Hey, guys! Who's read the new SGE book, One true King! I loved it! Such a good ending! I decided to write a cute little one-shot about, maybe another chapter if reviews are good ;). A little bit of spoilers. (Okay, a lot.) Happy reading!

Tedros could feel Agatha shift in their bed, rolling over to check on their newborn son, Calix Lance. The boy had a strong pair of lungs, and Agatha would not let anyone take care of her child besides her and Tedros. The baby had always had a soft spot for his mother, being the perfect child during daytime. But at midnight...

Tedros had gotten used to being awoken at precisely 12:00 every night. He would roll over and stuff a pillow over his face before peeking over at his wife and child. Then, after Agatha managed to lull Calix back to sleep, Tedros would wrap his arms around her and they would both sleep deeply.

Tedros could hardly manage the sleep schedule, but Agatha took it in stride, flowering her son in attention, whilst Sophie would stand by with Hort. Sophie would always complain about the crying in the middle of the night, since her room was next door to the King and Queen of Camelot. Hort, on the other hand, would not agree to switch rooms with Sophie, no matter how much she tried to beg her fiancé.

Agatha was thrilled about her best friend's engagement, and Tedros was too, for Hort, the boy who had asked him what it was like to kiss Sophie compared to Agatha.

Tedros had replied that kissing Sophie was like a vain choice, to kiss her and feel her needs and necessities. With Agatha, he could feel their love for each other, that they were meant to be, that the Storian had brought them together. And it was Tedros and Agatha's choice to become Man and Wife.

"Hush, my Calix," Agatha whispered to her son while rocking him. "It's okay, my love. You are okay. It's not a nightmare, because Mama's here." Tedros listened to his wife calm their son while his back was turned.

"I'll tell you a story, the day your father and I liked each other." The baby gurgled. "Oh, you are so much like your father." Tedros smiled to himself. He remembered the day so clearly...

"I was never confident, my Calix," Agatha continued to whisper. "It took my fairy godmother to tell me, to show me the beauty I had inside. That day, I was so happy, I couldn't stop smiling." Agatha laughed quietly to herself and Tedros smiled. When Agatha smiled... she was so beautiful, with her jet black hair and fair skin.

"I bumped into your father," Agatha continued to rock her sniffling baby son. "And we didn't hate each other anymore. Things were awkward... we talked about what was for dinner! But I knew then-"

Tedros sat up, wrapped an arm around his wife and son, and finished the story in a soft voice. "That's when I knew, my son, that your mother was my princess. My true love. My queen. And that is how you came to be." Agatha blushed.

"I love you," Tedros said to his wife as they kissed. Calix stopped crying and looked at his parents curiously and Agatha cracked a smile. "He likes it when we kiss."

Tedros grinned. "Then I guess there's more coming."