A normal day in Shuchi`in Academy where only the wealthiest and prestigious students attend

In the Student Council Room

'Here are your documents Kaichou" said Kaguya carrying some documents, Kaguya Shinomiya, the vice president of the Student council, raised in the wealthy Shinomiya family she has unspeakable amounts of wealth and others steer clear from her to avoid her wrath, seen as the backbone that supports the student council

Thanks, Shinomiya" said Miyuki as he took them, Miyuki Shirogane, the president of the Student council, unlike most students in Shuchi`in, Miyuki is not wealthy in the slightest, he lives in a small apartment with his younger sister and his father as his mother left the family when he was young, despite this, Miyuki makes up for it with his intelligence and works harder than anyone else"

"Ishigami, here are some documents that you need to look over," said Chika as she plopped some documents in front of Ishigami, Chika Fujiwara, the secretary of the Student council, comes from a long family of politicians which is likely why she uses tricks and bribery like any good politician to get what she wants, seen as the positive energy of the student council

"Aww come on, I thought I finished everything," said Ishigami as he seemed annoyed that he wouldn`t be able to play video games anymore, Ishigami Yu, the treasurer of the Student council, the son of a florist and a toy company president, when he was in middle school he was involved in an incident that seemingly destroyed his social life hence why he seems uninterested and bored when it comes to social interaction with others, but it seems that being part of the student council has given him hope, plays video games a lot and seems bored at times

"Ishigami, stop complaining about doing work, you`re the treasurer aren`t you?" said Miko as she looked up from her work, Miko Iino, the auditor of the Student Council, the daughter of a Supreme Court judge and a humanitarian worker, she enforces the discipline at Shuchi`in to a point where people wonder if she studied Stalin`s ways of enforcing order and discipline therefore not too popular with the student body

This is usually what happens in the typical day of the student council, but today was going to be different than usual

Later that day

"I think we`re done for today, good work everyone," Miyuki said as they were done for the day when at that moment the door opened and a familiar voice followed, "Yu-Kun, I came to see you," said the voice which was none other than the Madonna of Shuchi`in, Koyasu Tsubame, "Tsubame-senpai, what brings you here?" Ishigami asked, "Isn`t it obvious? I came to butter you up" said Koyasu as she affectionately wrapped herself around Ishigami not caring even as the rest of the Student Council looked in shock, "Anyways, meet me outside the school when you`re done" Koyasu whispered to Ishigami before she left the room, "My, I didn`t know you getting involved with Koyasu of all people," said Miyuki as he was surprised someone like Ishigami could get someone who was liked by all the boys, "My, how cute," said Kaguya as she was impressed that someone as lazy as Ishigami could do something like that to which Fujiwara clung onto Ishigami the same way Koyasu did much to Ishigami`s surprise, "Fujiwara-senpai, what are you doing?" said Ishigami as he turned red from Chika clinging on to him, "You like it when girls do this to you don`t you Ishigami?" Chika said trying to tease Ishigami, "What are you talking about Fujiwara-senpai? Just because Koyasu did it to me doesn`t mean that I enjoy it being done to me" Ishigami said as he denied what Fujiwara was saying

That was a lie, like most boys his age having a beautiful girl cling onto them would make to go crazy, Chika was no different as she did have a bigger chest than Koyasu something that Ishigami would never admit less he faces Chika`s wrath

"Anyways, I`m going home, see you guys tomorrow," Ishigami said as he left the room, but hurried to go see Koyasu, "We`re going to get going too, see you tomorrow," Miyuki said as everyone left the room and got ready to go home, but Chika stayed behind for a bit, "Guess it`s time for the Love Detective to go to work," Chika said as she put on her red hat and followed Ishigami

Later after following Ishigami for a bit

"There they are," Chika thought as she hid behind a corner as she tailed Ishigami and Koyasu, "They`re going into the movie theater, I better follow them inside," said Chika as she noticed them both enter the theater and tried to follow them before being stopped at the counter, "Hold up miss, where`s your ticket?" said the employee, "I just need to follow my friends" Chika pleaded, "Unless you have a ticket, you can`t enter," said the employee as Chika grumbled as she had to pay for a movie ticket if she wanted to tail Ishigami

"Why`d that employee have to distract me" Chika grumbled as she worried that she lost her sight on Ishigami and Koyasu, but luckily the entire time, they had stopped to grab popcorn and drinks before the movie and both of them went into the theater that was airing the new zombie movie, "A horror movie? Why would they watch an action movie rather than a romance movie" Chika thought as she followed them, "Mommy, why is that girl following those two people?" a kid asked his mother, "You`ll understand when you get older it's complicated" the mother replied back as she watched

During the movie

"Well I guess for the time being I`ll enjoy the movie," Chika said sitting a row behind the two as she tried to watch Ishigami and Koyasu without giving herself away which at that moment a frightening scene in the movie scaring Chika to which she noticed that Koyasu clung onto Ishigami, "Yu-Kun, I`m so scared," Koyasu said as she wasn`t too good with scary movies

