Prologue: Flik's flashback dream sequence

Hopper (being attacked and eaten by the wild birds): "No, please, no! stay back! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

End of flashback dream sequence.

Flik: "Well, at least Hopper's no longer around to harass us."

Flik goes right back to his beauty sleep.

Disney and Pixar Animation pictures presents:

A Bug's Life 2: Revenge of the Grasshoppers

Directed by Josh Cooley

Produced by Andrew Stanton and Jonas Rivera

Screenplay written by Stephany Folsom, John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter

Music composed by Randy Newman

Scene 1: Ant Island/Flik's new invention

The very next morning, Flik's now working on a new invention for his super good friends and the worker ants to use to collect and store all sorts of food products.

Atta: "I can see that you're working on a new invention. right, Flik?"

Flik: "I sure am, Atta. you wanna see it?"

Atta: "Oh, Flik. I would really love to."

Atta: [Kisses A Bit]

Flik's new invention's a catapult which is a super big white daisy with the stem tied with a few grass blades. the stick's the lever.

Atta: "Wow, a catapult. I see."

Dot: "What exactly is a catapult?"

Aphie: [Barking In Excitement]

Flik: "It's a machine that's used to throw an object from a super far distance."

Dot: "That's super thrilling. is it prepared yet? can you test it out? please?"

Flik: "Not yet, Dot. just a few more blades of grass to secure it and it'll be all finished up."

Dot: "Easy for you to say."

Flik: "It won't take too long. but in the meantime, how 'bout you find your Blueberry Scout friends and hang around with them for a bit. then I'll show you exactly how the machine works. alright?"

Dot: "Alright, Flik. (She runs right off to find her Blueberry Scout friends,) see you later!"

Atta: "How long's it gonna take to finish the catapult? and what exactly are you gonna use it for?"

Flik: "It'll only take a few more minutes. and I'm gonna use it just in case the grasshoppers come back to ruin Ant Island."

Atta: "You know, I wonder who's leading the entire group ever since that wild bird fed Hopper to her offsprings. I know it's been a super long year ever since his passing, but I'm just curious about it."

Flik: "Hmmm. well? who knows? maybe there could be a new leader. or maybe not. you never know."

Atta: "Yeah. I guess you're absolutely right. we'll probably just need to wait and see for ourselves."

Mr. Soil (walking right over to Flik and Atta): "Hey there, Flik."

Flik: "Oh hi there, Mr. Soil. what brings you here?"

Mr. Soil: "I'm here to tell you that we're planning to have a harvest festival party tomorrow afternoon. would you care to attend it?"

Flik: "Oh yes. of course. every single ant in the colony really loves it when we have celebration parties like these. especially time away from those pure evil grasshoppers."

Atta: "I just hope they don't come to ruin the entire party."

Flik: "Don't worry about it, Atta. just as long as I'm here with you, you'll be alright. I promise."

Atta: "Okay. thanks a bunch, Flik. I just never know what I would do without you here."

Flik: "You're welcome. well, come on now. we better begin getting prepared for the harvest festival party tomorrow afternoon."

Atta: "You said it Flik."

Just then, Dot returns with a depressed, sorrowful and heartbroken look on her face.

Dot: "The celebration at the harvest festival party won't be as much fun and thrilling without our mother, Atta. I really miss her more than anything since she passed away 10 years ago."

Dot: [Sobbing Silently]

Aphie: [Whimpering In Concern]

Aphie begins licking Dot's face.

Flik: "Oh, Dot."

Flik kneels right down to Dot's level and puts his right hand on her right shoulder.

Atta: "Now, Dot. it's gonna be alright. you still got me, Flik, and Aphie to look after you. we know exactly how you're feeling. I'm pretty sure the harvest festival party's gonna still be fun and thrilling for you with me, Flik, and everybuggy in the colony to enjoy. I miss mother more than you do. but it's a super good thing we got Flik to protect us and everything. isn't that absolutely right, Flik?"

Flik: "Yeah. Atta's absolutely right, Dot. your sister and I will always be here with you no matter what happens. but I also know exactly how you're feeling about your mother. I'm feeling depressed, sorrowful and heartbroken about her passing as well too. but she was a super good queen of the ant colony, just like your sister's right now. you know that, don't you?"

Dot nods her head silently in agreement.

Atta: "Flik's absolutely right, Dot. say, I think I got an idea. maybe we can do something nice for our mother right before the harvest festival party. I'm pretty sure the entire colony would like to pay tribute for the former queen of Ant Island. what do you think about that idea, Dot?"

Dot (nodding her head in agreement): "Well, okay. I think it's a super good idea."

Atta: "Good. I always knew that you would agree with me. now come on, we gotta get everything all set up for the harvest festival party."

Flik: "We're on it."

Dot: "Alright, Atta. come on, Aphie, let's go."

Aphie: [Barking In Reply]

PT Flea's Bug Circus Tent

PT Flea: "Darn you, pathetic losers! what's the matter with you crazy cowards?! you're messing up for the 12th time ever since last year in the month of April!"

Rosie: "Oh, PT Flea, can't you face the facts that we try our best for every single performance?"

PT Flea: "Noooooo! alright now. who's causing all of this trouble here?!"

Francis (grabbing right on to PT Flea): "Listen here, you little parasite! 1 more word outta you and I swear that I'll-"

Slim: "Francis, what's got into you?"

Heimlcih: "Ja. you're all angry and upset zs veek."

Slim: "Wait just 1 minute, Francis. have those pesky annoying flies in the audience been calling you female again?"

Francis: "Yeah, they're at it again alright. won't they ever face the facts that being a ladybug doesn't automatically make me female?! huh?!"

Slim: "Probably not."

Fly Number 1: "Hey there, girly bug,"

Fly Number 2: "what's new?"

Francis angrily flies right over to the flies who have been constantly teasing and mistaking him for a female ladybug.

Francis: "Listen here, fly boys! I'm not gonna take this constant teasing and pranking from you any longer! I'm not femalel! I'm a male ladybug! you think you're super intelligent?! so knock it off right now and know that already, got it?!"

The flies stand silently still.

Francis: "Well? aren't you gonna say something to me?"

Fly Number 3: "Female."

Francis: "Alright, that does it! (He squeezes the flies in a super tight choke hold.) when I said you're dead meat, I mean you're dead meat!"

Fly Number 4: "What exactly are you gonna do about it, girly bug?"

Francis begins beating up the flies with all of his might.

Francis: "How exactly do you like that?! that oughta teach you a super good lesson for calling me femalel! you like that?! huh?!"

All 5 Circus Bugs: "Francis! please! Francis!"

They all begin grabbing Francis 1 by 1.

Slim: "Francis, please! this isn't really you at all! keep yourself calm!"

Francis: "Let me go! let me go! I'll get all of you!

Manny (slapping some sense right into Francis's face): "Francis, please, keep yourself calm!"

Francis: [Deep Breathing]

Rosie: "What's got into you lately, Francis? you been angrier and meaner than before. is everything alright around here?"

Francis shakes his head silently.

Slim: "Do you really wish to discuss about this problem?"

Francis: "No. of course not."

Slim: "Please excuse us, everybuggy."

Slim looks right at Francis with a concerned look on his face.

Slim: "Francis? what seems to be the matter? is something wrong around here?"

Slim: "No, Slim, nothing's wrong around here. I'm perfectly fine. don't worry about me."

Slim: "Francis, let me give you some super good advice. you need to learn how to ignore those mean pesky flies. 'cause every single time you snap at them, they're gonna continue calling you female."

Francis: "How can I possibly ignore them? they just won't leave me alone. why can't they bully some other ladybug for a change?"

