"Hello,Welcome to Season 4 of TDRR Truth Or Dare", says Don, "I'm Don"

"I'm Noah, and today we don't have much, but we are going to make the most of it"

"With that said, let's see what we have first", says Don

"This first Dare is from NightwolfGamer3, and it says I dare Tammy to sing Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley."

*Don walks over to Tammy in the recording studio*

"Hey Tammy, you ready?"

*Tammy gives him a thumbs up, and starts to sing*

Here's an open letter to a treasure of a girl

That's me

Whose behavior on this show always makes me hurl


She's a nasty, fake blonde schemer, who calls herself "your HOST"! Without the help of her entourage, her job would be toast!


Hey! (slowly) Heeeyyy...

She'll tell you that she loves your shirt, but it's something she can't stand! She's just so full of you-know-what, she has to double-flush the can!

"Alright, that was actually pretty decent" , said Noah "Our next Dare comes from sirstupidity and says, Have Kitty play Geometry Dash. See how she does."

*Noah walks over to Kitty on the computer*

"Noah, glad to see you again", said Kitty

"Not like we don't see each other every day when you come visit your sister"

*They both laugh*

"Anywho", said Noah, "You ready to play this game that a hate with passion"

"Yep", said Kitty

*Kitty plays the game, and she is very pissed*

"This game is really, really frustrating, how the hell do people finish this game"

"I have no clue, Don has the next dare"

"Yes, I do", said Don, "This next Dare is from xtremexavier15, it says, Kitty, have your feet licked by a deer

"How the hell do we have a deer?" , says Kitty

"I have no clue why", says Don

*Kitty takes her shoes off and sits down as the goat licks her feet*

"How does it feel?",

"It feels nice"


"NO!, Get this goat off me!"

"While that's happening", said Noah, We have a Truth from xtremexavier15, right here it says, Chet and Lorenzo, Why did you guys hate each other before you became friends?

"Well, we didn't get along because before being stepbrothers, we were the only child in our families", said Chet

"But, if we wanted to win, we had to put our differences aside", said Lorenzo

"Very nice", said Don, "That's our show, I hoped you enjoyed"

"We'll see you next time", said Noah, "Also please send your Truths and Dares for the next episode"

"Bye!", said the both

Well that the episode, I really hoped you enjoyed and please send your Truths and Dares for the episode. Big thanks for these people sending their Truths and Dares




Thank you and I'll see you in the next episode