Knock knock knock.

Halfway through the cleaning, Usagi was singing and Makoto was singing along with her.

Knock Knock Knock.

"Coming." Usagi said and got up off the floor. She opened the door.

"Urgent letter from the king. A ball." The messenger said.

"Thank you." Usagi thanked the messenger and closed the door.

"What is it?" Makoto asked curiously.

"Something about a ball." Usagi replied. She went up to Beryl's room.
"Letter about a ball, Stepmother." Usagi said and laid the letter on the bedside table and left the room. Rei came into the room as Makoto and Usagi finished the floor later.

"What was the knock I hear?" Rei asked.

"Something about a ball." Makoto replied. Minako flounced her way in.

"A ball!" Minako said. "I hope I get to meet the love of my life there!"

"The king is really exited I heard." Ami said.

"Honestly, Ami, you going though?" Rei asked.

"Of course!" Ami squeaked.

"I think I could go too." Usagi thought for a moment.

"I could ask Mom to buy you a dress!" Rei said.

"That won't-" Usagi started but was cut short by Rei running out of the house and jumping over fences.