Slim: "Francis, please listen to me. if you ignore them long enough and not say 1 single word or react about it, they'll stop making fun of you since it won't be super hilarious to them any longer. maybe they'll go on and pick on somebuggy their own size. you understand that now?"

Francis: "But what would happen if it never works perfectly?"

Slim: "Then we'll have Plan C."

Francis: [Sighs Heavily] "If only there was some other way for those pesky annoying flies to quit calling me fe-"

Francis sees a bright yellow female ladybug that was giving her piece of grain to the ticket stand in order to see the bug circus. and when she turns around and sees Francis, she winks and waves to him. Francis waves to her back with hearts in his eyes.

Slim: "Come on, Francis. it's almost performance time."

Francis: "Can you give me 15 minutes? there's something I wanna do around here."

Slim: "Alright, but hurry up, or PT Flea's gonna be angry and upset, alright?"

Francis isn't next to Slim right now.

Slim: "Francis? oh, Francis. oh well. he'll come back later on in time for the performance."

Francis walks right over to the female bright yellow ladybug.

Francis: "Uhhh...Hi there."

Bright Yellow Female Ladybug/Scarlet: "Why hello there."

Francis: "I'm...I'm Francis."

Scarlet: "and I'm Scarlet."

Francis: "Are you here to see the performance?"

Scarlet: "Yes, of course. somebuggy told me about PT Flea's Bug Circus. and I heard it's a super good performance. what do you think?"

Francis: "I'm actually part of it."

Scarlet: "Oh really? well I bet you're gonna be super thrilling. I'll be in the audience watching the performance."

Francis: "Sounds super good to me."

Scarlet: "You know, Francis, maybe right after the performance, we can speak more with 1 another if you want."

Francis: "Okay. it's a deal."

Slim (pulling Francis away from Scarlet): "Times up, Francis. it's time to begin the performance."

Francis: "Hey come on. that wasn't exactly 15 minutes."

Slim: "Yes, of course it was. now come on, it's time for the performance."

Francis: "Alright, you twig. you got me, now let go of my arm."

Inside PT Flea's Bug Circus Tent

PT Flea goes right into the ring onstage.

PT Flea: "Ladies and gentlebugs, larvae of all stages! welcome to PT Flea's Bug Circus! I'm your host and ringmaster, PT Flea! and I'm here to give you a super good performance this evening! you'll be sure to enjoy it. and now, for the 1st performance, the greatest flaming death performance!"

[Crowd Cheering And Applauding]

The flaming death performance is going perfectly this time.

PT Flea: "I can't believe this. I just can't believe this. the flaming death performance worked perfectly this time. yeeeeeees! that means I'm gonna be the richest and greatest flea in the entire bug universe! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes!"

Back on Ant Island/preparing for the harvest festival party

The ants are working together as always to get prepared for the harvest festival party for the very next day that's coming right up.

Thorny: "So where exactly should we hang this banner?"

Mr. Soil: "We should place it right outside near the ant hill."

Thorny: "Super good idea. that's so all of us can see it when we come right outta the ant hill."

Atta: "So are you prepared for the very 1st annual harvest festival party tomorrow afternoon, Atta?"

Atta: "I sure am prepared, Flik. how about you?"

Flik: "You know I am. I'm always prepared for anything in the entire universe."

Dot: "So am I. this is gonna be super thrilling. we Blueberry Scouts are gonna have lots of super fun and thrilling things to do at the harvest festival party!"

Aphie: [Barking in Agreement]

Suddenly, an entire group of super big shadow figures appear and hover right over Ant Island.

[Loud Buzzing Sounds]

Thorny: "Jiminy H. Crickets! they're already here!"

[Alarm Sounding]

Dr. Flora: "Oh dear! it can't be the grasshoppers again!"

Atta: "Hurry, everybuggy! go right into the anthill! go, go, go, go, go, go, go!"

Every single ant rushes right inside the anthill, goes right through the spiral root, right past the council chambers and goes right into the underground bunker. then the ants stood super silent so the grasshoppers won't spot the entire ant colony. but unfortunately, all of the grasshoppers hear the ants' movements and go right inside the anthill and right into the bunker.

All Ants: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!"

The ants are now running around in circles.

Hopper Jr. (off screen): "Hey, what's this? a harvest festival party coming up? and I wasn't even invited? that's just not fair at all."

Dot: "Who just said that? it can't be Hopper again, Atta!"

Atta: "Oh come on now, Dot. Hopper's gone for good right now. he was killed off by the wild bird. he can't just rise up from the grave."

Flik: "Who on earth are you?"

Hopper Jr.: "I'm Hopper Junior. and I happen to know that 1 of you ants killed my father off. which 1 of you was it?"

The ants don't say 1 single word.

Hopper Jr.: "Weeeeeell?"

Flik: "I'll tell you exactly what really happened. it wasn't an ant, honestly. it was actually a wild bird."

Hopper Jr.: "I just knew I couldn't trust that wild bird."

Mr. Soil: "Well? what on earth are you grasshoppers doing here?"

Thorny: "and what the crud do you want from us, Hopper Junior?!"

Hopper Jr.: "Oh nothing really. I heard that you puny ants are having a harvest festival party and you didn't even invite me or my entire gang. why's that?"

Flik: "Well? 'cause you and the other grasshoppers like to take all of our food products and ruin Ant Island, that's exactly why!"

Atta: "Wait just 1 minute. are you the new leader of the grasshoppers, Hopper Junior?"

Hopper Jr.: "I sure am. I'm the new leader. ever since that wild bird ate my father, I'm taking over for him. now let's cut to the chase. when's the harvest festival party?"

Flik: "It's tomorrow afternoon. and we're not gonna have you and your pure evil gang destroy it!"

Hopper Jr.: "You can't tell me what to do around here, Flik. I'm the leader right now. and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it."

Flik: "How exactly do you know my name?"

Hopper Jr.: "My father told me all about you and your colony right before he passed away. now you ants have a super good day 'cause we're coming to the harvest festival party tomorrow afternoon. and I'm gonna become the king of Ant Island so we grasshoppers can get all of the food products we want. and to be with the beautiful lovely Atta as my wife."

Atta: [Gulps Nervously]

Hopper Jr.: "See you tomorrow afternoon, jokers. now let's ride."

All of the grasshoppers fly right into mid air and fly right outta the anthill and right outta Ant Island and begin heading right back to their hideout.

Atta: "I guess we were absolutely right to find out that somebuggy would take over as the leader for the late Hopper's entire gang after all, Flik."

Flik: "And without an unexpected doubt as well too. I just can't believe this. Hopper Junior's just as pure evil as Hopper was."

Dot: "Flik? did he just say that he wants to marry Atta and become the king of Ant Island?"

Flik: "He sure did, Dot, he sure did."

Cornelius: "This really can't be happening! I certainly don't want a grasshopper to be the king of Ant Island! what are we gonna do now?!"

Mr. Soil: "Now, Cornelius, let's not get super hysterical. I'm pretty sure Flik'll know exactly what to do if this really does happen. isn't that absolutely right, Flik?"

Flik: "Yes. of course. Mr. Soil's absolutely right, everybuggy. don't you all worry about it. just as long as I'm here to protect all of you and Atta and Dot and Aphie as well. I won't let those grasshoppers destroy Ant Island. and Hopper Junior's never gonna be the King of the colony and marry Atta. I'm the one who should be in that place since Atta's my 1 true love."

[Ants Cheering Wildly]

Atta: "I just knew you wouldn't let me down, Flik."

Flik winks at Atta nicely.

