Chapter 1: Having a Bad Time.

Sans was having a really bad time today.

The star projectors were down, all of them having been ripped apart, and neither Alphys, Papyrus, or himself could fix them. Not that he had the time to look it over too well. The core (something that hecould fix, but needed a lot of time) was acting up and causing frequent power outages, and the third monster that week had gone missing from Snowdin. As Captain of the Royal Guard for the area, he was responsible for any searches in the around the town. He was getting updates from the separate teams constantly, but he stopped checking after the 500th one, because (1) he was lazy, and (2) they were all almost exactly like the first: no sign of any missing monsters. Maybe that's why he had the worst feeling about the day when he woke up that morning. It couldn't get worse, right?

Frisk was having the worst day of her life.

Just because she was the youngest detective on the force, at only 22 years old, and busted the largest child-trafficking ring Ebott County had seen in years didn't mean that she was qualified to solve all seven of the missing child cases that had gone cold all those years ago. Hell, some of them are from when she was four! But here she was, trekking alone up a mountain at five in the morning to see what the others had missed, if there even was anything left.

She arrived at the first campsite at about 5:24, and spent about another hour searching the area for clues. Unsurprisingly, there was none. So she moved up to the next camp. Rinse and repeat. By 12 'o clock she was at the camp number four, the last official campsite before the long hike to the peak. It was already pretty cold up here, and she doubted that any of the children could have gone up any further. At least, that's what the older detectives had told her. Most had turned around at this point. She could only go on herself because of her favorite purple sweater. Frisk decided to go up just a little further before she would make her way back down the mountain. Just in case, she told herself.

The path became much more treacherous the further she went, unmaintained by the park. Icy rocks, uprooted trees, signs of wild bear. The whole shtick. There's nothing up here, Frisk thought. Then something caught her eye. A small green backpack. It was almost invisible from one side, its shade almost perfectly matching the trees. The only reason she had seen it was because she was uphill from it. Its other side was a striped yellow, dirtied from years worth of weather stains, she figured. Frisk took out her utility knife and began cutting through brambles and branches, making her way towards the pack deep in the forest. She cut one of the straps off of it, releasing it from the tangled branches. She pulled gloves on, not wanting to contaminate the possible evidence any further. Inside was a bunch of old, disgusting chocolate bars, having been expired for at least a decade, a lighter, and a piece of weathered paper, only barely protected by the canvas of the backpack. This isn't just a paper, but a letter.

Frisk gingerly peeled the envelope open, and unfolded the lined paper she found inside. It was mostly water-stained, but still partially readable.

J n 10th 2 13,

I'm so ry. I ca 't s ay here. I'm a mons r. If ou f nd th s, I'm pr ably alread de d. ake sure that Patience and Dus in d n't come lo ing for me. Tell th m that I wi l mi s hem. Tell th m tha I ent on an adve ture. Y ah, tell t em th t. They w re always a bit gu lible.

on't c me looki g for me.


Tears pricked Frisk's eyes. If she interpreted the date correctly, this was the first child that had gone missing, Chara Becker. And if she understood what the message was saying, the child had come here to die. What could have happened in her life for such a young child to want to commit suicide? She rubbed the tears from her eyes. She still had a job to do. She noticed there was a small path that lead further into the center of the mountain, rather than spiraling around like the maintained path did. Deciding to follow it, she slung the remaining strap of the backpack over her shoulder. It lead her to the mouth of a cave. The young detective took out a tactical flashlight and shined it within, her other hand on her holster. You never knew if a bear or other wild animal could be living in the cave. She didn't find a bear.

Lined up against the walls were more children's backpacks of varying shapes and sizes, shades and colors. Each one of them was dirty and ripped up, most likely from wild animals. Past the backpacks was a deep hole. Some investigation told Frisk that the drop was almost impossibly deep. Six backpacks. Six children. This had to be more than just a coincidence. Frisk was about to examine the packs when a loud roar came from the opening of the cave. Oh. There's the bear.

