Ah. A lovely day in Mooshu as we see a familiar witch with someone right beside her outside in their backyard, sitting on the porch as they watched 2 teenagers playing volleyball against each other.

"Honey, thank the gods we're in the shade. I would've burnt to a crisp just by wearing this memeified cloak and these goddamned sandals…" A male said, huddling underneath the huge porch with his tome in hand.

The female, Alicia, got up and kissed her husband. "You're welcome, darling." She sat back down, wearing nothing but black shorts and a black t-shirt with pink fuzzy slippers. "Besides, you know I'll do anything to protect you and our family." She smiled.

Leo, the male, stared at his wife. "Alicia, I know. I just wonder how far you'd go to turn crazy."

"You really wanna go there, hubby?" The witch deadpanned at him. "You really wanna go there?"

The dark knight patted his wife's head. "I jest, baby. Now calm down before I have to tree you."

"This is gonna be a reoccurring thing, I bet."

Meanwhile out in the sun, the volleyball game was getting intense yet sluggish at the same time. The kids were starting to tire out. There had been misting fans going on around the court to prevent anyone from passing out of heatstroke.

"Are you alright, Stevie?" The black pigtailed healer, Forrest, asked. He was wearing a pink visor with a pink t-shirt and shorts and white tennis shoes

Stevie, the witch's daughter, nodded. She was wearing a two-piece rose gold swimsuit with a floral print unbuttoned shirt and burgundy shorts with black tennis shoes. "I'm fine, dude. Thanks for worrying about me." She smiled.

"You're welcome!" He smiled.

Alicia and Leo took the opportunity to sneak into the house, went upstairs to their bedroom, used the divider, and changed clothes.

"Much better." Leo mused, sitting on his side of the bed as his wife pulled back the divider, getting a big hug from her. "Even better."

"I love you too, dear," Alicia responded, wearing a black shirt and baggy sweatpants with black ballerina slippers.

As the couple stood up and opened their bedroom door, they found a green pipe in front of them.

"Uh, darling? What is this doing here?" The dark knight wondered, letting his wife look at it.

"I haven't the slightest. We might as well check it out!" When those words came out of Alicia's mouth, her husband looked at her.

"You must be joking!"

The witch grinned. "I'm your wife. Why would I joke with the prince of darkness who has control over gravity?" She smirked, jumping into the pipe.

"...shit." Was all Leo could say as he took chase after Alicia down the mysterious pipe.

World 1: Dirt Mountain

As the pipe opened up, our dark magic duo came flying out...Leo landing on the ground face first with his wife landing on top of him, chest first.

"Ow...my titties…" Alicia said, getting up of her husband who was groaning. "Babe! Are you alright?"

"Ugh… I felt something-" Before Leo could finish, the witch laid his head on her rack.

"Darling...I'm glad you're alright…" The witch kissed his forehead, causing him to blush madly.

"Um..dear?" He asked, clearing his throat.

Alicia nodded, standing the two of them up. "Oh hey, nice outfit." She snickered.

"What outfit? I've been wearing...the same...armor…" The dark knight drifted off as he looked down to see that he was wearing a black and purple dress with the pattern being of his tome, Brynhildr. "AH! WHAT THE FUCK AM I WEARING!?" He yelled, pulling up his dress to see that he was wearing boots up to his thighs. "Why me…." He said, dropping to his knees.

"Babe, it's not the end of the world."

The dark knight got up and dusted off his dress. "Look at your outfit."

Alicia looked down to see that she was wearing a dress similar to her husband's, except it was black and red with the pattern being spider lilies. "I feel pretty but you look sexy."

"M-Me? Sexy in this getup?"

The witch picked up her husband, bridal style. "Mhm. That way, since I'm wearing a dress, you won't feel bad."

Leo chuckled. "Well, you do look smoking hot in whatever you wear."

"Thanks for the compliment." She kissed him, standing him up.

The dark knight hummed, hugging his wife. "Anytime."

As the two lovebirds broke out of a hug, they then found themselves looking at dirt, dirt, and dirt.

"You're kidding me, right?"

"I wish I was. Let's start walking."

With that, Alicia took off with her husband in tow. After a while, the two came across a silver pipe sticking out of the ground.

"After you, my fair lady." Alicia teased, bowing.

Leo blushed. "I'm not going to hear the end of this, aren't I?" He muttered, hopping into the pipe as Alicia followed.

Meanwhile, back in Mooshu…

"Hey, Forrest?" Stevie asked, grabbing them each a water bottle from the kitchen.

Forrest grabbed the water bottle from his sister, sitting at the dinner table. "Yes, what is it?"

"Where did Mom and Dad go? Last time I saw them, there were on the back porch watching us go at it."

The troubadour thought about it for a moment. "Well, maybe they wanted to have some alone time together. After all, they seemed like the type of couple to cuddle up under each other."

"Yeah…" Stevie nodded. "...wanna go watch TV until we fall asleep?"


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