The Fear Tactic, an old dating technique used by males in which they take a girl with them to something in hopes that the female will be scared enough to cling onto the male without much effort which in Ishigami`s case it seemed to work

"Ishigami, you sleazeball, you purposely brought Tsubame-senpai to a scary movie so she would cling onto you," Chika thought to herself seeming upset and not realizing she was making a bit too much noise, "You hear something Yu-Kun?" Koyasu said as she heard rustling behind her to which Ishigami looked behind, "Crap" Chika thought as she ducked under her seat in hopes that Ishigami wouldn`t find her, "Don`t see anything" Ishigami said as they went back to watching the movie

After the movie

"I`m surprised you wanted to watch something like that" Ishigami said as they left the theater, "Yeah, my friend told me this was a good movie to watch although I wasn`t expecting it to be quite scary" Koyasu replied when in reality her friend Yume recommended she and Ishigami should watch the movie together if they wanted to get closer, "That movie must have worked up an appetite, why don`t we get some dinner together, I know a good restaurant" Koyasu proposed, "Yeah sounds good, I`m starving," Ishigami said as they walked together while chatting with each other while Chika watched behind a corner seeming annoyed

At the restaurant

"Look at those two," Chika said as she gobbled down on several bowls of ramen, "Why is someone as beautiful as Tsubame-Senpai hanging out someone like Ishigami, he`s a creep who beats women with logical arguments," Chika thought as she

That was a lie too, it was clear that Fujiwara was jealous of the two since besides Miko, who likely didn`t care about getting into a relationship anyways she was the only one who wasn`t getting any closer into a relationship and in truth, she didn`t actually think of Ishigami as a creep, but needed something to say to Ishigami so he wouldn`t have the last laugh

"Oh, fancy meeting you here," said a familiar voice as the person approached Chika, "Onee-chan?" said Chika as she noticed her older sister Toyomi, "Yeah, I just finished up my classes so I came here to get a bite to eat, what brings you here?" Toyomi asked Chika, "No reason," Chika said lightly, "Wait isn`t that the guy you work with in the Student Council that you say is a creep?" Toyomi asked as she noticed Ishigami at another table, "Yeah, so what of it?" Chika replied seeming annoyed, "Do you like him?" Toyomi asked causing Chika to turn red, "What, why would I have feelings for a creep like him?" Chika said in embarrassment, "I don`t know, it seems that your co-worker is quite popular with the ladies, maybe I should go for him" said Toyomi,

"I`m going to the bathroom," Chika said as she had heard enough, "Why do people think I like Ishigami just because we work together, more importantly, why am I getting worked up that Ishigami`s hanging out with Tsubame-senpai," Chika thought as she washed her face to clear herself when it just so happened that Koyasu walked into the bathroom, "Oh Chika, fancy seeing you here, what brings you here?" Koyasu asked Chika, "Nothing much, I was just getting dinner" Chika replied, "Do you need to speak to Yu-Kun?" Koyasu asked, "No, I have no business with him, would you look at the time, I need to go home," Chika said as she rushed out of the bathroom, "Toyomi, we`re going home," Chika said as she left quickly in order to avoid Ishigami catching on to her

The Next Day

"So Ishigami, do you have any plans with Tsubame-senpai?" Chika asked Ishigami as they were looking over documents, "Why do you want to know?" Ishigami asked coldly, "Just curious is all" Chika replied, "By the way Tsubame-senpai told me she ran into you in the restaurant bathroom, kind of unusual wouldn`t you say?" Ishigami pointed out to which Chika froze, "Oh is that so?" Chika said anxiously, "Oh and by the way, if you`re going to spy on me again, make sure you don`t sit directly behind us next time" Ishigami pointed out which revealed that the whole time in the movie theater he knew she was watching him, to which Chika tried to hide from Ishigami as she knew he caught on, "I knew it, you were stalking me the whole time yesterday," said Ishigami to which the other members of the Student Council heard the commotion, "Fujiwara-san, I didn`t know you were the type to stalk others, guess there`s more to you that I don`t know about," said Kaguya, "I`m disappointed in you Fujiwara-senpai, I didn`t think you were the type to follow others, but Ishigami of all people?" Miko said with disappointment, "You`re always calling me a creep, yet you`re the one who followed me around yesterday, guess your argument is flawed now" Ishigami said as Chika was cornered by the Student Council to which she started tearing up, "Ishigami, you`re so mean to me, I hope you mess up on your next date with Tsubame-senpai!" Chika screamed as she stormed out of the Student Council Room

"What`s up with her?" Ishigami said as he got up from the couch

"I didn`t even know you hung out with Tsubame-senpai, yesterday, I didn`t know you had that in you," Miyuki said while patting Ishigami on the shoulder

"Thanks, I guess," Ishigami said as he went back to work

Result of Battle: Fujiwara Loses

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