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It was another boring day for Lori Loud. The eldest Loud had just finished drop off duty. Lisa went to her kindergarten first. Lola, Lana, Lucy and Lincoln went to elementary school. Finally, Lynn sent to middle school. Now it was just Lori, Leni, Luna and Luan headed to high school. Luna had her earbuds in and was jamming to Mick Swagger while Leni and Luan where talking.

"So, like, the counselor said I really need to study if I want to pass my SATS next year." said Leni.

"I think she's saying your S.A.T.s." noted Luan.

"But, that spells SATS." replied Leni confused.

"A test used to get into college." explained Lori.

"I didn't study!" cried Leni.

Luna took out her earbuds.

"You have another year to get ready." replied Lori.

"Oh good." sighed Leni in relief.

"I ain't doing college myself." shrugged Luna.

"Why not? Isn't college totes important?" asked Leni confused.

"It's not for everyone. I plan to hitting the road with ma band." answered Luna.

"I just hope I can't get into to college." moaned Leni worried.

"They are fashion schools. You would literally do great there." said Lori.

"O..M..Gosh! That would be perfect!" declared Leni.

"I'm setting my sites on UCLA. College by day and standup by night." revealed Luan.

"Plus, a million jobs to pay for it." said Luna.

Luna sighed.

"I hope mom and popstar can afford to put us through college." confessed Luna.

"Lisa already went on an academic scholarship and Lynn will probably get an athletic scholarship." shrugged Luan.

"She's already got Florida and Arizona looking at her. I heard mom mention Stamford the other night." revealed Lori.

"So, does she want to be a Gator, a Wildcat or a Cardinal." mused Luna.

"Going with Cardinals would be a bird-brained idea." said Luan.

Luna and Leni groaned.

"It's Cardinal and it's named after the color not the bird." stated Lori.

Lori noted surprised looks from her sisters.

"I was considering it if Fairway didn't work out." said Lori.

"Good thing your athletic scholarship came through." said Luna teasing.

"I literally studied my butt of." replied Lori.

Leni looked over.

"But your butt is still there." said Leni confused.

Lori started to speak, but merely patted Leni on the head.

"I heard mom telling you how proud she and dad where of you." noted Luan.

"Honor roll, varsity golf team and college all lined up. Gotta say, you're rockin' it sis." added Luna.

"Thanks guys." replied Lori gratefully.

the high school came into sight.

"But, it's not like I'm doing as well as Carol." said Lori.

"Surprised you can say that without fire coming out your eyes." joked Luna.

"I hope you saw a doctor about that." gasped Leni.

"She's valedictorian and going to Cornell. That's literally Ivy League." said Lori.

"Don't put yourself down." said Luan.

"I'm just being humble." said Lori.

Lori gripped the wheel a bit tighter.

"But she will be set for life while my future will depend on how good I can stay." thought Lori concerned.

"You're going to miss school!" exclaimed Luna.

Lori quickly hit the break.

"Sorry. Got distracted." said Lori embarrassed.

"Have a chill day brah." said Luna.

"Don't be like a banana and split on us when school ends." said Luan.

"I don't get it." replied Leni confused.

Lori watched her sisters leaved and sighed.

"Here we go." said Lori.

Lori parked Vanzilla and got out. She met her friends and soon classes began. Lori did mind school that much as was really trying to step up her game for Fairway. Plus, she got to spend time with her friends so that was a bonus. Speaking of her friends; Lori sat with Becky, Tad, Dana, Whitney, former rival Carol Pingrey and Leni at lunch. It was meatloaf day which meant reused old meat smashed together.

"I'm literally so grateful we snagged dad's leftovers." said Lori relieved.

"How is your father's restaurant?" asked Carol.

"It's literally amazing. He's really got it going strong." answered Lori.

"Plus, the restaurant is doing good." added Leni.

Before anyone could respond, another body walked over.

"Lori, did you take notes for the advanced physics test?" asked Spencer hopeful.

"I'll give them to you after school." replied Lori.

"You're the best!" declared Spencer, who left.

"Oh man, I'm going to bomb that test big time." sighed Becky.

"Same here." groaned Dana.

"Gosh! I didn't even know about the test!" exclaimed Leni horrified.

"It's only for Seniors so colleges will know how good we are." explained Lori.

"Oh good." sighed Leni happily.

"You're lucky Lori. It must be great having a sister who's a genius." mused Whitney.

"Lisa is a great tutor...when you can understand what she's saying." replied Lori.

"I know. It's gibberish to me." replied Becky.

"You'll do fine. You're a smart girl." said Carol.

"Speak for yourself Miss Ivy League." said Dana teasing.

Lori felt her heart sink a bit.

"I'm not at Cornell yet." noted Carol.

Lori decided the conversation needed changing.

"So...anything interesting happening?" asked Lori.

"I got this real pain in the ass client at the spa this weekend." answered Whitney.

"Who was it?" asked Dana.

"Flip. He got some gift card." answered Whitney.

"I hope you made sure it was legit." said Lori,

"That was my first guess and it actually was." replied Whitney surprised.

"I bet he has really bad hygiene." said Dana.

