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The Prescott household, 7:30 am…

Connor was taking care of the dishes from breakfast. Tregg, Ashton, and Lexel had joined in, and Connor's brother had spent the night at their cousin's house. Once he had put the plates in the sink, he motioned to the three teens to leave Connor alone with his parents. Tregg and Ashton got the message, but Lexel did not. They ended up having to practically drag her out of the dining room.

Once they had left, Connor brought up the question of the day: "So, uh… Mom, Dad, I've been wondering."

They both looked at their son, listening fully and not making a sound, much to Connor's surprise. "Maybe they're still tired…. Did they have coffee this morning?" thought Connor. He shrugged it off and continued.

"Tregg, Ashton, Lexel, and I were talking earlier this morning. We thought that since I now have a Pokémon, we could go and journey the region."

It was at this point when his parents fully woke up and decided to speak. His father let Mom do the talking. "A Pokémon?! When did that happen?"

Connor's eyes became wide, and he decided to not tell them the full story, as he knew his parents would not believe the part with Arceus. "Well, when I woke up, I found this little guy in my sleeping bag. When he woke up, I just felt that he was meant for me, so I asked him. He nodded his head, that's all."

"Why in the name of Arceus did you lie to your mother? You do know that they tend to see through this kind of stuff right?" Riolu said, voice laced with doubt for Connor's story being believable.

"I know, I know! I'm just as nervous, if not more nervous than you! So just hush and nod in agreement!" Connor finished the conversation in his head. His Riolu responded by nodding his head toward his parents, further backing up his story. Connor's parents somehow bought it.

"Sure, bud. You're 16, and you don't have football holding you back. Go for it." Connor's dad spoke up, answering for the two parents. Connor was surprised by the response, and sighed in relief. "But don't do anything too dangerous!" His father finished voicing his thoughts with a stare in his son's eyes.

"Don't worry, Ashton and Lexel will keep me under control." Connor nervously laughed while walking away to pack his things for his upcoming adventure. He ran upstairs and grabbed his bag, a few changes of clothes, and his Nintendo Switch. "I might as well have something to entertain me on the trip." thought Connor, but then Riolu chimed in. "Well, there is Lexe-"

Connor immediately interrupted his partner with a glare, and Riolu seemed to get the message. Connor finished gathering his things, and got dressed. He put on his freshly washed football jersey, black with a red 18 on the front and back. His name was sewn into the nameplate, with the team logo, a Houndoom head breathing fire. The final piece to his beloved jersey was the "Regional Championship" patch on his left chest. He put on his favorite jacket, hooded that is mainly cyan, but fades into a nice, subtle purple in the bottom. His chosen pants were black sweats with red stripes lining the sides all the way down. He put on his blue and white sneakers, and his fingerless, crimson glove. Embedded within it was a key stone, one that was given to him by his uncle, the father of Tregg, Ashton, and Braden. Right before he left to tour the world as a trainer, he had given his three sons and Connor gifts. Connor had gotten the Key Stone, Ashton had gotten a special hat, which he wore at all times. Tregg had received his partner Pokémon, Charmander. Braden had decided to keep his gift a secret, and nobody questioned him.


Once Connor had finished getting ready, he ran down the stairs and outside, where he met up with Tregg, Ashton, and Lexel. He was surprised that Tregg was in the group. "Tregg? I don't recall you saying that you'd join us."

"Well, the more the merrier, isn't it Connor?" asked a Lexel, somehow fine with this addition. Connor just looked at her with a betrayed look on his face. Tregg noticed.

"Don't worry, Connor. I won't be hindering you guys at all. I won't get in the way between you and Lexel." Tregg said with a smug grin.

"And Ashton, you forgot about Ashton." Connor glared at his older cousin, still uncomfortable with this development.

"Yes, and Ashton… definitely meant him too." Tregg started trailing off, going to the depths of his thoughts. His grin grew and almost gained a quality of evilness. He then shook it off and replaced it with a gentle smile. "Now then, who's ready to set off into the unknown?"

The remaining three members of the group all raised their hands in excitement. "Race you to Route 1!" yelled Ashton, taking off across the trail, leaving a dusty silhouette of himself hanging in the air. Tregg just chuckled and took off, and Lexel followed suit. Connor just shrugged and got into a track stance. Riolu hopped into his bag, and Connor went off in a shot. It wasn't long before he caught up to the rest of the group, who had started off too fast and lost energy. The both were moving at a brisk jog. Connor had paced himself, and still had plenty of energy left to pass them before reaching Route 1. He high-fived the sign, and turned back to the group.

