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Is She Our Daughter?

"Norman? Can I ask you something about Carol?" Emma asked Norman nervously as they and a few of the other older siblings were sitting in the living-room in one of the houses they lived in.

Norman hummed in confirmation that he was listening as he took a sip of tea.

"Is she our daughter?"

"PFFFFFTTT!" said tea went spraying right out of a bright red Norman's mouth and he fell into a heavy coughing-fit.

Meanwhile Don burst out laughing at the question and the implication with Ray snickering along, though he at least tried to hide it.

Gilda, Anna and Nat had frozen in shock but Anna was luckily quick to snap out of it to go and pat Norman's back to try to help him to breath properly again.

Seeing the mixed reactions Emma was starting to regret asking, especially with others present.

"E-Emma?! C-Can you repeat your question, please?! I'm sure I misheard you just now!" Norman gave her a wobbly wide-eyed smile after he stopped coughing.

Emma winced to herself at having to repeat the embarrassing question but did so anyway.

"Carol. Is she our daughter?" she asked again, loud and clear and she worried for moment when he made a strange strangled sound that definitely didn't sound human.

At least he didn't choke again.

An awkward silence followed, save from Don's snickering.

Nat was the one to end it when he cleared his throat.

"Ummm... What?" he asked and while it wasn't much, it snapped everyone else out their stupor.

"E-Emma... W-Why would would you think that?" Norman asked nervously as he did his best to face her but couldn't bring himself to meet her eyes.

Ray snorted as he leaned back in his seat and crossed his arms. "That's what I wanna know." he smirked as his eyes shot back and forth between his two best friends.

"I-It's just that I figured it made sense... I mean, she's got blue eyes like you, has the same kinda hairstyle as I do and her hair color is kinda like a mix of ours with me being orange, you being white and Carol being light orange and... Yeah..." Emma awkwardly trailed off as she slowly turned red to match Norman.

"O-oh..." Norman said, just for the sake of responding.

"So... Is she?" Emma then asked as she forced herself to look straight at him and once again Norman made some inhuman noise.

Nat and Anna shared a look, Ray's shoulder's shook and Don once again burst out laughing until Gilda slapped him upside the head, making him yelp and stop.

"EMMA, YOU'RE BOTH FIFTEEN!" she yelled at the girl who stared with wide-eyes.

"W-We are?!" she squeaked timidly.

"Yes! You're fifteen and Carol's five! How could't you think you and Norman are her parents?!" the bespectacled girl asked.

"I don't know! It's just that I thought since she looked like both of us it made sense! I also didn't even know for sure what age I really was! When I lived with the old man we guessed I was still a kid but we figured that maybe I could be older but just really short for my age!" Emma protested and upon hearing her loss of memories from her previous live being brought up everyone calmed down and looked guilty, knowing that while the question was really random and out of nowhere, it really was just Emma trying to figure out more about them and herself.

"While a part of that makes sense and we support you for trying to figure things out more, maybe you shouldn't be so bold next time, Emma." Anna smiled sweetly which Emma returned sheepishly.

"Right. Sorry." she said as she looked at her lap.

"W-Well now you know. About Carol just being another sibling, I mean." Norman gave her a comforting, if still slightly awkward smile which she returned.

"Hey, guys!" everyone jumped at the sudden new voice and looking at the door the saw Phil, holding hands with the little girl that had been the topic of their conversation, Carol.

Both Emma and Norman who had been starting to calm down turned red again upon seeing the girl herself, or more so her resemblance to both of them and Emma's question earlier.

"Hello, Phil, Carol, do you need something?" Anna smiled at them.

"Carol wants to draw a bit and we were wondering if there were any crayons here." Phil answered as he and his little sister walked into the room, oblivious to how many eyes were focused on the girl.

"NO!" the both jumped and froze at the outburst, looking at the teens with wide eyes.

"Ah, sorry! There aren't crayons here but maybe Yvette has some laying around! Here, I'll come with you guys!" Nat took it upon himself to defuse the situation before questions could be asked and grabbing the younger children's hands quickly dragged them out of the room.

As soon as the door closed behind them the others waited for ten whole seconds before Ray and Don burst out laughing again, the latter falling out of his chair as he did so and Anna giggled softly the the irony what what just happened.

"G-guys!" Norman groaned as he buried his face in his hands.