The large brown animal growled, and Frisk shined her flashlight in its eyes, hoping to scare it away and avoid a nasty confrontation. Unfortunately, this only provoked the beast, and an even more threatening growl emanated from its mouth as the bear stood up on its hind legs. Oh shit. Frisk pulled her service pistol out of her holster, but the bear was faster. It swiped a meaty paw, claws out. The claws ripped through her thigh and Frisk's aim faltered. She fired, but all her bullet hit was stone. The bear gave a roar and lunged. Frisk was knocked back and she stumbled. There was a crumbling noise, and the floor beneath her gave way. The young detective could only scream as she and her flashlight tumbled into the pit.

(Oh crap. Heya, partner, you awake?) There was a pause. (Gah, this is stupid. You probably can't even hear me. I hope you still wake up though, else you're gonna bleed out all over these nice flowers.)

Frisk's eyes slowly opened. White light filled her vision and she winced. She forced herself to sit up. Her head was spinning. She looked back down at the floor. Well, that solves what the light is. Her flashlight was laying on the cold floor across from her, aimed exactly where her head was just a few moments earlier. She picked it up, along with her handgun nearby. She holstered the weapon.

(Oh good, you're awake.)

"Who's there?" Frisk asked, freaked out by the voice she had heard. She winced as got up to stand. Her leg was bleeding badly, but it looked worse that it probably was.

(C-can you hear me?)

"Yeah, I can hear you. Where are you?"

(Ohmygod. You can hear me.) The voice sounded excited, full of childish energy. It kinda reminded Frisk of her kid sister at home, who was just starting high school.

"Yes, we've established that, but where are you?"

(Oh, uh, I'm kinda… dead. I think. Your presence must have woken me up or… something. I've been waiting about five minutes for you to wake up.)

"What? You?" Frisk took a couple of deep breaths as she processed all the information overloading her aching head. "Okay Frisk, you're either crazy, or you can talk with ghosts now." Then panic suddenly hit the detective. "Oh crap, am I dead?"

(Haha, no. At least, not yet. You should get some help for that leg of yours.)

"Oh good." Frisk took a quick look around. "How did I get here?"

(You fell.)

"Huh?" Frisk took a look upwards. Sure enough, there was a hole that lead far up into the sky. Or at least, towards the sky. "How the hell did I survive that?"

(Probably those golden flowers you're standing on.) Frisk looked down at the flowers surrounding her feet. Some of them were stained a sickly blood red from the gashes in her leg.

"Okay… I'll roll with it."

"Hey! You there!" Frisk turned her head to face the speaker. She looked around her when she saw no one. "No, down here!" Down the cave was a lone golden flower with a… face. Frisk limped closer to he flower.

"Uh, hi? Did you say something?" She felt stupid talking to a flower.

"Howdy! The name's Flowey, Flowey the flower!"

Wow, very original.


Yeah. Hold up a second! You can hear my thoughts?

(Pay attention, he's still talking to you!)

"You're probably wondering where you are, huh?"

"Yeah…" Frisk responded confusedly. She really was talking to a flower.

"Well, I'm here to help you! Welcome to the Underground, where monsters have been sealed away by human kind for hundreds of years!"

(He seemed a little too happy to say that.)

I noticed.

"So, uh, how do I get out?" asked Frisk.

"Simple! You just need to make it through the Underground and the barrier!"

"The barrier?"

"Yep! It's what is keeping all of us trapped down here!" Frisk frowned again. Flowey seemed a little too eager, too excited, too happy saying some of these dismal sounding facts. He sounded like a stereotypical crazy person. Her hand instinctively hovered over her gun.

"But," Flowey continued, "you will likely encounter some other monsters, so you'll need to understand how to interact with them. Let me show you!" Suddenly, Frisk was surrounded by a black void with green grid-lines.

"What's going on?"

"This is a battle!" Frisk frowned.

"A battle?"

"Yep! But don't worry, it isn't that bad. You see that panel in front of you?" Frisk looked down, and saw a white bar with some text around it. Below that were orange boxes with words and symbols in them. It reminded her of an old video game.

"That bar in the center is your health! Don't let it drop to zero!"

"I get that much, but what is LV, level?"

"Nope, it stands for LOVE!"

"Okay then…" Flowey took a look at Frisk's stats and whistled.

"Golly! Buddy, it looks like you have a high amount of LOVE!" Frisk peered at her stats. From what the GUI said, she had 17 LV.

"Is that good?"