"Well, looks like I win." he says, with a flashy grin on his face. The other teens just rolled their eyes and groaned. Connor had been training for football, and he was the star runner for the Elmsburgh track team. He held the Nedar record in the 400 meter, 800 meter, and 2 mile. When they made it to Route 1, the saw a man in a coat, holding some strange device.

"Hey, uh… guys? Is that who I think it is?" asked Ashton, curiously looking at the man. It seemed like he recognized him, but couldn't quite be sure since his back was turned.

The man then turned around. "Huh? Did somebody say something? Oh, it's just some kids." He then started looking away, but noticed the shirt that Connor was wearing. "Wait! Is that a Houndooms jersey?! Are you a fan too?" He dropped the device, which then shattered when it hit the ground.

Connor started getting uncomfortable. "Ummm… uhh, what are you doi-" He was interrupted by the man, who was getting even closer to Connor.

The man continued to fanboy, and took a closer look at the jersey. "OH! It's Connor Prescott's jersey! Of course a fan would have this one, he's the best player we've ever had!"

Connor started fidgeting, and Riolu noticed. They started conversing with their thoughts. "Master, I did not know you were a superstar in the world of sports. You said that you fully opened your mind to me."

"Sorry, Riolu. I just don't really like talking about it, and only close friends know that I am the star player. Nobody else sees me without my helmet on. Even my eyes are hidden from sight, as I have a visor in the facemask." Connor admitted to his partner. He then turned to the man. "Um, I guess the secret's out…"

"What secret? It's no surprise that a person living in this town would be a fan of that transcendent talent." The man said, and then it clicked. Ashton realized who he was.

"Professor Pine?! What in the hell are you doing here?" Connor's cousin exclaimed, clearly confused as to why the man is in their presence.

"Oh, me? I was just studying the actions of the Pokémon who live here on Route 1. I was recording their data with my Pokédex…" he started, then searching in all of the pockets in his coat. It seemed he was looking for something.

"Um, would this possibly be your Pokédex?" asked Lexel, pointing to the strange device that was laying on the ground, completely destroyed.

Professor Pine then rushed over to the device, gasping and mumbling. He then picked up the device, and put it in his pocket. "That was my perfectly good Pokédex…" He then looked back at the group, and began fanboying again.

"Umm… so the secret isn't about me being a fan…" began Connor, growing more uncomfortable by the second. "I am Connor Prescott." There, he said it.

Professor Pine just chuckled. "Heheh, you wish. If you were Connor, I'd immediately recognize you."

"Ashton, grab the football from my bag. Tregg, cover me." Connor then lined up in a clearing. "If, you won't believe me, then I'll have to prove it."

Pine just snickered. "You do you, but there is no way you can be him."

Connor sighed. "Whenever you're ready Ashton."

Ashton nodded. He then slapped the ball in his hands. "Hike!"

Connor flew off the line, but Tregg stuck with him. That was until Connor took a false step inside, then burst back out to the right. This caused Tregg to lose his footing for just a second, but with Connor's outstanding route running, it was all he needed. Ashton threw the ball, but it was too high and away. Connor jumped up, holding his left hand out, on its own. He then caught it in his one hand, and when he landed, he did so with the tips of his toes dragging across the ground, kicking up a cloud of dirt.

Professor Pine just stared at the receiver, speechless. "It… it r-really is you!" He then ran in circle, screaming in joy. "I met Connor Prescott! I met Connor Prescott!"

The entire group just sighed and rolled their eyes. Connor returned the football to his bag, and stared at the professor, tapping his foot. The professor noticed, and then gained an inquisitive look. "So, what brings you and your friends to Route 1?"

Tregg spoke up, still upset that Connor had burned him. After all, anyone who gets burned by a Houndoom feels it for the rest of time. "Well, we all have Pokémon, so we decided to travel Nedar and take on the Gyms."

"Oh, in that case, you'll all need a Pokédex." said Pine, rummaging through his pockets.

"Um, actually. I already have one." spoke up Tregg, holding out a device that matched the professor's now broken one. "You don't need to give me one"

Professor Pine shrugged. "Suit yourself." He then pulled out three small devices. They looked nothing like Tregg's Pokédex. "These are the newest models. Put these on your wrists, and tap this here button. The Pokédex will show up on a hologram, and it also allows you to access your PC Boxes, except in certain areas like Gyms or the sort."

