I was sitting next to the rubbish bin. I mean, by sitting, I mean squatting because the floor was dirty. The white floor was covered in debris, there was cold mince everywhere, the half-eaten crust of the pizza we had on Friday last week. These were just some of the disgusting things that you can find on the floor of the cafeteria at Beecher Prep. It was lunchtime, and I was getting ready to ditch the cafeteria, as I really did not have any business being here, as the place was meant for the popular kids. I spied an empty table at the back of the room. It was clean, and It was clear of anything that might send me right back to my mother's belly. I decided to go for it and was half surprised when I made it. I looked around cautiously, all the kids in the cafeteria were chatting away, and it seemed to me that I was going to have a lunchtime at a table. I went through my bag, reaching for my lunchbox, as my parents were too poor to afford the school lunches that everyone else gets. As I reached for it, I felt an empty space. I sighed and put my hand in deeper. I still could not feel it. I started to worry a little bit and looked around. I looked back into my bag again, this time, when I thought I felt something, I was rewarded with an empty Cheese and Crackers packet. Then, unexpectedly, a massive fist slammed onto the pristine table, and frightened me out of my mind.

It was the school bully, Julian.

"Hey!" Said Julian, grinning from ear to ear, "We've got your lunchbox."

"I noticed." I replied, looking at his hands, which held my blue Avengers lunchbox.

"Yeah, Yeah, Smart-Alec." Said Julian, "We've come to make a deal out of you, involving your lunchbox."

"O.K" I replied, "What is it?"

"Well, you see that new kid sitting over there?" Asked Julian, now grasping my shoulders tightly.

"Yeah." I replied.

"Well, you see how ugly he is, right?" Asked Julian, saying the obvious.

Now, I did not know the kid, but I knew he was all the fuss right now. His face that is. It was awkward for me, as he seemed like a nice kid, but he was overwhelmingly ugly. I mean, Deadpool ugly. I decided to keep talking to Julian.

"Yeah." I answered, very cautiously. With Julian, if you say one thing wrong, it is game over for you.

"So, I want you to give him a really hard time" Said Julian. "I mean like, really make him feel bad, maybe even use a little blackmail on him"

Julian seemed absolutely over the moon, no doubt picturing all these things happening to this poor child. I was starting to feel quite uncomfortable and decided to finish the conversation.

"So, I'm guessing if I do this to this kid, I'm going to get my lunchbox back?" I asked, sure that if I did not get my lunchbox back, I would be dead meat to my parents.

"Of course, Michael." Replied Julian.

"I…I accept." I said.

Julian smiled; a very creepy smile that made me even more uncomfortable than I already was.

"Good then." Said Julian, "I expect to see changes in that boy's attitude in the next few days."

"Yes." I replied in a very monotonous tone.

Julian began to walk away, and as he did, I felt a surge of guilt, agreeing to bully this kid for the sake of my lunchbox. That feeling was soon gone, as I was pushed from behind and onto the floor by Julian's sidekicks, Miles, and Henry. I landed in a pile of mush, and decided it was best to grin and bear it. Miles and Henry smirked at me as they walked away.

"Idiot's" I Mumbled.

I decided that to get my lunchbox back, I needed a plan…


I walked off in the direction of the kid after lunch had ended. I approached him cautiously at his locker, as If he were going to lash out at me at any moment. Throughout lunch I had been planning to shut his locker door on him while he was leaning in. This was just meant to cause some pain, and I really did not think that it would be that bad.

I started speeding up, as he looked as he was about to finish his locker session. Quick as a bullet, I slammed the door onto his body. He yelped.

"You don't belong here, Shrek!" I yelled out, putting both of my hands up in the air in the rock and roll sign.

Some people laughed, and some people cheered. The kid, however, cried. I instantly felt bad about my actions, but this kid was my key to success, and soon the feeling was gone. I ran off, before any teachers came. I trusted that all the kids in the hallway would keep it quiet, but I still needed to hide. I decided that my next move was to ditch class and create a plan to get him again. For this, though, I needed his name. I thought to ask the closest kid I could find. I quickly snuck out into the hallway again and grabbed a kid's shoulder. He jumped, but I assured him it was all right. He then told me the kid's name was August. I smiled. That was Part 1 done and dusted.

I ran back to my hiding spot and went into preparation. After another hour of preparation, trickery, bribery and most of all, sneakiness, I was ready to go. August was going to be out of class in about 5 minutes, and then it was go-time. I had everything ready to go, and then the bell rung.

"Showtime" I thought.

