Miraculous Ladybug belongs to the incredible and amazing Thomas Astruc.

Juliette belongs to me.

Roland and Renée belong to ohsweetsweetie; a user on Instagram.

This story is being rewritten; as the superpower was really close to Venom. My bad.

Chapter One: Pigment

"Master, are you sure about this?" Marinette asked the Great Guardian.

"I am quite sure, Marinette Dupain-Cheng. This young woman will be an excellent, permanent addition to the team. You and Cat Noir will meet her at patrol tonight," Master Fu replied.

"But, she doesn't attend our school! How will she know when an akuma attack happens?!" Marinette exclaimed, panicking.

"Ladybug, calm down. I've checked this woman's social media; and she follows the Ladyblog. She attends a private school that isn't too far from your school; so it shouldn't take her long to get to akuma attacks," Master Fu replied. "I've secretly put the Miraculous box into her bag without her noticing this morning."

"Which Miraculous did you give this woman?" Marinette asked curiously.

"The Miraculous of the Lion, which grants the power of Paralysis and Mighty Roar," Master Fu replied.

"'Paralysis? Mighty Roar?'" Marinette asked.

"Yes. The power allows the Lion hero to scratch the akuma, leaving them paralyzed for about 60 seconds. This ability is not timed. However, her timed ability is called 'Mighty Roar.' This power allows her to roar loudly, to temporarily leave a villain deaf for about 5 minutes. This also makes her transform back in five minutes, so she will have to use it wisely," Master Fu explained.

"Alright. I'll tell Cat Noir about tonight. Spots on," Marinette replied, as she used her yo-yo to send a message to her superhero partner, Cat Noir.

Plagg flew over to Adrien, who was doing his schoolwork. "Ladybug wants you to meet her tonight for patrol. She said that we're gaining a new addition to the team," the gluttonous black cat Kwami said.

"A new addition? Is it temporary?" Adrien asked.

"Permanent. She'll be joining you from now on," Plagg explained.

"Oh, it's a she. I hope it's Rena Rouge," Adrien replied, smiling.

"You never know, maybe it might be her," Plagg grinned, swallowing a piece of Camembert cheese whole.

Adrien looked disgusted. "Plagg, don't do that near me."

Later that night, Ladybug was waiting for Cat Noir, until he showed up.

"M'lady," Cat Noir bowed.

"Hey Cat," Ladybug said.

"So, is it Rena Rouge?" Cat Noir asked.

"No, it's supposed to be someone with the Miraculous of the Lion," Ladybug replied.

"The Lion?" Cat Noir asked, a bit confused.

"That would be me," a voice said, as Cat Noir and Ladybug turned to see a woman; dressed like a lion. She had a fair skin tone, and hazel-cat like eyes. Her hair was auburn, and straight. The woman wore a golden sleeveless and strapless dress that reached to her knees, and golden gloves with black claws on them. She wore long black boots with a Golden Lion logo on the back of each boot, and a long lion tail that is made from a golden belt wrapped around her waist. She also wore a golden superhero mask over her eyes. On her dress were two holsters, which contained a dagger in each one. Her miraculous was a barrette in her hair: it was golden, looking like a lion's paw.

"Are you Ladybug and Cat Noir?" the lion-girl asked.

"That's us. You must be the Lion hero," Ladybug replied.

The lion-girl nodded. "Oui. You may call me Lionne. It's French, for Lioness."

"Meow, you're looking perfect," Cat Noir flirted.

Lionne rolled her eyes. "Sorry, kitty, you're not my type," she said.

"Aw, really?" Cat Noir pouted.

"Yeah, that's right," Lionne replied.

"Anyway, we'll show you our patrol route; and we patrol every other day," Ladybug said.

"Works for me. If I can't make it, I'll message you," Lionne said, holding up one of her daggers; which was disguised as a communication device.

"Fair enough," Ladybug replied.

The three heroes patrolled for the night, before slipping away to go back to their respective homes.

