Chapter One: Just a Tease


After only a moment of thinking about it, Camie scooted herself onto the counter. She gave Izuku a clear view of her thong after spreading her legs wide enough to make her skirt ride up. "I don't want to be a third wheel or an accessory for you to use."

Camie leaned back, supporting herself on one arm as her legs spread even wider. She pulled her thong to the side and stretched one of her outer pussy lips, pulling it away to reveal pink glistening folds. "How do I know that you'll treat me right after I give you this?"

While considering his answer, Izuku took another swig on his water. He wasn't shy about devouring her exposed pussy with his eyes.

Camie wasn't shy about taking in his muscles or his cock with her eyes, either. She licked her lips. Hopefully, she'd take him in with more than her eyes.

If he played his cards right, that is. A girl has to have standards, after all.

He set the water down on the counter before stepping in between her legs, open and inviting as they were. Izuku took his cock in hand and rubbed the head up and down her lips. "Here, let me help you," he said as he reached forward to steady her with a grip around her back.

Now that she didn't need to lean back on her arm, Camie's hands were both free. She smiled at Izuku's frustration when she splayed her fingers over her entrance, dismissing Izuku's cock from dipping into her juicy lips. "So... I give you free access to thrust inside me. What do I get out of this? Am I your toy? Something to amuse you when you're done with your girlfriend?"

Izuku's grip on her back seemed almost possessive. "You're my lover. Now, you can either trust me, or you can go back and ask Melissa about it. Your choice."

Fierce fire flashed in her eyes. "Don't make me regret trusting you," she bared her teeth as she spoke. Despite her warning, her fingers stopped blocking his access. Instead, they hooked into her lips and spread her entrance wide open for Izuku's pleasure, splaying herself to be accessible for him.

Izuku pressed the head of his cock against her, slowly gathering more and more juices around his cockhead as he rubbed it in circles at her waiting entrance. "Something tells me you're not going to regret one moment of this," he smiled.

"Big talk," she taunted. "Prove it."


Izuku scratched his head. "I don't get it. At all. Why is English so hard?"

Pony smiled and leaned over him. Her breast pressed against his shoulder. "No, you're getting better. Your sentence structure is improving. You just need some more motivation so that you can concentrate."

He looked up at her. Pony's smile was so adorable it had to be illegal. He neglected to mention the weight of her breast against him. It felt too comfortable. "Motivation? What kind?"

Her sweet smile concealed her hidden motives. "I'm going to quiz you. Every time you answer a question correctly, I'll take off a piece of clothing. If you blurt out the wrong answer, then you'll have to strip off a piece of yours."


Ochako gasped. Deku had answered the door, but he was completely naked. "Oh! Deku! I, I mean, you must be busy. I can come back another time…"

Izuku sighed before offering her a carefree smile. "It's alright, Uraraka. It's nothing you haven't seen before, right? Come inside. I'll go get a towel for myself."

Gathering her courage, she stepped into the apartment. Ochako watched Deku's muscles ripple back and forth across his back and butt while he walked into the bathroom to get a towel for himself. Not underwear, not pants, a towel. This had to be a good sign.

She told herself that the light sheen on his muscles was from a shower, as opposed to sweat. She dismissed the smalls of arousal that permeated the room, or the open windows meant to help fumigate the place.

Upon his return, Ochako caught herself staring at the lines on his hips that descended into his towel, that delightful V-shape that pointed her eyes down towards his dick. Reminding herself to resume eye contact, she saw Deku smirk at her.

Her heart fluttered. "Oh! I came by to offer you some mochi! I made them myself. I," she paused, gathering her thoughts. "I made them for you." She grabbed the package out of her purse. There weren't many of them in the box, considering how hard they were to make, but these were the ones she was proud to offer, the ones that didn't look mutated.

"Oh, I, thank you, Uraraka," he said, taking the package from her. "Can I offer you something? Tea?"

She shook her head. "This won't take long, Deku. I just, well, I want another chance. Please, let me be your girlfriend!"

His eyes were kind as he looked over her, yet they were sad. Painful. It felt more like he was pitying her than anything else. "Ochako, I've moved on. I mean, do you realize that you're confessing to me while I have the juices of two other women on me?"


"Ha! Yes! Right fucking there!" Rumi cried out as she pinned the younger man beneath her. Izuku's legs splayed to either side of her, flailing helplessly while his cock was pressed deep inside of her, pushing against her cervix.

It was just where she wanted him.


"Wait, wait, Izuku, stop," Ibara said, an edge of panic in her voice.

Izuku's heart felt like it would never beat again. He quickly withdrew his fingers from her panties. Izuku climbed closer to her face. Finally, he looked into Ibara's eyes, holding himself above her. If he could, he would use his body to shield her. He thought about it, not for the first time. Yes, he would do that for her. "What's wrong? Ibara, talk to me."

Ibara looked up at Izuku, admiring him. A tear left her eye. He was ready to do whatever she wanted, whatever she needed. He was here for her. If she told him to stop, he'd stop. If she told him to rip her panties off and take her forcefully, that's what he would do. How had she found someone this thoughtful and selfless, yet so far out of her reach? Why hadn't she found him earlier so she could have him to herself?

She swallowed hard. "Izuku, you know I feel strongly about you. Otherwise, we wouldn't be doing this."

