Hearing the alarm clock ringing, Dawn reluctantly opened her eyes. She looked towards the noise, only to see it was out of her arms reach. In her sleep she turned and rolled over to the middle of the bed. Laying perpendicular with her California King mattress, she was still quite comfortable. It's width still had a good eight inches on her. While she found that to be comforting at night, it could make her mornings a bit troublesome.

Such as now. She can hear the loud toll of her alarm on her night stand, but is a couple feet away from the snooze. Covering her head in her silk sheets and holding her hands firmly to her ears, she hoped to drown out the noise. When that didn't work, she grumbled and threw off the covers. Due to the beds size, Dawn had to crawl to get to the nightstand. After finally getting rid of the annoying ringing, Dawn collapsed into her pillows. Forcing her eyes open, she checked the time. Five forty-two. Her alarm was set for five thirty. She had about an hour and a half before she'll need to leave for school.

Turning onto her back and sitting up. Dawn scooted towards the edge of the bed and threw her legs off the side. Feeling the lush carpet beneath her feet, she took a deep breath before getting her morning started.

Her morning routine continued as normal, after getting up from bed she went to use the bathroom. From there, she went to the kitchen area and gave herself a quick breakfast of a single apple. After that, she turned the shower on. Her place of residence seemed to be up to date in every aspect, especially the boiler. With no more than a few seconds of wait time, the shower's water was at the perfect temperature for Dawn. After three quarters of an hour passed, Dawn finally stepped out of the shower. As she dried herself off, a knock came from the door.

"Miss Dawn?" said a woman's voice. "I've prepared your school uniform."

Dawn huffed like a bull about to charge.

"Just leave it on my bed! I don't need to keep telling you this!"

Dawn hastily wrapped a towel around herself and pushed open the door. On the other side, one of her maids was holding two hangers. One had a white collared shirt with a black and white plaid bow tie on it and the other a skirt, matching the color and pattern of the tie. In the maid's other hand, she carried a pair of black dress shoes. Taking all the clothing from the maid, Dawn paced to her bed and set the clothes down. Looking back to the maid, and seeing she was still there, she curled her lip.

"Why are you still here?!" she shouted.

"Well...I, uh..."


"I-I have a letter from your mother!"

"Let me see it," said Dawn with her arm stretched out. The maid quickly obeyed her young boss. From a pouch on her apron, the maid pulled out a white envelope and handed it to Dawn. Ripping off an edge of the paper packaging, she pulled the letter out and crumpled the envelope into a ball. After throwing said ball at the maid, and shaking her head in annoyance when the maid failed to catch the surprise throw, began to read.

When she was done, she closed her eyes and let out a sigh. Setting the letter on her bed, Dawn did nothing but stare at it. When she eventually moved her eyes away, she turned her attention to her servant.

"Why are you still here?"

"I'm sorry?" asked the maid. It was normal for her to wait to be excused instead of just walking away.

"I said, why are you still here? Did you want something?"

"N-no, I'll go-"

"Tell me," Dawn said before the maid could so much as turn around. "Am I beautiful?"


"Am I beautiful?"

"Why are you asking?"

"I want to know if you would say I'm beautiful," Dawn as she sat down on the bed, pushing her clothes to the side. The letter fell to the floor.

"Well, yes, I would say you're a pretty-"

"No. I'm not asking if I am beautiful, I already know that. I'm asking if you think I'm beautiful. If you find me attractive."

"I...don't think I understand..."

"Are you stupid? I'm asking if you're attracted to me. If you," Dawn gestured with her finger that she wanted the maid to get closer. When she was less than a foot away, Dawn continued. "Want me."

The maid widened her eyes and recoiled. She wasn't sure what to do or say. The only thing she could do was stare at the girl in a towel. After an annoying amount of silence, Dawn furrowed her brows and spoke again.

"Are you just going to stand there? Or are you going to join me?" Dawn said while patting the space beside her.

"B-but, I don't-"

"Don't what? You don't want to take me in my bed right here? Don't want to use me like a toy?" Dawn leaned back onto her bed and held her arms at her sides. Leaving her front exposed.

"Miss Dawn, I-"

"I know my mother and I haven't been the nicest to you. But you and I are all alone. I doubt anyone would hear us, even if I were to scream."

The maid said nothing. Just looked on in uneasiness.

"Here's your chance to get back at my bitch of a mother. I'm sure it'll piss her off, if she were to find out one of her lowly maids had their way with her only child," Dawn pulled her towel slightly down, showing a bit more of her chest before she put her arms back.

The maid shifted in place. The look on her face was slightly changed. Instead of being nervous and uncomfortable, she now had a hint of contemplation showing. It was a bit tempting, getting revenge for all the mundane tasks she was ordered to do. All the floors she scrubbed just to have someone walk right over them and complain about missed spots. All the hours she worked for low pay and no thank yous. All the secret requests Dawn's mother made when she knew no one would interrupt them.

"I won't say no to you, you know. You can do whatever you want to me," Dawn said in a quiet and innocent voice, as if she was talking to a boyfriend. "Even if I were to resist, I'm sure that won't matter to you. You're older than me. Stronger too. You can just hold me down and have your way."

Dawn pushed her towel down a bit more, stopping right above her breasts. She gestured with her finger once more, this time with more meaning than just to step forward. The maid closed her eyes, gulped, and took a step forward. Dawn brought her leg up and stopped the maid from coming any closer by placing her foot on the maid's waist. The maid regained her senses and looked on at Dawn, her eyes widened again and her face flooded with red.

"YOU ACTUALLY THOUGHT OF DOING IT?!" Dawn yelled. The maid took a step back. She wasn't expecting Dawn to suddenly raise her voice. "What is wrong with you!? You were about to try and rape me!"

