Holding her hand tightly, fingers laced together, beside her bed and watching with anguish as her breathing grew further labored in a matter of moments since he first sat down. "Oh Bella, what have I let happen to you?" His green eyes glistened with unshed. His words seemed to have no effect at first for the woman laying in front of him. Tubes hooked up, machines beeping away, all of it seemed to weigh so heavily that he lowered his head against her cold hand. Even with vampire hearing Stefan almost missed the small, raspy voice, "Ed...Edward? You...no...please..no!!" The heart monitor to the left of him began beeping erratically to the point that a nurse came in to check on them and ushered him out.

Out in the waiting room waiting for Stefan was the last person he ever thought he'd see; wild, dark hair and dirty clothes, "Elena..." As if sensing his hostility Elena raised her head, shocking Stefan speechless, for what he saw was more than he could bear. Written in her eyes was regret and pity, no longer did he see hatred. "I'm so sorry, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy what he did to her...please, she needs..." Before she could finish speaking Stefan stepped forward and pulled her into a tight embrace, allowing himself a moment of old feelings to blossom, for a moment Stefan allowed himself to forget the things his beloved had done before this.

Both so consumed in their own pain they missed the dark haired man slip past them, ice blue eyes giving them a cold glare before rushing into the room that Bella was in. Shutting the door slowly he turned around and faced the woman he had been forcing away from him for a year and a half now. Lying there Bella was covered in bruises, her scent masked by someone else's own, someone still running even now. "Ah Carissima…" Almost as if in a trance, focused solely on the woman that he had shunned, had placed in a box and labeled it "friend", the woman that kept trying to break down his walls; not by force but with compassion, with understanding, with love that he never believed he deserved. Even now a small part of him kept saying in his head, 'You're a monster Damon, the things you've done have now come back but instead of you facing it...she's taking your karma.' Yet her presence was like a siren, calling to him, beckoning him to her the way she had always done.

Seating himself in the chair his brother had previously occupied, those piercing eyes begging silently for her to awaken as he placed his hand on top of her own. "You are in so much trouble when you wake up…"