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Chapter 1

Once again I find myself fighting the urge to slam my head down onto the bar counter. Instead I took another sip of my whiskey and coke, surveying the floor once more. Nothing but drunk guys trying to get with drunk girls who simply play hard to get when we all know they'll be going home with him. Off to the corner I catch two attractive women making out as they ground into each other, I could practically scent their arousal from here, and the place was full of arousal. However, it was what was past the two women that caught my undivided attention, she stood at the door clearly unsure if she should walk in further. And she was in a word, breathtaking. Long chocolate hair cascading in curls past her shoulders slightly damp from the mist, there was a red tint to it as the light hit just the right angle. Her wide eyes so doe like, a beautiful brown surveying the room. She wore a baggy sweatshirt that fell to her mid-thigh, dark blue jeans tight enough to show her oh so perfect legs before they led down into brown leather boots. As beautiful as she looked that wasn't what had my complete attention, it was the look in her eyes, she was broken. And broken was something I knew all too well. I felt the familiar heat flare up inside of me at the thought that someone had hurt this girl, this innocent, tempting angel. Finishing my drink, I slide from my stool as she leans from foot to foot, I walk slowly through the crowd never taking my eyes off her. She never even saw me approach until I was standing before her, "You look a little lost hun." I purred out, on accident of course. Her eyes widen even more as she takes me in and my sudden appearance, "huh? Oh yah, kind of, my friends bailed on me." Her voice was oh so lovely and soft, what I would give to hear her speak my name. Wait what? Shaking the thought from my head I process her words with a frown, "Bailed on you? Then they are no friends my dear." I watch delighted at the little shiver when my accent slips out. "come, let me buy you something hot to drink, it must be freezing out there." I couldn't stop myself from grasping her soft hand, ecstatic that it fit in mine perfectly. What the hell is going on with me. "oh, ok thanks but you don't have to do that." "But I would love to, here." I led her to a booth in the back and ordered two coffees. Now that she sat in a little light I could tell she must have been around 18 at the oldest. "Thank you-" "Catt, my name is Catt. And what might yours be my dear?" I smirk as I watch the blood flow into her face creating an adorable little blush. And then I smell it, her blood, so tantalizing, so tempting, so- "im sorry?" "Bella, my name is Bella." Shaking off my earlier thoughts I send her a smile "a most fitting name for such a beautiful creature indeed." I couldn't stop myself from inhaling as her blush came back tenfold. "Thank you." She murmured looking down at her hands and I reach across the table and lift her chin with my index finger "do not be afraid to look me in the eyes my dear, tis how you know I speak the truth." Just as she was going to respond the lights flashed and the power went out plunging us into complete darkness, I heard her heartbeat pick up drastically as her hand clamped around the one I had on her chin. Squeezing her hand I slide from my seat bringing her into my side with my lips close to her ear, "come, I live not far from here, you can get dried off and I'll drive you home." My garage was maybe four blocks down so normally it wouldn't have been a problem dragging the girl there. However tonight there was a little obstacle, not for me but for her. It was almost pitch black out to her eyes, rain was falling from the sky mercilessly, and it was not falling alone as hail was crashing on to the cars and ground continuously. So throwing my leather jacket over the girl with my arm around her we practically ran for the garage and studio apartment. Once inside the elevator she removed the soaking hood, from the look on her face she noticed that my white tank top was soaked through to my green lace bra. Once she shook herself from staring she spoke, "oh my god you must be freezing." "Not really I run a little hotter than normal so don't worry. Here the bathroom is through here and I'm sure these should fit you." Handing her a pair of sweats and t-shirt I go to crank up the heat before changing myself. Fuck its going to be hot in here now. I was in the middle of pulling my t-shirt on when I felt her eyes on me.

Bella POV

Running through that was scary but it was weird because I felt safe, like nothing was going to happen while I was with her. I was thankful she was there with me, and very thankful for the dry clothes she tossed me. I finished changing quickly and exited the bathroom only to stop dead in my tracks. There before me stood Catt pulling on a plain black t-shirt over her head, I could see she was not even bothering with a bra, and nothing else but green lace bikini surrounding her perfect butt. Last I checked I was straight and yet I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I had time to take in her toned back covered by a tattoo of a panther and wolf intertwined together, it was amazing. Her lean yet muscled arms were also covered by colorful tattoos. I couldn't hold in my gasp as my eyes caught the 5 thin lines of a scar on her side that wasn't completely tattooed. She must have heard me because her shirt shot down and she spun to look at me. "You look much warmer." She smiled at me her accent sending heat straight to my face as I tried to look anywhere but at her half naked body. "y-yes thank you."

