Batman Shadow Knight

Zoom! Poof! Pow! Another rotten gang of criminal is beaten is the middle of the night in the city of otham city. Another bank heist has been thwarted by the mighty strog arm of justice! But who was it that just saved the town? Nobody knows. He comes then goes. Nobody is eber able to see him. Tonight, like all other nights, he does his job then disappears into the night, with nobody seeing a trace of him. Yet, they always knew that this mystery man was the solution to the problem when he did his job.

"I wonder who just saved us" said Comishiner Gordon.

"I have no idea." Said Harvey Dent. "Whoever he is, we owe him a lot for saving out town."

"I agree," said Comihiner Gordon. "Without him, I don't even think we would have a town thatr would even need saving.:

But if they were to llook up, they wpu;d have seen the caped rodent man jumping from rooftop to rooftop. He is vengeance, he is the knight, he is….The Bagtman!

As Batman was running on the rooftops, he heard a voice.

"UI'll find you Bruce!"

"Who said that asked Bruce?"

"I did!" said the voice.

"Show yourself!" said Batman.

There was no answer. This scared Batman deeply.

At the Batcave, Batman drives the batmobile into the cave ,and parks it. Alfred is waiting for him.

"Ah, there you are Batman," said Alfred. "I trust that everything you have done tonight has gone full well.

"Batman takes his mask off, revealing his secret identity, Burce Wayne." "Well said Bruce who was Batman. "I am certain that the flat-foot gang won't be giving us any more trouble anymore."

Alfred laughed as he was happy.

"There is one thing, though." Said Bruce.
"Ehat's that?" asked Alfred.

Bruce explained how he heard that mysterious vouce, and how it startled him.

"That's not matter," said Afraid. "There's no reason to be afreard of these people. You are a mighty super warior."

"I suppose that's true,"said Bruce.

"That's better," said Alfred

Bruce sat in his chair and begun to relax after work. All of the suddenrf, a knock a t the door was heard.

"Go get it Alfred," said Bruce.

Alfred obeyed. When he answered the door, nobody was there. But what was therewas a note takes to the door.

"What is it al?" said Bruce.

"It appears to be another note." Saiod Alfred. "We've been getting so many of these, and I'm wondering who is doing it."

"What does it ay?" saed Bruce.

Alfred opened the letter and read it aloud. The letter read dear Batman, I will destroy you soon. It's only a matter of time. You can only be safe for so long. Once you let your guard down it's too late. No matter who you ar or where you go I will find you. There is no mountain too high, no valley too low. No matter what I do, you will not be able to stand a chance. However, I have a great plan that I have now, and I don't't need you to interferte with it. let's hope you listen to wisedom and don't come after me. Because if you do, then I will surely kill you dead! Signed an evil one.

"Who could these people be? Asked Bruce?"

Alfriend looked at the paper. Half was red, and half was white, and it was writeen in black ink. He tossed it into the pile of all of the o thers they've been gerting all the while. Both of them are sued to getting these. Suddenly, anotgher knock at the door is heard.

Alfred answers the door and ses not a criminal, but a young man, around fourteen years old. He is covered in dirt, and his clothes are drenched by the rapidly pouring rain above. His black hair is soaking ,and clearly getting iton his eeys.

"HelpQ! I need help!"

The boy then faints, and Alfred brings him insode.

"What's the matter" said Bruce.

Bruce sees the fainted boyu and rushes to his help. An HOUr later, he wakes up in the chair, shivring from clod.

"You were out fro quite a while son," said Brcue. "Yo oK"

The boy began feeling around. "My glasses! My glasses! I can't see without glasses!

Bruce grabbed anearby pair of glasses. And gave the m to him. "Aflred found these outside."

The boy puts the glasses on and blinks around, now able to see things. He looks around and Sees Bruce Wayn'es beautiful house. It was stunning, and like something out of one of those fancy homes magazines.

"I'M Luke," hes said. "I'm an orphean boy and got lost."

"What happened to them?" said Bruce, eating some soop.

"They were killed by a Question marked covered man and right in front of me too. I will neve rforgive him and am seeking revenge." Said Like.