Emma wasn't much better off as she desperately looked out for any excuse to get out.

"Alright guys, that's enough! Emma, Anna, come on. We have kitchen duty." Gilda came to their rescue and she grabbed other her friends by the arm and dragged to to the kitchen, thought it ended up with Emma dragging her and Anna along as she practically started running.

As soon as they were gone Ray and Don smirked at Norman who blinked.

"What?" he asked and Ray snorted.

"Don't give us that. You know what's up." he said, dark eyes twinkling mischievously.

"I'm afraid I don't. Now if you'll excuse me I need to- Gah!" Norman tried to get up only for the other two to force him to sit down again.

"You're not getting out of this one, dude!" Don grinned widely as the albino stared wide-eyed at him.

"Not getting out of what?" Norman asked, doing his best to school his featured into a calm, not-panicked mask.

"Even I know you like liked what she asked you that just now!" and those plans flew right out the window.

"Liked?! What is there to like?!" he asked nervously as he desperately looked for a way out.

Ray sighed at that.

"Norman, my best friend and brother from another mother, stop being an idiot." he said.


"If memory serve you once literally told me you were in love with her, didn't you?" he teased.

"Ah! Ray!" Norman yelled at the reminder of his confession.

Back then had been more a spur of the moment thing than having him actually planning confession about his crush on the girl to the other boy and he had honestly always hoped Ray had actually forgotten.

Curse him and his amazing memory.

"You know, back when Carol was first brought in I also thought to myself that if I didn't know any better that I would have she was you guys daughter."

"WHAT?!" Norman screamed in shock at hearing something like that from Ray.

"Hey, maybe she is their daughter after all! Their daughter from the future who was brought back to when we were kids by time travel!" Don the exclaimed.

"It probably wouldn't be the strangest thing we'd seen." Ray agreed.

"Enough! Please, I'm begging you guys to stop!" Norman whined as he grabbed both their shoulders.

All that got him was laughter in his face.

Still, that laughter did stop when he tightened his grip on them, earning pained yelps.

"OW OW OW! Norman, let go!" Don whined as he weakly hot the other boy's wrist to try to get him to let go.

"Do you promise to drop it?" Norman asked threateningly.

"Yeah, yeah, sure! Just let go!" Ray growled and sighed in relief when he was released.

"Geez, you used to be so weak. When did you get so strong?" he asked only to learn it wasn't the best moment for sass as he was grabbed again.

"Emma, slow down! We're here!" the girl stopped running and dragging her friends when they reached the kitchen and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Sorry about that." she apologized to the panting others.

"It's alright but I you wanna make it up to us you can start on peeling these potatoes." Gilda said as she handed over a bag of them and a knife.

With that all three went to work on their own task in a comfortable silence.

As she peeled the potatoes Emma couldn't help but think back to what happened a few moments ago.

She felt embarrassed that she that she actually asked Norman if they had a child together and relieved that while it had been awkward, Norman himself had been pretty understanding.

And felt also...


She knew it was weird but for some reason she hoped she had been right.

It was just that while she got along well with everyone and easily became friends with them again, Norman was different.

He was truly her best friend with who she spend almost all her time, talking, playing games and more.

Sure, Ray was her other best friend with who she did many of those things too but he felt more like an older brother.

Norman made her happy just by being near her and he always gave her a funny but nice feeling in her stomach.

And even she wasn't oblivious enough to not notice that he was pretty handsome.

She had honestly hoped that both her feelings as well as the tender way Norman always treated her were because their relationship had been more than friendship.

Yet nobody had ever really said or done to imply there had ever been anything like that going on between her and Norman.

But then again even if her question would shock anyone, Norman wouldn't have been that flustered, right?

"Emma?" "Huh?" she blinked and looked up at Anna.

"Are you alright? Your face is a little red. You aren't getting sick, are you you?" the blonde girl asked as she placed a hand on her forehead.

"Oh no! I'm fine, really! Just a little hot!" Emma lied as she waved her hands.

"Me too. I'll open a window." Gilda said as she did so.

"Well if you're really alright..." Anna trailed off and they all went back to work.


Maybe Emma could find out from her closest girl friends more about what she and Norman used to be like.

And even if they really were just friends, maybe she had a chance to change that somewhere in the future.

The End

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