Atta: "Flik's absolutely right, everybuggy. we're super grateful to have Flik as part of our colony as the official inventor. and 'cause of his courage and bravery, he actually deserves to be a true leader along with me. I'm super proud of him."

[Ants Applauding]

Dot (grabbing right onto Flik's right leg): "Oh, Flik. we'd be super lost without you."

Aphie: [Panting In Excitement]

Back in PT Flea's Bug Circus Tent

The circus bugs are still performing some super thrilling performances. there's even a performance by Molt, the late Hopper's brother who now turned against Hopper and the other pure evil grasshoppers who had joined the circus a year back to become the strong-bug.

PT Flea: "And now, for the final performance, ladies and gentlebugs, here are Manny and Gypsy."

[Symbol Clanging]

Manny and Gypsy enter the ring for their performance.

Manny: "From the most mysterious regions of uncharted Asia, I give you the Chinese Cabinet of Metamorphosis. and now I would like a volunteer to help me out with this super special magic trick."

Gypsy admires Manny just as he searches for a volunteer.

Gypsy: "I wonder who he's gonna pick. he always knows exactly what he's doing."

Manny goes right over to the audience, covers his eyes, points his finger just as he moves it around, then stops and opens his eyes. his right pointer finger lands right on Scarlet.

Manny: "Why hello there, Ma'am. it looks like I chose you to be my volunteer."

Scarlet: "Who me?"

Manny: "Yeah. you. come with me while I take you to the Chinese Cabinet of Metamorphosis."

Manny walks Scarlet right into the ring and right over to the empty Chinese rice box.

Manny: "Now, my dear. how 'bout you get right inside the cabinet and Gypsy and I will do the magic for you. go on, don't be terrified."

Scarlet: "Alright."

Scarlet flies right into the empty Chinese rice box and sits right down on the bottom end.

Francis (off screen): "Hey, who's in there with me?"

Scarlet: "Francis? it's me. Scarlet. what are you doing in here?"

Francis: "I'm here for Manny's magic performance. I'm supposed to pop right outta this box when Manny says the magic words."

Scarlet: "Oh yeah. I see."

Francis: "Hey. do you mind if I sit right next to you 'til Manny sounds the signal?"

Scarlet: "No, Francis. I don't mind at all."

Manny: "Transformation. transformation. transformation."

Francis: "Uh oh. that's my cue. gotta go right now, Scarlet."

Scarlet: "Francis, wait up."

The empty Chinese rice box magically bursts open and Francis pops right out of it and lands right in the ring.

Francis: Ta-Daaaaaaaaaaaaa!

[Crowd Cheering Wildly]

Fly Number 1: "I don't see any single difference at all,"

Fly Number 2: "I still see a female ladybug."

Francis doesn't say 1 single word to the flies in the audience this time.

Manny: "Aren't I just the greatest?"

Fly Number 3: "You're giving us a super big headache,"

Fly Number 2: "get off the stage already!"

Manny also ignores the flies in the audience who are insulted him.

Scarlet (from right inside the empty Chinese rice box): "Manny? can you get me outta here? this box is closed super tight."

Manny: "No problem, ma'am."

Manny and Gypsy tip the box right over and Scarlet falls right out of it.

Scarlet: "Thanks a bunch."

Manny: "You're welcome. say, what's your name, young ladybug?"

Manny: "I'm Scarlet."

Manny: "Why hello there, Scarlet. I'm super delighted to meet you. and Gypsy and I wanna thank you for participating in my magic performance today."

Scarlet: "You're welcome, Manny. any single time. (She pauses a bit.) where's Francis? I wanna congratulate him."

Manny: "He's just going backstage."

Scarlet: "Oh thanks a bunch."

Scarlet begins following Francis backstage.

Scarlet: "Hey, Francis! wait for me!"

Francis: "Oh hi there, Scarlet. I'm terribly sorry I had to cut you off. I had to do the performance."

Scarlet: "That's no problem at all. I just wanted to tell you how super thrilling you were in the magic performance. you were the greatest."

Francis: "Well thanks a bunch. so were you."

Scarlet: "Francis?"

Francis: "Yeah, Scarlet?"

Scarlet: [Kisses A Bit]

Francis faints right on the ground.

Scarlet: [Giggling A Bit]

Slim and Heimlich show up backstage.

Slim: "Francis? what are you doing on the ground? are you alright?"

Heimlich: "are you getting super hungry?"

Francis opens his eyes and sees Slim and Heimlich.

Francis: "You guys, I think I just got myself a 1 true love."

Slim: "What exactly are you talking about?"

Francis: "You remember Scarlet?" that beautiful yellow ladybug that I met earlier?"

Slim: "What about her?"

Heimlich: "Ja. vhat about her?"

Francis: "Well, you're not gonna believe this, you guys. but she actually kissed me."

Slim: "Oh how perfectly nice."

Heimlich: "Ja. I guess zat means she really loves you."

Francis: "Yahooooooo! I finally have a 1 true love! I finally have a 1 true love! and you guys don't! super lucky me!"

Francis runs away in super excitement.

Heimlich: "Oh boy, I sure vish I had a vun true love like Francis does. if I had a 1 true love like Scarlet, she would be a beautiful butterfly chust like me."

Slim: "So do I, Heimlich. so do I."

Rosie: "Hey, you guys. how 'bout heading right over to the Bug Bar for a super good bite to eat."

Heimlich: "A super good bite to eat? oh ja, Rosie. I'm super hungry for some yummy good food around here."

Slim: "Alright then. let's head right over to the Bug Bar now that the performance is over. come on, you guys. it's time for a dinner meal."

The Bug Bar

Slim: "Wow. I can't believe this."

Rosie: "Neither can I."

Slim: "Isn't it kind of strange and yet super exciting?"

Heimlich: "Oh Ja."

Dim: "Dim thinks it's super exciting."

Molt: "So do I."

Slim: "I do declare that this entire day's finally come. Francis has finally found his 1 true love."

Gypsy: "It's truly wonderful. and I thought nobody would wanna hang around him. he's always been super grouchy lately."

Manny: "Yes, of course. and now that Francis has got himself a 1 true love, I don't think he's gonna need to worry about being called female any longer since Scarlet's a female ladybug and Francis isn't."

Slim: "You're absolutely right, Manny."

Scarlet's speaking with Francis at their dining table nearest where the circus bugs are sitting.

Scarlet: "So, Francis. I recently heard that those flies in the audience at the bug circus have been calling you female since you're a ladybug just like me."

Francis: "Yeah, it's really super annoying of those pesky annoying flies to think I'm female. I just wish they would just stop and realize that I'm not. say, Scarlet. do I look like a female to you?"

Scarlet: "Not at all. you look a lot more like a male to me. and you definitely sound like a male. I like you just the way you are."

Francis: "You really do? why thanks a bunch. I never thought that anybuggy would say stuff like that and accept who I really am."

Scarlet: "Well, I think you're a super nice ladybug. and boy, aren't you the most wonderful ladybug I met in my entire life."

Francis: "You really think so? but I'm normally angry and upset all the time. well, according to my super good friends who say that and-"

Scarlet: "All of that doesn't even matter. all of that matters is the way you act like a gentlebug. you sure do know exactly how to treat a young lady with proper respect. I really love you more than anything, Francis."

Francis: "Oh, Scarlet, I really love you more than anything as well too."

Francis and Scarlet begin kissing 1 another and the 3 flies from the audience at the bug circus show up sooner or later.

Fly Number 1: "Why hello there again, girly bug."

Francis doesn't say 1 single word this time again.

Fly Number 2: "Why aren't you saying anything? are you too terrified ever since you gave us a beating at the bug circus earlier?"