Lionne landed in a bedroom, and closed the windows quietly. "Leena, let's hush," she said in a whisper. The magic washes over Lionne, and changed her back into a girl who had platinum blonde hair, that was styled into a braid; draped over her right shoulder; and icy blue eyes. Her attire consisted of a white blouse, with a navy blue skirt, and a light blue school sweater. She also wore long white socks, and navy blue flats. The barette in her hair immediately camouflaged itself into a fleur de lys.

"Wow! Juliette, I can't believe that you got to meet Ladybug and Cat Noir!" Leena quietly exclaimed. She was a tiny lion, no more than 10 inches tall.

"I know, Leena!" Juliette replied in a whisper. She quickly, and quietly changed out of her uniform into her nightgown; thankful that it was the weekend; and that she didn't have to go to school until Monday.

It was dress-down day at the De Sauveterre Academy, and all of the students were relieved to not have to wear their school's uniform for the day. A pretty young 15 year old girl was waiting excitedly for the school day to end. She had brown eyes, and black hair that was styled into two cone-shaped buns, and she wore red eyeshadow and mauve lipstick. The girl wore dark colours-which consisted of a black letterman jacket over a cool gray halter top dress. The jacket has a ladybug patch on the right sleeve, and a Cat Noir patch on the left. The collar has a paintbrush pin, and a pin with a 4-point star in a circle on the left lapel, and a paint palette pin, and a pin of a moon with 4 point stars on the right lapel. The girl also wore pantyhose with a crescent moon on the left knee, and a circle on the right knee. She even wore tall black and gray wedges with a fleur-de-lys patterns.

Juliette approached the student. "Hello, Renée!"

"Oh, hi, Juliette," Renée replied, smiling at the 10th grade student.

"You seem excited," Juliette commented, as she brushed down her outfit: which consisted of a purple chiffon top, with a pair of blue jeans, and white running shoes. She also wears a silver necklace with her name on it, and a rainbow bracelet on her right arm.

"Oh, yeah. I have an appointment to meet with the mayor," Renée replied.

"Oh wow! What for?" Juliette asked.

"To try and start an art festival," Renée replied, "I've got the paperwork ready."

"That's amazing!" Juliette exclaimed.

"Yeah. But I don't know what I'm going to do if he doesn't support the idea," Renée looked down.

"Don't feel upset. If the mayor doesn't support your idea, then come talk to me. My father would be willing to help," Juliette said.

"Really? Your father would do that?" Renée asked, wide-eyed.

"Sure, we might be rich, but my father's willing to use our money to help out others if needed," Juliette smiled at her mentee.

"Oh wow! Thank you Juliette!" Renée exclaimed.

The bell rang, and students began heading to their first period class.

"Oh, I can't be late!" Juliette hurried to her English class, as Renée was heading to her art class.

"Well well. You're not as spoiled as you seem," a voice whispered to Juliette.

Juliette turned and saw Roland Kühn, who was sitting beside her during lunch at the cafeteria.

Roland had pale skin and icy blue eyes. His hair is a muted purple (dyed from his natural platinum blond) and it's styled with loose, shaggy waves and parted on his left side. His bangs are like a large lock of hair that hangs in the middle of his face coming from his part. He has a strong jaw and is incredibly tall like his father which makes him look older than he is. He's lean, but it mostly only showed off with his arms because his shirt is a bit baggy.

He usually wears a scarf of some kind even when it's hot out for #aesthetics, but it's really to hide his kwami. His favorite is a black scarf with coupled thin red lines in going vertically across the fabric. He wears a French tucked red t-shirt with a black circular symbol representing the phase between a crescent and new moon surrounded by three 4 pointed stars.

He wears black skinny jeans that are folded up at the cuff with a royal purple belt and a gold chain with a circular medallion on it which has a black circle to make a gold crescent moon. His shoes are black and royal purple Vans. On his left wrist, he has two simple black bracelets. His hair is held back on his right side by his Miraculous jewel.