Tregg just stared at Connor, Ashton, and Lexel. He was obviously jealous. "On second thought, I want one…"

"No, like you said: I don't need to give you one." Professor Pine said with a wink. He then walked away, and disappeared into the wilderness. Tregg sat down on the ground, groaning. Connor, Ashton, and Lexel all laughed at his misfortune.


After Tregg recuperated from the trauma of getting beat by Connor and embarrassed by Professor Pine, the group finally began their journey. Before the ventured too far down the trail, Ashton ran in front of Connor, stopping him. He turned around and faced his cousin.

"Connor, I challenge you to your first Pokémon battle!" Ashton put his hands on his hips awaiting a reply.

Connor's eyes went wide. "W-where did this come from?" Riolu looked just as shocked as Connor, as he knew what this would mean. He would have to fight.

Ashton laughed, his face holding a smug grin. "Unless you're too scared…"

Riolu then looked at Connor, and sensed his Aura becoming redder and redder, signalling that he was getting angry. Riolu tried to warn him not to let his ego get the better of him, but Connor did not heed his advice.

"GRRRRR, that's it! YOU'RE ON!" Connor then took position farther down the trail, and turned to face Ashton. Ashton chuckled, and turned his hat backwards. Connor gasped, as he knew that this was about to get serious.

Tregg asserted himself as the referee for the match. "This is a one-on-one battle between Connor Prescott and Ashton Umbrianna. There is no time limit, and the battle will end when one trainer's Pokémon is unable to battle. Trainers, walk up and shake each other's hands."

Connor and Ashton met at the center of their makeshift battlefield, and shook hands. They then returned to their positions, and their Pokémon rushed out to the front.

Riolu sensed his trainer's nerves. "Don't worry, Master. We have the type advantage here. This should be a piece of cake."

"I have a couple things to tell you. One: Ashton turned his hat around, which means this isn't going to be that easy. Two: STOP CALLING ME MASTER!" Connor continued to converse with his Riolu, then realized that he can give his Pokémon orders through their thoughts. He chuckled, recognizing his own cleverness. Ashton, seeing Connor's demeanor change, frowned for only a moment, before Tregg spoke up.

"Trainers ready?" he announced. Connor and Ashton nodded in response. "Battle… BEGIN!" Tregg waved his hand down, signalling the match to begin.


Ashton made the first move. "Buneary, Defense Curl!" Buneary complied, covering up her stomach and other weak spots, raising her Defense.

Connor smiled, and used this opportunity to use a sneak attack. "Quick Attack, let's go!" he commanded, in his mind.

"Understood." Riolu glowed white, and charged at Buneary with blinding speed. Ashton and Buneary's eyes both widened, and when they realized what was happening, it was too late. Riolu hit Buneary head-on. Ashton was glad that Buneary had raised her Defense, as the attack could've been much worse.

"Alright! Let's keep up the pressure, Riolu!" shouted Connor, feeling confident in Riolu's abilities. "Keep using Quick Attack to approach, and attack with Metal Claw." Riolu got the message, and started clawing mercilessly at the Buneary. The final attack on his onslaught was a lucky one; his Attack rose.

Buneary struggled to get back up, and Ashton wasn't willing to give up just yet. "This is gonna be quite the comeback." thought the trainer, as he ordered his Pokémon to counter attack. "Alright Buneary! Pound that Riolu!"

That earned a chuckle from Connor. Riolu paused for a moment, looking back at his trainer. "What are you laughing for?" His trainer sighed.

"You wouldn't get it" he said out loud. Ashton's face then contorted to one of confusion.

"What do you mean?" He then realized how he worded his command, and face palmed. "Really Connor? You're so immature!"

Connor just rolled his eyes. "Riolu, dodge." The way he said it made chills run up Ashton's spine. Connor was calm. Almost too calm. Ashton knew he had to fix that in order to win the battle.

"Buneary! Use your speed to intercept Riolu's movement!" Buneary rewarded Ashton's quick thinking with a flurry of attacks. Connor lost his composure, and Ashton grinned. "This is it" he thought, before making what he thought would be the last command. "Finish it with Pound!"

Connor smirked. "I don't think so." Ashton gasped, and Connor said nothing more. He didn't have to. He could command his Riolu without needing to speak. "Get up in her face with Quick Attack. And if Buneary tries to block, use Feint. If not, Metal Claw."

