Hey all, this is my first ever fan fiction story. It is a Pokémon fan fiction containing many aspects of the Pokémon region that I have been developing, called the Sodale region. I have been developing this region for a little over 5 years, I hope you enjoy the aspects I have included here.

Disclaimer: for any of you that may be confused, I do not own Pokémon. (I do however own the rights to my personal Fakémon that will be appearing in the story, the first time a Fakémon does appear I will put FM next to it in parentheses. Also, most of the people you have not heard of from the Pokémon anime/video games are most likely real people or based off of real people. Constructive criticism is invited. Thank you and enjoy.

An alarm sounded loudly, waking the 16-year-old boy who was sleeping in his bed above his desk with a start. "Ahhh!" he cried as he fell with a huge crash right on top of his desk chair. He was wearing a white T-shirt and pajama bottoms covered in little Tyranitars.

"I hope you didn't hurt yourself on our first day in this house, and the first day at this new school." Yelled a female voice from downstairs.

"I'm fine mom!" called the teen "just not used to the height of my bed yet!"

First day of a new school year, time for some disaster. The teen thought as he grabbed his towel for a shower. He had been trying to catch a Pokémon ever since his mom told him he was going to be going to this new school. But with no luck. He didn't just want any Pokémon; he wanted a Pokémon that wanted to be his partner. Supposedly it was for elite trainers, or in his case special skills. Even though he did not have a Pokémon of his own he had never lost a battle. Even with loaner Pokémon that he had never seen before.

Of course, that was his special skill in action. He thought as he dried off. He had the unique ability to not only communicate with, but to understand Pokémon and feel their feelings. This skill is why he did not have a Pokémon of his own. He would always take a reading of the Pokémon he found before attempting to catch them. (meaning he never actually attempted to catch them since they were all happier in the wild.)

With this new school year starting up he hoped he would finally find a partner Pokémon. But if he hadn't found one over all of summer break when they had moved here to this newly built town, well he doubted he would find one anytime soon. This town and the reason for its construction is all centered around one thing. The elite trainers school. The whole town was simply built as housing for the parents and children who attended this highschool.

After the teen had dressed in long black joggers with the dragon type symbol on the right leg, another white T-shirt, and his black and gold satin varsity jacket. As he was lacing up his maroon and gold high-tops he looked at the Pokéball his dad had left for him. The ball was black with a maroon dragon type symbol on the upper half just above the button. When his father had given it to him, he had said it was called the Dracoball the perfect Pokéball for dragon types. The teen sighed; his father had always known he liked dragon type Pokémon the best. He then went across the room to his closet to grab his backpack. Which he deposited the Dracoball into.

As he was grabbing his backpack, he heard his mom yelling up the stairs, "Tregg, can you please see if your brother is awake, and if he is not please wake him up! Otherwise you will both be late."

As Tregg slung his backpack containing his schoolbooks, some spray potions, and one singular Pokéball left for him by his dad, onto his back. He sighed, waking his brother Ashton was always the most difficult part of his morning.

As he opened the door to his brothers' room all he could see was darkness. He flipped on the light and saw that there were thick black curtains over the windows so no morning light could get in. Tregg then made his way across the room to Ashtons desk. Tregg picked up Ashtons phone, used the piece of tape with his brothers' fingerprint to unlock it. He then scrolled through Ashtons music library until he found the song he was looking for. Tregg then turned it on full volume and set it on his desk.

'I want to be the very best, like no one ever was' the phone blared as Tregg crossed the room to Ashtons closet. 'To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause' the song continued, causing a groan from Ashton under the covers. Tregg having been rummaging through the closet found his brothers towel. He then threw it across the room onto Ashtons bed. As the song on the phone continued 'I will travel across the land searching far and wide, each Pokémon to understand the power that's inside' Tregg then picked up what he thought was Ashtons Pokéball alarm clock and tossed it at him. But what Tregg had picked up was a real Pokéball containing Ashtons Pokémon Croagunk. Croagunk emerged from the Pokéball right next to Ashton. He than used his ability poison touch to paralyze his trainer. Croagunk than grabbed Ashtons towel and his leg. Once he had a firm hold on both Croagunk dragged Ashton and his towel down the hall and into the bathroom, locking the door once it had deposited its trainer was inside.

