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Chapter 1: One tiny little mistake

The alarm went of at 7:00 am in the morning as the light through the window came in. Chandler stirred for a bit and then stretched over his soon to be wife to hit the snooze button to get a few more minutes of sleep, but Monica beat him to it. Chandler retracted his hand and ran it through her hair, as she smiled up at him and leaned in for a kiss.

"It's our wedding day!"

Monica shouted, at first Chandler was startled by the volume, but then immediately smiled and pulled her in for another kiss. He tried to deepen the kiss and started climbing on top of her, but Monica pushed him away.

"It's our wedding day!"

"Yes, I know! But can't we do it one last time before we become husband and wife?"

'Wife', a word instantly made both Monica and Chandler smile, they were supposed to be wed this afternoon, with all their friends beside them. Rachel and Phoebe were going to be Monica's brides' maids and Ross was going to be the best man. Joey insisted on officiating the wedding and neither Monica nor Chandler could convince him otherwise, so Ross decided to work with him so that the wedding is perfect for his little sister.

Rachel kept on urging Monica and Chandler to spend the night before their wedding apart, but Chandler couldn't leave Monica for more than a minute. Anyone who would look at them would think that they are anew couple and that their relationship just blossomed but, it was the night before their wedding, they have come so far. The rehearsal dinner went fine, although Chandler's parents were at each other's throats but that didn't steal the happy couple's happiness, they just made Ross work harder. Everything seemed calm and as perfect as it could be.

"Okay Chandler, I leave for the chapel in an hour to make sure everything is going according to plan"

"Babe, didn't Rachel say that she'd take care of it?"

"She did but, I want to make sure that everything is right and going according to the binder"

"Oh, yeah the binder"

Chandler smirked and watched her and stretched out in their bed while Monica got out of bed and reached for her robe while. She nudged him to wake up but Chandler just pulled the covers closer to his body. Monica wore her robe and exited their bedroom and started making coffee for the both of them. Chandler soon followed out of the room wanting to tease Monica more.

"So, Mon does the binder say anything about when and how we are going to consummate the marriage?"

Chandler said and poked his soon to be wife.


But he knew exactly where in the binder it was written and the horrid drawing too, teenage Monica was wild. Monica tried to hide the binder, but Chandler knew all her hiding places and found the binder rather easily. What he didn't expect was Joey to take the binder from him and make copies of Monica's crude drawings.

After Monica and Chandler finished their coffees Monica went to the shower while Chandler went back to their bedroom to get changed. After he was done, he started gathering their things along with the infamous binder. As he was pulling the binder from under their bed; yes, that was one of Monica's hiding spots. One of her photo albums dropped. Chandler had never seen this album before, he bent down to pick up the album and started flipping through it. The album turned out to be composed of just their photos, the ones in the beginning when both of them in college, and continued throughout all the years of their friendship.

Suddenly, a picture fell out of the album, Chandler bent down to get it. It was a picture of him and Monica with baby Ben. The picture looked like it had been taken a few days after he was born. It was a candid picture, neither him nor Monica were looking at the camera, Monica was looking at Ben while Chandler was looking at her, both of them had smiles on their faces, watching Ben squirm in Monica's arms.

Oh no! Chandler's breath got stuck in his throat, he felt like he was suffocating, babies! He wasn't ready for those. What do you give them? Sunlight? Water? No! that's plants, Chandler's whole world shattered. Monica wants babies, she has always wanted them and now that they are getting married, babies are what happen next, right? Chandler's mind was racing with a billion thought about babies when he heard the bathroom door unlock. He quickly shoved the album back.

Monica entered the room and started putting things together to take to the chapel.

"Oh, honey you're already dressed? Before you shower, could you go to the jewelry store and get the wedding bands, they said that the rings would be ready for us today, Ross said he would do it, but I can't get a hold of him"

Chandler briefly heard Monica utter a few words that he could make out while still having a full-on panic attack. He needed to calm down and he needed to calm down fast. He needed fresh air, he needed to go out, maybe getting those rings would calm him down. So, he picked up his wallet and headed out of the building.

Before he knew it, Chandler made it to the store and picked up the rings. Babies! Yes, that still on his mind. It was on his mind as he shut the front door, it was on his mind while he was getting down the stairs, it was on his mind when he was in the subway and of course even when he was getting the rings, his mind didn't stop, his mind wouldn't stop. He needed to focus, he needed to focus on anything but this. He knew what he needed. He needed to breath properly.

Chandler needed cigarettes.

And that's when it went downhill. Chandler proceeded to cross the street, and that's when it happened, a truck came speeding right at him, Chandler didn't see it coming, his mind was juggling between cigarettes and babies, he didn't even hear the truck coming.

The driver saw the pedestrian crossing the street and slammed the breaks, but it was too late. The truck started skidding towards the man. That's when Chandler looked up and saw the truck coming at him.

His craving for cigarettes, that's all it took.

One tiny little mistake.

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