Riolu nodded. When Ashton saw Riolu use Quick Attack, he knew Connor would go for another flurry of Metal Claws. Or so he thought. "Block it Buneary!"

Connor smiled. "Checkmate, kid." When he said this, his voice lowered.

Ashton recognized that voice, but pushed it aside for later. He needed to focus on the battle. His Buneary had put its arms up in a defensive position, and what he saw next made his heart skip a beat. Riolu's fist was glowing white. "FEINT!" thought Ashton, and as he was about to tell his Pokémon to dodge, the attack connected. His Buneary landed right in front of him, a cloud of dirt hiding her condition. "C'mon Buneary. Get up. Get up!"

Buneary did not get up. When the dust cleared, he saw his beloved partner with swirly eyes, and her tongue poking out of her mouth, limp.

"Buneary is unable to battle. The winner is: Connor Prescott!" Tregg announced, his arm pointing to Connor's side of the field.

Ashton sighed, and grabbed a Potion from his bag. While he was applying it to his Pokémon, he didn't notice Connor walking up to him with his Riolu on his shoulder.

"Hey, that was a good battle out there. You had me nervous for a second." The Aura Guardian in training held his hand out to Ashton, expecting a hand shake.

Ashton did not shake his hand… normally. They participated in their secret handshake. "But, I only landed ONE series of hits on you…" Ashton was clearly disappointed.

"Hey, it doesn't matter how many hits you land, it's what you do with those hits that's important. Plus, I'm pretty sure if you had a priority move, I would've lost." Connor was spitting straight facts. Ashton chuckled.

"And seriously Connor, a Sans voice?" Ashton gave Connor an inquisitive look.

"Hey! It was from Chesstale, so it fit the moment…" Connor defended himself, and Riolu just slapped his trainer in the back of his head.

"So, now that you two are done, are we finally gonna head out?" Ashton and Connor turned to see Lexel standing with her arms crossed and her foot tapping the ground. She was obviously impatient. Not wanting to anger the "beast" any further, the cousins all nodded their heads.

"Let's go!" said Tregg. They all agreed, and they started walking down the trail. Before long, they saw the next town in sight: Allen Town. They all walked into the nearby Pokémon Center and dropped off their partners.

Riolu seemed reluctant to leave Connor's side, but after some words of assurance (telepathically, of course), the Emanation Pokémon agreed to go to the back of the building for a routine check up. With all of the Pokémon in the medical area of the center, the four teens booked some rooms for the night. Tregg got his own, as did Lexel. Connor and Ashton shared a room. The setup was exactly like the tents from the night before. They all gathered in Tregg's room. All of the Pokémon were returned, and Lexel's eyes widened when she saw Tregg's partners.

"You have a Charmeleon, Gabite, and a Drakloak?! These are all super rare! Where did you get them?" she was practically drooling at the sight of two soon-to-be pseudo legendaries standing in front of her.

Tregg nervously laughed and scratched the back of his head. "Yeah… I found Gabite in the desert just south of Core City, and Drakloak here was kind enough to decide to run into me on my trek through that forest with the glowing mushrooms."

Lexel nodded in understanding. "And your Charmeleon?"

Connor and Ashton both became stiff. They stared at each other, wide-eyed. They knew what was about to unfold, and they did not want Tregg to feel like that again. Tregg's expression immediately darkened, his hair somehow casting a shadow over his face. There was a single tear running down his face.

Lexel noticed and became concerned. "What's wrong? Was it something I said? I'm sorry…"

Tregg took a deep breath, and softened his expression. "Nah, it's okay. It's just, my Charmeleon here was a gift from my father. He was still a Charmander at the time. My father gave me him before leaving to journey the world as a Pokémon trainer. But as he was leaving… his plane's engine exploded, and nobody on board survived. Everyone saw it as it crashed in the ocean. Me, Ashton, Braden, my mom, Connor, Brennan, and his parents. That was 3 years ago…"

Lexel held her hands to her mouth and gasped. "Oh my Arceus. I'm so sorry, I didn't know. It's okay…" She started comforting Tregg as he curled up into the fetal position, remembering that horrible day. Out of everyone, Tregg was probably the closest to his father than anyone else. He didn't cry, but you could tell that he was saddened beyond belief.

A/N: Oof! So that was a heavy way to end the chapter. To recap: The group begins their journey. They get their Pokédexes. Connor beats Ashton in a Pokémon battle. The fate of Tregg's father is revealed. Heavy chapter…

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