I do not own Sailor Moon or the Cinderella storyline except for the battling scenes.

It was a quiet morning and the sun was shining and the birds were tweeting. A cat named Luna in one household was trying to wake up a young girl named Usagi.

"Come on Usagi." Luna moaned. Usagi knew very well that Luna could speak but kept this a secret from her stepmother. Her stepmother's name was Beryl. Her stepsisters, Minako and Makoto, were very kind to Usagi (AN: Why? I dunno. It's their personality I guess.) so she didn't keep it a secret from them that Luna could talk. In fact, because Usagi had told Minako this, she told her that her cat Artemis could speak as well, and that he seemed to have a crush on Luna.

"Luna, you know very well that I don't want to get up." Usagi grumbled.

"Mom will make you, you know Usagi." A kind voice said. Usagi finally sat up to come face-to-face with Minako and Luna.
"Where's Artemis?" Usagi wondered.

"Sleepyhead cat." Minako grumbled. "He wouldn't get up no matter how many times I tried."

"Maybe I could help with that." Another female voice said.

"Oh, Hi Mako!" Usagi greeted her stepsister cheerfully.
"Mom's making you do lots of chores." Makoto said. "But I wouldn't mind helping out with breakfast."

"And I can make the coffee!" Minako said.

"Last time you tried, you almost set the kitchen on fire." Makoto said.

"What gives? I can do the laundry then." Minako said.

"It's fine." Usagi said. "Help out as long as Stepmother doesn't see."

"Alright." Makoto and Minako said.

"Oh and also," Usagi said before they left the room. "Wake up Artemis for Minako."