January, 2007

Hinata Shouyou sighed heavily as he flopped down onto his bed. The past few weeks had been packed with middle school entrance exams and Shouyou could feel the exhaustion rolling off him in waves.

"Nii-chan! Play, play!"

Natsu, Shouyou's four-year-old sister bounced excitedly in her brother's doorway, brandishing two dolls. Shouyou was tired, all of the studying he had packed into the last six months was finally catching up to him. It had completely drained his mental capacity. However, one look at his sister's face had him accompanying her at her dollhouse. He would do anything to make Natsu happy.

Which is probably why he passed out at the dinner table when asked how his exams went.

"Good grades lead to good schools, Shouyou. If you want to go to Karasuno that badly, study hard and get into a good middle school first! Then, they would have no choice but to accept you when the time comes."

He would never forget his mother's words. She was right, he needed to make sure he got in. So when the exams came around, he made sure to take the one offered by Shiratorizawa's middle school, among others. The best school in the prefecture had to mean something to the administration at Karasuno, right?

All there was left to do was anxiously await the results.

March, 2007

Shouyou's mother had been plenty proud in her life. When she got married, when she had Shouyou and Natsu, when she got promoted. She was lucky enough to have things to feel proud of. So of course she couldn't contain the pride she felt when her baby boy pulled himself together and got accepted to his first choice: Shiratorizawa Academy's Junior High division.

Of course it broke her heart when she had to break the news.

"Shouyou, honey, I need to talk to you for a bit."

Shouyou, who had previously been rolling around on the floor and giggling over his success, looked up at his mother. Noting her seriousness, he stood up immediately to follow her outside. They sat together in the grass, watching Natsu chase butterflies around the yard. Shouyou's mom remained quiet.

"Mom, you wanted to talk?"

She sighed in defeat. "There's no easy way to say this... You know how I recently got that promotion?"

"Yeah! Me and Natsu are very happy for you mom!"

His enthusiasm made this much harder for the woman. "Well honey, because of this promotion, we have to move house. To Tokyo."

Shouyou's face changed to concentration. "So that means..."

"It means that you can't go to Shiratorizawa."

The concentrated face morphed into one of horror. "But mom! I have to go to Shiratorizawa! What other schools would be good enough? It's not fair!"

"I know honey, I do. You worked so hard, my little sunflower. And you know what? Your exam scores are applicable for your new school in Tokyo."

He bolted upright. "New school? Which one?"

"Only the best in the prefecture, of course! Teiko Middle School."

Not even a week later, Shouyou hung out the window of his family's car and waved to his friends, promising to keep in touch.

The new apartment was fairly close to the school. It was average, with three bedrooms, one toilet, and one shower room.

Shouyou chose to think of this optimistically. Surely Teiko was good enough for a full ride to Karasuno. Humming some tune he heard on the radio, Shouyou finished hanging the last of his volleyball posters.

April, 2007

Hinata Shouyou began his first day at Teiko by bounding onto the property and heading straight for the registration office. He was placed in Class 1-3, which wasn't too bad as it was directly in between the smart people classes and the dum-dum classes. Shouyou's academic goal has now moved to getting into Class 2-5 next year.

Shouyou was also informed that the second half of the day was reserved for clubs. So when the time came, Shouyou was out the door and on the hunt for the volleyball club.

He didn't find it.

turning to the nearest upperclassman, he inquired as to the club's whereabouts.

"the volleyball club? Sorry, but we don't have one."

"E-eh? But I thought all schools had one? What happened to it?"

"Simple. They kept losing. See, our school prides itself on victory, in everything. So, when the volleyball team kept piling up losses the administration decided to dissolve it. Sorry." At Shouyou's downcast look, the older student was quick to offer an alternative. "But hey, there are plenty of other clubs here too! How about joining the baseball team?"

"A-ah, no, thank you. Maybe I'll look into it later, but I just really wanted to play volleyball, you know?"

"Hey man, I get it. Here's an application in case you change your mind."

Shouyou made his way back inside, application in hand.

Guess that means I can focus on my studies.

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