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Saudade (AKA Oswald's theme)

It started with once upon a time,

But now ended without a chime.~

I wonder where I am right now,

I am lost for words I have no one, you see

Tears are falling down, but no one's up there looking at my black eyes,

Do it for me. (I miss you, where are you?)

Those happy days are far long gone,

I can't remember but deep down inside I feel

An emptiness, yet never will I forget

What happened between us,

You and I. (Those are the times)

My, couldn't you see all those lights shining upon me?

I was like the star brightening up your sky

Playing, we had a laugh, I was great in your eyes.

I had your world in my hands,

I'm the real hero like I'd rather be,

And nothing should reach an end. (But)

Travelling back through this dark corridor,

I saw you yelling, regretting everything.

Who knew happiness had its flaws.

Looking back, we all made mistakes,

But mine was worse.

Please come back to me,

I don't wanna go.

I wish we could start over,

But it was too late.

I am now just a relic of the past

Stuck to their sharp claws.


Coming back again,

My hopes were up.

But then, when I saw you,

Things went all differently.

As I faded away,

I only cried and something was missing.

So dad, didja understand this feeling?

(I didn't understand)

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