~*The Dark Dream*~

Darkness, all I could see was total darkness. The infinite darkness shadowed over me and showed me a silhouette of someone.

Many bamboo sticks were lined in front of me. Strong as steel, sharp as a knife, I feel like I'm in a prison of some sort a cage perhaps.

Cries could be heard from a distance, constantly getting louder and more repetitive.

I turned my head to look behind me, there were many large trees, that sort off creeped me out 'Am I in a jungle or something?' I whispered so that nobody could hear me.

Footsteps, I can hear footsteps, I turned and looked up I can see a boy, not so tall, quite muscular, covered in a long dark cloak I see him leaning over me smiling.

That smile was darkened into something as a villain would do. Him, the boy. He looked familiar.

'S..Siddharth?' I questioned. He didn't say anything he just kept looking at me till his eyes turned a bright red. He said aloud near my ear 'you are mine'.

In an instant my body was engulfed with black bubbles, drowning me in darkness.

Two red eyes were staring at me, darkened and shot open with a BANG!

Girl: Arlina, Arlina wake up.

Arlina : wait so that was only a dream

Girl: yes, whatever it was you saw was only a dream

Arlina : but Avneet it felt so real

Avneet my older Sister, the only person who I can trust with my life, love her too bits

Avneet: dreams can feel real if it has occurred before

Arlina : it was about Siddharth, how he had captured me and was about to end me

Avneet stiffed up a bit
Avneet: that will never happen, you too are friends, not enemies.

'Only Friends!'