Sometimes, the Wastelands "eat" people. People go missing just escaping Paradise, the only city left in the world. A huge metropolitan hub for the sanest of people. Though, the Wastelands eat anyone who escapes Paradise, they do a great service to the residents that wish to stay. You see, within the concrete walls that surround the city, there is a legend about one more city, Crystal Pond. A true beauty amongst the darkness of the wastelands. It's said that all you have to do, is follow the road out of Paradise to Crystal Pond -past all the Slavers, Killers, and Monsters.

No monster is more well known than the Demon. She's a woman who, legends say, is from Paradise and found Crystal Pond. However, she's a "trapper". She finds escapees of the city and new/former slaves to sell. The demon is said to be part of one of the 3 most dominating forces in the wastelands.

"I'm telling you! Our lives would be better if we moved to Crystal Falls!" Alfred F. Jones (America) stated to his older brother Matthew Williams (Canada). Mattie -as he often goes by- lightly shook his head.

"I doubt it could be any better than here, that is, if it exists." Mattie gave a soft sigh.

"But broooo! Crystal Falls is under-populated! No more cramped apartments or 80 story buildings! We can get that house Dad and Papa always dreamed about!" Alfred bounced around like a kid on Christmas.

"Even if it existed and that was the case, Alfred, we'd have to cross the Wastelands! Wastelands! Our family wouldn't make it past 10 feet of the gate! Besides, Dad has a job in the government! We'd be starting over if we moved!" Mattie shrieked.

"That's the fun in it! No one calling us 'Kirkland's Sons'! No one fake friends! No expectations! Our reputation would start over!" Alfred squealed with excitement. Mattie sighed, knowing he couldn't reach his brother.

Matthew and Alfred are young men of the ages 21 and 19 respectively. Matthew is the calm rational brother who is perusing a career in the government -like their dad. Alfred, on the other hand, is an adventurous careless brother. He dreams of a life outside the walls of Paradise. Both are sons to Arthur Kirkland (England) and Francis Bonnefey (France). Arthur works as Chairman in some part of the expansive government. Francis is a stay at home father. They live a life of high class and high expectations. They have many rules about their public appearance, which Alfred still has yet to grasp. Alfred was much more of the typical "rebel" child in Arthur's eyes. Arthur and his side of the family have always been part of the government or army, it was always that way. Francis and his family, on the other hand, are often painters or something more low paying. Francis got lucky when he married Arthur -who made enough to support them both by himself.

At their apartment, they had one whole floor to themselves. The kitchen was pure white and black, cleaner than anything else. The dining room was a beautiful lilac and navy blue combination. The living room was beige and cream colored. Currently, Francis was cooking dinner. Francis took up being the house wife since Arthur couldn't cook if his life depended on him. Mattie walked straight to the dining room to start his homework. Alfred walked to his large room -which was the size of most studio apartments- to play the call of duty 145th game.

"Ah, bonjour (hello) Mattie! How was school?" Francis smiled.

"It was okay. I mean, it could be worse!" Mattie smiled sweetly.

"I'm glad everything is going good. Once you finish your homework, could you please help me set the table? The Vargas Family is coming to see your father!" Francis smiled.

"Of course, Papa!" Mattie went straight to doing his homework.

Dinner with the Vargas went as planned. It was after dinner we want to focus on. Alfred, in the middle of the night, when not even the night owls were awake, fled the city. He left a simple note stating where he'll be and his goals. He promised to return, but that would soon be an empty promise.

Now, you must be curious of the Demon of the Wastelands. Her birth name is (Y/n) Wang-Braginsky; she is part of the Zao Clan of the Wastelands. As a trapper, she sells what she finds for dirt cheap to make a living.

There are 3 clans out in the wastelands: Zao Clan, The FACE Family, and the Axis. The Zao clan is run by Wang Zao (2p!China). He is a chinese man that smokes opium like crazy but is a critical point in the Slave Trade. His second in command -Viktor Braginsky (2p!Russia)- works in making decent weapons and amazing vehicles. The FACE family is a small family that exports ammunition and slaves meant for heavyweight jobs. It's run by the wife, Oliver Kirkland (2p!England). The husband -Fran├žois Bonnefoy (2p!France)- is a huge dealer in ammunition. Their sons -Riley (2p!Canada) and Allen (2p!America)- are trappers themselves, but they report to Zao. The Axis has one leader and 2 second in commands. They deal in sex slaves and are the huge arms dealers. Luciano Vargas (2p!Italy) is the head. Lutz (2p!Germany) and Kuro (2p!Japan) are the second in commands.

The Wastelands are run by these three groups for reasons very unclear. Yet, they are powerful. Zao keeps his demon on a tight leash, but still gives her more freedom than she knows what to truly do with. (Y/n) has a house near Crystal Falls -a nickname for her waterfall that fills into a crystal clear lake.