A Star Wars Fanfic.

This is my first fanfic so take it easy on me, I will try to edit these chapters before I publish them to the best of my ability. Apologies in advance if I miss anything out in the edits, spelling mistakes etc. I am pretty dyslexic so it may be easier for me to miss something. This is a Star wars fanfic short story about Rey being converted to the dark side and ultimately becoming the villain. I'm not sure how the story will progress, I'm winging it. Any private constructive criticisms are welcome, would be nice for any advice on my story maybe a few ideas on how it might turn out. Also Please do NOT copy this short story and try to pass it off as your own. Thanks.

Throughout the first few chapters I use some lines said in the film to make it flow. Just want to make it very clear I am NOT claiming the specific lines from the film as my own! Obviously. I just wanted it to fit to all fit together.


I'm not saying there will be, but eventually there might be some mature themes so this is an M (18+) rated story. Not saying it will go that direction, not saying it won't.

The story starts with scenes from the movie Rise Of Skywalker. Rey has been struggling to conceal the conflict within herself and feels the pull to the dark side stronger, especially over the last few months leading to this scene... Enjoy!

Chapter One.

Surrender To The Dark side

Rey steadies her breath finishing the climb and ignores her aching muscles. She continues walking though the old structure of the death star. Rey enters the broken and debris filled room where Anakin threw Palpatine to his death. she absorbs her surroundings analizing everything in sight but her eyes linger on the chair Palpatine once controlled the galactic empire from. She shakes off the uneasy feeling the room emanates and proceeds to locate the vault. Inside the vault is the way finder she is so desperate to obtain. Rey turns to her left and the door slides open. Wind rushes past her body leaving her damp skin cold. Goose bumps crawl up her arms and spread over her body, taking a deep breath before entering the vault, she feels something in the force that leaves her mouth dry and a lump in her throat. Rey continues walking toward the sith way finder and plucks it from it hovered position, stopping momentarily to examine it Rey gasps as she's confronted by a vision of her dark self. Horrified, Rey takes only seconds to draw her saber. leaping into action and taking the first swing. Dodging her attack Dark Rey speaks with sincerity "don't be afraid of who you are." The hooded figure of Dark Rey steadily walks toward her. With one swift move their lightsabers clash and crackle. Red against blue, the dark side against the light. With another sudden move their sabers lock and now they're face to face. A reflection Rey desperately avoids. The dark side of herself, buried within but not as deeply as she'd thought. "Stop fighting me, look how powerful you could become." Dark Rey takes a few steps back and holsters her double ended weapon. Rey stumbles and steadies herself from this unexpected move. "I'm not you" Rey sternly says as if to convince herself. Dark Rey's voice lowers "Not yet." She smirks, lunges forward and bares her sharp teeth before vanishing. Rey is stood left feeling more lost and conflicted than ever. A few tears roll down her cheeks before she sniffs, wipes them away and studies the way finder she carefully holds in her hand. 'I need to get to Exego'l. Rey turns on her heels and starts to run from the vault, straight into the path of Kylo Ren.

Kylo uses the force and snatches the way finder from her grasp. "Give it to me" Rey demands. Kylo exhales a sigh. "Look at yourself. You wanted to prove to my mother that you are a jedi but you've proven something else." Rey regretfully admires his form, the way he stands and the intensity of his gaze before snapping back. "Give it, to me!" This time Rey's voice has less control and she feels a prickle like heat rising from her neck to her cheeks. "You can't go back to her now, like I can't. The dark side is in our nature, surrender to it." Kylo glances at the hand resting on her saber."I feel the anger rising and consuming you. Use it to destroy the real enemy... Palpatine." Rey's confusion leads to frustration and tears start to form in her eyes. "I'm so lost" she whisper under her breath. Kylo takes a step closer to Rey "Surrender to the dark side. Let me teach you the ways of your true nature." Kylo takes another step forward. "Stop!" Rey's voice shakes, overwhelmed by her emotions she draws her saber and takes a few powerful anger driven swings at Kylo. Ducking and dodging them, he finally catches her wrist using the force and pushes her back, pinning her against what's left of the wall. Kylo glances at the way finder then back at her before crushing it with his hand. The broken pieces crash and clank on the metal floor below their feet. "The only way to Exegol, is with me." Kylo lets her go and offers his hand once again knowing this time she'll take it. She has no choice but to go with him to complete her mission and destroy Emperor Palpatine. Does taking his hand mean crossing the line to the dark side? Her mind is clouded by anger for so many reasons, her parents not coming back for her, finding out Palpatine is her grandfather, him killing her parents, being treated like a slave on Jakku, feeling hungry, going without food for days because she could't scavenge useful parts for portions. All these thoughts raced around her mind like irritated wasps ready to sting. Her anger and lust for revenge may be too powerful for her to fight. Kylo feels the pain within her and the darkness creeping in. His intense stare forces Rey to look up at him, what she feels looking into his eyes surprises her. Rey sees desperate longing for connection and power. Rey looks down at his hand and back to his face. She moves slowly and hesitantly places her hand in his.

End Chapter one.

Thank you for taking the time to read this chapter I had fun writing it and there will be another as soon as I finish editing. As I haven't written any sort of story since school I can imagine it may be a little rough around the edges and a little shorter than normal chapters but I suppose it is a short story and I don't plan to make it hundreds of pages long, so thank you for any feedback, patience and understanding. As long as I enjoy writing that's all that counts.