, Ashton, and Lexel all pumped their arms in the air and shouted "Victory!"

A/N: Okay! So, to recap: Connor is an amazing wide receiver! His cousins moved to his hometown! His best friend shows up, and Tregg is revealed as a weirdo! (He actually isn't one in real life) Arceus gives Connor his starter! Riolu and Connor discover a connection deeper than Connor first thought! And now Connor, Ashton, and Lexel will disembark on their journey through Nedar! But first, Connor needs the go-ahead from his parents!

Just a fair warning to anyone reading this, I will try to update this weekly, monthly if it comes to it. But if it ends up being 2 years since I last updated (which it won't. probably) then don't panic! I might just have writers block.

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