Scarlet: "Hey, you leave Francis out of it! I'm female, not him! so if you revolting flies wanna call any other ladybugs female, you better do it to me! I'm not terrified of any of you!"

Scarlet uses her super powerful fists to throw a super big punch at every single 1 of the flies and knocking them out 1 by 1.

All Circus Bugs: [Gasping In Surprise And Amazement]

Slim: "Wow, did you guys see that? she's super strong and powerful."

Molt: "So am I."

Francis: "Wow, Scarlet. that was super thrilling. how exactly did you do that?"

Scarlet: "Well, Francis, I guess I just have the super powerful strength to stand up to your enemies. I'm terribly sorry you had to go through this all the time."

Francis: "It's no big deal. ever since you knocked those flies out, they're probably gonna know from now on that you're the female and I'm not."

Scarlet: "Uh huh. so you're safe and secure. and I'm here to protect you as well."

Francis: [Kisses A Bit]

Scarlet: [Chuckles A Bit]

Back on Ant Island again/the harvest festival party

Atta: "Alright, everybuggy. right before we go right out and begin the harvest festival party, we must go right over to the council chambers and mourn the loss and departure of the former queen of Ant Island. mine and Dot's mother. and I expect all of you to pay tribute for her as well."

They all follow Flik, Atta and Dot right through the Spiral Root in the anthill and right into the council chambers where they see the grave of Atta and Dot's mother, the former queen of Ant Island.

Atta: "Alright now, everybuggy. let's take an opportunity for 1 minute of silence to honor mine and Dot's mother's memories."

Atta places some daisies and tulips right in front of the tombstone. the other ants hold hands with 1 another and stand silently for 1 entire minute just as they stand right over the grave as well as saying a praise in their minds.

Atta: "Super good work, everybuggy. I'm pretty sure mother would've been super thrilled now that we did something super nice for her in her memories."

Flik: "I kinda miss our former queen of Ant Island. she was a super good queen. and I'm pretty sure she would've been super thrilled to have me as her son-in-law."

Atta: "I agree with you, Flik. she would've been super proud of both of us. but right now, let's not feel depressed, sorrowful and heartbroken any longer and go right back outside,"

Dot: "and begin the harvest festival party."

They all leave the anthill and stand right outside.

Flik grabs a megaphone to help begin the harvest festival party and hands it right over to Atta.

Atta: "Okay, everybuggy. are you prepared for Ant Island's 1st Annual harvest festival party?"

All Other Ants: "Yeeeeaaaah!"

Flik: "Let the harvest festival party begin!"

All Other Ants: "Yahooooooooooo!"

Dot and Blueberry Scouts: [Applauding] "Oh yeeeeeeeaaaah!"

The harvest festival party begins with lots of ants performing fun thrilled party music in a super big ant band. Flik, Atta, Dot and all of the other ants are doing some fun thrilled games and activities and they have some super good food products and beverages.

Meanwhile back at PT Flea's Bug Circus, the circus bugs are preparing to go to Ant Island so they can perform a super big performance at the harvest festival party.

Slim: "So which thing has every single 1 of you planned to do at the harvest festival party?"

PT Flea: "The usual, Slim. we're even gonna do our most popular flaming death performance as well."

All Circus Bugs: "Aw maaaaaaan."

Heimlich: "Anyzing but zat. I zink ve should impress everybuggy vith a super incredible different performance. anyzing but ze Flaming Death, PT Flea."

Tuck and Roll come right by and show off another kind of performance by using 1 of the late Hopper's antennas, but PT Flea disapproves.

PT Flea: "No! listen to me, all of you. the flaming death performance has been a super popular success ever since. I'm serious, do the performance or you're all fired. that's an order."

The circus bugs nod their head in agreement and Scarlet comes right by walking to the entire group.

Scarlet: "Hi there, everybuggy."

All Circus Bugs: "Hi there, Scarlet."

Dim: "Hi there, Ms. Ladybug. Dim like Ms. Ladybug."

Scarlet: "and hello there to you, Francis."

Scarlet: [Kisses A Bit]

Francis: "Hi there, Scarlet. it's super nice to see you again. did you have a super good time at the Bug Bar last evening?"

Scarlet: "I sure did, Francis. I really loved being there with you. especially since we were sitting together as always at another dining table. so what are you guys up to?"

Rosie: "We're about to fly right over to Ant Island since there's a harvest festival party going on there right now. would you like to come along with all of us, Scarlet?"

Scarlet: "Oh I would really love to join all of you guys. just as long as I have Francis there with me."

Francis: "You know I will."

PT Flea: "Alright, everybuggy, break a leg. let's go to the harvest festival party."

All Circus Bugs and Scarlet: "Yes, PT Flea."

Tuck: "You fired!"

Roll: "you fired!"

Slim: "Let's get the circus wagon."

Gypsy: "Don't forget to bring everything for our magic performance, Manny.".

Manny: "Yes, Gypsy. of course, my dear. I would be truly honored to do a super special magic performance for our super good friends, the ants of Ant Island."

He notices that Francis is missing.

Manny: "Hold it now. where's Francis?"

Slim: "Come on, Francis, it's time to go. we're all waiting."

Francis: "Come on, Scarlet. it's time to go to the harvest festival party on Ant Island."

Scarlet: "Alright, Francis. let's go."

The circus bugs board the circus wagon and Francis and Scarlet take off in mid-air together as always just as everybuggy does. Dim carries the circus wagon with his legs while PT Flea sits right in front holding the shoelace reins of the 2 millipedes. and the entire circus performers begin flying right over to Ant Island to join all of the ants at the harvest festival party.

[Bug Circus Music In Background]

Dot: "Look, everybuggy, it's PT Flea and the circus bugs!".

Blueberry Scout Number 1: "and there's Francis!"

Dot and Blueberry Scouts: "Yahooooooooooo!"

Dot and her Blueberry Scout friends run right over to Francis and give him a group snuggle.

Francis: "Hi there, girls. how's it going? did you really miss me?"

Dot: "Francis? who's that female ladybug right next to you?"

Francis: "Girls? this is my 1 true love, Scarlet."

Scarlet: "Hello there, girls. it's super nice to meet you. oh look at all of you. aren't you such little cutie cakes."

Dot and Blueberry Scouts: [Giggling A Bit]

Flik: "Hi there, Francis. what's new? oh, I see that you got yourself a 1 true love, didn't you?"

Francis: "Yeah. Flik, meet Scarlet. Scarlet, meet Flik."

Flik: "Hi there, Scarlet. it's a super pleasure to meet you. I'm Flik."

Scarlet: "It's super nice to meet you as well too, Flik."

Flik: "And this is my 1 true love, Atta."

Scarlet: "Hi there Your Highness."

Atta: [Chuckles A Bit] "Just call me Atta, Scarlet."

Mr. Soil: "Atta? do we have enough food products for ourselves and the grasshoppers as well?"

Atta: "Hmmm...let me check. (She looks right at the super big green leaf full of grains, berries and sweet peas.) yeah. we got plenty of it."

Mr. Soil: "Well, that's super good to know about, Your Highness. but I just wish the grasshoppers can find food products for themselves instead of having us be their slaves all the time."

Atta: "I know. so do I."

Flik: "But what exactly would happen if they-"

[More Buzzing Sounds] .

Aphie: [Whimpering In Fear]

Atta: "Oh my word! it's the grasshoppers again! they came right back! and there's more than before!"

Manny: "Oh dear! not them again!"

Cornelius: "Run away for your entire lives!"

Everybuggy runs away from the grasshoppers just as fast as their legs can carry them and hide away.

