"So what, you want me to become a rapper?" Luigi asked PaRappa.

"That's right, my friend!" said PaRappa Rappa, wanting Luigi to become a rapper.

"Okay. I just hope it doesn't embarrass Mario." Luigi said, turning his cap around, and wearing shades.

"You gotta do your best." PaRappa Rappa told Luigi, giving him a wink. "You gotta rap to your success!"

"I'm kinda shy, so I'll try." said Luigi, who was kinda shy to try rapping.

Luigi then got the microphone and began to sing...

"I'm Mario's bro, starting the show,

Making all the ghosts get ready to go

If you ever see me, just say "Hello"

Tomorrow I will try to start and go solo

Took my shroom to make myself grow.

Just so I could drown my sorrows

Toads make me player two by tomorrow

And now my song makes me wanna rap like a pro."

PaRappa cheered for Luigi, who got his rap on.

"That was cool! U rappin' good, man!" PaRappa told Luigi.

"Thank you, PaRappa. I knew I could do it." said Luigi, who took a bow.