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It is a little-known fact in this world, but people are not born equal. In this world there are people with quirks, powers that enables people to do amazing things. At this point in time 80% of the world are born with quirks. However, that means 20% are born without. Discriminated against, unable to get the best jobs or live their dreams.

This divide is well documented, and the truth is fewer and fewer children are born quirkless with each generation. The 20% mostly consisting of the older generations. In another world perhaps I would have been born quirkless, but not in this life. No, I was born with a quirk, I imagine some quirkless kids would consider me lucky. I don't.

There are quirks in this world that are frowned upon because they are "villainous". A ridiculous term. A quirk doesn't make you a villain nor does it make you a hero, its your desire that makes a hero. That is what I have I will prove to the world I can be a hero with my quirk and through that I will create a world were all people can live in harmony without discrimination or fear.

A world "she" should have been part of.

My name is Izuku and this is how I became the number one hero.

"I'm sorry, but the news isn't great" As the words left the doctors mouths Izuku's excitement plummeted. Inko's face took on a pained expression

"What do you mean doctor? Is my son…quirk less." Th final word was said at barely a whisper, but it was all too understandable to the four-year-old boy sat next to her. His back straightened and his eyes widened. He looked ready to cry at any moment. He couldn't be quirkless! He was going to save the world with a smile, just like all might!

"No, no nothing like that I assure you, as you most likely know most kids are born with either one or both of their parents quirks. In some rare cases however, a child is born with a quirk that is completely unique."

"That not bad news then! He does have a quirk!" The words spilled out of her mouth almost desperately, unwilling to believe her child could be quirkless. The doctor frowned at her interruption.

"I was getting to that, Izuku has signs of a quirk, his pinkie toe has one joint a tell tale sign of a quirked individual, but there is more. He seems to have a second vascular system running through his body parallel to the normal one pumping blood through is body, its purpose though is completely unknown to us. You see in a small percentage of these new quirks around 1 percent, a trigger is required something to kickstart the genetic bloodline so to speak."

"Unfortunately, there is no way to determine what this trigger is, His quirk could activate tomorrow, or it could never activate. Again, I'm sorry to say but for the foreseeable future your son is for all intents and purposes quirkless."

With that they left the doctor's office, when Izuku reached for his mothers' hand she grasped it reluctantly as they made their way home.

Izuku couldn't sleep that night, the news that he may never develop his own cool quirk shocking him to his car. He watched the same video he has seen a million times on repeat, All Mights debut the day he saved 27 people from a burning wreck with a smile. What was weird however was that his mother hadn't checked on him. He restarted the video pausing It to go find her.

He snuck out his room as quietly as he could in case his mother was asleep, however this was proven pointless as he heard sobbing coming from her room.

"I don't know how this happened Hisashi, how is our son quirkless!" She cried into the phone "Is it my fault?"

"No love! Of course, it isn't it isn't anybody's fault sometimes accidents happen, we can try again maybe we could move you here to America, I know I would love to see you every day."

"But what about Izuku?"

"Like I said dear, accidents happen, our lives would be much harder with a son who is basically quirkless"

"But Hisashi, it's our son! Our baby boy"

"You know as well as I do the way that people view the quirkless and their families it's the only way we can be happy"

"Your right, it's all we can do. I love you"

"I love you too. Goodnight Inko"

She never heard the pitter of small feet or a door closing down the hall. That night Izuku cried himself to sleep, knowing he had disappointed the most important person in his life.

The next day Inko told Izuku they were going on a trip, excited thinking she was making him feel better about the bad news yesterday got ready as quick as possible. They drove for near about two hours before she finally parked the car outside a worn-down building. Getting out Inko gestured for Izuku to do the same, asking him to wait outside whilst she sorted somethings inside.

Izuku was waiting for about half an hour before his mother reappeared, she looked like she had been crying, kneeling down she hugged Izuku tighter than ever before.