"You bet 'cha! Now, if you want more LV, you need to catch these…uh… 'friendliness pellets'… yeah…" A group of white, spinning ovals appeared in front of her. "Now," Flowey smiled, "Catch the pellets!" One of the pellets started to approach the detective.

(Hey partner, I spaced out for a bit, what's OHMYGODDON'TTOUCHTHAT!)

Frisk quickly tried to sidestep the 'pellet', but it hit her in the chest with a dull thump sound as it struck Kevlar. Frisk noticed, with pain, that her health had decreased from a mostly full 80/84 to a definitely injured 68/84. Frisk didn't want to know how low she'd have been if she wasn't wearing a bulletproof vest over her sweater.

"HAHAHAHA! YOU IDIOT." The flower's smile had warped into a sinister grin, any signs of innocence, except for the flower body, completely gone.

"YOU LOWERED YOUR GUARD SO EASILY. HERE'S A REAL TIP, HUMAN. IN THIS WORLD, IT'S KILLED OR BE KILLED. WHY WOULD ANYONE PASS UP AN OPPORTUNITY LIKE THIS? NOW DIE." There was a drum-like beating sound as dozens of pellets formed a circle around the detective. Frisk unholstered her pistol and took aim at the demon flower. The bullets, as she decided 'pellets' were too tame, started to close in. She was about to pull the trigger when a fireball flickered into existence next Flowey.

"What?" both Frisk and Flowey said in confusion. The flame suddenly struck the flower, who made a small 'eep' sound as it was blasted away. The black faded away, and suddenly a large goat… lady stepped in front of Frisk. She immediately lowered her weapon.

(It's… Mom.)


"What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth…" She tutted. Frisk tensed visibly, still unsure weather this woman was friend or foe. "Ah," the goat monster realized, "do not be afraid, my child. I am Toriel, caretaker of these Ruins. I come by every day to see if anyone has fallen down. You are the first human I've seen in a long time."

"So that's where these kids went."


"Oh, uh, I've been looking for seven children that went missing a long time ago. Did they, uh, end up here?"

"Yes…" the woman said sadly. Frisk frowned. What exactly happened down here? "Oh my! You are injured!" The goat lady exclaimed, finally noticing the leg. Frisk winced as the adrenaline from an almost deadly experience began to fade away. Toriel pulled a bag from seemingly nowhere and started to rummage through it. "I keep some healing items in here somewhere," she muttered. "A ha!" The lady pulled her paw out of the bag and opened it, revealing a handful of candy in her palm. "Here, child, take these. They should heal you up." Frisk frowned.

"Uh, not saying you don't know what your doing miss, but I don't think some candy is going to heal this."

"Ah, I forgot food doesn't work the same in the human world as it does here. In the Underground, food has healing magic within it and can heal most non-fatal injuries. Eating some of this should heal up your leg eventually. Here you go." Frisk cupped her hands in front of herself and Toriel dropped some of the wrapped candies into the detective's hands. Frisk stuffed most of the candy in her pocket, but unwrapped one and popped it into her mouth. Her leg tingled, and her eyes widened as she noticed that the wounds had reduced to fading scars.

"Wow, that… really worked! That's amazing. Thank you, miss." Toriel smiled in contentment.

"Good, now follow me. I shall guide you through the catacombs."

Toriel proceeded to take them through the Ruins, showing them how to solve the odd puzzles and traps that protected them. All the while Frisk continued to pop candies into her mouth. She showed Frisk how to SPARE monsters. Eventually, the two ended up at Toriel's house. Toriel left them to explore while she went to get some groceries from the abandoned city, Home.

(Hey, partner.)


(I want to try something.)

Okay, what is it?

(Hold out your hands.)


Suddenly, there was a noise and a bright light appeared in front of Frisk. It was a four pointed star, just hovering in place in front of Frisk.

What is that?

(Just touch it.)

Frisk gently touched the star.

(Finding out what happened to the children is still on your mind. It fills you with DETERMINATION.)

Frisk LV 17 3:41

Toriel's Home

File Saved.

(Yes! It worked!)

Wha… What happened?

(I used your Determination to make a savepoint!)

Like in a video game? she asked the bodiless voice.

(Pretty much.)

Can anyone else see this?

(No.) the voice said confidently.

How do you know?

(I've… done it before.) The voice didn't seem to want to talk about it, so Frisk left her alone.