'I really wish he would pay more attention to the time.' Tregg heard Croagunk say. 'Then we wouldn't have these last-minute types of issues.'

"I agree Croagunk" said Tregg in an exasperated tone. "If he would wake himself up we could both leave earlier."

At this moment the song could be heard blaring 'Gotta catch 'em all, Pokémon.' And with that the song was over. Croagunk promised to get all of Ashtons things ready for school, so without that responsibility Tregg went down to eat breakfast and saddle the Ponyta for the ride to school.

Ponyta are just horses with fiery manes. Why would a mother let her children ride fire horses to school is a good question, and there is a good answer. If the Ponyta you are riding trusts you completely the flames on its head and tail will not burn you. Since they had brought these Ponyta all the way from their home region of Sodale they were awfully familiar with and trusting to the two brothers. They were still uncomfortable with the terrain though, and that's why Tregg had wanted to leave earlier today to not push them to hard on the way to school.

From inside the house Ashton could be heard hollering "where in the world is my damn hat." Followed by a lot of crashes and banging.

"Oh no, not again" Tregg groaned. Croagunk had forgot the most important thing that had to be ready. Ashtons favorite hat. He never went anywhere without it.

Ashton was tearing every inch of his room apart looking for his favorite hat, and though his room was a complete mess; his hat was nowhere to be found.

"ugh! Where the hell could it be" cried Ashton in frustration. He threw another drawer from his bureau across the room onto his bed with a loud crash. Ashtons dad had given that hat to him when he was very little. That is the reason this hat was special above all others, and it had just vanished.

"grr, that hat is the only thing I have left of dad! So where the hell could it be." He was already dressed for school, everything but the hat was ready. However he would sooner die than go out in public without his dads hat. Croagunk knew he had messed up and had retreated into his Pokéball when Ashton had first started frantically searching for the hat.

Just as Ashton was getting ready to pull the entire bureau out of the closet Tregg ran into the room, skidding to a halt when he saw the mess. He was breathing slightly heavy having run all the way from the back barn, all he could manage was "Hat… Backpack… Should have… Told you…"

Ashtons face which was a stony mask melted in an instant into relief. He dug through his backpack until he found the hat in the smallest pocket in the front. He then plopped the precious hat onto his head. It was a red hat with a black stripe down the middle and a blue half Pokéball on the stripe. The rest of his outfit was a white hoodie with blue drip marks from the forearm down on the sleeves, Faded black jeans, and white high-top sneakers with blue half Pokéballs on the sides.

"Alright let's go." Ashton said slinging his gray backpack with a blue half Pokéball on the front pocket onto his back. He rushed past Tregg down the stairs.

Tregg who was now fully recovered rolled his eyes and raced after him. Catching up to him at the barn. The two brothers mounted their respective Ponyta and rode out onto the trail to school. Ashton pulled up next to Tregg and said, "how about a race to school to make it more interesting."

Tregg, not being one to back down from a challenge said, "You're on!" and spurred his Ponyta forward. As the two raced down the trail they laughed and yelled back and forth to each other. Tregg could also feel the excitement and joy of the Ponyta as they raced ahead at high speeds.

Suddenly a silver car went past Tregg looked in the window to see a beautiful blonde girl looking back out at him with a fierceness and intensity the likes of which he had never seen before. It was as if her eyes were on fire, Tregg could have sworn he saw flames dancing within them. The sight of those eyes slightly unnerved him. as soon as she saw him looking back at her, the girl ducked back inside the car and rolled up the window. As if she was embarrassed or afraid of him. The car went by and picked up speed till it left the boys far behind. Both brothers pulled up next to each other and shared a look of confusion.