"Of course, but it looks pretty bad out there, perhaps you should stay here tonight, and I will drive you home in the morning?" I was finally able to look at here as she pulled on another pair of sweats. "sure, I just need to call Charlie."

"Charlie?" she asked and for the life of me I couldn't decipher the tone or look on her face. "yah my dad, he's the chief of police, I don't want him to worry. May I use your phone mine is dead."

"ahh but of course here."


My dad agreed readily, he didn't want me out in this weather. So handing her phone back I look around nervously taking in her studio apartment, it was all red and black, and I mean blood red. An L shaped black leather couch sat in front of a huge TV that hung on the wall. Below it were a few gaming systems I recognized from the-Cullen's. One wall was completely glass and looked out to what had to be Port Angeles harbor. The only door was the one we just came from leading to her bedroom and bathroom. Those were also black and red, from her towels to her bed and curtains. "I take it you like black and red" I joked trying to loosen some of the tension, she lets out a little chuckle looking embarrassed as she rubs the back of her neck. "Yah kinda my favorite colors."

"its nice."

"Thank you. Are you hungry? Or thirsty, I'm sure I have something in my kitchen."

"no, I'm fine thank you." I had to smile at her, she just didn't seem the type to get nervous but here she was rambling on. "ok good, that's good, great uhhm. Here you can have the bed and I'll just grab a pillow and blanket and take the couch."

"what no I'm not going to kick you out of your own bed. The couch is fine for me." She looked horrified for a second, "no way, I insist please take the bed. You will be way more comfortable there." She seemed so desperate for me to take the bed and I just didn't get it, I was a stranger and she was offering me her bed. "ok how about this, your bed looks huge, I won't kick you out of it so why don't we both sleep there." Surprising even myself at how steady my voice sounded.

That was how we both ended up standing awkwardly on either side of the king bed. Clearing her throat she crawled onto the bed, "well I'm a pretty heavy sleeper so if you need anything at all don't be afraid smack me one." She joked with a small smile. "Will do" I smiled back and we laid down facing opposite walls, there was a few feet between us but it was like I could feel the heat radiating off of her body. And just before I fell asleep I felt something I never felt with Edward in bed, it just felt right, like this was where I was supposed to be. And for the first time in the months since they left I had the best sleep, scratch that, I didn't even sleep this well while Edward was there. Why doesn't it hurt to think his name anymore?

I may have fallen asleep with my back towards her but that was certainly not how I woke up. I was snuggled into the side of an incredibly warm body as the heat warmed me more than the black comforter over us. My head was buried on the soft pillow of her breast while her arm was wrapped firmly around my waist, I felt the heat rush to my face as I lay there silently for another moment as she breathed deeply still sound asleep. I slipped as quietly as I could from her arms and headed for the bathroom confused. Waking up in a stranger's bed and wrapped in her arms, a HER, should have freaked me out, but I felt fine. No better, I felt content, I felt great, and I had slept great. Finishing up in the bathroom I head back into the room to see her stretching, arms up by the headboard and back arched, her stomach was showing off the paw print tattoo around her belly button. I'll be damned if it was so sexy when she let out a little moan. "good morning" I murmur entering the room trying to get a hold of my blush and staring, "Aye, tis always a good morning when I wake to such a beautiful sight in mi room." My stomach flipped at the smirk and wink she sent my way, I felt my face heat up once more, then there was that accent and the way her voice purred out the words. "Are you hungry?" my stomach growled in answer, looking up I see her eyes filled with amusement and trained on my stomach. There's no way she heard that from across the room. I didn't mean to, I really didn't, but it just shot out of my mouth, "you're not human." Her bright green eyes widen, I swear I saw a ring of yellow, mouth opening and closing as I try to control my blush at the outburst. "pardon?" she finally managed. "nothing forget it, I didn't mean anything or to insult you." She regarded me silently for a moment before sitting up with a sigh. "how did you know?" Now it was my turn to be shocked, she's not trying to hide it, calling me crazy and kicking me out like some psycho or trying to kill me, yet. "You heard my stomach growl."

"It was quite loud" a small smirk lifts her lip's but her eyes remained wary. "Not loud enough for a human to hear."

"no, I suppose not. You need to be more careful when knowing such things girl."

"what do you mean?"

"I mean some human knowing such secrets is dangerous and many would kill you simply for that knowledge before asking questions."

"Are you one of them?" I ask breathlessly. "No, I am far too curious to act before asking how you know such things exist. So explain."

