Hey guys, as I mentioned in my last story that I'm gonna be taking a short break from video game related stories. I will be exploring other media such as anime and comics, like this upcoming story centered on Izuku Midoriya becoming a Green Lantern. I've been wanting to write a My Hero Academia story for a while and I've always had this idea in my mind to see what it would be like if Deku was a Green Lantern. Also, from this story on, I will be changing the format. The dialogue will now be typed as in normal story telling dialogue as opposed to the bold character name dialogue.

Anyway, onto the story!

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

The story begins with young Izuku Midoriya with his friends after they finished U.A. School festival. The concert was a success, especially with the phenomenal performance of Kyoka Jiro and ESPECIALLY Katsuki Bakugou on the drums. Seriously he killed it. And best of all, they made Mirio happy and Eri smile for the first time. Everyone had a fun time at the festival but it was time to rest. Everyone went home after that. Midoriya was on his way home until he noticed something fall from the sky.

"Huh? What was that?", questioned the young hero.

He runs to go check it out. When he reaches the objects destination, he finds out that it happens to be a lantern, that is green, as well as a glowing green ring. Curious, Midoriya decides to check it out. He is astonished by the ring and decides to pick it up.

"What is this? Some kind of ring?", he asked.

Then it clicks to him.

"Wait a minute, this must be the ring of a Green Lantern! I've heard all about them!", Midoriya exclaimed in excitement. "I heard these rings give you extraordinary powers or something, I have to try this out".

He finally heads home with the two objects. He begins to study them in his room. He puts the ring on to test. He then tries to memorize the chant to activate the power of the ring.

"How did the chant go? I remember it in a comic book, oh yeah! There we go", he says as he flips to a page in a Green Lantern comic. " In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's LIGHT!"

As he finishes the chant, the power of the ring activates, leaving a huge power burst leaving a loud noise for many to hear. This does lead to his activating the power of the Green Lantern, with the outfit to boot. Midoriya's mom comes rushing in

"Izuku, sweetie, is everything okay?", she asked. She then stops in astonishment after witnessing Izuku's new outfit. "Is this another hero suit?".

"Yeah Mom, and this just a new hero outfit. Got it from a special power up or something like that", Izuku answered.

"Oh, well okay. I'm just making sure you're okay. It's late now, I think you should be getting some sleep", she said before she leaves Deku be.

Deku gets ready for bed. He takes off the lantern ring and puts it in a safe place next to him.

Meanwhile, in outer space, we see the inside of an entire organization, which is all composed of different aliens, a squirrel and even a freaking living planet. However, one the leading members, is in fact a man. He goes by the name of Hal Jordan, who is the most famous Green Lantern as well as the successor to the first Green Lantern who went by the name of Alan Scott. He had just returned from a battle with one of his villains. Hal is called upon by the higher ups of the Green Lantern corps known as the Guardians of the Universe. They needed to talk to him about.

"Greetings Guardians, what have I been called upon for?", he asked politely , respecting his higher ups.

"Greetings Hal Jordan. We have called upon you because we have a mission for you", they answered

"What might that be?", Hal asked

"Recently, we have chosen another individual to represent the Green Lantern corps.", they answered. "He is a young boy who resides in the country of Japan from Earth. We sent the Green Lantern ring down to his destination. We sense great willpower within him."

They then pulled up a picture hologram of the boy, who is in fact Izuku Midoriya.

"So a kid got a hold of the Green Lantern ring? Sounds interesting. But what do you want me to do about it?", Hal replied.

"We are sending you to go mentor the young boy. To teach him to use the full power of the Lantern ring. He has the potential to be a formidable member of this organization", the Guardians added. "This should be an easy task for you, is that correct?"

Hal thought about it for a minute. Then he answered

"I guess this should be no problem. I'll do it", he complied.

"Good, we will be sending you on you way now", the Guardian answered.

Hal then got into his ship, the Interceptor, and begin making his way to Earth onto Japan.

Back on Earth, at U.A. High School, Izuku is at the school ground examining the Green Lantern ring. He is called by a few of his friend.

"Hey Deku!", exclaimed Uraraka Ochaco.

"Oh hey Uraraka! How are you", Midoriya asked.

"Oh nothing much. Hey, what's that in your hands", Uraraka asked curiously.

"This is a Green Lantern ring. I found it last night after the festival", he answered.

"A Green Lantern ring? I heard all about the Green Lanterns. They are an entire organization of intergalactic heroes! One of the most famous members is Hal Jordan!", she exclaimed. "I can't believe they've chosen you as a Green Lantern. I'm assuming that's why you picked it up, right?"

"Yeah! I'm excited to test this power out to see what it can do", Izuku said.