"why did that car get so close to us?" asked Ashton, "they could have spooked Ponyta."

"I don't know, maybe it had something to do with that girl in the window." Tregg replied, "but it was definitely a dangerous thing to do. What if Ponyta had gotten scared and accidentally used flamethrower?!"

"I know what you mean about Ponyta, but I didn't see any girl." Said Ashton.

"What!?" Tregg exclaimed, "I know she was there. How could you have missed her?"

"I don't know," Ashton said, "but I do know if we wait around here, we'll be late on the first day of school."

"well let's get going then. I'm still going to beat you there." Tregg said, a steely edge creeping into his voice.

"No way." Ashton retorted; his voice held steel as well.

The two brothers once again spurred their Ponyta on and resumed their race to be the first one to arrive at this all new place. Both wondering different things. While Ashton wondered how or why a car would be out on an island like this one, Tregg's thoughts were consumed with thoughts of who that mysterious girl could be and why she had looked so intensely at him. 'I wonder if she is a trainer too.' Tregg thought as he raced along the path to the beginning of his new life.

Tregg and Ashton can see the school now as they exit the trail. It is a large yellow brick stone building with a black shingle roof. It looks like a Victorian age mansion instead of a school. At least that meant they had a stable for the Ponyta.

"Yeah! I win!" Tregg shouted back at Ashton who was a few yards behind.

"Still, not by much. I'll be winning next time." Ashton said, trying to hide the disappointment in his voice.

Tregg was about to say something to lift his brother's spirits when he saw that girl from the car earlier stalking towards him. She stopped about 5 feet away, her intense burning eyes locked on his.

"That Ponyta, what would you trade it for? Name it and I could probably get it for you." the blonde teen said bluntly.

Tregg slightly outraged at the casual mention of trading his Ponyta that he had hatched from an egg himself, said "look I don't know who you are, but this is my Ponyta. I cared for it for almost a year before it hatched. I would never trade it."

"Really, then I will battle you for it." The girl says in a nonchalant manner. "should be easy enough honestly."

"Um, I kinda don't have any other Pokémon and Ponyta doesn't have a Pokéball for if it gets hurt." Explained Tregg.

"Well that won't be a problem, Nurse Joy will just have to attend the battle than." Remarked the girl.

This did make sense. If nurse joy was there than she could heal Ponyta. But still… the girl's confidence was highly unnerving to both brothers. They had to make sure that this match would be a fair fight as this girl clearly would not be backing down without it. So Tregg just had to win.

"Alright than, Saturday at noon, the school courtyard." Tregg said, his determination almost palpable on his words.

"The match will be one on one. No other Pokémon other than what is in that Pokéball you have on your belt right now and Ponyta." Added Ashton.

"Works for me." said the girl, as she turned to walk away.

"Wait," said Tregg, "aren't you going to tell us your name and that Pokémon?"

"Oh, yeah sure, I guess. My name is Cynthia, and I am from the Sinnoh region. As for my Pokémon, it will be my trusted partner Gible." Said Cynthia, "Now it is your turn."

"Oh right, we didn't introduce ourselves before you demanded Ponyta. Well anyways, I'm Tregg and this is my younger brother Ashton. We moved here from our home region of Sodale." Tregg replied.

Ashton interrupted then, "guys it's almost time for first period, we have to go."

Tregg ran his hands through Ponyta's blue flamed mane, "I'll see you at the end of the day, please behave and stay here."

Both Tregg's and Ashton's Ponyta said "hmmph, no promises." At the same time.

"No, I really mean it." Tregg said sternly, "you guys need to be here when we get back."

"Fine, I'll keep him in check." Said Tregg's Ponyta.

"And I'll do the same for you." Said Ashton's Ponyta.

"Good, then we will see you here after 9th period." Tregg said. Running to catch up with the other two who had gone ahead.

And with that, the three teens headed for the entrance to the school. Ready to begin the new school year. Eager for what might be in store for them.