"What do you mean?" Juliette asked.

Roland brushed back some of his hair. "Well, the way you were talking with that freshman, Renée. How you offered to help her."

"It's not that big of a deal," Juliette said.

"Of course it is. You're the headmaster's daughter. You're the most talked about girl in school, along with your sisters," Roland continued.

"Is that a good thing?" Juliette questioned.

"Of course," Roland replied.

Time passes, and it soon comes to the end of the school day. Renée hurried to the mayor's office to speak with him, only to see Mayor Bourgeois leaving his office for the day.

"Excuse me, Mayor Bourgeois?" Renée asked.

"I'm so sorry, but I have to cancel your appointment with me. Nobody would want an art show. Good day to you," the Mayor said quickly, as he left.

Renée looked shocked, before dropping her papers to the ground, slowly sliding into a sitting position. She puts her head down, and begins to cry.

A window opens up in a mysterious location. Hawkmoth was standing there, as butterflies were fluttering.

"Ah, what a poor unfortunate artist...her plans were rejected. Seems to me that she will be the perfect akuma."

Hawkmoth holds out his hand, and a butterfly lands onto it. He covered it with his other hand, infusing the butterfly with dark energy; thus; turning it into an akuma. The akuma then flutters out of his hand, going to the window.

"Fly away, my evil akuma, and evilise her!" Hawkmoth declared.

The akuma flew out into the streets of Paris, searching for its victim...

Renée was still crying at City Hall, when the akuma spotted her, fluttering down to the upset girl. It found her colourful paintbrush pin, and absorbed itself into it, turning it black. The girl immediately stopped crying, as a dark rust formed around her eyes, when she looked up. A light purple butterfly outline appears over her eyes.

"Pigment, I am Hawkmoth. So, the mayor refused to let you have an art festival? Well, I'm giving you the power to turn Paris into your own personal canvas. All I ask for in return are the Miraculouses of Ladybug and Cat Noir," the evil villain said.

"Yes, Hawkmoth," Renée said darkly, accepting this power. She is then consumed by black and purple ink. Once it faded, she retained her human appearance; but it was formed out of paint. Her arms and legs were mixed with blue paint, her vest was long and mixed with orange paint, and her hair was mixed with purple paint. On her head are two paint brush heads, that looked like ponytails. Her eyes and mouth are bright yellow, as were the collar bands, and the leg bands, which separated the different parts of her body. On her vest was a black and gray paintbrush pin. Pigment smirked as she stood up, holding a paintbrush. She shot out purple paint as she launched herself through the city of Paris.

"It's time to turn this city into my personal canvas!" Pigment declared.

From his secret lair, Hawkmoth laughed evilly. "It won't be long before Ladybug and Cat Noir shows up to meet their doom!"

Juliette was doing her homework at home, when she heard her phone buzz.


Juliette put down her pen, and looked over at her kwami, Leena.

"Looks like it's time for Lionne to help out!" Juliette exclaimed.

"Just say the words, Juliette!" Leena cheered.

"Leena, let's roar!" Almost immediately, she transformed into Lionne, without making a scene. She hurried out of her mansion, using the windows to escape.

Roland got out his phone reading over the akuma alert. He then read on the Ladyblog, seeing the post about a new hero.

"Huh. Lionne? What do you think, Occa?"

Occa was an ocelot. He was golden yellow with a long tail and two whiskers on either side of his face. He has a few markings on his face, back, and tail as well as eyeliner like markings and oceli on his ears. His eyes have a light gold sclera and a warm brown slit pupil.

"I think she looks pretty cool. Maybe you could check her out?" Occa asked.

"Wait, what do you mean by that?" Roland asked.

"You know, see how she fights. You've helped Ladybug and Cat Noir. They trust you," Occa continued.

"That's true. Maybe they might make me a permanent member of the team after this fight!" Roland looked excited.

"You never know. But now it's time to transform!" Occa smiled at his holder.