He nodded, waiting patiently for her. His eyes filled with nothing but love and concern. It wasn't necessarily arousing, but it made her love him even more. If only she could tell him that was how she felt.

Instead, she bit her lips and prayed quietly for the right words, the guidance that she needed. Izuku was the greatest temptation that she'd ever faced. She needed to endure this test, she told herself. "You also know that my faith is important to me and that I want to be pure before marriage. I want to save myself for my future husband."

Izuku smiled warmly at her. "Whoever you pick will be an incredibly lucky man, Ibara. I'm already jealous of him."

Why did he have to be so understanding? Why couldn't he get frustrated? Maybe she wanted him to press the issue, to make her give him her… no, no, she appreciated his patience right now.

Ibara's hair writhed and flexed as she steeled her nerves. "I want to be intimate with you, Izuku, but…" she bit down hard on her lip and then breathed in a steadying breath. Reaching up, she placed a hand on his cheek. "I need my panties to stay on, and for you to respect them as a boundary that you cannot cross."

Izuku smiled at her, relaxing as though he was worried about something much worse, before turning and kissing the palm of her hand. "Of course," he said.


"So," Midnight seethed. "You're the problem student that has wrecked his way through my alma mater, the sorority I helped create?"

Midoriya Izuku sat across from her desk yet seemed relaxed, given his situation. "Yes, ma'am. That's correct."

She sighed. "You must have quite the set of balls to not only do what you did but to confess to it so readily."

Izuku's smirk infuriated her. "In case you need a reminder, ma'am, you're welcome to give them an up-close inspection."

Thankfully, Midnight was sitting down. How could he be this bold with her? "Did you just proposition me, young man?"

He had the gall to ponder his next words when a simple no followed by an apologetic retreat would have been the obvious answer. "Well, yes, ma'am, I am. After all, you already know what I'm packing, and you weren't shy about complimenting me before."

Midnight could barely comprehend what she had just heard. Then, with dawning horror, she realized her role in setting off this disastrous chain of events. "Oh, god… I remember now."

Izuku's smirk struck her like a dagger. "So, about that up-close inspection… you up for it?"


Momo walked over and sat on the edge on the bed. The fake beard still made him look ridiculous, but also kind of endearing. "As long as we return separately, no one will come to the wrong idea."

Izuku smirked up at her. Damn, he was adorable. It was easy to see why she had picked him for her first time. "Or maybe the right idea," he offered.

Too easy, she reminded herself. Don't confuse hormones of attraction for genuine compatibility, Momo. She chided herself. As fun as this was, that's all it was.

Momo shook her head and stood up. "No, Midoriya," she said. The look in his eyes shifted, but maybe that was just him becoming professional again as she had. "The wrong idea. You and I were in character, in disguise. Momo and Izuku never went to a hotel room together, and they certainly didn't have sex."

He blinked at her, as though it was hard to process what she was saying. "Oh… yeah, of course not."

She nodded, continuing. "So please understand that while this was fun, it has to remain in the past. It was a one-time thing, alright?"

Izuku nodded slowly. Maybe he was tired? He had exerted himself quite a lot. The sore yet satisfied sensations radiating from between her thighs reminded her of those memories, ones that she'd secretly cherish.

As she walked out towards the door, Momo called back. "Feel free to rest as much as you need before leaving. Oh, and be sure to dispose of the condoms. And one more thing…"

Izuku sat up quickly, looking over to her. His eyes were large, hopeful. He seemed almost like a puppy to her. What could he possibly want after already having so much sex? More?

Still, she owed him this much. "Thank you for making my first time memorable. It'll be our secret, just yours and mine. Still, just a one-time thing, okay?"

He nodded. "Okay, Momo."

There, all sorted. With no fallout or drama whatsoever, Momo left the room and walked back towards her life on campus.

Izuku sat there numbly for another hour before he realized that he'd better get up himself.


Melissa was utterly content. She and Izuku were alone together and watching a movie while sprawled out on the couch. Her head was in his lap, and he had generously sat far enough to the side to allow her to lay across the entire sofa. She had a comfortable blanket over her and prepared for a long night alone with him.

What made everything even better? Merely the fact that they were watching some very exclusive pornography and they were both completely naked. Izuku's hard dick rose near her face, but it wasn't time for her to touch it.

Not yet. Melissa needed Izuku to suffer just a bit, at least at first.

So, the two of them watched as the Izuku on-screen railed his way through a dozen women, a swarm of hedonism at his beck and call. Melissa moaned as these women thronged around him, offering breasts for him to suck on holes for him to fuck. "My god, how did you survive all of that?"

Melissa could almost hear his smile as he stroked her hair away from her face. "I think I've explained that to you before, I…"

"Hush, no technical talk. It's porn time. We'll use our brains later, okay?" she said. After hearing Izuku grumble something about interruptions, she reached over to stroke teasingly along his shaft. Then she pulled it over towards her face so that she could kiss him and make his ego feel all better.

It worked.


A Note from the Author


As the title of the chapter suggests, this is just a tease of what's coming. All of these scene snippets are given to you without context and they are not even in chronological order. I hope you enjoy this smut-filled drama-fest. For less smutty works that focus even more on the plot, please feel free to check out my other offerings.

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