Once inside the three split up, Cynthia going to the female student's check-in table, and the brothers joining the line for the male student check-in table.

Just then, Tregg's cell phone buzzed. He took it out to see who it was. It was his cousin Connor texting him: Hey Tregg, I hope you get this, I was up late playing super smash brothers on my switch. So, I ended up oversleeping today. So, could either you or Ashton hang back to open the doors for me when I get there? Thank you. 'Classic Connor.' Tregg thought, they were near the front of the registration line now. Tregg turned to Ashton who was looking at his phone. They nodded to each other, silently agreeing to get their IDs and then find out when Connor would get there.

The IDs were standard IDs, except they could be used to buy items such as Pokéballs and recovery items like potions and antidotes from the school store. To buy these items you had to use Battle Points, or BP for short. You could only get these Battle Points from winning Pokémon battles against the other students at the school. Tregg sighed, winning Pokémon battles would be difficult without any Pokémon that he could battle with at school. The tables for check in were being cleared away and the doors were being locked. The brothers could also see students being shuffled off to class. Then Ashton saw the most important detail, Connors ID card. He grabbed it from the table, then both him and Tregg moved out of the hallway and into the bathroom to wait for Connor to arrive.

About 20 minutes later their phones pinged again he was here, both brothers rushed to the door. And sure enough, there was Connor in his black and white T-shirt, Cyan jacket that blends to purple on the bottom half, and black shorts with a red stripe on each leg, but what really stood out was the red fingerless glove on his left hand which had a mega stone imbedded in it. They swung both entryway doors wide open, and in rushed Connor and his Riolu.

"Oh, thank goodness you guys got my text. I would have been locked out on the first day of school. That would have been embarrassing. Shit, did I make you guys miss the orientation." He face-palmed and groaned, "my bad guys, I should have gotten more sleep."

"Don't worry about it, we already downloaded our schedules from the school website so we can use them anytime." Said Tregg.

"Yep, we sort of expected this to happen given it always does." Ashton chuckled.

"Well I guess that's true," said Conner, a tad exasperated "but I should have done better this year."

"Dude you are fine, don't worry about it. But right now, we really need to get to homeroom." Said Tregg, "What homeroom does everyone have?"

"Professor Cedar?" they all said in unison.

"And after, for first period?" Asked Connor

All at once they all said, "Pokémon battling 202?"

"Nice, lets worry about homeroom now though." Said Ashton.

"Alright, lets hurry, we have about 7 minutes to get there." Tregg said.

"OK, lets get going then. No time to waste." Connor said frantically.

The three boys then raced for the first staircase they saw that would take them to the second floor. Running at full speed up stairs may not have been the best idea as they soon realized. As Connor was running up behind the other boys he tripped on the lip of a step and fell flat on his face.

"Ahhh, SHIT! My glasses!" said the teen fumbling around on the steps. "oh, here they are." He said as he picked half of his shattered glasses up off the marble stairs. He moved to put the glasses on and realized he only had one half of them. "Damn it! This day just keeps getting better!" Connor exclaimed.

"Wow, your luck is terrible today." Ashton stated.

"Well no matter, I'll just have Riolu help me fix them." Said Connor, "Come on Riolu, can you help me use aura to repair these?"

"Well yes, but it will be taxing, and I wouldn't recommend using aura for at least an hour afterwards." Riolu replied.

"An hour is nothing really, OK here we go." Connor responded.

"Wait, can you understand Pokémon as well?" Tregg asked excitedly, "I thought I was the only one!"

"No not all Pokémon. Just my partner Riolu here." Connor said proudly, "You see, I'm what is known as an aura guardian. I can manipulate aura to create and repair objects, with Riolu's help for now. But I'm training hard to get better and not use so much energy."

"Huh; that sounds pretty cool." Ashton said.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot the best part." Connor said enthusiastically, "My Riolu already knows aura sphere!"

"WHAT!?" Said both Brothers in unison.

