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Greenshade: Yo! Our not-so-secret club can come to order! Goodwitch thinks we are doing homework. So, keep this on incognito in case she lurks.

Schnee_W changed her name to White_Emerald

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Emerald_Rose: LIke yeah! We started a virtual group!

White_Emerald: Oum, Rubes! Always getting excited about every little thing!

Emerald_Rose: Why not? ;-;

White_Emerald: Why not? We are only doing this thing to please Blake.

Golden_Emerald: Really, SP? Please Blake? So, why is your chat name have the word Emerald in it?

White_Emerald: You have the word Emerald in it.

Golden_Emerald: Because of my affections for that drink of water. What's your excuse?

White_Emerald: Out of user names!

Greenshade: Liar!

Golden_Emerald: Liar!

Emerald_Rose: Like yeah, SP! Liar, liar, plants for hire!


Greenshade: Look, let's be quick! Don't know when Goodwitch-two-shoes come back.

Golden_Emerald: Yeah, what a witch!

Emerald_Rose: With a bold face B

Greenshade: Capital B!

White_Emerald: Can we get to the discussion, please! Bakas!

Greenshade: Ok, ok! Did you see the emerald-haired kid that was browsing campus today?

Emerald_Rose: Like yeah! Such a cutey cinnamon roll! Wanna eat him and dip him in my coffee.

Golden_Emerald: Seems like that isn't the only place she wants him to dip!

White_Emerald: Yang!

Golden_Emerald: SP? Code names!

White_Emerald: As if! We are going to be traced!

Golden_Emerald: This is the school's intranet! Not ours! Anyway, SP, keep this discreet. Like I want to do with that emerald-haired kid when I get the chance.

Emerald_Rose: Hey, when we get the chance! Teammates and friends forever, right, sis?

Golden_Emerald: Yeah, my dear Witch of a sister.

Emerald_Rose: Yay!

Greenshade: So, where do you think they are going to let him stay at?

Golden_Emerald: I know one thing, not with Vomit Boy!

Greenshade: Why not?

Golden_Emerald: It upset the balance of attraction.

Greenshade: Back up, Dragonslayer?

Golden_Emerald: [insert expletive words here]

White_Emerald: Like it matters! They are putting the baka in a private dorm.

Greenshade: All the more reason to introduce ourselves.

Emerald_Rose: Like yeah! Treats and cakes and presents! Hey, Dragon, we should go and make a welcoming party.

Golden_Emerald: Sure, all the drinks we can consume! May stop by the pharmacy on the way.

White_Emerald: Really, Y?

Golden_Emerald: What? Just stopping by to get medicine for my stomachache.

White_Emerald: Too much info, you pervert!

Golden_Emerald: Just wanting some milky white liquid?

White_Emerald: Oum, you're gross :(

Golden_Emerald: Mylanta! Oum, SP, keep your head out of the gutter.

White_Emerald: :(

Greenshade: Anyway! Shall we throw a party to welcome the cinnamon roll!

Emerald_Rose: Why that nickname, Kitty?

Greenshade: He is cute, okay?

Golden_Emerald: Cuter than Adam?

Greenshade: Hey! Past that. I just think we need to welcome him. Show him that he is a student here like anywhere else.

Golden_Emerald: Quite OCC, you prude!

Greenshade: Weren't calling me prude when I allow you to play with my kittens!

Golden_Emerald: Can we focus on that Cinnabon goodness and not some stray cats?

Greenshade: ;-;

Golden_Emerald: Sis? Did you say he came from UA High School?

Emerald_Rose: Like yeah! That school in Japan for those who want to be heroes.

White_Emerald: Want to be heroes? We are huntress-to-be. This is no daycare!

Golden_Emerald: What is his story?

Emerald_Rose: Only child, born quirkless! A quirk presented by his mentor. One-For-All, I think!

Golden_Emerald: Hmm! I want to hear more about this story. Oum, can this class end. I want to see him!

Greenshade: Me, too!

Emerald_Rose: Me, three!

White_Emerald: Count me out! No way I would let my delicate fingers touch that baka! He is from Japan. He might be a pervert! Looking at Whitley's comics under his bed, he may want to do nasty things to us.

Emerald_Rose: That cutey cutey boy? No way! Plus, Whitley has no room to talk. I don't think it is normal for a boy to stare at his mother while she is sleeping every night.

White_Emerald: Who told you?

Emerald_Rose: 9S?

Golden_Emerald: Whitley does kind of look like 9S, doesn't he?

Greenshade: You know who would look cute in a 2B costume? Me!

Golden_Emerald: Faunus, please! I can better fill in. I got the succulent breasts that the cinnamon roll could grab.

Greenshade: That wasn't what you said to me last night.

Golden_Emerald: Old news is old news. And used goods is used goods!


Greenshade: Cool thing I have free period. I will go by the costume shop and order that 9S costume. Then we can see who the cinnamon roll like better!

Golden_Emerald: If I don't skip out and beat you there first.

Greenshade: With your fat ass? As if?

Golden_Emerald: So my ass is fat! That wasn't what you said last night.

Emerald_Rose: Don't fight! Don't fight! Remember Kitty and sis! Our plan! Our plan!

Golden_Emerald: Right! We all need to give Izuku a welcome party. Show him how cute and how happy we are for his arrival.


White_Emerald: That is not true. Whitley is a good kid!

White_Emerald: He has his slip-ups but the medicine is working.

Golden_Emerald: Look, we aren't worried about your brother's oedipal complex. What I have is an Izuku Complex.

Greenshade: Me, too!

Emerald_Rose: Me, three! With heavy-duty sugar on top and lots and lots of cinnamon rolls!

White_Emerald: So, Whitley was caught sniffing my mother's panties. He is a sleepwaker!

Greenshade: Yeah, right! So, we can say we are going to meet with the cinnamon roll today after school.

White_Emerald: I am going back to the dorm. Plus, it's a school night and we have curfew.

Emerald_Rose: I am going to bring my toys to make him feel at home if he is lonely.

Golden_Emerald: I am stopping by the pharmacy.

Greenshade: I will bring the snacks!

White_Emerald: I will bring security for this won't happen.

Golden_Emerald: Can we mute the Snow Princess?

Greenshade: Agreed!

Emerald_Rose: Agreed! Sorry, SP!

[White_Emerald is removed from the chat]

Greenshade: In the midst of my excitement, I did remember that he wasn't alone. There were a few others with him.

Golden_Emerald: Didn't care to notice. I remember keloid ears, pointy eyebrows, that Majin Buu reject. That big-breasted bimbo instructor who is definitely a Rule 34 violator and Victoria Secret shopper.

Emerald_Rose: Paunchy guy with glasses, tall ponytail girl, that guy that was picking on Izuku earlier. What is a Deku?

Greenshade: I don't know. I don't like it! Might need to do something.

Emerald_Rose: Who was that grapehead kid who smelled of rubber bands?

Golden_Emerald: We know he isn't alone! Like it has stopped us. We just have to play it cool. But, hey Goodwitch is looking at us. Think Lady Tsundere narced on us.

Greenshade: Jesus! Ok, let's commence this afterschool.

Emerald_Rose: Okey-doke!

Golden_Emerald: Alright!

[Greenshade has ended the chat]