Hopper Jr.: "Well, I see that there's a fun thrilled party going on around here."

Flik: "What are you doing here, Hopper Junior? I already told you that you weren't invited."

Hopper Jr.: "Oh I'm not here to hurt any of you just yet. I'm here to crash your entire party. and I got even more grasshoppers to help m out. I got more than my father always had."

Dot: "No! please!" no! please! no! please! nooooooooooooo!"

Atta: "Don't worry about it, Dot. we're not gonna let those grasshoppers attack you. we promise that you'll be alright."

Flik: "Hopper Junior's just causing all of us trouble 'cause he's just pure evil."

Dr. Flora: "Your Highness. we need to do something about those grasshoppers."

Atta: "We know, Dr. Flora. we know."

Thorny: "But what? there's far too many grasshoppers to fight off."

Hopper Jr.: "There's no time to waste. it's time to destroy this harvest festival party and ruin the entire !"

Hopper Jr. and all of the grasshoppers begin terrorizing the ants by chasing them around in circles. they go hovering right above the ants and trying to capture them.

All Ants: [Screaming In Fear Again]

PT Flea: "This is a super big catastrophe. I thought those pure evil grasshoppers would never come back here or have a new leader to take over the late Hopper's place."

Molt: "Why I didn't even realize that my late brother, Hopper had a son to take over his place. I guess I was wrong."

Flik: "You guys! it's Hopper Junior! he's become the new grasshopper leader ever since Hopper's defeat!"

Scarlet: "Stand back, everybuggy. I'll give those grasshoppers 1 single piece of my mind."

Scarlet's just about to run right over to the grasshoppers when Francis stops her and pulls her way back to him.

Francis: "No, Scarlet. don't even do it."

Scarlet: "But something's gotta be done, Francis."

Francis: "Scarlet, I don't want you to get injured. those grasshoppers are more tougher than those pesky annoying flies."

Slim: "But Scarlet's absolutely right, Francis. something's gotta be done. we just can't let those grasshoppers destroy all of the fun and excitement."

Hopper Jr. and his pure evil grasshopper gang grab some of the food products and fly right into mid-air.

Hopper Jr.: "So long, you crazy maggots! I'll be right back. so you better have more food products. we'll be watching all of you. and especially you, Flik."

Hopper Jr.: [Pure Evil Laugh]

Hopper Jr. and his pure evil grasshopper gang fly away right back to their hideout.

Flik: "Well, I'm super thrilled that's over with for now."

Slim: "That was a super close 1."

Atta: "Dot? are you alright?"

Dot: "Yeah, Atta. I think so. but that Hopper Junior's just as mean and pure evil as the late Hopper himself."

Scarlet: "I never knew that those grasshoppers were tougher than those flies. you were absolutely right, Francis."

Francis: "Told you so. you alright?"

Scarlet: "Of course I'm alright. thanks a bunch, Francis."

PT Flea: "Say, are we gonna do this circus performance or what?"

Slim: "Why of course we are, PT Flea. let the performance begin."

Dot: "Oh boy. let's go watch the bug circus."

All of the circus bugs go right into their positions at the center of Ant Island just as all of the ants including Scarlet sit right around the performance in the audience. PT Flea jumps right out onto the center of the ring and takes a bow.

PT Flea: "Greetings and salutations, everybuggy. I'm the great PT Flea. and I'm here to present to all of you the greatest performance you'll ever see. Ladies and gentlebugs. PT Flea's Bug Circus."

[Crowd Applauding]

PT Flea: "Thanks a bunch, thanks a bunch. and now, for our 1st performance: flaming death."

[Crowd Cheering Wildly Again]

The circus bugs begin performing the flaming death performance just as PT Flea lights the trail of matches that are lined up.

[Crowd Applauding Again]

Dot: "Wow. that was super thrilling."

Atta: "It sure was, Dot, it sure was."

Flik: "Super incredibly thrilling."

Scarlet: "That's my super handsome Francis."

Francis kindly winks back at Scarlet.

PT Flea: "Thanks a bunch. thanks a bunch to all of you. you're super kind and gentle. thanks a bunch."

Manny: "Can we please not do that again for today? I want to do my magic performance."

PT Flea: "Alright, whatever you say, Manny. but make it super fast. we got more performances for these ants."

Manny does another magic performance with Gypsy, Tuck and Roll do a few acrobatic moves and tricks with the late Hopper's leftover antenna as their weapon, Molt lifts some super heavy objects, Rosie performs her rhinoceros beetle taming performance with Dim, and Heimlich, Francis, and Slim do some entertainment and tell a few jokes with their clown performance.

PT Flea: "I really hope you all enjoyed the performance, everybuggy. (He gets right back in the circus wagon.) "thanks a bunch for coming to see the greatest performance in the universe. you been a super fantastic audience. goodnight."

All Circus Bugs: "Wait, PT Flea! wait!"

PT Flea: "Now what?"

Slim: "Can't we stay just a bit longer at the harvest festival party? just for a bit?"

Molt: "Yeah. we just got here."

Dot and Blueberry Scouts: "Yeah. let them stay here. please?"

Dim: "Dim no wanna leave."

PT Flea: "Alright, fine. we can stay here. but just for a bit. we got another performance to do tomorrow morning. you got that?"

Francis: "Not again. come on, PT Flea. can't you just give us 1 single break for a bit?"

PT Flea: "No. you guys are making me cash. and you're making me the richest and the greatest. listen super closely. if I gave you guys more time off, that means no cash. and you know exactly how much I really love cash. so I want all of my cash and I wanna get it."

All Circus Bugs: "Awwwwwwwww!"

PT Flea: "Don't ever make me fire all of you again."

All Circus Bugs: [Sighing Heavily]

The other ants continue enjoying the harvest festival party despite the grasshopper attack. and none of the grasshoppers come back for the rest of the entire day. not even the new leader of the pack, Hopper Jr. himself.

The grasshoppers' hideout

Hopper Jr.: "Let's see. what to do around here. what to do around here."

Experion: "What do you think we should do, boss?"

Hopper Jr.: "I just said the exact same thing. now. how to get revenge. revenge. revenge. hmmm...I got it."

All Other Grasshoppers: "What?"

Hopper Jr.: "I remember…right before my father passed away, I remember seeing him trying to choke that ant half to death who stood up to him."

Loco: "Which ant, boss?"

Hopper Jr.: "Flik. and Flik mentioned that he built a false wild bird to terrify my father in the 1st place. and the real wild bird came when Flik said it was 1 of his wild bird tricks. so that means Flik's responsible for killing my father off. and he actually meant to kill him off for good."

All Other Grasshoppers: "Ohhhhhhhh."

Stoungy: "So what's the plan, boss?"

Hopper Jr.: "You see? we're gonna kill Flik off."

All Other Grasshoppers: "Kill Flik off?!"

Hopper Jr.: "Listen here, you goof brains. it's the only way to punish him and the other ants for killing my father off."

Jumper: "But Flik's got his inventions that help the ants give us the food products,"

Grassy: "we can't kill him off. you're super crazy."

Hopper Jr.: "I'm the boss here and we're gonna do exactly as I say. is that understood?"

The grasshoppers nod their heads silently in agreement.

Hopper Jr.: "Now we're gonna destroy Flik whether you like it or not. so who's with me?"

All of the grasshoppers raise their hands except for Jumper and Grassy who really love Flik's inventions.

Hopper Jr.: "Very well then. let's ride."

Hopper Jr. and all of the grasshoppers fly right outta the hideout and head right over back to Ant Island so they can do the plan and get their revenge.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon at PT Flea's Bug Circus, the circus bugs leave the harvest festival party ever since PT Flea made them leave super early so they can practice another performance for their next performance. however, Francis wasn't really concentrating on his performance 'cause he was concentrating on Scarlet.