August was the first out of the class, and I pulled on a rope. The Maple Syrup poured out of the bucket and onto August. He screamed, and I grinned. I then got the massive fan, which I found in the assembly hall which we use for our school dances. I turned it on, and masses of chunky popcorn came out, and spread all over August. Some people laughed, and some people screamed as well. I was still grinning ear to ear. I did not feel bad at all this time, and somehow, I felt whole again, not depressed, not scared, just whole. This was great! I decided to make a run for it, but before I could make any ground, that kid Mr. Tushman had hired to be friends with August, Jack Will was his name, was chasing after me. We both screamed around the corner, and I swear he was yelling at me, but all that I could hear was my own breath. I was at the door when Jack pulled me to the ground. desperate, I decided to kick out. I did not make a hit, but Jack let me go, and did not continue chasing me to the car park. I knew that whatever I did, Julian would see, as he was in August's class. I thought it unnecessary to stay at school, so I ran the 4 miles back to my house. When I got home, I went straight to bed.


I must admit, August seemed like a nice kid overall. I mean, apart from that unnoticeable ugliness, he seemed perfectly normal. He was always trying to make friends, and I really did not see Julian's goal here. I mean, make him feel bad, make him hate his life, only increases his chance of leaving, and I do not see why he should leave. I think that he should be welcomed like everyone else, and to be honest, doing all these things to August made me feel like an assassin. Michael Robinson, license to kill. Or was that James Bond. I do not know, I have never seen it, as we cannot afford it. As I said, I am just doing my job…


The next few days were chaotic. People loved me and hate me at the same time. I decided to keep a low profile for the time being, because if I ever ran into Jack Will again, I knew I would be dead meat. I went to class as usual, and said I felt sick yesterday and went home early.

At lunch, I went to Julian, to see if I could get my lunchbox back. When I arrived, Julian told me that I needed to bully him for the whole year. I felt sick and tried to compromise. But Julian bribed me into getting something other than just my lunch box back. I was over the moon when I heard this, and instantly agreed. As I left, I heard Julian taking to Miles and Henry, very quietly.

"We strike tomorrow." Said Julian, suddenly very serious.

'He won't even know what hit him." Laughed Miles.

"Yes, Yes." Grinned Julian.

I decided that I needed to know more, so I opened the door, and then shut it. Julian did not even look up. I silently crawled over towards the teacher's desk, and hid behind it. I began listening to the conversation.

"We've got to get ready, like tonight guys." Said Julian. "He needs to know that he doesn't belong here."

"Well, Duh." Said Miles. "This shall be classed as the greatest prank ever done, I mean, not even Home Alone compares to this!"

They all laughed, a very creepy laugh, that was an exact replica to the laugh Julian made yesterday at lunch. Now, I had no idea what was coming August's way, but I knew it was bad, and I could not tell him, because that would be the end for me. So, like a soldier waiting for battle, I waited for this massive prank to take place. In-fact, I waited all night, as I was awake thinking about what horrible thing Julian and his goons would be doing to August tomorrow. I mean, I have seen home alone, as it was on clearance at the VHS store for 50c, and that was a great price for me. Anyway, back to Home Alone. If they are going to burn August's hand off, or shoot him multiple times with a BB Gun, well, I needed to warn him. But then again, If I did, I would never hear the end of it.

The next morning, nothing unusual happened. The hallways were packed with kids yelling and screaming, and it was the usual morning rush. I was always waiting for something to happen, but in the end, nothing ever did.

The next day, it was lunchtime, and Julian approached me again. He grabbed my shoulders and picked me up. I was expecting him to give me my lunchbox back, but when he pulled me away and whacked me in the face, I was surprised.

"Hey!" I yelled. "What was the for?!"

"I have had confirmation," Julian Began, "That you were listening to me, Miles and Henry's conversation yesterday."

"Um, What!" I Asked, very annoyed.

"Is it true!?" Julian Yelled into my face.

I gulped, and ran for it…


It was the time of year where the class went on a trip. August had been here for nearly a year now, and it seemed weird that he had been here so long. I was packing my bags, and I noticed that my window had a slight egg stain on it. I decided to investigate and saw that there was a spray painted "J" on the grass. I sighed. J was for Julian.

On the way to school, I saw August and his mother and father driving in a nice car to the campus. I stopped dead in my tracks when August looked out of the window at me. He tilted his head, as though he did not really recognise me. I kept walking, and when I finally reached school, the bus was starting to depart. I instantly became terrified and ran towards it in the parking lot.

"Here!" I Screamed, desperate not to miss the bus.

I kept running towards the bright yellow bus, screaming as I went. The bus driver was on his phone.

"Typical" I thought.