Suddenly Frisk remembered something.

"Crap, the backpack! I left it where I fell!" Frisk ran back through the Ruins and to the flower field. Strangely, Frisk noted, the blood that had once covered the golden flowers had disappeared. The young woman pushed the thought to the back of her mind, and began looking for the small green backpack that she knew had fallen with her. She spied a torn strap from behind a rock. But there was also a quiet sobbing noise emanating from behind the stone as well. Frisk cautiously walked around the rock, her hand over her holster. She immediately gripped the gun as she saw who was behind it.

"Flowey. Back away from the bag." Frisk said poisonously, her pistol already trained on the evil flower. The flower looked up, surprising Frisk with the tears she saw in it's eyes. The flower saw the gun, dropped the item it was holding, and quickly burrowed away. Frisk ran up to the spot where the sadistic flower had been and bent down to pick up what it had been holding. It was the letter. Frisk quickly grabbed the bag and stuffed the paper into it, along with all the other items that had fallen out.

(Where did you find that?) Frisk jumped, still not fully used to the voice in her head.

I found it hanging from a tree outside the cave.

(Oh. I never expected someone to find it.)

You never…? Hold on. You're Chara, aren't you?

(What? How do you know my name?)

I'm a detective. The captain assigned me to a bunch of cold cases involving missing children. You were the first to disappear.

(Huh. I guess I thought no one would notice I was gone.) There was sadness in the girl's voice.

How… How old are you?

(Well, when I died I was about… thirteen, I guess?)

Holy crap, how long were you down here? You were like, 9 when you disappeared.

(You do the math, Sherlock.) Ignoring the nickname, Frisk did the math.

So, you lived down here for, what, 4 years?


We should head back soon. I don't want to have to run into that damn flower again. Frisk slung the bag over her shoulder and headed back to Toriel's home.

Sans sat down, back to the large door at the edge of Snowdin forest. He lazily raised a hand up and knocked on the gilded door.

"knock knock," he said.

"Who's there?" a woman on the other side asked.


"Candace who?"

"candace door open, or is is broken?" There was a laugh on the other side. It faded quickly, however.

"hey, lady?" the skeleton asked.

"Yes, Sans?"

"are you, uh, okay?" An audible sigh filtered through the thick door.

"Sans, I want to ask you something."


"If, say, a human were to come through this door, what would you do?" Sans frowned.

"sheesh, that's a loaded question. i'd probably offer them a hotdog."

"Seriously, Sans."

"what? i'm dead serious."


"okay, okay. i'd probably kill them, right on the spot. i wouldn't have much of a choice, being captain of snowdin and all." There was an awkward silence.

"Sans, can you promise me something?"

"crap. lady, you know that i hate making promises."

"I know, but this is really important. I've been caring for a human." Sans frowned.

"and what of it?"

"I can tell they want to go back home. They aren't like the others. They're an adult." The skeleton gasped.

"lady. you remember what the last one did to the underground? it was genocide. and they were only a kid!"

"I understand! But this one is different. They were just trying to figure out what happened to the other humans. She says that she's a detective. Sans, they have a weapon that I've learned is called a gun. They've had a weapon on them the whole time, but she's gone out of her way to befriend or spare all of the monsters here. I don't think she's a danger."

"what are you saying?"

"Sans. They are inquisitive by nature, and I am sure they will not want to stay in these Ruins much longer. I doubt I can stop them. I want you to promise to watch over them, take care of them, and make sure they make it through the Underground without getting hurt."


"Sans, please!" Sans sighed in resignation.

"okay. just for you."

"Thank you. I must go now. I think she is looking for me."

"'kay, talk to you later lady." Sans listened as footsteps went away from the door and up some faraway stairs. The skeleton stood back up, stuck his hands in his pockets, and teleported back home.

Author's Note: Hello readers! This is my first Undertale story, and if you haven't noticed, the idea is based off of Policetale. While I liked the story in general, I felt that it was still rough around the edges, and I also wanted to make my own Undertale story. I have also pulled some inspiration from the Inverted Fate comic over on tumblr (it's amazingly made, go check it out).

So, leave a review if you liked it, and I'll see you all whenever I finish the next chapter, which may be a while, since I have, like, four unfinished stories.