"That's terrinle," said Bruce.

"I never found him," said Luke. But I want "to. Once I do, I want to get revenge."

"That's never the answer," Said Bruce. "It only leads to bad things."

"Yeah, I guess your right," said Luek.

Bruce sat back and says, "I could imagine losing my family like that. I mean, I thought my parents dies when I was little, btu they remerged lately, and I know there ok." Said Bruce.

"I thoufht they dead," said Look.

"They wre," said Bruce. "See During batman's battle with Red Hood, they were fighting in a graveyard. When Red Hood used his science divice to attack batman, it ended up raising my parents back to life because it hit their graves. I was a lucky man that night. They wrtre back, and iwas happy again."

"Wow, incredible," ssid Luek.

"That's why I became Bartman." Said Bruce. Realizing his mistake, he tried to cover up the mistake that he just made and said, but it was all for nothing as it turned out. No! No! that's not what I mean, he said. I didn't mean that! I'm actually not Batman!

"Mr. Bruce," said Luke. "I already knew you were Bartman."

"You did" asked Bruce.

Luke said "Duh. Using my reserch skills,m I was able to find out your secret identity moths ago."

"Impressive said Bruce

"So," said Luke," do you think there's any palce for me here er odfjs?"

Bruce was thinking about this hardly. He remembred all of the Robiuns he had. All of them were dead, and he blamed himself. First his parents, except they're still alive, and now the Robins. He couldn't' handel it. not saying anything, Batman got up and ran away, horrified by the memeories that he had. "what 'S THAT all about?" asked Luke. Alfred came back into the room "he get\s a bit jitteryu when he talks about these past events. I don't know how, but I had a feeling something like this would happen." Said Alfred. "Really?" said Luke. "of course kid," said Alfeed. "Just in case, I made some preperations."

Alfred took Luke by the hand and showed him the batcave.

"What is this place" aksed Luke.

"This," said Alfred, "Is the mighty andwodnerful battcave."

"Wow!" SaidLUke. "This is most incredible than I thought it'd be!

Alfred walked over to a lever and pulled it, revealing a small suit that looked just like batman's, but with red stripes on the arms and legs, and a giant yellow star with the bat symbol. The mask had no ears, but instead a single shark fin like thing that looked sleek and awsome.

"Perhaps it came to me in a dream. Daid Alfred,"" But I felt like the Dark Night would need some assistance as he began to do battle with the nefarious criminals in Gotham City."

"Do you really want me to erar this?" asked Luke.

Luek ooked up at Alfred, hoping that he would say yes.

"Alfred said, "I'M NOT sure. It's not my decision to make. It would be his"

"His?" asked Luke.

Look Looked over and saw Bruce, looking down with angry expression and his face. "Aflred, you diod not consult me befoere you made these offers. I do not appreciate this at all."

"I am sorry Mr. Wayne." Said Butler Alfred, "It was just an impulse decision that I had to make. I deeply apologize."

Bruce was about t o say more things, but there was a phone call on the Bat Phone. Bruce answered it. "Hello?

It was COmishiner Gordon. He was very enervous over the phone. "Batman! Batman! Help! We need Your assistance!"

"What's wrong?" asked Bruce.

"Harvey Dent has been kidnapped by Two Face! We can't take care of this sudden and pressing ishue on our own! We need youQ!"

"What happened?" says Bruce.

"We were talking about your recent success," said Gordon. "Then Two Face came out, grabbed HARVEY, and held a gun to his head, saying that if we wanted to live, we had to not follow him, and not call for help. However, he has no idea if he's making this call."

"Are you ok?" asked Bruce.

"I AM. Said Cmoshiner Gordon. "But we need to make sure that Dent is. Gotham city needs it's mayor. Can you help us?"

"I'm on it" said Bruce. He hung up

"I can't do it alone,: said Bruce. "I may need some help after all. I know it's a bit sudden, my boy, but do you think you could help me out?"

Luke's massive heart widened with joy. He couldn't' b elieve this offer was actually reel. It was a dream come true.

"I'd love to" she said," but I don't think I oculd. I need glasses to see, and I cant' wear glasses and my costume at the same time.