"B-but, I-I-"

"You what?! Thought it will be fine because no one was around!? Wait until my mother hears about this, you'll be lucky if all she does is fire you!" Dawn continued to yell, her voice clear and steady the whole time. "Now that I think about it...you have a daughter of your own don't you? She's only a year or two younger than me, isn't she?"

"Y-yes...she is..."

"How do you think she'll feel if you come home and have to explain you no longer have a way to support her? Or, if I decide to go to the authorities, how would she feel to find out her own mother tried to molest a girl just like her?"

"NO! PLEASE! I'll do anything, just don't tell your mother or the police! I can't afford to go to jail!"

"Anything you say? Like what? You expect me to want you to have sex with me to keep quiet?" Dawn stood up and got in the maid's face. "Is that what you're willing to do?"

"N-No! I mean...I'll...I'll-" before she could say any more, Dawn struck her across the face. The loud smack silenced the maid. All she could do was look back at the one who hit her. Bringing her hand up, Dawn grabbed the maid by her chin and brought their faces closer.

"From now on, you're going to do whatever I say, whenever I say, without questions asked. Got it?"

The maid nodded in understanding.

"Good. If you don't, then everyone will know about the malign maid who tried to sleep with the daughter of Johanna Berlitz," Dawn spoke with such conviction that the maid was certain Dawn wasn't messing around. One slip up, and the maid's life was over.

"Now, go get my ride ready. I don't want to be late for school."

"Yes...Miss Dawn..." the maid said with a bow before turning around and quickly leaving Dawn alone.

The ride to school was quiet and uninteresting. The chauffeur said nothing, as per dawn's usual order of him, and Dawn said nothing either. Just stared out the window and thought about how her day will go.

With just a few minutes before class started, Dawn arrived at school, since she requested her driver to waste a bit of time so she didn't have to wait too long. When her chauffeur opened her door, she stepped out and looked towards her school, Agatha Preparatory Academy, and groaned. It wasn't so much that she hated the school, but she did hate having to still go when she already knew she was going to graduate.

Dawn had passed every set of finals since her freshman year with a solid one hundred. Some classes she even got extra credit. She doubts things will be any different on her last set of tests. With a bit less than two months of school left, her classes mostly consisted of review work. When she was first going over the material at the beginning of the semester she understood it perfectly and barely needed to study. Going over it again was just redundant.

Despite what she wanted, Dawn walked through the front gates and towards the main building. The early morning stroll to her first class was something that made Dawn smile on the inside. The feeling of all her peer's eyes on her, watching her, judging her. She could feel the resentment and jealousy coming off them, like generators of hate.

One of the few reasons Dawn still came to school was for this feeling. Something about being hated by almost everyone made her feel powerful. Most, almost all, of the students at her school, she didn't know the name of. But they all knew her. The arrogant affluent girl who most likely got in due to her mother's pull.

No one ever said that to her face, of course. While they did hate her, they were still intimidated by her. She was the queen of the school. And she had no queen. No one was above her and no one could keep her in check from doing whatever she wanted. While there was a handful of people Dawn seemed to tolerate, even they seemed to be wary with what they say and how they acted around her.

Once she arrived to her first period, Dawn saw one of those people now. Hilda Whiteck, an acquaintance of Dawn since freshman year, was one of the only two people Dawn could see herself being true friends with. Both girls got into the school on their own, with little help from their parents. Dawn on a scholarship for outstanding grades and Hilda for track and field. They were both at the top of their respective fields and neither were afraid of showing off. Even if others despised them for it.

Time and time again Dawn got the highest grades in her year. While there were a good number of students who maintained a four point GPA, and some who had higher, Dawn was the only one in the school to have a solid five through all four years. At first, rumors spread that she had secretly been seeing teachers outside of class and that they had arranged a deal to inflate her grades for special favors. However, when her junior year gave her nothing but female teachers, those rumors were quickly killed off.

For Hilda, being a fast runner was second nature to her. Being the fastest girl at her school was something she wasn't proud of. To her, it'd be like being proud of your naturally good looks or proud of being born rich. How could she be proud of something she didn't have to work for?

Unlike Dawn, Hilda had a good amount of friends, but that didn't make her immune to the hate. Many students believed strongly that she cheated to get in. A lot of them said she did it with the help of some drug. Even after Hilda passed all of the random drug tests the school gave her, people still didn't believe it.

While Hilda, and every other student, knew of Dawn's reputation and status, Hilda didn't seem to mind. She had no problems with her. She even flashed Dawn a smile as the pompous girl sat next to her. Hilda knew that as long as she didn't piss her off or do anything stupid, she'll be fine.

"You look good today," said Hilda, trying to make a bit of small talk.

"I know," said Dawn with certainty. "So, when's your last track meet?"

"Hm, maybe in a month, or less. Haven't really been paying attention to dates. I just go when my dad tells me when."

Dawn couldn't help but let out a small chuckle at Hilda's carefree attitude. It was something that Dawn found to be refreshing. Someone who wasn't so uptight or pretentious was nice to see at this school.

The smile she had was quick to go away when the teacher entered the room and cut the girls' conversation short. For the rest of the period, Dawn said nothing. Even after the bell rang, all she said was a quick bye to Hilda and went to her next class, where she didn't talk to anyone. A boring hour later, she was off to her third and equally boring class.

When she saw she had a sub for third, she leaned back in her chair and checked on her nails. Since the sub only had a movie to play for the students with a worksheet for them to fill, Dawn's mind was somewhere else. Only thing she cared about with school was her one and only club. Which she'll have to sit through another boring hour to get to.

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