"OK, well as cool as that is, can you do it on the move? Otherwise we will be late for homeroom." Tregg said already starting to move. He hated to be the center of attention and being late meant becoming just that. A fate he would much rather avoid, especially on the first day here at this new school.

"All done actually." Said Connor holding up a pair of glasses that looked just like his other pair, just with translucent blue frames.

"Good then let's move!" said Ashton running to catch up to his brother.

The three ran full tilt all the way to room 203, Professor Cedar's room. All three boys breathing heavily, but Connor slightly more so than the other two. Since he had the added weight of his Riolu on his back as it was wiped out after first repairing his glasses and then giving him a boost so he could run. For some odd reason, Connor's Riolu did not have a Pokéball.

"Alright, quietly in and to the back." Said Tregg looking at the other two boys. Who both nodded in agreement. "let's go then." And with that Tregg swung the door open just enough for them to slip through. They may have had two minutes until the bell rang but they were still cutting it close; and everyone knew it.

Professor Cedar wasn't in the room yet, but all of the other students were. As soon as the three boys stepped over the threshold all turned to them. Tregg and Ashton both fidgeted uncomfortably from the unwanted attention. Connor just smiled and waved. The two brothers were not sure how he could be so calm with so many strangers' eyes trained on them. It was at that moment Tregg realized why his cousin was being so nonchalant and acting comfortable with all the attention. On the other side of the room, in the back corner, two girls with red hair sat side by side, they looked like siblings. But the most distinct thing was that one was waving the three boys over to their table. Connor was waving back at her, sporting a glassy look in his eyes and a dopey grin on his face. His Riolu chose this time to wake up, it grimaced and slapped him in the back of the head.

"I can hear and see all of your thoughts remember. Oh, why did lord Arceus have to choose you as an aura guardian. Now I'm stuck listening to you think about such things as you are now." Said Riolu, sounding quite annoyed.

Tregg filed that information away to ask his cousin about later. Right now, they just needed to sit down before Professor Cedar came back, and that table seemed like the perfect option. It was in the back, in a dark corner. Perfect for staying out of sight. And, well; Connor was kind of already halfway there. At least he looked a bit more lucid since Riolu's slap though. So Tregg and Ashton just followed Connor toward the back of the room, and the two girls' table.

As they sat down the girl who had waved to them before introduced the two in a bubbly tone "Hi! My name is Sonia, and this shy thing here is my sister Kaylee. We just came here from the Galar region! It is so great to meet new people! Where are you all from?"

Connor piped up after a bit, he used a tone the two brothers had never heard before. It was slightly lower than his normal voice, but it really threw his accent into relief, "I'm Connor, and these people here ah my cousins, I'm from Nedar and they come from Sodale. It's good to meet yah." Connor was oblivious to Tregg and Ashton chuckling behind him.

"Yep, he's our cousin. It's an unfortunate relation." Said Ashton who had recovered first.

"Yeah I don't know how we are related really." Said Tregg still slightly chuckling. "but well, our mothers are sisters. *Anime Sigh*"

It was at this moment of course that Professor Cedar chose to enter. Connor saw her first and Tregg could have sworn he saw his eyes pop out of his head. Riolu hit him in the stomach with bullet punch immediately. Ashton nudged Tregg to look to. What he saw surprised him. Professor Cedar was a woman in her early 20s wearing tan shorts a white tank top and a lab coat. She was attractive, but Tregg felt his eyes drawn back to Kaylee, there was something about her crystal-clear blue eyes that just drew his gaze to her.

Homeroom went by quick, and before everyone knew it, it was time for first period. So the boys left the room and headed to the back fields for their first class, Pokémon Battling 202: Advanced Battling.

As they were walking down the hall toward the fields, they heard a banging noise coming from inside the janitor's closet. As they approached, they heard "Help, please! Someone help me! This is NOT my homeroom!"