"Fear not!" said Bruce wayne. "There's a solution for that."

Bruce pushes a button and the eyes on the small costume light up blue. "These," said Bruce, "Will give you propepr vision as if you were actually weraring glasses."

"Fairley impressive, huh?" said Alfred.

"I love it!" Said Luke. "Let's go! Look like I'm new Robin!"

Batman shook his head while suiting up. "No, not Robin. You are…Young Bat!"

Bartman and Young Bat got into the batmobile and drove to the abandoned factory that Harvey Dent was being held in. As they pulled up, Batman gave Young Bat the low down.

"Ok," said Batrman. "Your utility belt has the same tools and weapons and equipment that I have, so you;ll be just fine in you follow my lead. Undersand?

"Of course, BATMAN!" said Young Bat. "Let's go save Mayor Dent!"

The two shot out pf the Batmobile and ran overs to the door. They waited on either side of the doorfame, nad bursted inside. They saw Harvey dent with is arms tied behind his bad."

"Help me guys!" said Dent.

And evil laugh was heard, and all of a suddeen, Two Face came out and started flipping his coin.

"Well, well, well, well," said Two Face. "Looks like you two feel right into my trap like I was hoping you would. Welcome to my top secret evil lair. And now that you've come here, there is no way that you're going to be coming back"

"Two Face!" says Batman. "I should have know n it was you!" Wait!

"What?" asked TWO Face.

Baman leaned in closer, "Were you the one sending in all of those threatening letters, and making those suspicious sayings when I was just finished making crimes come to a nend?"

Two Face rooled his eyes and said, "Obviously. There's nobody else with my tencacity. Nobody willing to takeo nt the Batman anymore. Well, now it's my turn to break that little trend, now isn't it?"

"It never will be an youd know it!" said Batman.

Two Faced turned to Luke, who was Younng Bat and aked, "Who's the midget."

Batman was angry. "This is Young Bat, my new sidek ick."!

"Yeah! Don't talk about me like that."

Two Face laughed. "You really thin kthat this will be enough to stop me? I laugh at this. What fools you are."

"What do you have up your sleve, you two sided maniac?" asked Young Bat.

"You see,," said Two Face. "I'm tired of having Batman always ruin ing my plans. So, I kidnapped Harvey Dent here to kill him, and htem blame it on the bat. With is reputation in the toilet, he won't be able to fight crime anymore, and then me and my evil criminal buddies can do with Gotham whatever we want_"

Batman and Young Bat were horriefied by this. Batman has such a good reputation in the city of Gotham City, and if something like this ruined it it would all be over.

"THa'tll be the day," says Young Bat.

"Indeed!" said Batman. "There's no way this foolish plan can work.

"If that's what you think," ok." Siad Two Face.

Batman and Young Bat stepped closer, ready to subdue the criminal mastermind known as Two Face once and for all however all of this came crashing to a halt becausr the evil Two Face clapped and six henccham came out. Three were in red an dfour were in white. "Henchamn!" cried Two Face. "Take care of this rodent problem we seem to have here. Thank you."

The Hencmen did exactly did that. Nothing could stop them as they came charging at Batmna and Young Bat. They two of them unshiethed their utility belt weapons, and began fighting them off. Batman pulled out his bat sword, and fended off those pesky aattackets. Young Bat pulled out his bat knuckles, andp unshed the henchamen into oblivion. There was nothing they could do. They all fell down, surely defeated. However, one was left, and had a lead pipe with him. However, this did nto deturr the Drk Night. He pulled out his Pepepr spray, and blinded the henchman. While he could not see anything, Young Bat kicked him to the ground. And with that, Two Face's army of helpers were now defeted.

"I don't understand!" "Said You Face. "These people were my top trained workers. How could you defeat them so handily?"

Batman smiled, "No mob boss and his pathetic hired goons are ever going to be enough to defeat the Dark Night and the Young Night."

"That's right! Said Young Bat. "There's nothing you have that can destroy us!"

Harvey dent cheered, and TWO Face Glared at him to stop, and he did.

"I'm not done yet," said Two Face.

"Whatever you have we can take it," said Bratman.

