Kathy was tired. It had been a long tiring day and she was sick to death of these junkies who didn't know what the hell the difference between washing powder and heroin was. Fucking idiots were ODing left, right and centre and she didn't know why this case had to land on her desk.

The world was going to shit, shit in a hand basket. Made of shit. With a shit ribbon.

The entire day had been surreal with people losing their shit, weird calls about some sort of rabid animals or something with no sign of any animals when the bodies were found, just dead three people all chewed up on the running track in the park and that homeless man with half his face gone. She had tried ringing Torchwood several times but they were out of range, probably a spooky-doo like Andy kept telling them. God knows, all she knew for sure is that it was not a full moon but may as well be for the amount of weird shit going on.

There was a flashing light on the board signalling help needed in the morgue and she sighed as she wondered if it was a family member trying to see a body or just Homer leaning on the button again.

There was something happening around the station now and she was too tired to even ask as more than one person ran past her office door like the place was on fucking fire. Maybe a gang thing in the morgue? What gang-bangers had come in lately? People wrre pulling on their stab vests, someone wandering past with a bandage on their arm complaining that someone had bitten them in the holding cells … funky shit.

Kath did not like it one little bit. No sir. She was not prepared for this on a Monday. Half the staff off with the flu or hung over after the match last night, skeleton crew today and now look … like fucking zombies out there staring at their computer screens with their months open. What! Fucksake, not like it's an asteroid coming to kill us like the dinosaurs, right? No idea why everyone is freaking out.

Kathy was about to rise from her chair to yell abuse at one of her team for watching porn or whatever when the phone on her desk went. She sighed and reached for it, still looking out the office window at the weird shit going on out in the main dog pen.

"Swan? That you?"


"Kathy?" Jack's voice seemed strained and hr smile faded as she leaned forward in her seat "Kathy. Remember me telling you that I would do you a solid one day for that little thing you did cover in the restaurant?"

"God, I had forgotten bout that but I have to say… you do look nice in a frock" she laughed.

"Kathy… I am being serious here love. It's D Day. Listen to me and listen close. I am only telling you and I am saying it as quietly and as succinctly as I possibly can." Jack's voice was like a soft purr "that shit happening overseas… it's coming. It's coming fast. Run! Run like a good girl now."

Kathy sat there long after the call had disconnected at the other end, the faint call of his Welshman making him drop his phone back in its cradle. Hers still in her hand against her ear as the disconnect pips sounded.

Finally she placed her phone in its cradle and considered the tone of his voice, the shaky tone in the background and the sound of the Welshman. She had never heard him be anything but polite and slightly arse-licky. Ya know? That voice in the background has been demanding. Commanding and she knew the faint 'Yes Ianto' had surprised both of them.

The Welshman.

She pulled out her cell phone and checked her messages for the day, finding one from an hour ago that said simply 'Do you still have that map' and an unknown number. The map. Map? She pulled out her badge wallet and pulled the piece of paper from behind her badge, so neatly folded and old looking. She gently unfolded it and stared at the little drawing of a phone box. A little country roadside red phone box and some numbers. She had thought they were phone numbers or something. She had no idea what… coordinates? Were these map coordinates?

She sat drumming her fingers on the desk, and then she rose and looked out at the people wandering about. Andy Davidson was packing up his shit like he had also been called and she wondered if his ex-partner Gwen had called him too. He turned and met her eyes, his fear thrumming.

It was real.

Whatever this is… it's real.

Kathy swiped her keys from the desk and headed quickly to her car then paused, looking over at the SWAT vehicle sitting there being detailed. Strong. Sold. Fast. Bomb resistant. "Geoff, is that ready to be sent out?"

"Yes Ma'am, just gonna put it back into the pool" came the reply.

"Give me the keys, I want to take it out for a last check" she demanded, holding out her hand and half hoping he would laugh at her but then to her surprise he actually dropped the keys into her hand. Then she nodded and motioned for him to come with. He looked around and followed without comment.

Andy was running, passing them as he pulled his jacket on. She saw panic in his face and knew she had to move too. She could see two of her team standing by the doors, their faces full of shock as they stared at the screen on the phone one was holding and then in the distance she heard a scream.

Andy drove past, foot to the floor and some yelled at him as he sped out of the car parking area, the distant screaming getting closer so she stepped out to see people running along the street. It was true, it was here.

Kathy ran for the SWAT vehicle, those on her team that were close to her ran too.

Rule one.

Trust the boss.

She NEVER runs.