"Get back here!"

The green eyed teen sprinted towards the closest fence, "leaping" over it with an ungraceful scramble. As the group of bullies followed close behind, he did the same for two more fences, quickly realizing he couldn't keep this up for long.

Hearing a whistle from the abandoned Shane house, he slammed into the wall facing the door, which automatically closed just as the bullies reached the backyard. Looking towards the closed door, they glanced at each other.

"Dang it! We lost the wimp!"

Two were getting closer to the wall, while another two went to the front.

Meanwhile, Eric was following the unseen voice that was guiding him to the... Basement?!

"Wha-!? No- No, I'll be stuck-! Although, they've most likely already cut me off at the front… Going down!"

"Where do you think he went?!"

They reached the front and back door simultaneously, and with a single combined blow, the four men and women breached the house, just as Eric was locked inside.

Looking at the locked door at the bottom of the stairs and tapping it a few times, he figured that it would take a powerful military grade explosive to knock it down.

"Welcome, Eric James."

It took a few moments for him to adjust to the sudden light, but when he did, he was shocked. Looking around, he saw that he was inside an advanced storage unit with white walls, ceiling and floor, holding what looked like three types of guns on the right wall in front of him. Going over, he took a better look at these hollowed out "guns".

One had the appearance of a sniper rifle, with golden highlights on blue.

The second looked like your average handgun in silver.

The third... Hoo, boy. It seemed you could take down an entire building with this red Gatling Gun.

Turning around, he then focused on the mechanical dragon in front of him, smirking at the blue, silver, and red of the body, and the gold of the wings, noting the gray eyes and surmising it's deactivated. Glancing at the chest, he saw a blue glowing circle reminding him of Tony Stark's Arc Reactor.

Sitting on it, he whistled when it's eyes turned blue and the machine rose up.

Then, in a deep voice,

"Hello, Mr. Eric James."


Leaping off it, he sprinted to the door, only to freeze when hearing the bullies attempting to get in. He knew that it was impossible, at least, he hoped so, but till they left, he wasn't going anywhere.

Turning towards the machine, he walked, slowly, to its left, not taking his eyes off of it's eyes, which was also tracking him.

"So, where are the hidden cameras, Shane?"

"There isn't any. This house has been abandoned for two years. "

"Haha, very funny, Shane. Seriously, where's the -?"

"Hello, Mr. James.

You may remember my son, Eli Shane. Well, he's been in a place that has been needing protection from very evil people, and now, he needs help. I'm not sure whether or not he has made friends, but, knowing him, he already has. Nevertheless, they are going to need your help for what's coming next.

I'm also not sure if you have grown into the marvelous young man your friends and family have assured me you would've over the years before my death, but considering that you're here with your friends and family, I'm confident that Slugterra is the right place for you to start, or continue, your journey.

Unfortunately, this isn't a 'yes or no' question. If the Surface is going to survive in any recognizable form, you HAVE to join my son in Slugterra.

Good luck. Cut voice recording."



HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's- that's hilarious! That's-!"

He fell to his knees and hit the ground in laughter till he cried, then till he couldn't laugh anymore.

"He's joking! A land underground, his son's there, and it need additional protection!"

He looked up through tears, which he wiped after standing back up, then saw the robot turn and stare at him in such a way that he swore that it was pissed, which he could also tell by the narrowed eyes and unnervingly human voice that came from its mouth.

"Mr. Shane doesn't make mistakes in these matters. If he says you have to come to Slugterra, then you come to Slugterra."


"You don't have any choice in the matter."

Feeling intense heat coming from the door, he looked as the machine open and, with an arm, install the Gatling Gun inside a chest cavity, then close up and lach the other two guns to either side of its neck.

"They will kill you."

"Wh-wha-wha-! Th-the-they never tried any of this before! Why now, why here, and what the hell is going on!?"



Getting on, he panicked when his body was enveloped with a nanomite suit matching the dragon's.

"So that you don't kill yourself, O Chosen One."

Brushing to the left his reddish brown hair,

"You know I'm not Anakin, riiiIIGGGGGGHHHHHTTTTTT?!"

As they dropped through the sudden hole, the head of the group that was standing just outside called a number.

"Your son is on his way, ma'am. No problem, it has been our pleasure."