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|The Seekers of Truth|

Over 1500 planes land per day at Los Angeles International Airport. Coming from all over the world, they range from civil prop planes flown by enthusiasts to massive two and four engine jet airliners carrying hundreds of people. On this bright and sunny Saturday morning, one plane in particular caught more than a few eyes as it lined up with the runway and began its final approach. Like the other intercontinental-range jets it was a twin-engine, wide-body aircraft, but painted a splash of wild blues, whites, and reds, with numerous WW2 and onward era aircraft flying in formation towards the nose of the plane. In white letters above the windows and over the wing, the words The Faithful Pony's Flying Circus ended with the image of a little blue pegasus dashing with a rainbow streak behind it.

Inside the terminal, two travelers were waiting for their ride out of the airport. A set of twins–a brown-haired boy and a girl–the rather tall boy wore a lumberjack's cap, a pair of cargo pants, and orange t-shirt with a blue pine tree on the front; while his statuesque sister was wearing a large, loose violet sweater over a black top and a bright pink skirt over dark leggings. They were huddled close together, watching the screen of a tablet computer showing a youtube channel with a loading stream.

Suddenly the screen came to life, revealing the view of a fogged up camera.

"Guess who?" A girl's voice said before a finger wiped the fog, revealing the grinning face a girl about the same age as the teen twins. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, with a pair of heart-shaped marks on her fair-skinned cheeks, she was wearing a dark green dress with a red devil-horn headband and a spider-shaped necklace as accessories.

"It's me, Star!"

Star moved the laptop around and repositioned herself to reveal she was sitting on a bathroom sink as she spoke. "I have some exciting news for you! Well, first, Marco got kidnapped, and I blew up a bunch of stuff, including my wand."

Star moved the laptop to her left hand so she could reach into the sink. "And I was super bummed because I thought I was never gonna get to do magic again, but then I got… my new wa-!"

She stopped as she realized she'd whipped out a brush with a piece of gum stuck on it.


Rapidly she swapped it out for a pink and gold scepter with wings sprouted from its head. The face of the wand sported a single bright gold star that half of was completely black. "My new wand!"

Almost as an afterthought, Star added. "Oh and Marco's okay. Say hi Marco!"

The camera's view became a blur, before it stopped on a light brown-skinned, brown-eyed young man with a beauty mark under his right eye, wrapped in a floral-print bath towel, pulling another around his head.

Seeing the camera pointed at him, he lunged towards it. "Hey-!"

The camera went dark and the stream came to a sudden end. After a few moments, the stream didn't come back on.

Dipper Pines held the tablet out, frowning. "Wait, that's it? A week and a half of nothing and then less than a minute of stream?"

His sister Mabel was of a different opinion. "Seeing Marco fresh out the shower was well worth the wait."

Dipper gave his sister a flat look. "Could you focus?"

Mabel snorted dismissively. "Whatever, you liked it."

Rolling his eyes, Dipper looked back at the tablet. "It sounds like a lot has happened, but at least she's still here in our world."

Mabel grinned with excitement. "Yeah, and we're actually gonna meet her!"

She placed her hands over her heart. "We're going to be the best friends ever!"

"Yeah, and maybe the world won't come to a horrifying end," Dipper added.

Years ago, the two spent a summer with their Great Uncle in a remote, heavily forested, and off-beat town called Gravity Falls, Oregon. What would've been a boring summer for two kids straight out of the rich part of the Bay Area turned into supernatural, disturbing, and outright apocalyptic adventures to determine the fate of everything from pet pigs to the entire universe. It left an impression on the two that brought them to Los Angeles to spend a school year in the sprawling metropolis locked in an eternal summer.

Princess Star Butterfly– a magical girl from another world, had come to live among humans in their world–and was actively blogging her exploits in the town of Echo Creek in northern LA. Whereas most people dismissed the bright colors and magical explosions as Hollywood high technology special effects for a way overproduced web series, Dipper–well experienced with the supernatural and paranormal–realized that it was real.

After a lot of wrangling with their parents, and a lot of Mabel's sheer charisma bolstering his argument, the twins were here in Los Angeles to meet Star. Dipper wanted to record the anomalous young woman to learn more about her, her magic, and her world (to make certain that she, it, and anything associated with either wasn't a threat to reality).

Mabel, being the bubbly and upbeat person she was, wanted to be best friends with the girliest girl that could beat up monsters she'd ever seen.

"On that note," Dipper said, "Did you see her wand? There was something definitely wrong with it, why was half of it black?"

Mabel gave it an instant to think. "Well, it is her new wand. Oh, maybe it's an edgy new upgrade, to reflect the dark turn of Marco getting kidnapped."

That was another thing that bothered Dipper, as he leaned back into his seat and watched a taxiing jumbo jet pass by. "Shouldn't she be more concerned? Someone kidnapped Marco, and forced Star to blow up her wand, that doesn't sound like the kind of monsters she's been fighting."

"She didn't seem too concerned about it, she did kinda just mention that Marco was fine like it wasn't a big thing," Mabel said dismissively.

That just reinforced Dipper's resolve to seek the truth. "All the more reason to find out what's going on."

A flash of color caught his eye, and first he and then Mabel looked up in time to see the bright livery of The Faithful Pony's Flying Circus pass as it made its landing roll. Dipper was a little surprised by the colorful livery.

"Hey, look at that," he said.

Mabel got up and looked down the runway. "Wow, that was a cute paint job! What airline was that?"

"I didn't look fast enough," Dipper said before he heard a buzzing and reached into his pocket to pull out an old flip phone.

He opened it and looked at the message. "Grandpa Shermie is going to be here in a few minutes, let's get to the front to meet him."

As the two got up and began the long walk towards the front of the terminal, a black-haired woman wearing a green shirt and tight black pants also watched the plane and roll out of sight. Getting up and slipping on a thin black jacket over her shirt, she tapped an earpiece and spoke quietly.

"The plane just landed. I hope you're in position," she warned.

"You bet, I'm waiting at the front right now, Green Machine," a young man with a Spanish accent answered.

The woman rolled her eyes. "I know that this is your scheme, and it's a good one, but next time we do this? I'm choosing the codenames, Latin Fire."

"Of course," the young man assured her. "Now please, hurry up?"

With a confident, villainous smirk, the woman began heading in the same direction as the twins.

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