So I've started to write this fic a while ago but I wasn't sure when to publish it. It's still unfinished. But tonight I feel like posting it, so here is the first chapter.

- Next chapters will be longer!

- Dialogue fic mostly (in following chapters)

- Writing it cause I love Fugaku's character.

Not promising regular updates... sorry;) Enjoy.

The first time it happens, he is sitting on the floor of the kitchen in his old family house. Silence surrounds him and his vision is somehow blurred, which gives him a strange impression that this is not the reality he knows. Just a second later, he realizes that indeed, he is dreaming, and this thought alone tells him that it is not a regular dream.

He gets up from the floor, sparing a glance at the empty shelves, and wanders inside the house. He enters his old room and is surprised, because there is nothing there apart from a mattress lying on the floor. His open wardrobe is standing in its place in the corner. Empty. He touches his closet and opens it slowly. Nothing inside.

He moves to Itachi's room, but finds it as empty as his own. The only thing that catches his attention… is a faint scent of his brother. But not the metallic scent of blood he remembers from the time when Itachi was completing ANBU missions, but a scent of wind and forest, a fresh scent of the world Sasuke was so eager to see when he was little. He dreamed about leaving the village, seeing something new far away from Konoha. He wanted to smell like Itachi. Smell of freedom.

He dwells deep into memories when a sudden sound of someone's steps echoes in the corridor. He turns around abruptly and waits for the newcomer to emerge from behind the corner, when suddenly he starts to fall.

When he opens his eyes, he sees green. A new day starts with trees' crowns dancing with the wind above his head.

It takes only two days for any strange force responsible for this delusional occurence to carry him back to his blurry old house. Once again he is sitting at the table in the old kitchen, facing the wall. He stands up and with hardly any thought, directs his steps to Itachi's room. The scent of freedom embraces him, but something he expected – someone he expected to see, is not here. He feels a glimmer of disappointment in his chest.

He really thought he would meet Itachi here.

He leaves the room reluctantly and slowly moves to stand in front of his parents' bedroom. It takes a lot to convince his hand to open the door, and his legs to carry him inside. A smell of safety and protection hits him straight in the heart. And maybe it would take more time for him to adapt to the longing he suddenly feels, but some things catch his attention.

The room is not empty. On the left side of the bed he sees a notebook lying next to the cushion. There is a lamp on the closet next to the bed. He opens the wardrobe and suddenly his eyes widen because it's full of clothes… Half-full.

Steps. He freezes where he stands and listens. Someone opens the door to his or Itachi's bedroom. A couple of seconds later he walks away and Sasuke can clearly recognize the sound of sliding screens that lead to the porch.

But he never leaves the room, because he is falling down again. He wakes up somehow irritated and turns to the other side instead of getting up.

What is this world of smells and sounds…? He wants to know, but he isn't sure how to go back there.

He waits for the third opportunity to visit the house for more than a week. So when he finally realizes that his wishes have been granted, a comforting feeling of relief appears within him, only to be quickly replaced with motivation. He stands up and instead of on wandering around, he focuses more on finding the very someone who slipped through his fingers twice.

He notices that the living room is empty as well, but inside his father's study he sees some things lying on the low table. He checks the bathroom: one dressing-gown hangs on the wall. A green one. How come… why does he see things that belonged only to his father? The bathroom does smell of his mother's rice powder, but there is nothing more. He glances back at the corridor and has a mild heart attack because through the kitchen window he sees a silhouette moving in the garden.

He runs in the corridor, something he haven't done for years, and literally falls out from the house to the porch. He jumps down to the grass with is bare feet, scanning his surroundings. HOW can he be here alone? He saw someone, he did…

The screens of his father's study are open. He didn't touch them before.

He didn't.

He runs back into the house, not caring about the noise he makes and concentrates, trying to hear every single sound of this strange place.

Fast steps can be heard from behind the closed door. Sasuke jumps to it and only dubs the wood, when the door moves violently on their own and he takes one step back, startled.

A man in his forties looks back at him with penetrating dark eyes that make him freeze. He wears a green upper robe and brown trousers. His shoulders are large, larger than Sasuke's own, and his hair, cut not too short, has a light brown color, so different from his own.

Sasuke wants to call him, but his mouth does not cooperate and stays wide open. The other man looks at him with no less shock, as if trying to find an explanation. He moves and his hand hangs now freely by his side when he watches the boy – or the young man – who is standing in front of him.


The image disappears and suddenly his eyes open and he sits up abruptly, breathing like after a long run.