I was just about to ditch the whole trip when I heard a crunch. I flipped onto my face, and it hit the hard tarmac, and I screamed. The bus had run over my leg.

The last thing I saw before I was out cold was August's parents, running towards me…

I woke up in a hospital room, in a gown that felt weird. I was lying in a bed, with the leg that was run over hoisted into a cast-like structure. I was still in a bit of pain, but when I looked over onto the side-table, I saw a bottle labelled "Painkillers". I saw a button on the wall, which read, 'Assistance". I pressed it, and it beeped. A few minutes later, a female nurse walked into the room. She smiled at me and put some food down onto the side-table.

"Um, where am I?" I asked.

"You're at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dear." She replied, in a very nice tone, which relaxed me quite a bit.

"How long have I been out for?" I asked her.

"Five days, honey." She replied.

"Five days!" I exclaimed. "I need to get out of here! Like, Now!"

"Not in your condition honey, the bus really did some damage to that leg of yours."

"No! No!" I started to cry, the tears hurting.

I cried until no tears would come. I cried until my body felt too tired to continue.

A few days later, August's parents appeared in my room. I recognised them from the car, on the way to school that fateful day, and I remembered them from something else too, but I could not remember what…

"Hey, Michael, how are you doing?" They asked me, sounding generally concerned.

"Um…" I started, wondering what to say to them. "Good, thanks."

"That's great, Michael" August's Mother said, really creeping me out with how much they cared about me, and how often they used my name at the end of a sentence.

"We're here to see how you're doing, we were there when it happened, and we want to help with your recovery." August's dad said, sounding a little excited.

"Thanks." I replied.

"We shouldn't have done this, but we brought Auggie along with us, and he is really, like really desperate to see you."

"Wow, Really?" I asked, really surprised to see that August wanted to talk to me.

"He's right outside, so we'll bring him in, and give you two some privacy, O.K?"

"Yeah, thanks." I answered.

They both left the room, and August came in. We both made eye contact, and he grabbed one of the chairs at the back of the room and wheeled it over to my bed.

"Hey, Mike" He said.
"Hey" I answered.

"You all right?"

"So far, yeah."



We both looked at each other for a good twenty seconds.

"O.K, cut it August!" I half yelled; half spoke. "Why did you come here?"

"Listen, Mike." August said. "I came here to forgive you, for what you did to me after that class, I know Julian asked you to do it, and all has been revealed."

"What?" I asked.

"Well, just before the Nature Retreat, Julian was kicked from the school."

"What!?" I yelled, getting more and more excited by the second.

"Yeah," August replied. "They found out what he was doing to me, and he confessed about the lunchbox bribe."


"Yeah, Wow."

"So, if you knew I didn't mean to do it, then why did you come here."

"Well, to let you know what happened, and because I'm writing an Auto-Biography."

"At your age, wow."

"Yeah, well, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to write a section in it?"

"Oh, is it one of those one's where you get the perspective of all the people?"

"Yeah, and I think your story would be a great addition."

"So, you won't add me in any other parts of the story?"

"Yeah, I want you to be a surprise addition."

"Cool, well, when do I start?"


It is the end of the year, and August has just been to the hospital. I am still lying in bed, like I am lying in bed right now, writing this chapter. So, Hello all. The nurse has just come in, and she has delivered me some food. Mashed Potato, my favourite. The nurse has just dropped off a piece of paper with a link on it. I will open this link on Google, with the Word tab next to it, so I can write about what is on it. The nurse say's it is from the school. The page is opening to a Twitch link, and it say's "2012 Beecher Prep End of Year Ceremony" It says that it will start soon, it has the Beecher Prep logo on it, and it is playing our school song. I will keep eating my mashed potato until it starts.

It has been five minutes and the screen is now going to the awards ceremony. I will probably keep the ceremony to myself until something good happens.

It has been an hour and a half, and the final award is about to be presented. I do not know what it is for, but I know it is all the hype right now. I am watching the head kid come up and present it, and he gets ready.

"Hello, all, and this shall be the final award of the day. The receiver of this award is…"

The entire audience is on the edge of their seats, ready to go.

"August Pullman!"

Everyone is cheering and screaming as August walks up onto the stage. I even get up out of my bed to cheer for him. There is a massive standing ovation, and August goes and gets his prize. He looks overwhelmed. I am getting up, and I smile ear to ear. Finally, August has got what he deserves. You know, my headphones are even starting to go ear rape with the amount of noise being made in the ceremony. A little message has just popped up on the screen on the top right, saying, "Donate Now!", with a little smiley face next to it. I click on the link in the description and choose five dollars, then in the donation description, I write "Go August!". I think he will like that. I think I will sit down now and watch the rest of the ceremony.

