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Word Count: 811

Title: Helga's Private Chambers

Note: AU! hippy!Cedric


Beta: Ash Juliet, Cupcakkeyy

Miakoda: A true Hufflepuff (your pick who) discovers Helga's quarters/office/chamber [Inspiration/Dedication]

Quidditch League:

[Team]: Pride Of Portree

[Position] Captain

[Theme]: Quidditch Supplies


[Theme]: Book Club

[Prompts]: [quote] 'A serpent in a top hat and tails was still a serpent'

[Theme]: Pokemon

[Prompts]: (color) orange, [#077.] Ponyta: Write about someone who is a good judge of character.

The House Cup:

[House]: Hufflepuff

[Class] Head Of House

[Prompts]: [Emotion] Pride - a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired

[Category]: Drabble



Prompt 335: [Character] Cedric Diggory

UBC: Dalmatian Fur Coat [upper body armor] (Equip Effect: Dodge 6 dmg.] - 800 words, write about something rare."

Cedric Diggory roamed through the halls of Hogwarts; it had been his home for three years now, and he could honestly say he was still in awe of it. The moving staircases, the wonderful common room. Of course, perhaps he was biased, but he thought Hufflepuff by far had the best common room of them all. The scent of vanilla and freshly baked bread hung in the air, and they had their own plants of all sorts.

As he walked, he grinned. Helga Hufflepuff sure had things figured out. All Hufflepuff traits were just ones that made you a good person, and despite all the other houses looking down on them, he was proud to be part of Hufflepuff house. He wasn't more than a couple of corridors away from the common room. Having walked through the castle for most of the day, he felt anxious to get back, and thankfully he just had a couple of corridors more until he reached his destination.

Moving down a hallway he had been in hundreds of times before, he came to a stop, confused. There was a door he hadn't noticed before. Slowly, he walked over to it and pushed it open, revealing the sight of a room in front of him. It had the same feeling as the Hufflepuff common room; it felt welcoming, cosy, inviting, almost as if he was being welcomed home. It was a weird feeling, one he hadn't really felt in years, not ever since his mother had died and had left him and his father on their own.

The room reminded him of the Hufflepuff dormitories. There were plants lining the walls, and he recognized almost all of them right away. He spotted one particularly colourful plant in an orange pot between them, and inhaled deeply. There were lots of cushioned chairs with black and yellow stripes, and on the far side, he saw a small, round table. It held something he had never seen in person - it was the legendary goblet of Helga Hufflepuff herself! It had been missing for hundreds of years, and as the rumours were that each founder had their own personal chamber, he felt a surge of pride as he knew he had been chosen as the true heir of Helga Hufflepuff herself.

He felt a rush shoot through his body as he realised exactly what this room really was. This must have once belonged to Helga Hufflepuff herself! Surely no-one knew of its existence, otherwise everyone would be aware of its location. Was he really the first one after Hufflepuff herself to enter this room?

He slowly walked over to the plants in their floating planters lining the wall, all bobbing up and down softly as if they were being pushed around by an invisible breeze. He was still in awe of the beauty around him. His eyes then landed on the burning fireplace, and he walked over to warm his hands. He collapsed onto the nearest upholstered chair, and sighed as he took in the comfort of his surroundings.

A table that had been empty just a few minutes before shuddered softly before offering him his favourite chocolate chip cookies. He couldn't believe his luck, as his wide eyes travelled over the golden walls of this place before spotting the grinning portrait of Helga Hufflepuff, surrounded by the other founders.

"Welcome, son," Helga said with a smile. Cedric jumped at being addressed so directly and openly by the founder of his house. His heart swelled with pride when he heard the loving words fall from Helga's lips. Salazar rolled his eyes but stayed silent. Cedric gave the Slytherin a curious look, causing Helga to laugh.

"He isn't allowed to talk in here — special charm — he is only allowed to say nice things, and, well, Salazar doesn't have anything nice to say, so he doesn't say anything at all."

Salazar opened his mouth again and promptly shut it.

"You called me 'son'," Cedric whispered, starstruck, as another surge of pride coursed through him. This was unreal. This couldn't be happening!

"Of course! You are my heir, as you are the one who found my private chambers. I am so proud of you, dear boy. Say, what is your name?"

"Cedric Diggory, Ma'am."

"Well, Cedric, this room now belongs to you," she winked.

"What? Really?"

She nodded, her plump, smiling face made him feel light. He felt jittery, lightheaded, his heart was pounding with adrenaline and he couldn't stop grinning. This was incredible! He - Cedric Diggory - the heir of Hufflepuff? His heart swelled as the news settled in. He knew that no matter what happened next, he would probably never be prouder of any accomplishment he made in his entire life.

"Man," he huffed, his eyes never leaving the warm ones of his idol, "no-one's ever going to believe me."