The three boys exchanged questioning looks. Who would lock themselves in a freaking janitors closet and think that it could even possibly be their homeroom. All the boys were thinking the same thing, who is going to open the door. All at once they started playing rock, paper, scissors, best of three. First round Connor lost, followed by Ashton, then they both lost. After was a three-way tie, and then Tregg lost. While the teens were playing rock, paper, scissors, they didn't see Riolu start punching the door. With one final aura sphere the door started to fall towards the boys, who all dove as far as they could away from the door.

"RIOLU! What the hell were you thinking!" Connor shouted at the blue Pokémon.

"I was THINKING that you guys were being idiots, and someone just needed to open the damn door." Retorted Riolu.

"Well I really appreciate whoever it was getting me out of there. I was in there forrreeeevver." Said a teen boy that none of the others recognized. He was wearing a cape in September, for some reason, and a hat tilted back on his head so that the brim could be seen clearly, the brim had the outline of a crown on the underside.

The others immediately concluded that this teen was weird, his wardrobe choices combined with the fact that he seemingly unwittingly locked himself in the freaking JANITOR'S CLOSET thinking he was walking into homeroom. That just screamed strange beyond compare.

"I'm really bad with directions." Said the boy with a slight laugh scratching the back of his neck nervously.

"That is the understatement of the century." Said Ashton cracking up at what the other boy had just said.

Tregg and Connor could not even say anything because they were laughing to hard. Connor even had tears rolling down his cheeks. Even Riolu seemed to be laughing at such a ridiculous understatement.

"Oh yeah, sorry I'm being rude my name is Leon. I'm from the Galar region." Leon said.

"Like those two girls from earlier?" Connor asked. Earning an eyeroll from his cousins and a dead leg from Riolu.

Leon just shrugged "if you mean Sonia and Kaylee then yeah. We are childhood friends. In fact, we used to live across the street from each other."

"Well I guess that makes sense." Said Tregg, trying to suppress the surge of jealousy he could now feel swelling up in his chest. 'I don't even know her yet, I can't feel jealous about a guy from her home region, her hometown even, being close with her.'

"Sooo, did you ever like, accidentally get lost and end up in their room at night?" asked Connor. Earning a face-palm from Riolu who was tired of punching his trainer every 2 minutes.

"Well that only happened once." Leon casually said, clearly not catching the implication.

Now Riolu punched Leon in the leg. Shaking his head all the while. Tregg felt grateful to Riolu for this, because if he hadn't, Tregg might have. Instead all he said was "while we have to get to Pokémon Battling 202. But it was good meeting you." His voice a bit colder than he meant for it to be.

"Oh great, can you show me where that is?" asked Leon, thankfully not picking up on the cold tone.

"Sure, why not." Said Ashton not used to seeing his brother so flustered, and clearly enjoying it. "let's all walk together so you don't get lost again."

Tregg, after giving his brother a withering glare, to which Ashton just smiled with fake innocence. They all made their way to the back fields at a jog. Just barely making it in time as the bell faintly rang behind them.

The teacher, a man who looked to be about 35, with bright red hair, addressed the class "Hello, everyone! Cheesed to meet all of you!"

All the students looked at each other thoroughly confused. 'Who in their right mind would say that?' wondered Tregg. 'What is wrong with this guy?' thought Ashton.

A hand shot up out of the crowd, everyone cleared out of the way of whoever was bold enough to ask a question of this complete nutcase. Once everyone had moved aside there stood a teen with blue hair in a crisp gray-blue suit and a keystone pinned to his lapel.

"Excuse me sir is that a cultural greeting of some sort, because I for one have never heard it uttered before." Said the boy in a crisp accent.

"Well not that I'm aware of, it's just a bit of humor from me to kick things off. Not sure why you are all so skittish, I can still hardly contain myself when it comes to Pokémon battling and I know at least some of you youngsters must feel the same." The teacher said, "Oh yeah, just so you know me I'll start off introductions. Hello, my name is Mustard, and I will be your instructor for Pokémon Battling. Now why don't you go next since you spoke next." He pointed to the boy in the suit.

"Very well, my name is Stephen Octavius Stone. I look forward to beating every single one of you in battle." Said Stephen in his crisp accent.