"Hey Zuzu mommy has to go somewhere okay, just wait here and I'll be back in a little bit,"

"I will momma, I'll be right here" and so he sat on the step to the building as his mother grabbed a backpack from out the car and put it next to him before she drove away, and so he remained for several hours. Only moving when a young woman in uniform seemed to be approaching the building.

"Hey, kid are you okay?" She asked head tilted slightly.

"Yeah! I'm just waiting for my momma to come back" He replied with a toothy grin. This dropped when he noticed the woman looked sad. "You don't know where you are do ya?"

"Ummm no, sorry miss" This made her look even sadder,

"I'm sorry but you mother ain't comin back, here come with me" Izuku for a second looked affronted, but seeing the kind look in her eyes he grabbed her much larger hand with his smaller one whilst she grabbed the big yellow backpack his mother had left with her other one and led him into the run down building.

Life had been tough for Izuku since his introduction to the orphanage, he couldn't believe his mother had left him forever, and everyday he sat looking out of his window to the street, waiting for his momma to come pick him up so they could return home. This continued for two years. It didn't take much time for it to become common knowledge that he was considered quirkless, and no matter how many times he told them it just hadn't activated yet no-one, not even the adults believed him. Not surprising since the locked quirks were not well known about, nor at all common.

Izuku had as such spent his earliest formative years without any friends, no one wanting to associate with the so-called freak. The adults were worse in his opinion, he saw them look at him with either disgust or pity, neither of which was constructive to his mental state. He found it harder day by to force a smile to a point where he had given up all together.

The worst of course came from the slightly older kids, as kids tend to do they decided he was the weakest member, and thus an easy target for them to let there anger out on. Beatings became a normal part of his week, at first the workers tried to stop it, but couldn't watch them all the time especially when they were off the grounds.

This all came to a head when he was 6 years old.

Izuku ran as quick as his small legs could take him, but he knew he couldn't out run the larger kids forever, unfortunately he was quite a distance from the orphanage and didn't know these streets too well, as he took a sharp turn left and found himself at a dead end.

"Decided to stop running did you, you quirkless loser!" He heard from behind him as three of the older boys stood behind him. "Now you will see what happens when you stand up to your betters!"

Izuku knew none of the three had what you would call impressive quirks, not like the blonde boy he remembered from his old life, Katsuki. But that didn't matter to them, for Izuku was essentially quirkless he was beneath them. And so, the beating began as the leader a thin boy with slightly longer than average arms threw his small body to the ground as they all started to kick him.

'It's not fair, none of this is fair, I get no quirk I get no friends my family leaves me… why can't I have happiness" The boys didn't notice as the ground started to crack slightly beneath his hands crumpling into pebbles beneath his grip. B lack veins seemed to bulge from his fingers slowly travelling up his forearms

"ITS NOT FAIR" He screamed pushing off the ground the boys backed off at the crazed look In his eyes as the black veins travelled further up his arms and up his neck. "WHY WONT YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE" with a speed unexpected from a smaller than normal six-year-old he punched the closest kid in the stomach making him fall to the ground wheezing.

Suddenly he stopped his eyes widening at what he had just some, the black veins retreating under his skin. The boys started backing up "Tha..that is a villain quirk, you villain what is wrong with you" one of them screamed as they started to scurry away. 'Is this my quirk?! I don't want to be a villain I don't want to hurt people!' he though as he fell to his knees tears flowing from his eyes.

When he returned to the orphanage later that day, he noticed the looks he was getting from the other kids, even the orphanage staff seemed wary of him. Clearly word had travelled quickly, and he knew his quirk was going to make his life a lot harder. For the first time since he was four Izuku again cried himself to sleep.

Izuku's life took a turn from there, he became even more withdrawn from his peers as he reached 12 years old.

His quirks seemed to have altered his body over time since his activation, he became taller going from a naturally short kid to a slightly taller than average teen cresting just over 5'1" Towering over kids his age and most of those a year older then himself. He also seemed to have a decent body for his age, not overly defined but clearly in good shape.