"Occa, streaks on!" Roland declared, as Occa is absorbed into the silver oval hair clip: which turns black and the inside turns a golden yellow. It has 5 rosettes inside.

Roland soon wore a golden yellow suit with large streak spots on the arms, torso, back, and legs that have a thick black outline and are light yellow in the middle. He has a light yellow middle section down his middle that goes slightly down his thighs before curving under him and partly up his butt. Around his waist is a belt-like structure that holds a long tail that is golden yellow with black spots. His tail is very heavy and usually used for leverage, but can be removed to wield like a flail. He wore tall boots that point up to his knees with a black heel and a light metallic yellow toe that are fashioned like paws.

The sole of his boots also have paws on the bottom. His collar is black and goes up his neck; though it comes down in the middle with a diamond shape around the middle of his collar bone. His mask is heavily marked like an ocelot's face with black and white markings on golden yellow. His eyes gain a blue sclera and turn to slits like a cat's do. He has fake ocelot ears including oceli on the back of them. His hair also gets long and shaggier, the longest parts on both sides of his head gain a golden yellow ombre at the ends. He has gauntlets with heavily armored fingers joints and knuckles that end with sharp claws at the ends. He pressed a button on his gauntlets to send a message to Ladybug and Cat Noir.

"I'm on my way to fight the akuma. I'll see you at the scene."

Upon sending the message, Ocelot opened his windows, and jumped out, heading over to the scene.

Paris was covered in purple paint. Pigment was using her large paintbrush to fling it at windows, making them nearly impossible to open. Some people were running and screaming, trying to get to safety.

A woman's foot got stuck in the paint, rendering her unable to move.

Pigment laughed. "Now you'll become a part of my canvas!"

"Not if I can say anything about it!"

Pigment angrily turned to see Ocelot.

"What? Who are you?!" she demanded.

"My name's Ocelot, and I'm gonna take you down!" Ocelot proclaimed.

"Don't forget about me too!" Lionne declared, as she arrived at the scene.

The light mask appears over Pigment's face again.

"Hm, two new heroes? Steal their Miraculouses as well!" Hawkmoth declares, as he spoke telepathically with his akuma.

The light mask disappeared from Pigment's face. "Hand over your Miraculouses, you lame heroes! Hawkmoth wants them!"

"We'll never give our Miraculouses to you!" Lionne shouted.

Pigment scowled and threw paint at the two heroes, but it was blocked by a yo-yo.

"Ladybug!" Pigment shouted angrily.

"Don't forget about me too!" Cat Noir arrived on scene.

"4 of you? Ha! This will be like taking candy from a baby," Pigment taunted.

The fight began.

"Watch out for the paint!" Lionne shouted a warning, as paint was being thrown at Ocelot.

"Thanks for the warning," Ocelot replied, as he managed to dodge it.

"We've got to disarm her first before looking for the akuma," Cat Noir said.

Lionne took a closer look at the akuma, before gasping in shock. She recognized her.


"Renée's gone! From now on, you can call me Pigment!" Pigment shouted angrily.

"LUCKY CHARM!" Ladybug shouted, as she threw her yo-yo into the air. Magical ladybugs surrounded it, before an item dropped into her hand.

"It's a bottle? How are we going to defeat Pigment with that?" Ocelot asked.

Ladybug turned the bottle over to reveal that the bottle label read 'Acetone.'

"Hey, that thing dissolves paint!" Lionne exclaimed.

"Really?" Ocelot asked.

"Yeah, I've used it when my nail polish remover doesn't work," Lionne replied. "It's pretty strong stuff too."

"Okay, so here's the plan," Ladybug said, as she gathered the heroes into a huddle. "Ocelot, use a punch to get rid of the paintbrush. Lionne, try and subdue her. Cat Noir, destroy the paintbrush, that way, I can pour the acetone on the akuma, to find the akumatized object."

"Got it!" the three of them replied.

"Kinesis!" Ocelot shouted. A fiery power engulfed the gauntlets on Ocelot, as he charged forward with a punch, knocking the paintbrush out of Pigment's hand.

