The year was 2004. Bush (the younger) was President. Smartphones didn't exist. Social media was still relatively new. Most people still watched TV on an analog signal. Windows XP or Windows Vista was the computer operating system du jour—mostly Windows XP. And the year also saw the Power Tennis Tournament at the Peach Dome.

This tournament was spaced out over several days and was divided into singles and doubles. The doubles bracket would be held first, followed by the singles. And in the preceding days, the MK's finest, along with some visitors, practiced long and hard to win the coveted gold trophy.

It was serious business, indeed. The MK's most upstanding citizen, Mario "Jumpman" Mario, would be defending his title as the Power Tennis Champion in the singles round. His antithesis, Wario, along with his twin, Waluigi, coveted the victor's purse. And the younger Mario Bro, Luigi, hoped for a trophy that for once was gold, rather than silver.

But there were some who only cared about having the opportunity to show off their skills in the Peach Dome. Hailing from Bakersfield, CA was Skye Davidson, a single mother, and her three children, Carolyn, Cami and Phillip. And from Chicago, Illinois was a driven woman by the name of Opal Fox. These five had been personally invited to participate by the tournament's co-coordinator, Toadsworth, after gaining word of their tennis skills. Excitedly, they'd accepted the invite, and they were given an all-expenses-paid trip to the MK for the tournament's duration.

The Power Tennis Tournament would start first thing tomorrow morning. And once the tournament commenced—anything could and would happen.

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