"Oh yeah. He was also super demanding, but that wasn't the worst part." said Whitney.

"What happened?" asked Becky.

"Don't keep us in suspense." added Lori.

"Cheap jerk didn't even tip." said Whitney bitterly.

"That must have sucked." said Lori sympathetic.

'Yeah." sighed Whitney.

"I've saw a UFO the other day." said Tad.

"What?!" cried Leni horrified.

"We've been over this. It was a probably a frisbee." sighed Becky.

"Are you sure?" asked Tad skeptical.

"Did you have any special brownies before you saw it?" asked Becky.

"A couple." answered Tad.

"Then I'm sure." replied Becky.

"I've got something else." said Tad.

"Not the Marfa Lights." groaned Becky.

"The what?" asked Lori.

"Mysterious lights in Texas." answered Tad.

"That was in a King of the Hill episode." noted Dana.

"Actually, it was something else." said Tad.

"The alien autopsy video is fake. So is the McPherson Tape." said Becky annoyed.

"I was gonna say there's a part this Friday. I heard some of the football players talk about it." said Tad.

"Oh, we should go." said Becky.

"Yeah." agreed Tad.

"I'd go." said Whitney.

"As long as it wasn't boring." added Becky.

"I heard college kids are gonna show so they'll probably be booze." whispered Tad.

The girls looked at each other.

"I'm in." said Becky.

"You're only young once." added Whitney.

"I don't know." mused Dana.

Tad took her hands.

"I'll make sure nothing happens. I promise." vowed Tad.

"Oh babe. Okay. I'm in." said Becky.

Everyone turned to the Loud sisters.

"You two coming?" asked Whitney.

"Like, I totes loves parties." answered Leni excited.

"Um Leni, I don't know if you should go." said Lori.

"Why not?" asked Leni upset.

"If there is alcohol then I don't think that's a good place for us." answered Lori.

Tad let out a groan.

"Total wet blanket." said Tad.

"You're going to grow old and won't be able to joy your youth someday." said Dana.

'Yeah. Live while you can." agreed Becky.

"What about you Carol?" asked Becky.

"My parents are taking me out to celebrate getting into Cornell." answered Carol.

Lori balled her fists.

"I changed my mind. I will go." said Lori.

"That a girl." said Whitney.

"What made you change your mind?" asked Becky.

Lori need a quick lie.

"Like you said. I'm only young once." answered Lori.

The groups finished eating.

"I hope you have a good time." said Carol.

"I will." replied Lori, already doubting herself.

The rest of the day seemed to go slower for Lori. The only thing on her mind was the party coming up this Friday. Maybe it's because she's a teenager or maybe it was because she was going off to college, but she felt more uneasy than usual. Finally, school let out and Lori was free to distract herself. Things got better and soon it was already dinner time at the Loud residence. The massive Loud family sat down to eat.

"So...how was your day?" asked Rita.

"Well found out who ran away with the spoon. Spoiler...it was the fork." answered Lisa unamused.

"Remember, you are still four." noted Rita.

"Yes, and I did enjoy finger painting with Darcy." replied Lisa.

"We're learning addition and subtraction." noted Lana.

"Wait until you get to my level." said Lincoln.

'Try middle school." replied Lynn.

"Try Algebra." said Luna.

"Math isn't hard, but phonics is another story." admitted Lola.

"Just remember, don't let anyone put you down." said Lynn Sr.

"And I can help after dinner." offered Lincoln.

"Thanks." said Lola grateful.

"Lori is going to a part Friday." revealed Leni.

Lori felt her heart skip a beat.

"It's a study party with a few friends." said Lori quickly.

"I thought it was a house party." said Leni confused.

"No. You must have gotten it mixed up." replied Lori, hiding her nerves.

"I hate when that happens." groaned Lori.

Lori couldn't express how relieved she was.

"I do hate lying to Leni." thought Lori guilty.

"Who is going to be there?" asked Rita.

"Becky, Dana, Whitney and Carol." answered Lori.

"No alcohol or boys?" asked Lynn Sr. suspicious.

"Of course not." answered Lori.

Lori felt her heart sink

"I really don't want to lie, but I have to." thought Lori.

"Okay honey. Have fun." said Rita.

"Thanks." said Lori relieved.

"We trust you." said Lynn Sr.

"Guilt trip me more." thought Lori.

Lori zoned out while Luna talked up an upcoming gig and Luan mentioned a new standup routine.

"Lori." said Lynn Sr.

Lori shook her head.

"Sorry dad. Must have zoned out." said Lori.

"Is this because of that test thing?" asked Leni.

"That's part of it." answered Lori.

"I would be more than glad to tutor you." offered Lisa.

"I'll literally take you up on that." replied Lori.

Lori seemed happy outward, but inside a she felt a mountain of stress.

"At least this party will help me relax." thought Lori relieved.

A/N: That's where we'll end things for now. So, we've laid down some ground work and I believe this story should go until Autumn. This was partially inspired by a fanfic I ready in 2016/17 (I think) that involved Lori developing a drinking problem. It was a one - shot and I cannot find it anymore. Anyway, next chapter is the party. Please review.