"NO!" Pigment shouted.

"CATACLYSM!" Cat Noir shouted, as he destroyed the paintbrush.

"You!" Pigment was getting angrier.

"Cover your ears!" Lionne looked at Ladybug, Cat Noir and Ocelot.

"Don't worry Lionne, we will," Ladybug replied, as she covered her ears.

Cat Noir and Ocelot covered their ears as well.

"MIGHTY ROAR!" Lionne let out a loud roar.

Pigment couldn't cover her ears in time.

"AGH!" she screamed.

Ladybug walked up to Pigment, and poured the acetone onto her. The paint started to dissolve, revealing a black and gray paintbrush pin. "That's the only non-colourful thing on her, so that's where the akuma must be!" She broke it in two, and the akuma fluttered out.

"No more evildoing for you, little akuma," Ladybug began, as she opened up her yo-yo, spinning it around. "time to DEEVILZE!"

The akuma tried to flutter away, but it was no match for Ladybug's yo-yo, which closed upon capturing the akuma.

"Gotcha! Bye bye, little butterfly," Ladybug said, as she released the now purified butterfly.

Ladybug then grabbed the bottle of acetone, throwing it up into the air. "MIRACULOUS LADYBUG!"

Magical ladybugs went around Paris, fixing all of the damage that Pigment had caused with her paint; also; cleaning it up. People cheer as they are freed from their paint "traps." The magical ladybugs even surrounded Pigment, as the black and purple ink consumed her, changing her back into Renée. One last thing was repaired before they disappeared, and that was the paintbrush pin.

"What happened?" Renée asked.

"You were akumatized," Ladybug said.

"I'm so sorry." Renée wiped her tears away. "The mayor bluntly refused to see me about having an art festival."

"Why don't you ask your school's principal?" Cat Noir asked.

"That's not a bad idea. Thank you," Renée replied with a small smile.

Four beeps were heard. A paw pad disappeared from Cat Noir's ring; a rosette disappeared from Ocelot's hairpin, a paw pad disappeared from Lionne's barrette, and a black spot disappeared from Ladybug's earrings.

"We've got to go. See you later," Lionne said, as the four heroes went to find a place to talk quickly, before they detransformed.

"Ocelot, I think you should join us for patrol tonight, and for future akuma attacks," Ladybug said.

Ocelot looked proud. "Thank you, Ladybug. Thank you Cat Noir. I won't let you down."

"You're a cool dude," Cat Noir said.

"And I can't wait to see you in battle," Lionne winked at Ocelot.

"Me neither," Ocelot smiled at Lionne.

The warning beeps happen again.

"We really should get going," Cat Noir said.

"You're right. We can't risk revealing our identities," Ladybug replied.

The four heroes left, promising to meet for patrol that night.

Lionne managed to get to an alleyway quickly. "Let's hush." She detransformed back into Juliette, as she pulled a blueberry out from her pocket, handing it to Leena.

"So...that Ocelot guy is a dreamboat, isn't he?" Leena teased her holder.

A faint blush comes on Juliette's face. "He's not bad. I wonder who he is behind the mask."

"Streaks off," Ocelot said, as he transformed back into Roland; after hiding behind a wall. Occa comes out of the hairpin, looking exhausted. Roland pulled out a strawberry for his kwami, smiling. "Here you go, Occa."

Occa happily ate his strawberry, before looking at his holder. "What did you think of Lionne?"

"She's cool. I'd like to get to know her more," Roland replied.

The following day...

Renée was adjusting her school sweater. She was completely nervous, as she turned to face both Juliette and Roland, who had come to support her.

"Are you sure the students will like the art festival?" Renée asked.

"Of course they will!" Juliette exclaimed.

"Yeah, we helped you set it up," Roland replied.

"And there's no way they'll hate it," Juliette smiled at the ninth grade student.

And she was right. The students were enjoying the art festival, making Renée feel proud of herself.