The ceremony has just finished, and a nurse is in the room right now, preparing some food for me and changing my clothes. She has just told me that I can leave in a few days, and I should be back to school within a week. I was happy when I heard this, as even though I get lots of ice-cream in the hospital, it really is boring. So, I guess I will see you when something interesting happens.


I got out of the hospital a few days later and was at home for a day before it was the weekend and I was back to school on Monday. While I was at home, my Mom and Dad did not show once. I think they have officially given up on me. I decided to go and prank Lucifer in the weekend. He is such a dork. Always doing his satanic rituals in class time, bit odd, I think. After I egged Lucifer's pentagram filled back yard, I was back at home, getting some rest. I woke up with a start. I slowly lifted my head off my pillow and got out of bed. My leg was killing me, and I really needed to get back to bed. I checked my alarm clock. It was 2:30 am. Then, suddenly there was a scratching sound coming from the kitchen. I walked over to my door and creaked it open about a centimetre. I froze, as I saw a dark figure silently climbing in through the window. He was a slim figure, and he looked about thirty. He wore a black mask, and he wore fingerprint protected gloves. I shuddered. This man was a robber. I silently hid myself behind my door and listened to the sounds this man was making. He was looking all over the place, obviously trying to find something valuable. After about five minutes, I heard the man moving toward the window again. I nearly breathed a sigh of relief but stopped myself. The man was nearly gone, and then I heard him stop. There was no sound for about twenty seconds, and then the man started to walk to my room. I stopped breathing entirely. I crept towards the door, and his behind it. The man strode in. I could hear his breathing he was so close. He walked over towards me bed, and then towards my near empty drawers. I needed to breathe, and quick, but I could not, I could not risk it. If he turned around right now, he would see me, and by the look of his hand holding the knife, he did not want to leave me alone. My throat was not really starting to hurt, and I felt like I was going to pass out. The man slowly retreated, and he walked out of my room. I heard him jump out of the window and shut it. Then I collapsed.


So, here I am again. Back in hospital, recovering from the near fatal fall in my bedroom. The neighbours had found me lying there in the morning, and they called the cops, and the hospital. I went into critical condition but was helped back into a stable condition. I have been here for two days already, and I am set to come out in a week or two. Now, let me just say, the hospital is so boring. I mean, all you do all day is look at get well soon messages on your email, from people you don't even know, and you also have to be constantly checked up on, so I never have time to be by myself, to cry. I mean, apart from the constant mental checks, the hospital is really depressing. I cannot wait to get out. I mean, I am in the same room as last time. The nurses are calling the past week the unluckiest week in the history of mankind. Run over by a bus and robbed in the same week!? Well, I have just got to get through it. Another bad thing about the hospital is the clock in my room. It is a grandfather clock, which continuously ticks, and tocks. I hate the thing. I mean, I really hate it. It keeps me awake at night, and even when I try to stop it, the sound is still in my head. And it goes crazy at midnight, as it chimes. I have even asked for a new one, but they always tell me how lucky I am to be alive. Well, I guess I will see you when something interesting happens.


I got out of the hospital four months later. As soon as I got out, I went and saw August. He was excited to see me. We talked at the front door for a little bit, and then he offered me a seat inside. I walked in. It was a rather large house, the walls were made of polished quartz, and the ceiling was high above me, where a second floor stood. There was a stairwell leading upstairs, and August dragged me up it. My leg was now almost fully healed, so It was not much of a problem. When we reached the second floor, the soft carpet comforted my bare feet, and I nearly fell onto it and hugged it. I restrained myself, though. I walked over to his room, where a damaged astronaut helmet lay on the grey carpet floor. His bed was quite big, and it had a Star Wars cover on it. He also had a twelve-inch television on the floor, hooked up to an X-BOX. He also had many cat posters on his walls, some saying "Hang in there" with a cat hanging from a rope. Another was of a cat hugging a dog, and it read "Best Friends Forever". I Smiled. August must really like cats.

"Hey, Michael" August began, "Do you want something to eat, Mom's making her killer grilled cheese."

"Sure, August." I replied.

He rushed downstairs to tell his Mom to duplicate the order. I sat on his bed. It was cosy, and very bouncy. A few seconds later, a girl walked into the room, talking madly on the phone to a boy named Justin. She had her eyes on the floor, seemingly engaged in her conversation. I walked over to her and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hello?" I asked.

She turned around, and screamed, a deafening scream which could have easily made me go deaf, had it gone on any longer.

