Wild Kratts Randomness!

Armadillos have awesome armor

Badgers boast a big bite

Crocodiles care for cute croc-lets

Dolphins dive dauntlessly down

Eels with electricity are excellent

Flamingos find and filter food

Gazelles gallantly gallop

Hummingbirds are hard to handle

Ibises eat insects

Jackrabbits jump for joy

Kangaroos are the king of kicking

Lions lie down lazily

Monkeys might make mayhem

Owls observing obnoxiously

Panthers are protected predators that pounce

(Quickly quoting Wild Kratts)

Roadrunners race through rough regions

Squirrels scurry swiftly and scamper to safety

Tough tigers tread triumphantly

Unmoving urchins

Vultures visit vulnerable venison

Wolves watch where we walk

(Xtra xcited for new xciting episodes)

(Yes, yes, we're almost done)

Zebras zip and zoom