Two Face snapped his finers, and his greatest henchman, Bane, came out.

I shall destroy you! Said Bane.

"Never!" shouted Batman. The three of them battled hardly, and it looked like Bane Was botu to take them down forever, but Batman used his stun gun to paralyze bane, and subdue him.

"How do you like that?" said Young Brat.

This einraged Two Face. "Don't talk to me like that," he said. He began running up the stares. "You want me? Then come and get me!"

With that, he disappeared.

"Ok Young Bat," said Batman. "I ll go apprehend Two Face, you go save the Mayor."

"Got it!" says Young bat.

BATman runs into the elevator, hopoing to catch Two Face in the middle of his frantic persuit. Young Bat walked over to Harvey Dent, and untied him.

"Thank you for saving me young one," said Harvey Dent. "I tried to stop him, but he was far too much for tme to handle."

"I understand," said Young Bat. :This kind of htins is not for everyone.

"How can I help you?" asked Harvey dent.

"All you need to do is go," said Young Bat. "It's too dangerous for you here, Mr. Mayor. We need you to be safe."

Harvey Dent was dissappitned, but understood.

Young Bat showed Harvey dent out of the abandoned factory, and hailed a cab for him to take back to the place where he lived. After ward, Young Bat went up the stairs to chase after Two Face. Hwoever, he heard something in the stopped elevatoe. It was banging and frantic yelling. Batmzn was in trouble! Young Bat assured Batman that he would be ok, and looked in his utiulity belt for something to help get him out of this situation. Finally, he foun his Bat Crowbar…or Bat Crobat if you will. Hehehehehehehehehehehe. Anyways, he got the crowbar, and pried it open. Batman came out, weakened and tired. A suspicious red gas was emitting from the elevator. It was poision.! Two Face had rigged the eleivator to poison anyone who go t iitnside.

Are you ok? Asked Young Bat.

"I'l be fine," said Bartman. "We need to go stop TwOFACE!

"thAT'S RIGHT!" Sid Young Bat. "Let's go! He might be getting away!"

The two Bat warriors ran up the stairs, and saw Two Face waitin for them.

"Don't move or the bildoing blows up!" said Two Face. "I have this whole pace rigged wit hdangerous explosives! After all, it was a devastating explosion that turned me in to the monster that I am today! Noe youll feel how it is to be like this!"

Batman and Young bat looked at each other, nervous. They knew Two Facce was crazy enough to detonate the building, and was probably cleaver enough to make sure that he had an escape.

"We won't let you win!" said Young Bat.

"You don't have a choice," said Two Face. "The Mighty Bruce Wayne will be destroyed at the hands of Two Face! Aka, the new King of Gotham city!"

"Your no king!" says Batman.

Two Face laughs and says to them, "Not yes. But I will be soon. It's only a matter of time before it all boils over and I achieve my lifelong dream of ultimate power."

"You shall be destroyed," says Batman. Batman unshieths his batsword and sharges at Tw Oface. The two clash with their swords, and battle eah other in a surely rough battle. Two Face tries to distract Batman, but his attention is too strong when it comes to the battle. There's nothing Two Face can do, until he knees batman in the crotch. Batman roars with pain, and dropps the Batsword. While he dis doen, Two Face grabs Batsword as well as his own swod, and hold thesm up to batman's neck. He looks at Young Bat and says, "Don't move or your idol gets it. ok?"

"Don't do anything risky, Young Bat," said Bruce.

"That's true," said Two face. "You don'twant to end up like your Robins do you."

Batman was confused. How did he know about all of that. WHan he asked him, Two Face epslained.

"Perhaps you've forgotten," said Two Face. "I was the one who killed all of your Robins. Each of them were killed at my hand. Now it's time to upgrade. I will now kill the real one. That is, if this young bat guy over here decides to do something stupid. Your fate rests in his hands."

It was a very stressful and suspencefull, but there wasn't much that Young Bat could do int this instince." He thought about what he can do, and finally realized. He raached into his bat belt and pulled out his batgun. A special lazer gun designed by Afled in order to be sued as a last result.

"I wouldn't do that If I were you sonny," said Two Face.