PT Flea: "Francis, concentrate on your performance."

Francis: "Sorry 'bout that."

Scarlet: "I'm terribly sorry you need to do this every single day. it must be such backbreaking work. and PT Flea's always super serious about things."

Scarlet: "It's no big deal, Scarlet. I'm used to it by the way."

Scarlet: "If you don't really like practicing that much like every single hour, you should just quit your career and leave the bug circus."

Francis: "But I can't do that, Scarlet. the bug circus is my entire life. and it's my only career. and besides, I like entertaining everybuggy. and I really like it when you come to see the performance. you know, Scarlet. ever since I met you, I been super thrilled lately."

Scarlet: "You have? but I thought you were always angry and upset and-"

Francis: "I'm less like that right now. especially towards you. you see? I didn't wanna show my aggression towards you. 'cause if I did, you wouldn't even like me at all. so I tried to be just as kind hearted as a ladybug should be. that way, you can still have a super good impression about me."

Scarlet: "Well, you did a super thrilling job doing that, Francis. I'm super impressed."

Francis: "Thanks a bunch. I'm so thrilled I found you, Scarlet. with you at my side, I'll never need to worry about being called female ever again. I really love you more than anything."

Scarlet: "Oh thanks a bunch, Francis. I really love you more than anything as well too."

Francis and Scarlet: [Kissing A Bit]

PT Flea: "Francis! stop that kissing and sweetness with your 1 true love and get back to work! we got a performance coming right up!"

Francis: "Oh. sir yes sir. coming, PT Flea. sorry, Scarlet. I need to get back to work on the circus performance right now. but don't worry about it, you can still watch me perform it. I'll speak with you later on."

Scarlet: "Okay. I understand. you probably don't wanna let good old PT Flea down. but I know you'll be the greatest. good luck with your next performance."

Back on Ant Island again

Flik: "That sure was a super thrilling party. wasn't it, Atta?"

Atta: "It sure was, Flik. except when the grasshoppers crashed the harvest festival party."

Flik: "It's alright, Atta. at least it's over for now."

Atta: "You really do have 1 single point."

Flik and Atta sit right down together as always on the root of a super big tree and look right at the moon rising into the evening skies. .

Flik: "It's getting late. what do you say we begin heading right for bed?"

Atta: [Yawning A Bit] "Sure, Flik. I'm getting super tired right after such a super long and busy day."

Dot (with Aphie in her arms): "I'm really super tired. I'm gonna go right to sleep. goodnight Flik and Atta."

Atta: "Goodnight, Dot. [Kisses A Bit] have a super good beauty sleep."

Dot goes right inside the anthill, goes right into her bedroom and falls asleep in her bed. then all of the ants on Ant Island go right into the anthill and fall asleep waiting for a brand new day ahead of them.

The very next morning, all of the ants wake up and begin doing their jobs by getting food products for themselves and the grasshoppers.

Dot: "Can't the grasshoppers ever learn that they should collect food products for themselves?"

Atta: "I just wish they would, Dot."

Squiggly: "It's like we're their every single day slaves."

Gadget: "You got that right, Squiggly,"

Pebbles: "this is just torture."

Flik: "I don't like this either. but we need to do this or the grasshoppers would be super angry and upset and threaten another terrible and horrible incident like yesterday afternoon."

All of a sudden, lots of shadow figures come right above the ants. it's Hopper Jr. and the rest of his pure evil grasshopper gang.

Atta: "Oh dear! it's them! hide me, Flik!"

Flik: "Don't worry about it, Atta. I'll protect you like always. into the anthill, everybuggy!"

But right before they reach the anthill, Hopper Jr. swoops right over Atta, grabs her and flies away with her as well.

Atta: "Flik! help me! heeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeee!"

Flik: "Atta! nooooooooooooooo!"

Hopper Jr.: "So long, pathetic losers."

Hopper Jr.: [Laughing Evilly]

Mr. Soil: "Dear me! this is terrible and horrible! whatever are we gonna do, Flik?! the queen of Ant Island's been taken away!"

Dot: "Yeah. we gotta do something about it. we gotta rescue her right away."

Dr. Flora: "But how exactly are we gonna do that?"

Flik: "I don't know. I can't get to her right away 'cause I can't fly around."

Dot: "I sure wish the circus bugs were here. they'll save the entire day."

All Circus Bugs: "Have no fear. PT Flea's Bug Circus is here."

Flik: "Whoa. how exactly did you guys get here super fast?"

Manny: "Just a little bit of magic."

Dim: "Maaaagic."

Tuck: "You fired!"

Roll: "you fired!"

Heimlich: "Hellooooo."

The ants are super thrilled to see the circus bugs.

Flik: "Oh. magic's always super thrilling. but enough of that. my 1 true love got taken away by Hopper Junior. and I need to get her back right before he proposes to her to become the king of Ant Island. would you guys help me out here?"

Slim: "Of course we can, Flik. we're always here to help fight those pure evil grasshoppers and get rid of them for good."

Francis: "You can count on us, Flik."

Gypsy: "But let's hurry it up right now. we have to rescue Atta. I can see exactly where Hopper Junior's flying with her."

Scarlet: "Leave it to me, you guys." (She begins flying around and following Hopper Jr. around.) "I'll go rescue her right away."

Francis: "Scarlet, wait for me! I'm coming with you! I don't want you to rescue her on your own! you might get injured!"

Hopper Jr.'s still flying away super fast, grabbing Atta by her right wrist tightly. and he doesn't even notice Scarlet and Francis following them around. Atta turns right over and notices Francis and Scarlet following right behind her and Hopper Jr. and the 2 ladybugs grab Atta right outta Hopper Jr.'s grasp and fly right back with her.

Atta: "Francis? Scarlet?"

Scarlet: "Don't worry about it, Atta. we're here to rescue you."

Francis: "That's exactly right. and we're here to teach those grasshoppers a super good lesson. now come on. let's get you back to Ant Island."

Hopper Jr.'s now angry and upset.

Hopper: "Hey! come back here, you crazy little termites! give me back Atta! she's my soon to be wife! and you're not gonna take her away from me!"

Scarlet: "Oh yes we are!"

Francis: "and we happen to be ladybugs, not termites!"

Francis and Scarlet: "Save it for the judge and the jury, Hopper Junior!"

Scarlet: "Now come on, Atta. let's get you back home safe and secure."

Atta, Scarlet and Francis reach the ground. everybuggy's overjoyed to see her back safe and secure.

Flik: "Atta. oh thank goodness. are you alright? I was super worried about you. I thought he was gonna attack you."

Atta: "Of course I'm alright, Flik. thanks a bunch."

Flik: "No problem. but right now, let's get right back to the-"

Hopper Jr. snatches Flik away from Atta, wraps his hands right around Flik's throat and begins choking him a bit.

All Other Ants: [Gasping In Fear]

Hopper Jr.: "You really think it's over yet? listen to me, Flik. she's mine for good. I'm gonna marry Atta and become the king of Ant Island. and you're not. [Snaps Fingers] Thumper!"

Thumper shows up right in front of Flik.

Thumper: "Finally. payback time."

Thumper begins beating Flik up.

Flik: "Yoooooow! stop! stop!"

Thumper throws 1 final punch and knocks Flik right out on the ground.

All Other Ants: [Gasping In Shock]

Atta: "Flik! nooo!"

Atta runs right over to Flik whose eyes are closed, but his entire body wasn't really motionless.

Atta: "What the crud did you do to him?!"

