Harry Potter was brushing his teeth to get ready to go to the Hogwarts express, when he heard a pop. He sees Dobby and Dobby says

"DumblyDore needs yous in his Office the password is Ring Pops!" Then he pops away to the kitchen.

Harry finishes up and goes to Dumbledore's office. He says the password and goes in. He sees Professor Snape and Professor Dumbledore. Dumbledore says

" Come sit down Harry we have a matter to discuss." So Harry does. Dumbledore says " We got a letter from your Mother, Lily Potter. You might wanna read it. It read:

If you are anything like your father you would want me to get to the point, so I will tell you. James potter is not your father. He was SO confused. Now before you freak out, he is spying for Dumbledore. Your father is Severus Snape. Harry pauses while thinking of what Professor Snape could do to turns Pale and it gets harder for him to breathe. He is having a panic attack, So he forces himself to calm down then continues reading. Your real name is Henry Ashen Snape. He has my complete trust. With Love, Lily Snape.

He looked at Professor Dumbledore.

"What happens now?" Dumbledore looked at him and said

" If Severus Chooses you can go to his Manor."

Professor Snape said " As long as he shall Follow all the rules and Not break anything then Yes."

Harry said "Okay."

They apparrated after walking through the wards. Then Snape gave Harry a tour and said " After you eat, There will be a list of Rules to do by your bed after you read them go to sleep. Also you can use Magic."

With a sneer from Snape Harry went to his room and looked around there was a desk and chair, a window, a bed then of course his trunk. It was a good sized room. He unpacked. He read the rules, then laid down on his bed and thought.

" What if Snape does not want me. The names the Dursley's called him bounded in his head. Freak Ungrateful Idiot Disappointment Waste of Space."

He knew they were true. He fell asleep. His nightmare: The Dursleys were screaming at him, Vernon hitting him and kicking him. Dudley and his gang playing Harry Hunting. He woke up screaming. He got up, and made his bed. He pulled out his Summer Homework and Textbooks and did his Essays. Hopefully he did not wake up Snape. He sighed, "What did I do to deserve this?" He thought. After rechecking his Essays he cast a Tempus with his wand. 6:41 it read. He got up and started making breakfast. It was bacon, eggs, and sausage. He set the plates at the table and made Snape Tea and him a glass of milk. He then waited a couple minutes for Snape to come down. When he came down he asked

"Pot- Henry Did you make this?"

Harry said " Yes Sir."

Snape looked at him and said " Henry this is Delicious!"

Henry ( AN: I WILL BE CALLING HIM HENRY) said " Thank you Sir."

He said than sat down and ate. He ate his food while thinking ' What would Hermione and Ron think? Will they like me still?'
After Henry got done with his food he was going to go to sleep when he heard Professor Snape say "When you get up tomorrow you have to do chores the list will be by your bed ." Henry said " Okay Thank you, Sir." then went up to bed.

Authors Note: I would like some help like how do i make another chapter