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Make It

Chapter One - Saving A Life

Ron Weasley's POV

Monday April 13th, 1987(The Burrow-1pm)

"Mum! Please!" Ron pleaded to his mother, but she just kept her back to her youngest son, ignoring him to cooking.

"Mum, I won't be gone long. I just think I should be there." He tried to convince her once again.

"Why do you think you should be there, Ronald?" His mother turned to him with an irritated face and voice.

I don't know...I just feel like i should be there. Did i accidently drink liquid luck? "That wasn't a great choice of words.. Sorry. I just want to hang out with Luna." Ron stumbled over his words. He just really needed to be there, he didn't even know why.

"Lunch is in 30, Ronald." His mother picked up the pan from the stove as if to show her point.

"I'll go without lunch." His mother gave a surprised look. "I had a big breakfast, I'll be fine. It's been forever since I've seen Luna, mum. Please." He gave her half puppy dog eyes.

His mum sighed and put the pan down. She moved to her son and looked at him. "It's been a month." She walked over to the calendar. "But i suppose that a child your age should be able to have friends." She sighed again.

"So I can go?" Ron asked, warly. She nodded, defeated and he jumped in the air. "Thank you!" He called, racing to the living room

"Be back by two!"

"Alright!" Ron grabbed a handful of Floo powder and called, "The Rookery!" The Fireplace lit up with green flames and he stepped through.

(The Rookery-1:10pm)

As soon as he did he felt a wave of heat hit him, and not a warm, comforting kind.

Panic hit him when he saw the trapdoor to Mrs Lovegood's 'Lab' open. He froze when he heard a gurgle come from beyond.

He shook his head and rushed down the steps. What he saw before him was enough to make him throw up. He wiped his mouth and dropped next to the bleeding-out Mrs Lovegood.

Wh-what am I supposed to do!? He panicked and searched the room with his eyes.

On the wall behind Mrs Lovegood was a white rune. He quickly stood up and went over to it. Shoot! Ugh! Come on, Weasley! What did Bill say!? Oh! Ron silently apologised for what he was about to do.

He broke the window and grabbed a piece of the broken glass. He didn't even notice his hands bleeding, all he was thinking about was Mrs Lovegood.

He raced over to the rune and scratched a bit of it off. As soon as the piece fell to the floor, the gurgling stopped and Ron felt coldness wash over him.

He turned to Mrs Lovegood. She was smiling slightly and mouthing, "Mungos." Ron shook himself and rushed up the stairs.

"Ron?" A girl's voice called from the top of the stairs. "What are-?"

"Luna. Listen." Luna stopped moving down the stairs and looked at him, concerned. "Go to your room." Luna hesitantly moved back up the stairs

Ron grabbed from the left pot on the fireplace and threw in the red powder. The Lovegood's made powder so that St Mungos knew that they needed to come without wasting more time that in something bad could happen.

Ron moved back into the kitchen so that they could move in. Only a second later doctors and nurses came through the fireplace.

"Trapdoor to your right." Ron said, his voice shaky. They moved down except for an amber haired nurse who went up to Ron.

"Hey, hon." She greeted, a soft and small smile on her lips. "Can you tell me what happened?"

Ron just gave up, right then. He started sobbing and shaking.

"Ron?' Luna called from the stairs. "Can i come down now?"

The nurse turned to the stairs and then back to Ron. "You told her to stay up there?" She asked with a surprised face.

Ron nodded. "Come down, sweetheart." The nurse called up the stairs.

"W-who's there?" Luna gasped.

"L-una.. Co-come here.." Ron finally managed. The nurse put him in a seat and crouched in front of him.

Slow footsteps came down the stairs and Luna peeked her head around the corner. She gasped. "What happened?!" She asked frantically.

Ron pushed himself off the chair and onto the floor. He grabbed Luna, put her in between his legs, and hugged her from behind.

The nurse stood up and rubbed Luna's cheek. "Your brother saved your mum." She answered.

Luna started crying and freaking out. Ron tightened his grip around Luna's waist, he took one arm away and started rubbing her hair.

Luna calmed down and leaned back into Ron. She was still crying, but not making sound, and her breathing had steadied.

"Wer-we're not siblings." Ron choked out.

"Really?" The nurse gave a surprised face and cocked her head.

"No, I-"

"Ron! Your hands!" Luna exclaimed, jumping up. She looked down at her blood soaked dress.

Ron's hands were indeed drenched in blood, but something he didn't notice before was that there were pieces of glass stuck in his palms

"Oh." Was all he was able to say.

"Ron, what happened!?" The nurse asked frantically.

"Um...well..." Ron trailed off because he saw Mrs Lovegood on a stretcher. She was unconscious and covered in blood.

Ron looked at Luna, then his hands, took a deep breath, and looked back at Mrs Lovegood.

But what he saw was not what he had seen a moment ago. She had half her hair chopped up, a chunk of her nose missing, her wand clutched in her hand and was laying still, covered in not blood, but some type of black liquid. It was coming out of her mouth, eyes, nose, and ears. But the weirdest thing was that she wasn't in color, the only color was the pure black subsist.

Ron couldn't take it anymore. He passed out.

Tuesday April 14th, 1987 (St Mungos-9pm)

Ron sat straight up in bed and started breathing heavy. He looked all around him and realised he was in St Mungos.

His breathing slowed and he laid back down. He felt like he was asleep forever, but was still really tired.

"A-at first h-he said he thought he sh-should be there, then he said th-that what he said w-was a bad choice f-for words." A voice outside his room spoke, he could hear the sobs coming from them after they finished.

"Thank you, Mrs Weasley. Your son will be fine, just glass in his hands and shock. Nothing severe. We're lucky he was there or Mrs Lovegood wouldn't have made it." Another voice spoke.

Wow, i couldn't even recognize my own mum's voice. Ugh, I'm so tired. And this headache! Ron groaned and rolled over. He squeezed his eyes shut and sighed before opening them again.

"How is Pandora?" This one Ron recognised right away(for some reason) as his dad.

"She's doing quite fine, thank you for asking. She's doing better than most people would be after this." The women trailed off and Ron heard a few papers shuffle. "Somehow there is another's magical core in her. Only a piece, not at all anything to hurt the other person. And we believe that Ronald," a sharp intake of breath came from Ron's mother, "gave her it on accidental magic." The women(that Ron had thought of as a nurse) finished.

"It won't hurt either of them?" Ron's mum asked, voice shaking and no doubt she was too.

"But wouldn't it hurt Pandora if she has someone else's magic in her?" His father asked.

"That's the thing." The nurse said in a joyful, but confused voice. "Somehow it made Mrs Lovegood better, we're looking into it. You're right Mr Weasley, it should, but it didn't." She finished.

That's not normal, i don't remember any feeling that would lead to me doing that. Or even the feeling I get before, during, and after i do accidental magic. Ron ignored his headache and sat up. He pulled back the curtains and walked over to the door.

He looked down at his hands to see they were all bandaged up. He sighed quietly and opened the door.

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