Catt POV

I listened warily to this girl as she explained everything to me. This vampire must have had amazing control not to have drained her there in class if she was really his singer, even I felt a draw to her blood. I was even more shocked as she told me of the relationship they started, how did he even kiss her. Why would he take such a chance with her life. I was shocked but also impressed this girl was able to find out he was a vampire from a story. A fucking story, then again don't most stories stem from a reality. They must be shifters on this reservation then. How the hell is this girl still alive. The vampire law is very clear, no human is to know of their existence without intent to turn or kill. And shifters, really? Temperamental little fucks, I'm surprised she hasn't been at least a little hurt. "How are you still alive?"

"they left."

"they left you alive" I corrected only to regret it instantly at her flinch. "I know the law. I wanted to be turned. He didn't want to, damn my soul as he put it." Even with my hearing I had to strain to hear her, "he didn't love me. They didn't love me, I was just there to entertain them." I startled more than just her when the growl left my throat, she took it the wrong way though "are you going to kill me?" Sending her a little smile, "Probably not the best idea to kill the Police Chief's daughter. Besides what that boy and his coven put you through was enough, I will not add to it." What I didn't say was that the beast inside of me had already forbidden her from coming to any harm, she seems to be quite fond of this human. "Thank you, and family."


"They referred to themselves as a family, not a coven."

"They left someone they claimed to love without so much as a goodbye, they are no family."

We were soon sitting at the dining bar in my kitchen eating in comfortable silence after I gave her some clean clothes to wear, her scent mixing with mine and driving me slightly crazy. "So, what are you?"

"Hmm a hybrid."

"A hybrid of what."

"Mmm you know most people would have been what's a hybrid, I'm impressed Bella. I'm a Witch and a Were-Panther."


"good wow or bad wow?" I asked with a raised brow. "Good, that's so cool. So you're like the wolves then?" "No. They are shifters, there is not true wolf inside of them, simply the ability to turn into one. Plus I can control my temper much better…usually."

"Oh, I see."

"You are certainly a unique human my dear." A blush rose to her cheeks, the scent of her blood reaching me, I inhaled sharply shutting my eyes tight as I felt the yellow expand to control myself. "Are you alright?" My eyes shot open at the question staring right into the chocolate ones that plagued my dreams last night. "I apologize. Vampires aren't the only blood thirsty creatures out there, and you do smell quite, tempting." I sent her a little apologetic smile before frowning at how sad she looked. I barely heard her first words, "stupid blush, stupid blood. I'm so sorry I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." She was quickly stumbling out of her seat about to land right on her ass when I flashed to her side to catch her. It was difficult keeping my laughter in, "calm yourself Isabella. You are in no danger from me I give you my word. Yes you smell utterly divine, however I am sure to be far older than your vampire ex and can control myself quite well. I have millenniums of practice after all." It was then I realized it, as I held this clumsy human in my arms looking into her eyes, the reason the cat in me purred at the sight of her, I had bonded with her. "Oh shit." I murmur almost dropping her. "What was that?" Steadying her on her own feet I take a step back before clearing my throat. "What was what?" This was the first time I saw fire leap behind her eyes and damn if it wasn't sexy. "Are all supernatural so secretive and stubborn?"

"Do all humans have such little self-preservation?" I snap back before the cat in me throws my hand over my mouth growling in outrage at the pain I just put on her face. "I'm sorry. I-I just freaked out for a second. I shouldn't have said that."

"Why did you freak out?" She whispered out in a cracked voice. "Because something that should be impossible just happened." I murmured back. "What was it?" Letting out a defeated sigh, "what do you know about these wolves your friend is a part of?"

"Their huge." Letting out a snort, "so only one form." Definitely shifters.

"Yes and they can kill vampires." "Has this-friend- of yours mentioned imprinting to you?"

"Uhh yah, he said it was when they meet their mates?"

"Aye it happens when they look at them, their world revolves around them from that moment, it is essentially, love at first sight." I watched her out the pieces together. "Did-did you imprint on me?"

"…In a manner of speaking yes. Though not like the wolves, I am not in love with you." Shit that didn't sound right. Pain crossed her face before confusion replaced it. "let me explain. It is not love at first sight for me, though it is for my panther. It was she who felt and feels the bond before me, but I will feel it. When we locked eyes I realized what happened. My panther is completely devoted to you, and only you. That's not to say I'm not attracted to you, you are quite beautiful." I send her a small smile. "It's ok, I know I'm just plain Bella." A snarl left my lips as I flashed to here side, "Never think that! I have spent little time with you and I know its untrue." She seemed shocked at the ferocity of my words, "I apologize, it would appear I am not in complete control of my panther when it comes to you after all." I send her another smile as I push a strand of hair behind her ear. "I should get you home, your father must be worried."