Hopper Jr. just smiles a bit sneakingly.

Atta: "Flik. Flik? wake up. please wake up."

Flik doesn't wake up. he doesn't even move 1 single muscle.

All Other Ants: [Gasp In Horror]

Atta: "No, please, no, please! nooooooooooooooo! Flik! speak to me! please don't pass away! don't leave me here, Flik. I really love you."

To her surprise, a few minutes later, Flik regains consciousness. he opens his eyes up.

Flik: [Coughing A Bit]

Flik: "Atta? is that really you? are you alright?"

Atta: "Flik! thank goodness you're still alive!"

All Other Ants: "Yahoooooooooooo!"

Atta: "Oh, Flik. we thought you were deceased."

Dot: "we thought we were gonna lose you for good."

Flik: "Well, at least I'm still around."

Atta: "I'm so thrilled."

Dot: "So am I."

Aphie: [Barking In Reply]

Flik: "Hey, where's Hopper Junior? is he still here trying to kill us off?"

Everybuggy turns right over to see Scarlet who's beating up Hopper Jr. with all of her might. she throws her super powerful fist at him.

Scarlet: "How do you like that?!" huh?!"

She grabs a stick and hits Hopper Jr. right in the side with it like a baseball bat and knocking him right over to the ground. then the Blueberry Scouts arrive and begin throwing blueberries all over Hopper Jr.'s face.

Scarlet: "I bet you really like that too this'll teach you a super good lesson on trying to kill my super good friends off! take this and that! and take that, you cold-hearted son of a creep!"

Flik and Atta: "Go, Scarlet! go!"

All Circus Bugs: "Go get him, Scarlet!"

Tuck and Roll: "Charge ya!" .

Tuck and Roll pound right down on Hopper Jr. and begin pulling 1 of his antennas.

Right after a few more minutes of Scarlet beating Hopper Jr. up, Hopper Jr.'s now covered in bruises and scratch marks. he's now too weak to move around.

Scarlet: "There. that'll show you."

Hopper Jr.: "Owwww..."

Stoungy: "Let's get outta here right before that ladybug tries to kill us off!"

All of the grasshoppers fly away from Ant Island and to a far away place. Flik places Hopper Jr. right on his new daisy catapult and releases the lever.

Flik: "So long to you, Hopper Junior! happy trails!"

Hopper Jr.: "Whooooooooooooooooaaa!"

[Crowd Laughing Wildly]

Slim: "How exactly did she do that, Francis?"

Francis: "I guess my 1 true love's tough on those grasshoppers just as she is with those flies. she's super brave and tough. a super brave and tough ladybug like me."

Rosie: "That's super thrilling that you're both tough."

Heimlich: "Ja. super tough indeed."

Thorny: "I never thought a ladybug like you could be super tough on those grasshoppers."

Scarlet: "Oh it was nothing. really. but it was worth it."

Francis: "That's my 1 true love."

Scarlet: [Kisses A Bit]

PT Flea: "Well, Scarlet. I'm super impressed. you really know how exactly to kick some grasshopper behind."

PT Flea: "Why thanks a bunch, PT Flea."

That evening right after the final battle fight and defeat of Hopper Jr., all of the ants and the circus bugs go right into the anthill. Atta's super proud of Flik who's once again the brave young hero of Ant Island.

Atta: "You really did it, Flik."

Flik smiles a bit.

Mr. Soil: "I gotta say it, my dear boy. you're once again our brave young hero."

Gypsy: "and you're a super good inventor who builds things that help your colony and things that protect your colony as well."

Flik: "Thanks a bunch, everybuggy."

Thorny: "Whatever would we do without Flik to invent something to make our entire lives so much better? there would be no Ant Island at all."

Cornelius: "You're absolutely right, Thorny. we collect all of the food products we need faster than we normally do."

Dot: "and for my best friend for life, Flik'll always be here for me, Atta and Aphie. isn't that absolutely right, Flik?"

Flik smiles a bit at Dot and winks respectively at Atta.

Atta: "That's exactly right, Dot. we got super close ever since the final battle fight with the grasshoppers."

Rosie: "and that's a super good thing, Dot. with you as the young princess and your sister as the queen of Ant Island, you got Flik like he's part of your entire family."

Slim: "Yeah. part of the entire family."

Scarlet: "Speaking of relationships."

Flik: "Speaking of true family and relationships. Atta?"

Atta: "Yeah, Flik?"

Flik: "I think it's finally time."

Atta: "Time for what?"

Flik kneels right down right before Atta. he takes out a wedding ring made from grass blades and a bright blue sparkle gem on it just as he holds it right out to Atta.

Flik: "Atta? will you marry me?"

Atta: "Oh, Flik. yes. of course I'll marry you."

Flik and Atta snuggle up with 1 another.

[Crowd Cheering And Applauding]

Dr. Flora: "How super exciting. we're gonna have a wedding ceremony on Ant Island. and we're gonna have the soon to be king of the colony."

Dot: "Wow. Flik's gonna become my brother in law."

Flik and Atta's wedding ceremony

Francis: "Isn't this super exciting, Dr. Flora?"

Dr. Flora: "Yes, Francis. of course it is. I just can't believe Atta and Flik are getting married to 1 another. and Flik's gonna be our king of Ant Island."

Dot: "Mother would've been super proud of both Atta and Flik if she was still around."

Dr. Flora: "Oh come on, Dot. it's gonna be alright. at least you still got your sister and your new soon to be brother in law. now be super silent. the wedding ceremony's about to begin."

Ant Orchestra: [Playing Wedding March Intro]

Dot walks right up the aisle to the altar dressed up as a flower girl. Tuck and Roll go right up the aisle to the altar dressed up as ring bearers carrying the wedding ring. Gypsy walks right up the aisle to the altar dressed up as a bridesmaid. Manny walks right up the aisle to the altar dressed up as a best man. Rosie walks right up the aisle to the altar dressed up as a maid of honor. Dim comes walking right up the aisle to the altar dressed up as a groomsman.

Mr. Soil, who's chosen to be the 1 to bless the marriage, stands right in the center of the altar with the flower girl, ring bearers, best man, bridesmaid, maid of honor, and groomsman, all standing in position on the altar. as well as Flik was standing right on the altar right next to Mr. Soil as well. Flik's wearing a bright white flower bowtie on his neck bright white flower cuffs on his wrists and a bright white flower waistband.

Atta walks right down the aisle on a bright red leaf in her wedding outfit that was made from bright white flower petals holding a bright pink tulip.

Slim: "You look super beautiful, Your Highness."

Francis is sitting with Scarlet right at the front of the aisle. he smiles and winks at Dot respectively just as he and Scarlet admire how beautiful and adorable she looked as a flower girl.

Mr. Soil: "We're all here today to encourage, celebrate and support the cheerfulness of these 2 ants: Flik and Atta. they're gonna make and share in the joy and cheerfulness that experience just as they pledge their true love and commitment to 1 another. Flik, do you take Atta here to be your lawful wedded wife? to have and to hold? for the richest or for the poor? for good or for sickness? will you promise to really love her? console her? honor her? and keep her in sickness? and in health? and for the sake of all others, keep the only unto her? so just as long as you both shall live?"

Flik: "I do."

Mr. Soil: "and, Atta. do you take Flik here to be your lawful wedded husband? to have and to hang on to? for the richest? or for the poor? for good or for the sickness? will you promise to really love him? console him? honor him and keep him in sickness and in health? and for the sake of all others, keep the only unto him? so just as long as you both shall live?"

Atta: "I do."

