Idea from "Good Girls" taken from the Rio and Beth car scene.

He had a selection, but he chose the truck.

It was comfortable and low maintenance. It had nothing to do with Mason getting into the truck ass -first every time. No, that reason never crossed his mind….He suddenly misses that moment as the gentle slam of the door clouds his ears. He rolls down the window, being in here with him suddenly felt too cramped. This confusing warm fuzzy feelings making him itch. He's angry at Mason for causing them. He can't look at him, though he knows he looks hot, he's always hot!

"Why the fuck did you call?" Theo asks staring straight ahead.

"Hey Thee! FBI has been buzzing around my workplace"


"Yeah….how did you guess?" Mason asks, tapping his arm rest.

"Try not to tap my car. McCall's got a bug up his ass about me"

"What do we tell do I explain how an earth we know each other?"

"You're so smart and handsome" He says it in a mocking way, so Mason can't tell that he means it. "You'll think of something. Tell him we fucked. Tell him we dated. Tell him I'm a movie buff, like you. We done?" Theo asks. Silently hoping that they're not done. That that he'll ask him where he's driving and want to come along.

"Actually I'm not" Mason turns to him and grabs his arm, gently tappng him with his index finger. You beautiful dark horse Theo. How could you NOT tell me?" He yells excitedly.

"Tell you what?" Theo said shaking him off.

"Scott McCall"


"Why didn't you tell me he's one of the most hottest agents in Beacon Hills! When he came to my job, he turned every head in the room! He's gorgeous! You should have been a noble gangster and given me the heads up!"

Theo shifts to his right to shield the hurt in his eyes and stares blankly at the window pane. "You can fuck off now"

"Not before I get Scott's number. Actually, can you pass on my number to him? It's not like I've been super busy at work and Patty will let me…." He grits his teeth in pain as The criminal sharply grabs both of his wrists.

"Ahh...Theee...that hurts!"

"Good! Pain will knock some sense into you! Good"

"Thee!" Mason pleads.

"No! Don't Thee me! Do you think this is a fucking game!" Theo spits out, eyes glowing. Growl hammering in his chest. "I'm trying to keep my illegal business afloat, and keep your pretty little mouth shut at the same time. You honestly want me to risk my freedom so you can get laid by some dick-head FBI agent? Are you SERIOUS?" He feels his claws cut through flesh, apologetic, he lets him go. "I just..."

"Don't bother apologising, you don't mean it!" Mason yells, rubbing his bruises before getting out of the car with cat like precision. He knew he didn't deserve that. It was a dumb question, but Mason shouldn't have been punished like that. With supernatural violence that left him battered and bruised.

"Raeken, you're an ass-hole" Theo admitted to himself as his glowing eyes reflected on his guilty face.