(0_0)/ Hello! Now I know that I've been gone a while, but I had this idea rolling around in my brain and decided to write something. This is largely unedited, and most definitely not my best work, but I felt like posting it anyways. I'm thinking of leaving this as a one-shot of what could've been, but who knows? Maybe I'll find the motivation to expand on this someday. Feel free to let me know what you think!

January, 2007

Hinata Shouyou sighed heavily as he flopped down onto his bed. The past couple of weeks had been packed with middle school entrance exams and Shouyou could feel the exhaustion rolling off him in waves. After seeing Karasuno High School on TV, he wanted nothing more than to attend that school.

"Good grades lead to good schools, Shouyou. If you want to go to Karasuno that badly, study hard and get into a good middle school first! Then, they would have no choice but to accept you when the time comes."

His mom's words ring in his ear even as he tries to sleep. He tried his hardest, he really did. The results won't arrive until late February, so all there's left for Shouyou to do is finish the year while waiting anxiously.

March, 2007

Holding his degree in one hand and his acceptance letter in the other, Shouyou bids his friends goodbye as he boards the train to Tokyo with his mother. He is vibrating with anticipation, only slightly dampened by the thought of leaving his friends. His mother tells him to calm down.

Their new apartment is fairly close to the school. It's average sized, with three bedrooms. Shouyou is quick to hang up his volleyball posters in his room.

April, 2007

Hinata Shouyou, Class 1-3, begins his first year at Teiko Middle School. It's after lunch on the first day, and Shouyou is in the courtyard, trying to find the booth for the volleyball club. Not finding it, he turns to the upperclassmen at the nearest table.

"Excuse me, but can you tell me where the volleyball club's booth is?"

The upperclassman is visibly shocked. "The volleyball club? Sorry, but we don't have one."

"E-eh? But don't all schools have one? What happened to it?"

"Well, they kept losing. See, our school prides itself on victory, in everything. So, when the volleyball team kept piling up on losses, the administration made the decision to dissolve it. Sorry." At Shouyou's downcast look, the older student was quick to offer an alternative. "But hey, there are other clubs here too! How about joining the baseball team?"

"A-ah, no, thank you. Maybe I'll look into it later, but I just really wanted to play volleyball, you know?"

"Hey man, I get it. Here's an application just in case you change your mind."

Shouyou made his way back inside, application in hand.

Late May, 2007

Shouyou practiced setting against the wall of the basketball club's third string gym. He was lucky the coach took pity on him and let him use the space, or else he'd be playing outside in the rain.

It was long after practice was over. All of the remaining third string players had gone home, leaving Shouyou to the gym alone. Well, almost all of them.

Shouyou was facing the wall and practicing his receives when he heard it. A lone ball bouncing on the court. Looking back, he couldn't see anything but a ball rolling across the center of the court. Thinking it odd that a ball was just loose, he chased after it to put it away.

As he reached for the ball, he screamed as his hand came into contact with another. One that hadn't been there before.

Eventually, he managed to calm down.

"Are you alright?"

Shouyou jumped at the voice. Looking up, he took note of the person that was definitely not there before.

"Y-yeah! I didn't see you there before! That was so cool! You came out of nowhere like 'fwoosh!' How'd you do that? I'm Hinata Shouyou by the way."

The boy's face remained impassive as he bowed. "I'm Kuroko Tetsuya."

"Kuroko-san! What are you doing here? I thought all the players went home already…"

"I stay behind and practice. I want to get better."

"Better? Do you need help with anything? I don't know much about basketball, but I can try to help with whatever I can!"

"If you want to. It would be nice to practice with someone for a change."

"Okay! So, how do you play?"

June, 2007

Shouyou's midterm results came back. His mother wasn't pleased. Over the summer, Shouyou spent many hours with a tutor from class 2-4, while also practicing both volleyball and basketball. He was pleased to say that he was getting much better at the latter, but disheartened at the stagnancy of his volleyball skills.

December, 2007

Shouyou's finals went swimmingly. He improved greatly over the summer, and now resides in the twelfth percentile. He bought Kuroko a pair of basketball printed earmuffs (it sure is cold out there!), and received a volleyball printed scarf in return.

March, 2008

Hinata Shouyou, Class 2-5, starts his second year by sitting behind Midorima Shintarou.

April, 2008

Shouyou's schedule remains the same as the previous year. Go to school, meet with his tutor during the third string's practice, practice with Kuroko after everyone goes home. In exchange for helping Kuroko practice basketball, Kuroko helps Shouyou practice volleyball.

That all changed when Aomine Daiki decided to practice in the third string gym.

Aomine outright refused to play volleyball. He was a basketball player, why would he waste his energy on a game he doesn't care about? Because of this, Shouyou slowly gravitates away from the basketball duo. Soon enough, the court is halved, and Shouyou doesn't play with Kuroko anymore.

June, 2008

The boys in the third string gym were practicing as usual. The two basketball players were taking a small break, while the volleyball player practiced spiking against the wall.

The door of the gym opened, and more people stepped inside. Shouyou took note of Midorima, who sat in front of him in class. Knowing that they were basketball players, he paid them no mind.

Shouyou continued spiking, even as the others held a conversation. He was slowly getting worked up. He could feel the anger beginning to boil in his veins as he just kept hitting the ball harder and harder against the wall. It continued this way until he hit one much harder than the rest.

Instead of the ball coming back down at him, it bounced up and over his head. Thinking fast, Shouyou launched himself into the air after the ball. He caught it.

After that, all conversation stopped. Akashi Seijuuro was amazed at his luck. First he finds the boy with no presence, then he finds a guy who can jump well over his own height. So he did the logical thing: he invited both of them to join the first string basketball team.

At first, Shouyou refused. However, after a sideline conversation with Kuroko, he reluctantly accepted.

July, 2008

A month into first string practices led to incredible growth for Shouyou. It seemed as though he carried something from everyone else, in him. He was completely unpredictable and reacted purely on instinct. He was good at three point shots, and observed his opponents' body language wonderfully. He was fast and agile, and the apex height of his jump was higher than Murasakibara was tall. He was the definition of an all-rounder. He just needed experience.

They figured out Kuroko's abilities halfway through a practice game. Imagine the look on everyone's faces when the ball just turned in midair! Pretty soon, Shouyou and Kuroko were thrust into their first games.

September, 2008

Kise Ryouta was standing in front of Kuroko, wondering why in the hell he was going to mentor him. He had asked around. Nobody would tell him (although Hinata seemed like he was, up until he got sidetracked by something else).

Soon enough, the starters all became friends.

November, 2008

They just kept winning. And it was driving Aomine insane. He was losing his passion. What point was there in trying so hard if you won anyway? If nobody would fight back?

So, he stopped trying.

Aomine stopped showing up to practices. This spurred Murasakibara into ditching as well. Akashi changed for the worse not soon after.

Shouyou's mom broke the news that night. Her job was transferring her back to Miyagi.

December, 2008

Kuroko's Christmas present was left on his desk. It was like Shouyou just disappeared.

March-December, 2009

Shouyou transferred to Yukigaoka Middle school. He decided against joining the basketball club there, and decided to form a volleyball club instead. He was headed off to his first match with some friends and a couple of first years.

They lost to Kitagawa Daiichi Middle School. They lost to Kageyama Tobio.