A/N: the age of consent in canada is sixteen. Yes I know that in the show they have a contract but specifications of what the contract contains is never alleviated, unless in regards to certain parts of the show. That being said; this is a fanfictioon based on a cartoon, which itself had a warning at the beginning of each episode stating it was a cartoon. All that being said I enjoy total drama and its characters so here is a little gwen/chris oneshot.

Gwen Ingrid just turned sixteen as of midnight. Feeling a strong sense of courage the teen moved swiftly and quietly through the cabin. She had slipped on her dark royal blue two piece underneath her sleepwear before bed. Slipping through the cabin doors she makes the small trek down to the dock. Deep moch eyes roam the night sky, "beautiful." she whispered. After stargazing for a few minutes, the goth sharply inhaled as she entered the cool lake water, creating a tiny splash.

Unknown to Gwen, a pair of grey eyes watched her, chuckling to themselves. Overseeing the teen partake in her act of being a fearless teen. She began to swim further out into the lake. The watcher came out of the shadows. The camera crew had already packed up for the day; only the hidden cameras Chris had placed were recording, which he messed with when he saw the teen sneak out. Chuckling to himself, the 22 year old made his way to the dock to wait for the girl to return.

After almost an hour of swimming the tired goth returned to the dock, only to come face to face with Chris Mclean the show's host.

"Heya Gwen, Enjoy your swim." he chuckled as the teen fell back into the lake. She resurfaced only to hear Chris's laughter. Upset with the host she splashes water up at him.

"WOAH, Dude, not cool." he said taking a few steps back. Gwen took this to her advantage and started to fake getting her foot got, being pulled down into the water. She began splashing wildly, bobbing up and down, between the bobs she rasps out, "chris… help.. Foot s. ..ccckkk…" The older man jumped in. Gwen was doing such a great job in her mind, that when she felt Chris's arms wrap around her middle she panicked. Having not expected him to react so fast.

"Gwen calm down, it's me, it's Chris." he tried to stay calm as he spoke. The girl froze. Chris's voice became softer and softer, almost soothing until silence settled in her ears.

Mocha eyes flutter open. 'Ugh, why does my head hurt so much.' Gwen thought, rubbing her temples.

"Someones awake." Chris said. Moocha eyes widened. Her body moved as though she was possessed; unsteady limbs buckle from underneath her.

"Woah!" the 22 year old shouted taking the bulk of the fall. The two were now in a very compromising position, as Chris cradled Gwen to his chest. The goths mind was racing; why him, why now, stupid, stupid show, stupid idea, stupid chris, stupid charm, stupid perfect smile, why. WHY! With every thought Gwen gripped the front of Chris's shirt tighter, her small frame began to shake. The host wanted to stay but knew it was becoming more difficult with every passing moment she stayed in his arms. With the little will power he had left; he forcibly removed the goth's smaller hands from his shirt. quickly disappearing out of the room. Calming down, Gwen looked around her fuzzy mind cleared. Looking round she saw baby blue and spring green bedding on a king sized bed, snuggly wedged into the room's small space. Upon further inspection the room had built in cabinets, drawers and shelves. Gwen held back a giggle as some of the shelves held 'precious' headshots and pictures of the exxentric host.

"Arrgggh!" made gwen jump a bit. Worried/ curious or both Gwen followed the sounds to the accordion style door on the other side of the trailer.

"Chris?" cautiously called Gwen through the door. No answer, "Chris are, you okay? Chris?" the girl grew worried. A muffled groan reached her ears, causing the teen to blush. What she had thought was his knee originally was actually….. She turned various shades of pink to a bright crimson with each passing moment. She facepalmed at her ridiculous mind, of course that wouldn't have been his knee. 'Wow you must have really been out to come up with that conclusion.' the goth groaned internally. Sure the host could be cruel, possibly insane on some degree but she had to admit he kept the show interesting, while keeping the contestants on their toes. Somewhere during the past few days her feelings for the host had changed. Never aloud would she ever admit to having a small crush on the 22 year old; but to herself, she was slowly accepting her growing attraction. A moan from the bathroom brought Gwen out of her thoughts. The teen debated herself for a few seconds until her mind settled on the fact it was her birthday and she was not going to let nerves get to her.

Tugging the panel door so it partially opened, taking a deep breathe she lifted her head. Chris's charcoal eyes reflected in the mirror, first shock, then embarrassment, to anger, setting into a mix of emotion, Gwen couldn't completely describe Excuse ME!" Chris whispered, shouted, ". "THIS BATHroom is occuPIED." never taking his eyes off her through the mirror. Not backing out now Gwen moved into the bathroom, placing herself between the host and the sink. The teen's mind was racing, as fast as her beating heart. Back home her group of friends had shared tips, tricks, and experiences they had. Unfortunately out of her friends Gwen was the only actual virgin. The host was frozen in place as Gwen placed a hand over his. Stretching onto her tiptoes, she whispered into his ear; "Just one night, please." she could feel him stiffen. Both knew it couldn't go anywhere afterwards and they were technically breaking a section of the show's contract but, neither could deny in the moment nothing was going to compare to what was happening. Gwen had begun to place light kisses down his jawline.

Chris wasn't stupid nor was he unaware that today was The teens birthday. Geez… it was legal though, as she was now sixteen. Other than part of the show's contract. She was also asking for consent to go demanding anything of him or trying to get ahead in the competition. Mustering up the sternist voice he could, he lifted Gwens chin. Mocha and charcoal orbs held soft gentle passion mixed with uncertainty and lust. "One Night." he managed to say before capturing her lips with his, in a haunting dance that brought pleasure to both. In the Quiet moments of early morning the two spent much time exploring each other's bodys. With their energy spent, the two drifted into slumber, holding each other close. A smile graced Gwen's lips. Being fearless had given Gwen Ingrid; loner gothgirl a very special birthday gift that she would keep the memory of for a very long time.

A/N: Okay so that was a take on a gwen/chris fic. There's not enough of them. May or may not post more of this pairing as it's not canon and with some clever writing can be plausible. Sorry to those who pair gwen with trent or duncan but honestly after Action I was not a fan of trent or his relationship with gwen. Ducan on the other hand is a great, fun character but the relationship between hm and gwen was eeehhh…(shrugs) bad in the sense of how the writers handled the pair and used it for the "drama" factor. Thanks for reading, if you have any pairings you would like me to focus on leave a comment below. See ya next time!