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Contains minor swearing.

—Third POV—

Nobody ever said that bringing along six teenage boys, only two of whom are actually related to you, and keeping them under control was easy.

It wasn't like Darry Curtis wasn't used to it. In fact, when Mr. and Mrs. Curtis had passed away, it was like he had gained custody of the entire gang, not just his brothers.

It was just the gang in general. Smartass, happy-go-lucky, comedian, cocky, troublemaker, and quiet, shy kid. A very unique combination, but they made it work.

Most of the time.

Darry swore to never let them celebrate the 4th of July ever again if they acted like this again.

Well, it wasn't all Darry's fault. In past years, the Curtis parents had been there to keep everyone in line and away from fire. This year, it was up to the oldest Curtis and the oldest Curtis alone.

At least not all of them had acted up. Johnny minded Darry the best, although it might've just been because he was always too scared to do anything otherwise. Ponyboy had been reading with Johnny most of the time.

It was the rest that was a real problem.

Just like you'd expect, Two-Bit was running around the whole time, hitting on blondes with his idiotic pick-up lines. Sodapop didn't need them. He had ladies swarming around him, which earned him multiple jealous looks from both Two-Bit and Steve. Well, it wasn't his fault he was so good-looking! Speaking of ladies, Steve was walking around too, shooting broads his cocky grin and attempting to get different numbers.

Let's just say only one of them was successful.

Meanwhile, Dallas had been here and there, causing trouble and mayhem everywhere he went. He snatched cigarettes from people, took the fireworks and sparklers and scared little kids with them, and played with the fire. He also stole Cokes, shook them up, and set them back down, just to watch the reactions of people who would open them up.

Long story short, Dally and Darry both got a lecture from an officer and Darry told Dally to calm down or he'd personally beat the tar out of him. That kept Dally still for a good minute or two. But of course, you never tell Dallas Winston what to do.

That was how Dally ended up leaving with the gang that night with a black eye and a stern talking-to from Darry.

Luckily for Darry, there were still two good kids sitting on a bench in the park, reading To Kill a Mockingbird together. He had to grin at the sight of them, able to sit there quietly while the other greasers were running amok somewhere in the park, no doubt causing more trouble.

The rest of the night went rather smoothly, or as smooth as it can get when you have people like Two-Bit, Soda, and Dally with you. Besides the commotion because Dally had messed with the fireworks (again) and the others playing with the sparklers, scaring Pony and Johnny, it was nice.

The food had been great (Soda didn't make it) and the fireworks had been cool to watch. Johnny had jumped every time they went off, but Pony had his arm around him the entire time. It might've been the only time the gang was decently quiet.

Despite the troubles, the time that they had spent together had made up for it.

That was what Darry had been thinking when he heard shrieks and laughter from outside. He bolted out of his room and out of the house like it was on fire.

"What the hell is going on here?" He exploded. Everyone froze, then tried to muffle their laughter while pointing at Dally.

There, in his hand, was a firework. He should have known.


And the gang watched cheerfully as Darry chased Dally around the house.

Oh, how they looked forward to next year's 4th of July!

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