Tuck and Roll hold out the wedding ring to Manny and Manny takes the wedding ring and hands it right over to Mr. Soil. Mr. Soil hands the wedding ring to Flik and Flik places the wedding ring on Atta's right ring finger and smiles at her lovingly.

Mr. Soil: "I now pronounce you the king and queen of Ant Island. you may now kiss the bride."

Flik and Atta: [Kissing A Bit]

[Crowd Cheering And Applauding]

Scarlet: [Sniffs A Bit] "Oh, Francis. I never been super proud in my entire life to go to a wedding ceremony with you."

Francis: "Neither have I. how exactly would you like to have our wedding ceremony like this 1?"

Slim rushes right over and picks up the ladybug couple.

Slim: "Come on, you 2. it's time for the super big celebration right after the wedding ceremony."

During the reception, Flik and Atta romantically danced around with 1 another by celebrating their entire day. Manny and Gypsy join in with them. Francis and Scarlet come along. there's lots of dance offs, karaoke singing, speaking, and even a fun thrilled game.

Atta: "Alright, everybuggy. who wants to play the flower bouquet catch game?"

All Ants and Circus Bugs and Scarlet: "We do."

Atta: "Super good. okay. get prepared. 1...2...and...3."

Atta throws the tulip right behind her and right towards the entire crowd. and all of the female bugs run right over to the tulip trying to catch it. and the 1 to catch the tulip turns out to be Scarlet.

Francis: "Way to go, Scarlet. way to go."

Dot and Blueberry Scouts: "Yahoo for Scarlet."

Scarlet: "It looks like you and I are next to be married to 1 another, Francis. yahoo!"

Francis: "You said it, Scarlet. we sure are."

[Crowd Laughing And Cheering]

Dim: "Dim like fun thrilled parties."

Heimlich: "Ja. so do I."

Later that evening during sunset, Flik and Atta walked around together as always hand in hand and climb aboard on Dim's back side.

Flik: "I really love you more than anything, Atta."

Atta: "I really love you more than anything as well too, Flik."

Flik and Atta: [Kissing A BIt Again].

[Crowd Cheering Wildly Again]

End Production Credits/Outtakes and Bloopers

Directed by Josh Cooley

Director: "Speed! marker! and action!

Mr. Soil (waving hello to Flik): "Hey there, Flik!"

Flik: "Oh hi there, Mr. Soil. what brings you here?"

Mr. Soil: "I'm here to tell you that we're planning to have-"

Mr. Soil: [Coughing A Bit]

Flik: "Can we please get some cough drops on the set?!"

Director: "Cuuuuuuuuut!"

Produced by Andrew Stanton and Jonas Rivera

Director: "Ready? and action!"

Francis: "Listen here, fly boys! I'm not gonna take this constant teasing and rudeness from you any longer! I'm not female! I'm a-wait, what's my line again?"

Director: "Cut! I'm a male ladybug! you think you're intelligent?! so knock it off right now and know that, got it?"

Screenplay written by Stephany Folsom, John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter

Director: "And action!"

PT Flea: "Darn you pathetic losers! what's the matter with you crazy cowards?! you're messing up for the 12th time!"

PT Flea looks like he's speaking to Francis, Heimlich, Rosie, Dim, Gypsy, Manny, Tuck and Roll, but instead, he's speaking to Wheezy from the Toy Story film series.

Wheezy: "Was I super good? do I really get the part in the next movie?"

Director: "Cut! who put the little squeak toy penguin on the set? security!"

Music composed by Randy Newman

The circus bugs are flying around with Dim and PT Flea's bug circus wagon on their way to the harvest festival on Ant Island, but they stop in their tracks.

Heimlich: "Oh boy, I sure hope ve can stop for a light snack break."

Voice Cast Members Credits

Dave Foley as Flik (voice)

Julia Louis Dreyfus as Atta (voice)

David Hyde Pierce as Slim (voice)

Ellarose Kaylor as Dot (voice)

Jerome Ranft as Heimlich and Wheezy (outtakes and bloopers) (voices)

Bonnie Hunt as Rosie (voice)

Denis Leary as Francis (voice)

Cameron Diaz as Scarlet (voice)

John Cleese as Manny (voice)

Drew Barrymore as Gypsy (voice)

Mark Charnock as Mr. Soil (voice)

Jim Cummings as Thorny (voice)

Steven Kynman as Cornelius (voice)

Gilbert Gottfried as Flashback Hopper (voice)

Richard Kind as Molt (voice)

Michael McShane as Tuck and Roll (voices)

Brad Garrett as Dim (voice)

Edie McClurg as Dr. Flora (voice)

John Ratzenberger as PT Flea (voice)

Phil Davis as Hopper Jr. (voice)

Bill Hader as Experion (voice)

Tony Hale as Jumper (voice)

David Lander as Thumper (voice)

Jan Rabson as Axel (voice)

Carlos Alazraqui as Loco (voice)

Neil Ross as Stoungy (voice)

James Franco as Skippy (voice)

Michael Keaton as Bopper (voice)

Tim Blake Nelson as Grassy (voice)

Kerry Shale as Magma (voice)

Zac Efron as Scruffy (voice)

Music Video: Can't Stop the Feeling (Karaoke Dance Off Rendition)

Heimilch: "Do you really zink zat everybuggy's bright und cheerful, Flik?"

Flik: "Of course they are, Heimlich, it's right inside all of us. and I can almost feel it."

[Music In Background]

Flik: I got this feeling

inside my bones

it goes electric wavy

when I turn it on

Heimlich: all through my city

all through my home

ve're flying up

no ceiling

vhen ve're in our sone

Thorny: I got that

sunshine in my pocket

got that good soul

in my feet

Slim: I feel that

hot blood

in my body

when it drops

Dot and Blueberry Scouts: "Whoooooooooaaa."

Molt: I can't take my eyes

up off it

moving so phenomenally

Manny: room on lock

the way we rock it

so don't stop

Mr. Soil: and under the lights

when everything goes

nowhere to hide

when I'm getting

you close

Francis: when we move

well you already know

Cornelius: so just imagine

Molt: just imagine

Heimlich: chust imagine

Dim: nothing Dim can see

but you

when you dance, dance, dance

PT Flea: feel a good, good

creeping up on you

so just dance, dance, dance

come on

Cornelius: all those things

I shouldn't do

but you dance, dance, dance

Francis: and ain't nobuggy

leaving soon

so keep dancing

Dr. Flora: I can't stop the feeling

Heimlich: so chust dance, dance, dance

Atta: I can't stop the feeling

Scarlet: so just dance, dance, dance

come on

Dot: oh it's something magical

it's in the air

it's in my blood

it's rushing on

Molt: don't need to reason

don't need control

I fly so high

no ceiling

when I'm in my zone

Flik: I got that

sunshine in my pocket

got that good soul

in my feet

Francis: I feel that

hot blood

in my body

when it drops

Molt: I can't take my eyes

up off it

moving so phenomenally

Slim: room on lock

the way we rock it

so don't stop

Heimlich: und under ze lights

vhen everyzing goes

novhere to hide

vhen I'm getting you close

Thorny: when you move

well you already know

Cornelius: so just imagine

Mr. Soil: just imagine

Rosie: just imagine

Dot: nothing I can see

but you

when you dance, dance, dance

Atta: all those things

I shouldn't do

but you dance, dance, dance

Flik: and ain't nobuggy

leaving soon

so keep dancing

Heimlich: I can't stop ze feeling

Dr. Flora: so chust dance, dance, dance

Mr. Soil: I can't stop the feeling

Francis: so just dance, dance, dance

come on

A memorial dedication reads: In Memoriam: Phyllis Diller (1917-2012) and Alex Rocco (1936-2015)