As Mustard went around to all of the students, there were a few students that Tregg, Ashton, and Connor all took note of. First off, Cynthia was in their class. Next was a rugged looking boy with orange hair and a headstrong attitude, his name was Alder. Then there was another boy in a cape, though less thick and flashy than Leon's, with pink hair and a fiery determination, his name was Lance. There was also a girl with short curly black hair in an elaborate style, she dramatically introduced herself as Diantha. As well as a boy with spiky brown hair, by the name of Blue.

Once introductions were over Mustard addressed the class again, "well this week will be rental battles we will have three battles per day, who battles who is by random selection. Well I know you all must be raring to go, I'm not even battling, and I am! Woooohhoooo!"

"Wow this is going to be an interesting class." Connor whispered to his cousins.

"Yeah this guy seems a little off, no doubt." Tregg replied, his voice barely audible.

"Alright, who gets to go first?" asked Mustard, "I know!" exclaimed Mustard, Tregg could have sworn he saw a lightbulb above his head. "We'll use that young man's hat!" he said while pointing at Ashton.

Ashton was frozen, give up his hat? No way could he do that. Fear had rooted him to the spot. His dad's hat, his most prized possession, used to decide a bracket. He just could not give it to someone else.

Seeing Ashtons discomfort, both Tregg and Connor were about to say something when a boy in a red jacket, jeans, and most importantly a red hat with a white arc on the front, walked past the three boys.

"I don't think we got your introduction." said Mustard, "So what is your name?"

The boy pulled a notebook and a black capped marker labeled 'Red's handy dandy black marker to be kept with him at all times' and began to write. Everyone gathered closer together to read what the boy had written.

Hello, my name is Red. I am Blue's half-brother. Also, I lost the use of my vocal cords at birth. Hence me keeping this handy dandy marker on me at all times.

"Well thank you Red for that information. Now if I may use your hat please." Mustard said casually gesturing for Red's hat. As if nothing read had just said, or rather, WROTE, was abnormal in any way.

Red handed the hat over without ceremony, and with that Mustard had them place their student ID cards into the hat. "Now, let's find out the first matchup of the school year." Mustard began to fish around in Red's hat until he came up with an ID. "And todays first trainer to battle is… Stephen Stone. Please step forward and pick a loaner Pokémon. You may not peek at what is inside the Pokéball you choose."

"Alright, now it's time to have some fun." Stephen said as he picked a Pokéball out of the duffle bag Mustard had indicated. "So, who gets to be my not so lucky opponent?"

Mustard stuck his hand back into Red's hat and fished out another ID card, which he then read aloud. "Stephen's opponent for this match will be…. Tregg Umbrianna! Please step up and choose your Pokémon." Mustard was imitating a game show announcer and his voice did sound ridiculous. But all Tregg could think about is that he had to face off against Stephen Stone, the most arrogant trainer there, (well except maybe Blue.), and no one is that cocky without a reason.

All Tregg could think is I hope I can hold him off for a while. Then he heard a booming metallic voice ring through his mind. "Why don't you believe in yourself. Your father had faith that one day, by the grace of Arceus you would become a trainer worth noting. So, don't you prove him wrong!" said the voice, "I have been waiting for you to prove yourself to me. When I feel that you have done so, I will partner with you. Now human, it is time to battle, so choose your ally wisely, and fight bravely with all you have."

So to recap, Tregg and Ashton are starting a new school in a brand new place. They have made some new friends as well as enemies/rivals. Tregg has heard a mysterious voice talking about his father. Who will Tregg use as a Pokémon to battle prick Stephen Stone. The next chapter will pick up where this one left off. Input is always appreciated.

I am going to make an effort to upload as often as I can around what life throws at me. I might be able to post a lot or I may sort of drop off. Either way don't worry I'll be back. It just might take some time. Hope you enjoyed the first chapter of "School of Legends: A Pokémon Fanfiction" and I hope you'll keep reading.