He found himself often in fights and other altercations, His rage being amplified with his quirk meant he responded to even the smallest slight with violence. The last time a bot his age in the orphanage called him a villain he smashed a hole through the wall.

This had led to him being in police custody several times, released after a few hours due to his age it just being put down as lack of control. After the first couple of times he stopped fearing them, realising they were likely to become a norm in his life.

The looks of pity he used to get were slowly replaced with fear and revulsion, after all a future villain deserves no kindness. This caused him to spend most days prowling around the locale only returning to eat and sleep.

This is were he was now, dressed in a black v neck with baggy jeans and cheap boots. Trudging down in a less populated side of town, crowds made him antsy, never know which person was going to throw the punch, nor the direction it was coming in.

"Now why would a squirt like you have a look like that" An older voice came from behind him, He looked and saw an older man with his hair greying, a joking smirk on his face.

"What did you just call me" He spat out, anger already getting the best of him

"I called you a squirt, you know, cos you're short?" Of course, this wasn't true but that didn't help keep Izuku calm he instantly shot an arm out to punch the fool who mocked him. What he did not expect is for his wrist to be grabbed and his arm twisted behind him.

"Huh some speed you've got their kid… of course I saw it a mile away did you know you telegraphed your attacks?" The man said joking tone still in his voice.

"Get the fuck off me"

"Now now, that's no way to respect your elders kid" he said patting Izuku on the head, "Why don't you come inside we can talk like reasonable people" This of course caused Izuku to turn his head realising he was outside some king of cafe. Knowing he had no real choice he nodded, and the man let him go.

"Not much of a talker huh? That's no fun, I swear kids these days." With that he headed inside, Izuku beside him.

Inside was about what you would expect a bunch of old wooden table and chairs, at the back was a counter with cakes and other small treats advertised. The man sat at the nearest table. "So kid, what the hell crawled up your ass and died."

At Izuku's affronted look he decided to elaborate "Look kid, you come down this street every day looking like someone kicked your dog or getting in fights with other kids, sloppy technique by the way"

"And what would you know about that." Izuku responded clearly getting worked up again, the man could see black lines forming on his hands.

"Interesting quirk, and ill have you know I was quite the fighter in my day."

"Anyhoo, with the way you act I can only theorise that your parents aren't the best kind or not around"

"They left" Izuku interrupted him, unable to keep the bitterness out of his tone.

"I see, also interrupting is rude… anyway I have a deal for you, you come by everyday do odd jobs and in return ill teach you a few pointers sound good?"

Izuku seemed to ponder this for a long time "How do I know it's worth it?"

"I handed your ass to you pretty quick didn't I?" In response Izuku just glared.

"Oh and one more thing, I see any more brawling using what I teach you the deals off" Seeing Izuku was about to interrupt again quickly continued. "I'm not saying don't protect yourself and others, I'm saying pointless violence, its not a way to be productive to society."

Izuku let out a long sigh, something he felt was going to become common around this kooky old man "Fine I Accept."

"Great, names Ken kid, welcome to the team… of just you and me. I have no other employees."

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Izuku's quirk will be explained, there is a little more to it then you might work out through this. And it does have drawbacks, something I feel quite a few people forget when they make powerful quirks. I don't want to say he will be op, but he'll be pretty strong. Stronger than In canon at this point at least not compared to 100% one for all though.

Also on the subject of Katsuki, as you can see I only mentioned him once, and that's because im not entirely sure on what to do with him, I can either keep him as he is and at this point he and Izuku were still friends so his childhood friend just disappears only to turn up at UA very different.

Alternatively, I could make him female with a similar dynamic as I think it works really well as a pairing. I would like suggestions on this or other pairings with why you think it would work in this story. Just remember he isn't an innocent green bean like in the show so some will be harder to incorporate.