"Mom!" She screamed, starting to backtrack away from me. I could hear the person on the phone going ballistic too.

"There's someone up here!" She screamed.

A muffled reply came from downstairs. "It's fine, Via!"

It was obviously August's Mom.

"It's Auggie's friend, Michael."

She looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

"Hey, Justin." She said, now talking into the phone, still with her eye's fixed on me. "I've got to go, it was nothing, by the way."

She hung up and walked over to me.

"Hey, you're Michael, right?" She asked me.

"Yeah, that's me." I replied.

"I've heard a lot about you, run over by a bus!"

"Yeah, that did hurt."

"Well, it's all over now, buddy."

"You could say that, but I was proven wrong when I was robbed."

She laughed.

"True, true." She replied, still with a case of the giggles.

"I'll go and find Auggie, Alright?" She said.

"O.K" I replied.

Later that night, August invited all the kids in our class to a pizza party. We left at about 8 o'clock and started eating at about 9. There was me, Miles, Henry, Summer, Jack Will, and Charlotte. We had a great time. We debated politics, and we betted who could drink the most of their drink in one drink, me having the best time, as I was used to sucking Ice-Cream out of a tube, and a drink was no problem. I gulped down my Pepperoni Pizza, and after dinner, we all went out to an Ice-Cream parlour. We got massive bowls of the stuff, and we did a contest to see who could eat all their Ice-Cream the quickest. Henry won, with a record time of fifty seconds for a one litre bowl. We left at about 11 o'clock, and we all went home after that. I was dead tired and went straight to sleep as soon as I got home.


When I arrived back at school, it was September, and everyone was excited. I met August and Jack Will on the way to school, and we discussed how our day would go ahead. Me and August pressured Jack Will into revealing a crush, and August saved me from falling flat onto the pavement. When we arrived at school, everything was pristine, as it had been cleaned over the holidays. I went through all my normal classes, but when it came to lunch time, I was in for a surprise. I was the last to get into the cafeteria, as my teacher had pulled me up for a stupid reason. I mean, moving my foot, really!? When I got into the cafeteria, everyone stood up. I was surprised, and even more so, when they started clapping and cheering. I realised instantly. This was my first day back at school since I got run over. At that moment, as I stood in the cafeteria doorway, being cheered at, and applauded, I felt truly whole. I tried to hide my smile, but happiness wins over destiny. I was grinning ear to ear, and everyone was so appreciative. I felt amazing, and I looked over to August. He looked over the moon for me. I lip synced,

"Was this your idea?"

He replied with, "Yeah, it was."

I gave him a bug thumb up. He smiled. The clapping had been going on for over fifteen seconds now, but it was as strong as ever.

I spent the whole of the afternoon in class, thinking about all that August has done for me. I mean, he is let me be a part of his Autobiography, and he forgave me for the terrible things I did to him when he first arrived. August has welcomed me into his life, and I thank him for that. I get to stay with August on the weekends, but everyone thinks that I still live with my parents, but in reality, I work a part time job at the McDonalds, and I lied about my age to get it. That is all that is keeping my eating and alive. I recovered my lunchbox with August's help, and to be honest, August is one of the coolest, funniest, and nicest kids I have ever met. August has taught me, that no matter who you are, no matter what you do, there is still a way to get to people's hearts. He has taught me that when you work hard, it really pays off. I know August is a nice person, and even though he looks ugly, I have got to know him, and I have bettered myself because of that. As I sit in my desk in English class, wondering about all these things, I come up with a phrase. It is not that great, but I think it suit's August. As I sit in my chair, on my desk, in Beecher Prep, I think to myself,

August Pullman, you really are a wonder.


The man was rushing down the street. He was at a decent pace, and he was wearing highly durable sneakers, which were propelling him forward at an astounding pace. Now, you may be wondering, why is this man running in the first place? The answer is simple. He is a thief, and in the dead of night, he robs houses. This night was an unlucky one for this man. He got to the house, but woke one of the children, and the night continued downwards from there. He could hear the sirens advancing towards him, but what he did not suspect, was what hit him next. The last thing the man heard before he was sent spiralling to the ground, was the light patter-patter of shoes on tarmac. He hit the ground hard and groaned. He saw a dark figure behind him. He looked big, but he could not be sure in this light. The man tried to crawl away, but the figure grabbed onto him, and tied something to his wrists. The man screamed, a deafening scream. The figure retracted but was soon back on him. The sirens were getting closer, and the man twisted onto his back, getting a good look at his kidnapper.

"Hey!" The man began, sounding very scared. "What's your name?"

The figure looked away, at the moon.

"Michael, my name is Michael."