Other students have noticed and overheard this, drawing their attention. They all came up to Izuku in astonishment of his ring.

"Wow Midoriya is that really a Green Lantern ring? Where did you find it?", asked Eijiro Kirishima in amazement.

"I found it last night after the festival. It crashed down here from space.", said Midoriya.

Suddenly, someone came barging through the crowd aggressively. This was Izuku's former best friend and current rival, Katsuki Bakugou. He had just heard about Izuku's new power and came to confront him about.

"Hold up, so you of all people get chosen to get the power of a Green Lantern? As if! How the hell did you of all people get gifted with that kind of power?", Bakugou snarled.

"Oh, hey Kacchan. I just found the ring, it came crashing down here from space", Izuku replied.

"Yeah right. It's just some stupid ring anyway. Bet you can't even handle it's power.", Bakugou sneered.

Izuku was about to reply back, however they were interrupted by the commotion in the city. A monstrous villain was attacking and causing destruction. Many Pro-Heroes trying fighting the monster off, but it was too powerful for them. Mountain Lady then comes in to fight the monster off with her immense size. She managed to hold it down for a while, but the villain overpowered her and tossed her into a building. The students, too afraid to do anything as they feel they aren't strong enough, turn to Izuku as he is apparently the only one who as the power needed to beat the monster. Izuku puts the ring on and begins to activate it's power

"In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's LIGHT!", he chanted as the power of the Green Lantern activates, giving him his GL outfit and everything.

The U.A. students, except Bakugou, all watched in amazement at Izuku's new power up and outfit. Midoriya then flies off to fight the villain. He confronts the monster and prepares for a powerful attack. He decides to combine his One for All quirk with the power of Green Lantern ring for an all might GL powered Detroit Smash. This causes the monster to be launched from it's feet. The villain got up and tries to attack Izuku, but he blocks the attacks with a shield the Green Lantern ring made. He then makes a giant fist and combining it with 100% of the One for All and punches the beast skyward. He then flies up and repeatedly throws punches at it. He sent one final 100% punch at the beast, completely knocking it out, defeating the monster. As Izuku flies back down, all the citizens and heroes congratulate him. They were all amazed by his new powers.

"Izuku Midoriya, where did this power come from?", asked a citizen.

"It's amazing!", said another.

"Since when did Midoriya get this powerful?", asked Hawks

"I don't know, must be some kinda power source. There's no way he could naturally get this strong. He's not even a Pro-Hero yet. And that aura couldn't be a new quirk he unlocked", said Aizawa.

"Could it be the power of the fabled Green Lantern? It looks so much like it", said Hizashi Yamada.

Bakugou then confronts Izuku.

"Deku you think you could just show off power like that? You just got that damn ring. You don't even know how to use it!", yelled Bakugou.

"Kacchan, I've been reading about these in my comics, I have some knowledge on these rings", answered Deku.

"Looks like someone's jealous", said Mineta.

"SHUT UP OR I'LL KILL YOU!", roared Bakugou.

Suddenly, a ship arrives on ground, getting everyone's attention. This ship happened to be the Interceptor, which was indeed a Green Lantern ship. As the ship finished landing, the doors opened, and none other than Hal Jordan, came walking out. Everyone is excited to see him.

"No way", said Aizawa

"Is that really Hal Jordan, what's he doing here?", asked Hizashi Yamada in astonishment.

Hal approached Midoriya.

"So, you're the new chosen Green Lantern", he asked.

"Y-Yes, Mr. Hal Jordan", Izuku replied nervously.

"So I see you've heard about, eh kid?", Hal said. "Nice to meet you, so I heard you were chosen as a new Green Lantern by the Guardians of the Universe because you have alot of willpower. Is that correct?

"Yeah!", Izuku exclaimed.

"Great. I've also been tasked to mentor you to learn how to utilize the power of the Green Lantern. You could even be a member of the Green Lantern corps. Sounds fun kid?", Hal said.

"Yes! I would love too", Izuku exclaimed.

"Awesome. I hadn't caught your name though, you are..", Hal asked.

"Izuku. Izuku Midoriya", Izuku answered.

"Nice to meet you Izuku Midoriya. I'm sure you've heard of me, Hal Jordan", said Hal. "How about we start the lessons now eh? I think you have potential to be an amazing Lantern."

Everyone cheered Izuku on. Well, everyone except Bakugou, who was still jealous of Deku's new power. Deku and Hal then went off to start their mentor and student lessons. Meanwhile, Bakugou wandered off muttering to himself. However, what he didn't notice is that someone was watching him.

To be continued

I hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter of this story! It is different from my previous stories in terms of format, but I'm just trying it out because I'm comfortable with it. There's a lot more in store though, so stay tuned!