"It's true," said Batman. "Be careful."

Two Face held the swords closer to Batman's necks. Young Bat knew that he only had one shot with this. One little slipup, and Batman would dye. There is only one shot in the gun anyways, so there was no way that he could miss in this increasingly worrying bout. He aimed it to Two Face's head, and readied himself. All of the sudern…BANG! He blasts Two Face, and he drops the swoards and Batman, and falls to the ground. Batman runs up to Young Bat.

"You did it, ki!d" said Batman. "I'm proud of you."

Young bat pointed to Two Face. "It's not over yet."

Two face had survived! He got up, and his normal human part of his face was blasted off, and it now perfectly matched the other side of the face that was previously blown off.

"Two Face?" said batman.

"No, no." said Two Face. "I'M not TWOFACE anymore. I am…FULL FACE!"

Batman and Young Bat were scared. Two Face was now far more powerful than he previously was. They knew they had to bre ready for a fight. Full Face ran at them, using his sword and the Bat Sword, and the two dodge his incoming attack.

"Come back here and let me cut your to ribbons!" said Full Face.

Batman nad young Bat did not listen. They ran to either side of the building.

"Ok, Full Face!" said Batman. "It's either me or the boy! Make your choice."

Fulll Face looked around trying to ecide which one he should go after, and bruitlly kill. He ends up going for Young Bat, because he blew of fthe other part of his face. As he did this, Young Bat equipped his Bat Kncikeles, and punched Full Face away.

"How dare you?" said Full Face, pulling out a gun of his own. "Now we'll make sure that you die!"

Young Bat pulled out his remote controlled Batarang, and launched it. fULL Face tried to shoot it, but it was impervious to bullets, so they did not do anything once they hit their target. Full Face ran out of ammo, and threw the gun at Batman, but he caught it.

"Stop this noncence!" said Full Face.

But Young Bat anD Batman did not listen. Batman threw the gun at Full Face, hitting him in the face, and Young Bat controlled tha batarang and hit Two Face many times, and he was helpless to defend. For the final hit, he would up the shot ,and make the Batarang charge at Full FACE WITH the maximum amount of force, it hits him so hard that he falls and he landed on the button that activated the explosives on the building.

"Uh oh," said Full Face

"We'd better get out of here!" Said Batman.

"What about Full FACE?" Asked Young Bat.

Btman shook his head. "We don't have time. He's already been defeated. Now come one! We have to go!

Batman and Young Bat rand down the stairs, hoping to be able to get out in time.

"How much time do we have Batman?" asked Young Bat.

"Don't' know!" said Batman. "But we can't accept time as a luxary here! We need to get going or else we're going to die! It's no time to be lazy!"

"Yeah! I don't want to get fried!" said Young Bat.

The Two finally got out of the factory, and stood by the Batmobile as they watched Full Face on top of the roof, yelling at him.

"You cursed swine!" he screamed "I will enver forget this! You will be destroyed by my friends! None of us will take this lying down ! There's nothing you can do to save yourselfs forever! I'll be…"

And then, the building blew up wit hFull Face on it,. he was dead now. Batman and his loyal sidekidk hid behind the Batmobile to protect themselfs from the blast and rubble. Once it cleared, they got into the batmobile and drove away. Days later, word got around about how the mighty duo was able to save the mayor of Gotham city, and defeat the notorious Mob Boss, Two Face, now Full Face, and therefore make Gotham More safte to walk at night. Batman thought about it for a while, but he eventually ecided to take Luke in full time as Young Batt officially. That's right. No more robins. Young Bat was the new aide to the Dark Night's quest to bring justice to the world. The two of them were happy with their impressive victory over Two Face, but there were some who weren't so happy.

Deep in the seedy underbelly of Gotham City, someone was hearing about these events from the local newspaper. He was not happy about this.

"So, they think they can off my good friend like this and just get away with it, huh? Well, we'll just have to see about that. I won't let them get away with this!" he said.

Turn around to show that this man is in fact…The Joker! And he wants ultimate revenge! And as Batman's greatest foe, it's clear that he's got the goods, and the will. Batman won't stand a chance. Or will he?


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